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Found 41 results

  1. So i got myself the Haku back in the light of the next CB season on the horizon and fact that the brawl showed few in clan still harbor CVs... So cap wise I took AS/DCF/IEB-IE-SE/AA-SS/CE Modules are still WIP but for now I slapped on the DB module in slot 4 plan is to put on the FCM1 in slot 5 and AGM2 in slot 6, AGM1 slot 1 and AEM1 slot 2 and probably the AAM1 in slot 3 Now about the plane upgrades... Seems 2 me that TBs are a no brainer as they are faster and tougher (duh) and although you get slower regen you also get bigger squad and more planes on deck initially so it kinda counterbalances that... Now the question is are the T10 DBs and rocket planes worth the prolonged respawn? Also any thoughts about something that has to be changed?
  2. LightningStorm67

    Midway's special upgrade

    I have been playing this game for years but know i got a problem after finishing the midways special misson the upgrade that i get cant be on midway i am trying to use it on midway but it doesnt show the special one its in my inventory i can even sell it but i cant use it if someone knows anything about this can you guys help me
  3. Hi all, How much Credits did you spend respeccing your ships with new Upgrades in WoWs v0.9.1 ? Leo "Apollo11" P.S. I have spend more than 30.000.000 Credits... darn....
  4. kjkb1980_o7

    Slot 4 Upgrade for Aircraft Carriers

    Hi guys, I'm curious to know what people's opinions are on the best slot 4 Upgrade for Aircraft Carriers please, i.e. Torpedo Bomber Modification 2 or Bomber Modification 2? My current thinking is Bomber Modification 2 as I think that Dive Bombers generally spend more time in AA fire than Torpedo Bombers. Also, Torpedo Bombers on Tier VIII+ Aircraft Carriers have the Repair Consumable to heal health. However, my exceptions to this rule are Kaga, Saipan and Ark Royal as they drop more Torpedoes than other Aircraft Carriers at their respective tiers so I want to maximise their survivability. Does this logic make sense or do I need to rethink? Would love to know your thoughts. Thank you guys.
  5. In this post I want to discuss the use of Secondary Battery Mod 2, the upgrade that gives -20% reload speed in slot 6. Currently, there are a lot of useful upgrades in slot 6: +15% AA gun performance (AAGM2) -12% reload for main guns, -13% turning speed (MBM3) -20% secondary reload speed (SBM2) +16% firing range (GFCSM2) -11% dispersion for main battery (APRM2 - USA only) Now, of those four, SBM2 is considered too weak by many, many players. It's fun to use, but there are nearly no ships that can effectively benefit from this -20% reload speed, and for ships that can benefit from it (Alsace, Großer Kurfürst), MBM3, or even GFCSM2, is usually a better choice. Therefore I would like to start a discussion about the following: Shouldn't SBM2 move to slot 5? In my opinion, this would have some very interesting consequences: Tier 8 ships will get acces to this upgrade, meaning it's usable on a lot of popular secondary build ships: Tirpitz, Bismarck, Massachusetts, Graf Zeppelin, Richelieu. Battleships have to compromise their concealment/torpedo detection in order to use it, allowing for more variation in upgrades. What do you think about moving SBM2 to slot 5?
  6. The wiki pages for all aircraft carriers in the game seem to be a mess of information relating to mismatched versions of the game (RTS info still present mixed up with rework info). I was wondering if there's a reliable up-to-date source of information for putting together equipment and CO skills for the reworked carriers – especially the four premiums currently on sale, but also the Brit non-premium line (Hermes and Furious in particular) that was recently on early access. I am guessing that "just go for the carrier-specific skills and upgrades, duh!" is order of the day, although with both Saipan and Enterprise occupying the same tier, I am curious if there is a big distinction between how you'd run them. I'm guessing enterprise as the AP dive bombers as prime candidate for buffing, maybe Torp-bombers on Saipan? Anyone got any ideas?
  7. I'm still scratching my head about the AA / CV rework and how it impacts Hood, which I used to run as an AA boat. The in-game info panel tells me nothing - clicking the individual mounts just shows the guns, doesn't give me info about which range-grouping each corresponds to; and looking at the info breakdown for those range-bands isn't massively helpful. A look on the WOWS fitting tool shows the close-range AA DPS is incredibly low, with rockets not apparently creating flak bursts nor making the base close-range DPS much better than KGV. Wiki is still recommending Advanced Firing Training, and saying the defensive fire consumable applies to the rockets with a x2 modifier which is still significantly less than KGV's base if we're to accept the short-range DPS value given. Could someone please explain to me what the hell is going on? Because as far as I can get a read on it, AFT is now "meh" for the Hood because it doesn't improve the close-range rockets' continuous damage, BFT is more appropriate because it DOES synergise with the defensive fire consumable - but is probably still a waste because the improved AA is lacklustre anyway; which makes both the AA upgrades on the ship redundant because it's no longer fit for purpose as an AA specialist. Is this about the size of it?
  8. Hi Guys, I have been looking around the web on best practices for the upgrades and new captains skills but didn't find much. So if any of you have a suggestion for the ships upgrades and captain skills, I would be very grateful!
  9. Valdelomar

