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Found 9 results

  1. until
    On this day in history, in the evening hours, a fatal order was given to scatter the arctic convoy PQ 17. While the feared sortie of battleship Tirpitz did not happen, submarines and aircrafts sunk 24 of 35 convoy ships. Three merchant ships were protected thanks to quick thinking of commander of one of smaller escort ships:
  2. jerkchicken

    Moskva HE buff

    The moskva need for real a HE buff... Its just terrible compared to the other T10 CL's. Some comparisons (not all T10): Hindenburg: 4 main turrets, 202mm devided by 4: 50,5mm of penetration and excellent fire change. And great DPM! Zao: 4 main turrets, high HE damage, 203mm devided by 6: 33.8mm of penetration and the best fire change (~19%) Des Moines: 3 main turrets, heavy HE shells, 203mm devided by 6: 33.8mm of penetration and high change of fire per minute. Moskva really needs a HE buff because the way the HE is right now is just really bad. Moskva hits because his arcs alot of the belt armor which in the most case will ''recesse'' (break) = No damage. Moskva now has 220mm of main armament guns which will be devided by 6, so we will come out of 36,7mm of penetration. This can't pen the deck armor of a Yamato, Großer Kurfürst and even the Khabarovsk. While the hindenburg can do this with 4 guns and better reload! And yes why only the moskva? and not the Des moines: Des moines has better arcs that can hit the superstructure better then the moskva can do. Most of the time in the moskva you will use only 2 main guns on the front and not the rear gun. Moskva get focused alot these days, it had worst consealment among all cruisers + bad ruddershift and the worst of all bad belt armor and can get citadeld all over the time with sailing at the weirdest angles. So what does the moskva needs to make the HE useable? Just devide it by 4. So we can atleast pen more then before, because the HE right now is in bad shape real bad shape...
  3. So, I have been watching a few videos on this subject and I just wondered what other people thought about this. The possible new secret weapon/aspect WG is creating for 2017? Post Thoughts.
  4. With the ongoing development of the game, I expect that we are sooner or later going to see a tree of Russian / USSR battleships sailing down the server. I am sure that I am neither the first, nor the most qualified, to make a guess as to what they are going to be like. I am curious as to which stray thoughts on the matter might be about. To start off a discussion, here are some of mine. Most USSR ships so far have had excellent guns, across all the lines. They have better range and shell velocity than their peers, they have good AP and HE damage, and they have good or even excellent accuracy. Their destroyers - but not so much the cruisers - have balanced this with slow turret traverse. It would be reasonable to expect some take on this feature to appear in a future battleship line. I find it likely that USSR battleships will have better range than their counterparts, at least in the lower to mid-tiers. While I don't believe that the accuracy will be any better at close range, it might be a bit better at maximum range. This might be balanced out by slower turret traverse and/or weaker armour layout. An alternative to longer base range might be access to spotter aircraft at lower tiers than their peers. With better stats at long range, speed might suffer. They would not have to be able to close the distance as fast as, say, a German battleship, and they would prefer heavier armour to speed as a defensive measure. They might possibly have good turning characteristics, at least at the lower tiers. They would likely have the biggest (i.e. worst) detection ranges of all the battleship lines. On lower-to-mid tiers we will probably see pre-dreadnoughts and dreadnoughts like the Imperator Nikolai I, although presumably with more balanced stats. From there on might follow the Arkhangelsk and the Novorossyisk, built in USA and Italy but on loan / claimed as reparations respectively. These will probably have the same stats as their national counterparts but with better main armament range (like the current Murmansk light cruiser outranges the Omaha). As for the higher tiers, having googled a bit for actual historical information leads me to hypothesize that we might see some really big USSR "only on paper" battleships, with lots of armour and hit points, bigger than the Yamato but with weaker guns. Something along the lines of the Friedrich der Grosse and Grosser Kurfürst, but more focused on medium to long range than close-quarters brawling, maybe. Future USSR battleships will not have torpedoes. I hope. Please note that these thoughts are not based on any kind of actual game information, from Wargaming or any other source. And they are certainly not suggestions - I, personally, see no great appeal in a possible line of "sniper battleships" that would further discourage battleship drivers from seeking to be in close contact with the enemy. And so, over to the community. Any thoughts on this?
  5. Amonhep

