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Found 3 results

  1. 777_zamani


    Hi to war gaming team I just have a few basic questions Everywhere in the world. Companies make games for entertainment Not to harass people Not for the nerves Is the game based on justice? Is the game based on logic? Is the game fair? Is play based on balance? Are some players ridiculed by others? Why do I always have to fight 2 tier higher? really why ? Can a weak 55kg man fight a 200kg Hercules? This game requires fair rules The battle parameter for each player is set on 3 basis Fighting is only a bottom tier or a top tier The number of player battles in all rows must be stored on the server To protect the rights of all players please Balance the game request
  2. 777_zamani

    Balance and uniformity

    Balancing the game will satisfy all players. There were a few basic flaws in the game that will be explained below. 1- Standardization and uniformization of the Secondary Armament range of battleships For example, all national battleships > the maximum range of secondary guns tier 5 battleships 6 Km the maximum range of secondary guns tier 6 battleships 7 Km the maximum range of secondary guns tier 7 battleships 8 Km the maximum range of secondary guns tier 8 battleships 10.5 Km the maximum range of secondary guns tier 9 battleships11.3 Km the maximum range of secondary guns tier 10 battleships 12 Km The important issue battleship player can defend their ship with Secondary Armament In Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament only tier 7-8-9-10 they can use -60% for Tier VII-X ships. but Tier I-VI ships only -15% Dispersion A- Please match the secondary gun range B- All Dispersion equalization Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament all tier -60% ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- wows team Build 3 terrifying monsters 1- Japanes destroyer kamikaze series 2 - Japanes destroyer Asashio 3 - US destroyer benham Please pay attention All tier 1-5 battleships are slow kamikaze have a very fast torp ( Torpedo Speed68 knot ) & Fast Torpedo Loading only 47 sec.. this ship can kill all Battleship an sruiser easy because low detect Asashio It's really a big risk. Torpedo Reload Booster + low reload torp 100 sec + low torp detect +max rang + max dmg >>>> why ? US destroyer benham fast torp reload 76 sec + 16 fast torp solution reduce torp speed kamikaze to 60 knot remove Torpedo Reload Booster asashio Increase reload speed torp benham to 125 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Balance on Russian battleships These ships are strangely powerful Equipped with a very solid armor High penetration power of bullets at any angle 1- Please reduce bullet penetration power 2- Please make the ship's armor as normal as the other ships ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The most ridiculous part of the game is Main Battery of the destroyers I'm a military man & I have a simple question for you Using one destroyer and Start firing the Main Battery From 7 am start shot with gun 127 mm our 152 mm to battleships Missouri Missouri and other battleships tier 7-8-9-10 They never sink by firing 100,000 bullets from the original 127 to 152mm batteries. ( only torp can sink any ships ) what will happen ? Will the Missouri ship sink? Gentlemen, please think logically The ship sinks when the torpedo has a hole in the bottom of the ship and the ship is sunk My second question is here Were your team during World War II applying accurate ship information to the game? How do you know exactly how fast the main battery of the destroyer is in 3 seconds? At that time. Has technology been so advanced ??? At that time. Destroyers carrying unlimited torpedoes? Is it a logical destroyer to carry unlimited torpedoes? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Concealment Surface Detect ability Range of ships First you need to have detailed information about the ships Such as the length and width and height of the ship Then measure the detectable range based on this information. for example length of one battleship is 280 m The power of surveillance cameras at that time (World War II) was up to 5-6 kilometers That radius was later increased to 5 km using radar and search radar Please add information in the game in Concealment section Provide detailed information on the length and width and height of the ship Then use this information to define the Surface Detectability Range ship's (albeit logical). The basic point Why when the Main Battery of the ship fires. Increase Detectability Range ship? Isn't that a laugh? Does the enemy ship find its place by hearing the sound of rapid fire? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A very important question, of course, funny The average weight of a AP Shell Weight battleship is between 1000 and 1200 kg our more OK The question is here The armor is a destroyer between 16 m m and 21mm Why when this heavy bullet hits a destroyer =>>> not penetration and dmg not count ??????????????? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------have a good time-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. 777_zamani

    Weaknesses of premium ships

    Hello dear friends I am arman some Big problem * First problem * after release the update 8.0.0 The power of the aircraft carrior > air planes is strangely powerful Premium ships like Tirpitz - Scharnhost -Graf spe - Ashitaka -Musashi - Julio cesar - Ishizuchi - Mutsu - Dunkerque Anti-aircraft defense is very weak And they are an easy target for airplanes. I did not fix the problem with Captain 19 Skills and the following settings ( Attached to the photo ) Currently. It's not fair that premium ships are so poor This is a fundamental problem problem 2 And of course funny How can a ship Will be able to see out side the smoke , when use SMOKE GENERATOR without the use of HYDROACOUSTIC SEARCH and radar? Usability of smoke cover Just to hide and escape. When the ship is in smoke & He wants to see the smoke outside Just have to use the Consumables ( HYDROACOUSTIC SEARCH our radar ) Problem 3 battleship are not in the toy in game Which are easily hunted by torpedo destroyer. And airplane attacks all battleship should be equipped with HYDROACOUSTIC SEARCH & DEFENSIVE AA FIRE problem 4 The survive in the game should be for everyone. All ships need REPAIR PARTY At the moment, only tier 9 and 10 cruisers can be repaired. Discrimination must be removed **** special ***** must add a new Consumables to the ships, other than DAMAGE CONTROL PARTY And they are used to fix the flood of the ship All ships have ( flood recovery party ) + ( damage control party ) problem 5 The ability of ships is not the same Discriminated against some **** French cruisers equipped with ENGINE BOOST & MAIN BATTERY RELOAD BOOSTER **** English cruise equipped with REPAIR PARTY & SMOKE GENERATOR The rest of the cruises are other countries of the toy Is this fair? Please fix this problem with the next update thank you for your attention Secound problem