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Found 5 results

  1. I tried to look for information, but couldn't find any so please let me know if this has already been answered somewhere before. The test server patch notes for 075 note that the Cleveland will for a while be the only CL ship in the line, it's going to be a tier 8 and you will get it by playing New Orleans (T7). However, the news article on the upcoming US light cruisers has the whole tree in it, including T6 (Dallas) and T7 (Helena) and instead of NO at T7 you actually enter the tree via Omaha at T5. So. What happens if you're grinding to cleveland through New Orleans during the phase 1 of US cruiser changes, but don't quite make it before the phase 2 hits and you have a lot of XP on New Orleans you can't use anymore? Transfering all of it to Omaha might be a bit odd especially since it might be way too much for a T6 ship (Dallas) and what if somebody wanted to get the Baltimore (T8) instead and now all of his precious XP towards that goal is sitting at Omaha. The only fair thing really would be to automatically convert it all to FreeXP. Do I perhaps smell an opportunity here? Or will we get spoiled too much if things get overly fair?
  2. Dufour14

    US Cruisers

    So I am launching the debate: Who wants to join for a chat about upcoming US Cruisers since all relevant stats have been made public??? (Note: go on WoWS DevBlog Facebook page for more informations ) -New T9: edited stats -New T6, in the second branch: https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/photos/a.1914529002206771.1073741828.1909055039420834/2035073636818973/?type=3&theater -New T7, continuing: https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/photos/a.1914529002206771.1073741828.1909055039420834/2040791706247166/?type=3&theater -And another one, maybe premium version??? (disscus down below =) ): https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/photos/a.1914529002206771.1073741828.1909055039420834/2040793692913634/?type=3&theater- Finally Clevland at her place she deserves to be =), no offence WG: - Then a new one here at T9, welcome : https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/photos/a.1914529002206771.1073741828.1909055039420834/2040792016247135/?type=3&theater -And last but not least, T10 ATL version 2.0 =) :
  3. Hi, anybody knows approximately WHEN the alternative American Cruiser Line is to be expected to launch? +/- 1 month accuracte guess. Thanks
  4. th3freakie

    USN Pensacola - how to play it?

    So I had this ship unlocked for awhile, but didn't come around to buy it until now. Partially because I remembered playing it in cbt and finding it crap. The memory holds true. My first few matches I tried using it as an escort. Keeping close to the top tier BB, protecting it from bombers and destroyers. Makes sense, right? Cruiser, good AA, AA defense mod, etc. Yet what happens when I try that is miserable failure for me and my team. Part of the blame is on my own lack of skills, but another part comes from: There being no CVs anymore, thus no bombers to defend from; People being smart now, and prioritizing killing the escort before the BB; Lack of range meaning the enemy can hit you but you can't hit them, as long as you stay close to your BBs; The Pensacola having about as much armour as a can of Pepsi, being citadel'd by everything at every range at every angle. Still, I believe there are no ships so bad they can't be played good, so I ask of you fellow forumites - how should one play the Pensacola?
  5. Tatoosh

    US Cruisers

    I am working my way up (or is that down) the US Cruiser Tech Tree. I've just acquired The USS Cleveland (Tier VI). But it does not beckon to me the way the USS Omaha (Tier V) does. The reason is the lack of torpedoes on the Cleveland. I like destroyers to be honest, but they die so quick. The lower tier of US Cruisers, particularly the USS Omaha, are kind of like buffed up destroyers, good guns, okay torpedoes if you get in close, and just enough armor that you can actually do that occasionally. I can see that with the USS Cleveland, I'll be stuck to gun battles with cruisers and destroyers or anti-aircraft duties. I suppose in team play, that can be important. But as a semi-autonomous captain in random teams, having some offenisve punching power is a lot more fun than be the defensive guard for your teams carrier or battleship. IMHO, of course. I have only started on the Japanese side (Katori & Umikaze destroyers) and not progressed far with them. I know the IJN torpedoes are much better as you move along the Tech Tree, but I tend to want to get in the middle and mix it up, not snipe from a distance. I get sunk a lot, but for a glorious few, it is all guns blazing and torpedoes flying everywhere! I suspect I'll be playing the USS Omaha for some time down the road. How do other US Cruiser captains feel about the higher tier offerings? Do you like the Pensicola through Des Moines and do they offer something to compensate for the loss of torpedoes? P.S. I just noticed that the premium cruiser USS Atlanta has torpedoes! And at Tier VII it should have some decent artillery so it is very, very tempting! The Cleveland and Pensicola do not show any torpedoes and I can't seem to access modules on the any tiers above that so I'm guessing they are torpedo-less as well.