    Legend upgrades

    Hi, I am no sure to write this here, but I have a few questions, 1) Will there are New legend upgrades for the New ships as harugumo or daring? Or the legend upgrades are only for the old ships? And 2) if the rework of the CV works, their legend upgrades Will change?
  10. Duncan_Carrier


    I have the opportunity to win a smoke upgrade. (not in the immediate future at my rate of play). Should I purchase the smoke upgrade to day, what happens when I do eventually win the upgrade? money back etc?
  11. Hi! Well I changed from Concealment System Modification 1 to this, there is written you get +20% spotting range. I translated this, I loose -10% camouflage (on DD), but enemies near me will also loose +20% camouflage, for example enemy Shimakaze 5.6 km max camo will change 6.8 km, so I will spot him earlier and all enemies in my range. But enemy Des Moines' and Shimikazes camo stayed 10.5 and 5.6 km, so I do not understand what is the use of this upgrade then? What does mean +20% spotting range technically? Thanks for your answers.
  12. Hrrrrr liebe Gemeinde. Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass es dieses Thema noch nicht gab. Ich habe auch gesucht wie ein Irrer, jedoch nicht fündig geworden. Wie dem auch sei… Kurzum: Warum muss ich mir für CB die Upgrades bzw. Verbesserungen extra für das Schiff dazu kaufen? Warum macht man diese für die geliehenen Schiffe nicht kostenlos? Allem voran: Es geht nicht um mich, sondern um all jene Spieler in Clans, die 1. nicht sonderlich erfahren , 2. nicht sonderlich erfolgreich in diesem Spiel sind. Beispiel: Ich habe XY im Clan der ca. 500 Gefechte und echt großes Potential hat. Natürlich hat XY keine Creditflut auf seinem Konto (da noch er derzeitig am grinden ist). Jetzt möchte XY aber gerne seinem Clan dienlich sein und CB spielen. Super, dass es da die geliehenen Schiffe gibt (keine Ironie!), aber 6.875.000 Cr. (hoffe ich habe richtig gerechnet) für Upgrades ausgeben müssen, damit man Chancengleichheit erreicht? Auch, dass man auf geliehene Schiffe keine Camo anwenden kann, empfinde ich als leicht unfair! Wie seht ihr das? Ist das System fair oder hinkt es?
  13. If you own a ship and have grinded up to the next ship in the tree, and sell the ship for the port to buy the next ship, is the previous (sold) ship' research researched/owned status and xp supposed to vanish and revert to an 'un-researched' ship with xp and upgrades removed? This confusing for WoWT or WoWp players as if you sell a vehicle, it remains "researched" and previously "owned" , you can buy it back for credits at any time . and its xp remains on the vehicle (even shown in the tech tree..)
  14. Well, I guess the title says it all BUT I recently got a couple of these and I cannot for the love of God think of any ship where I would LIKE to mount this instead any of the other options for the same slot. Neither can I think of any ship or situation in which this could actually be described as a viable option. Anyone out there, who has found an actual use for it? I was thinking of giving it to Mikasa (useless main battery and always on fire etc) but alas, it is for tier 6-10 only so foiled again there...
  15. TomBombardil