    New Soviet Cruisers models video

    I found this Russian video showing tier the new tier 2-10 Russian Cruisers graphical models, plus it shows a t5 Soviet Cruiser at the end called "Profintern." YOU CAN MUTE SOUND BEFORE WATCHING! Tier 1 Орлан - Orlan Tier 2 Новик - NovikTier 3 Богатырь - BogatirTier 4 Светлана - SvetlanaTier 5 Киров - KirovTier 6 Будёный - BudyoniyTier 7 Щорс - ShiorsTier 8 Чапаев - Chapaev Tier 9 Дмиртрий Донской - Dmitriy DonskoyTier 10 Mоска - Moskva The first tier 2-4 cruisers will have 130mm guns, but they will be much worse than what are on Soviet DD's in damage and velocity. The tier 5 Kirov will have 180mm guns but with "older" shells and will fire only 3 rounds per minute. Tier 6-8 ships will have 152mm guns and the tier 9 will have 180mm guns. Basically Soviet cruisers will low caliber guns (until tier 10) with paper armor but will have high range, plus high rate of fire. Except for tier 10 which will have 220mm guns that will have 2nd best High Explosive DPM after Des Moines, but 20% worse AP DPM than Des Moines and 17% worse AP DPM than Hindenburg. Soviet cruisers will have (at least from tier 8) a "radar" consumable, which instead of detecting torpedoes will detect ships in increased area for 30 seconds, including those inside smoke (this will make it harder for DD's to play out of invisibility). NOTICE these things can be subject to change!
  6. (FYI, I have also posted this topic in NA) I had a thought one day thinking, were there any torpedo bombers that dropped 2 torpedoes at once? It turns out, such a craft does exist. It is Known as the russian Tu-2T (ANT-62T) Bomber. When the russian Aircarriers are added into the game, there will be one problem, as far as I can research, during the period of WWII, russian had NO designs on aircraft that would be Aircraft Carrier ready, regardless of their number of blue-print designs on carriers. Even when russia did acquire an aircraft carrier (The German Graf Zepplin, the only German Aircarft carrier built in WWII) it never got equipped with aircraft (as far as I am aware) and was used as a mobile command post, and later used for target practice, sinking the Graf Zepplin. This means that, when Russian Aircraft Carriers are added, all air-craft equipped to them will HAVE to be theoretical adaptations from Russian land based aircraft. So, thus, we bring in the TU-2T (ANT-62T) (Not OP in the least xP) The TU-2T (ANT-62T) was a variant of of the Russian TU-2T, which had many many variants, and serverd in the russia's forces from 1945-1947, with the first prototype to fly in 1941. Of all the variants of the Tu-2T, the "ANT-62T" was the only one equipped with torpedoes. What type of Torpedoes I cannot tell, the only factor I can tell is the External bomb carrying weight limit for this plane was 2,270Kg. Gameplay: I cannot say much on its gameplay factor, as we do not as of yet know how many planes are in a russian squadron of planes, comparitvely to Japanese which have 4, and Americans that have 6. These bombers I would guess are easier to shoot down due to their size, but would be more devestating then the current Tier X Torpedo Bomber Aircraft The Hitch :/ Currently, in game the largest aircraft on any Carrier has a wing span of 14 meters, from what I can find atleast. The Tu-2T (ANT-62T) has a wingspan of 18 meters. HOWEVER, there is a counter point to this, which may still make this aircraft viable in world of warships for its authenticity, according to the thread by mr3awsome on upcoming ships, the likely candidate for the Russian tier 10 Aircraft Carrier is the Projekt Kostrominitov (as suggested by WG's Q&A), which, in my research, would of been 300 meters long, and 35meters wide, putting it at being bigger then the Midway and Hakuryu. Which, in theory, might allow it to accommodate an aircraft 4 meters wider. The Kostrominitov: (The ships design was based off the graf zepplin, just bigger, 'cause russia) Why bring this aircraft to the game? -To give something more unique to Russia, - 'cause Russia is Stronk Sources: http://russian.warbi...up.org/tu2.html https://en.wikipedia...ki/Tupolev_Tu-2 http://forum.worldof...062015/#topmost
  7. Russian Destroyer Novik Novik was a destroyer of the Russian Imperial Navy, commissioned in 1913 where she served with the Baltic Fleet during World War I. She joined the Bolsheviks in November 1917 and was later renamed Yakov Sverdlov. WWI During the night of 6/7 May 1915 Novik, in company with ten other destroyers, mined the approaches to the port of Liepāja which was being attacked by the Germans. There was an inconclusive encounter between cruisers of the Russian covering force and the German light cruiser SMS München, but the destroyers were undetected. One of the mines laid that night blew off the bow of the new German torpedo boat V 107 when she entered Liepāja on the morning of 8 May and rendered her unrepairable. Novik escorted the armored cruiser Rurik on a mission to shell the German port of Memel, but they became separated from the rest of the force in heavy fog and encountered the German armored cruiser SMS Roon. Rurik opened fire, but was soon forced to turn away by a (false) submarine contact and lost sight of the Germans. During the Battle of the Gulf of Riga in August 1915, Novik and three other destroyers set the German destroyer V 99 on fire. V 99 struck two mines while attempting to break out of the Gulf and was sunk. During the night of 19/20 November 1915 Novik led seven Russian destroyers to attack German patrols off Windau. They sank the auxiliary patrol boat Norburg and escaped before German reinforcements could arrive. On the night of 13 May 1916, she led two of her half-sisters in search of German iron ore convoys sailing along the Swedish coast. They found a convoy of ten freighters escorted by four auxiliary patrol boats near Häfringe Island. The freighters fled for Swedish waters while the escorts turned to engage the Russians. The Russians sank the auxiliary cruiser Hermann, even though they refused to close the escorts believing them to be far stronger than they actually were, but the freighters escaped and no other damage was inflicted. In November 1917 she joined the Bolsheviks and was later renamed Yakov Sverdlov in 1923. General Characteristic : Displacement: 1,260 tonnes (1,240 long tons; 1,390 short tons) (normal) 1,590 tonnes (1,560 long tons; 1,750 short tons) Length: 102.4 m (335 ft 11 in) Beam: 9.5 m (31 ft 2 in) Draught: 7.2 m (23 ft 7 in) Propulsion: 3 shafts, AEG-Vulcan turbines 6 Vulcan water-tube boilers 39,000 shp (29,100 kW) Speed: 37.3 knots (42.9 mph; 69.1 km/h) (trials) Endurance: 2,000 nmi (3,700 km) at 21 knots (39 km/h) Complement: 142 men Armament: 4 × 1 - 102 mm (4.0 in) guns 4 × 1 - Maxim machine guns 4 × 2 - 457 mm (18.0 in) torpedo tubes 60 mines
  8. I hope we will see, in the game, at least this one: http://en.wikipedia....p_Giulio_Cesare Not only an itailian battleship, but also the most powerfull USSR Navy ship at that time...... I don't know if they will start in the pre-dreadnought era, but even there WG can find major battleship from italian shipyards: http://en.wikipedia....lad_Caio_Duilio In Tsushima Battle we can find this: http://en.wikipedia....a_class_cruiser Wherever you look, you can find a first class italian design ship....hope at least one will finda a place in WoW..... :rolleyes: Regards....
  9. Here is the T50-2 from World of Tanks to World of Warship. Among the fastest ships of WW2, these light cruisers used names after roman age generals. 110.000 hp (a half of an Iowa class battleship, that wheigh about 10 times more!) and 43 knots fast, they where also used as destroyers after WWII by the italian and french navy (2, captured). Here the story: http://en.wikipedia....i_class_cruiser The prototype was a soviet ship, built and designed in an italian shipyard: http://en.wikipedia....class_destroyer Regards.