    AA mount surviveability

    With the introduction of RN BBs you hear more and more that the AA mounts die to fast to HE spam. Also from non RN HE spam. But if that is a problem! USE THE (freaking) 100% AA mount surviveability UPGRADE!! Yes you heard it here first. THERE IS A UPGRADE!! Not even a skill. Not in the later slots. No in the 1st one. So, ANYONE can have it! No need to train comander or anything. A 100%, yes that's correct 100% survivability boost! My mounts stronger than your puny little he shells! You find the other upgrade more important? Than what are you whining for, If you don't equip it. You obviously don't need it that much. Dual purpose AA mounts are magical anyway. Can shoot secondaries and AA at the SAME Time!
  16. The department head is leaving me alone and idle for now, so I thought I might as well get a little writing done. No images on this one either, I'm making it a habit now. Inertia fuse high explosives, torpedo acceleration, advanced firing training, and survivability expert should be ship upgrades. Basic firing training, expert marksman, smoke screen expert, demolition expert, and aircraft servicing expert should probably receive the same treatment. Air supremacy should be removed (honestly, why hasn't that skill been removed yet?). One of the things that have always bothered me was WG's tendency to base so much of their balancing around the captain tree. In many ways, a ship isn't even fully upgraded until they have a 14 or 15 point captain. I think that the most obvious are ships like the Khabarovsk or the Akizuki. Without AFT, the Khabarovsk is well within the secondary ranges of some of the most common battleships in the entire game. Without IFHE, the Akizuki's HE can't even hope to hurt the softest part of the battleships she routinely has to face. Carriers need torpedo acceleration and air supremacy, light cruisers need IFHE, destroyers (the real destroyers) need concealment expert, and just about everyone needs superintendent. With some consideration, I think I always will be against skills that modify the combat effectiveness of a ship. Seal clubbing is a thing. A very big thing. Lower tiered premium ships allows players from the higher tiers to enter the lower tiers and, with night impunity, exploit ships that are inherently superior to the ships of the competition. Destroyers that might as well have an extra hull and gun upgrades. Cruisers that can ambush ships identical to them using far superior concealment. Battleships have far better effective health and can recover from fires and floods far faster. Seal clubbing is fun, but I'm certain that those of us who are here are more than capable of seal clubbing without needing inherent advantages over the already inexperienced new players. There are issues with both sides of this. On one hand, a fully upgraded ship (with a high point captain) is nearly untouchable by a fair few things, the obvious example is aircraft. On the other hand, a ship without an optimum captain setup will be utterly at the mercy of the enemy team. I personally have been humiliated by being a Neptune captain who struggled to shoot down the planes of a Ranger. A RANGER. Arguably, premium consumables and flags also causes this issue. I am fine with those however, as they are accessible to just about any player by the time they reach tier 4 or 5. For a ship to even reach optimum performance, players probably need to get to tier 7. This is a far smaller problem for me, as with a fleet of tier X ships and 19 point captain I know I could personally have a 14 point captain virtually on command, but the same can't be said about a new player with 3 tier 5 ships and a tier 7. The game should be set up to help these new players where they can, not burden them with ridiculous disadvantages that they have through no fault of their own. I think, as soon as reasonable, War Gaming should start phasing out performance enhancing captain skills. I think that the only captain skills that should be in the game are the skills that a captain would have. Skills that would provide extra information, acquisition range, evasive abilities, or otherwise improve the quality of life. It shouldn't give tangible advantages, especially not to the experienced and well positioned players who need it the least. Even the detestable RDF skill doesn't actually alter the performance of the ship. Manual AA is a bit different, but a crew with better aim would indeed perform better with their AA and so I'm somewhat OK with said skill. No matter how good you are as a captain however, you can't force a shell to explode harder, set more fires, or cut through more armor. Skills like that should be reserved for ship upgrades, not captain skills. There are various reasons that this upgrade system for the mentioned skills are better than the current system. Less need for captain grinding. For the Akizuki, IFHE is nearly mandatory to deal any meaningful damage to any battleship captain who is not literally brain dead. Before IFHE however, you probably need concealment expert. You are a destroyer after all. Superintendent is basically mandatory, and BFT is probably needed as well considering that you are basically a light cruiser without defensive AA and every carrier within an ocean's radius will be coming over to have a piece of that. This allows for a ship to reach maximum combat efficiency the moment that the ship is fully upgraded. This arrangement is far better than the current arrangement where the captain basically has to have 15 points before the ship could even be called fully upgraded. More value for premium ships. There are light cruisers like the Belfast or the MK which are placed inside of a tree that either simply does not need or will eventually grow out of al la Moskva. There are also ships that grows into certain skills like the Gearing and arguably the Shima with torpedo acceleration. This means that the captains higher tiered ships have far less application in lower tiered premium ships which usually mandates a specialized captain for said premiums, something that causes its own issues. If ships that specifically need those skills i.e torpedo acceleration and IFHE then those traits could be simply attached to the ships where those modifications are relevant. It also makes it possible for a player to maintain fewer captains. Less advantages for seal clubbers. Whilst seal clubbing is fun, I think that we all feel at least a little bit guilty after partaking. It would be far better if skills were limited towards simply getting more information which is already a big advantage. By having a more even playing ground, lower skilled and less experienced players will stand a better fighting chance instead of perpetuating a cycle of newbie bullying that is currently a part of the game right now. More potential for balance. Currently, every single skill has to be balanced around the potential that it could potentially be taken by any ship in the game. If each upgrade is specific to the ships they are on, then it is much easier to balance ships around the performance that they need. An Akizuki could for example get a -2% penalty for her shells, whilst a Chappayev could get a -5% to correspond to the larger shell caliber. A Gearing could get -20% range reduction, whilst a Shimakaze could get -10% instead to correspond to the shorter torpedo ranges. It also makes it possible to tune the range of ships like the Khabarovsk to the optimum level without requiring unneeded global buffs or nerfs to the skill tree or extensive class or shell caliber specific skills. This also makes it possible to limit the power of ships like the Belfast or Kutuzov by increasing the fire chance penalty on IFHE, or balancing ships like the Khabarovsk by giving the health granted by the survivability expert upgrade a smaller increase compared to the other destroyers. The ideas suggested here are quite vague and nascent, but ultimately I think it could improve the health and longevity of the game whilst at the same time making it possible to keep the game competitive for all players, and not just those with game numbers approaching the tens of thousands.
  17. Hi. I'm new in WoW and I have a question I can't figure out on my own. What's the meaning of the arrows under some (but not all) upgrades on a ship? Example: my Phoenix has upgrades that lead nowhere (apart from improving the ship of course), whil it has two hull upgrades that directly lead, with an arrow, to the Omaha Tier 5. What's the meaning? Does that mean that I HAVE to buy those two hull upgrades in order to research the next ship in the line? And what about ship experience? If the Omaha costs 17500 exp, and the two hull upgrades cost 1600 and 2500 respectively, does it mean that the true cost of the Omaha is 17500 + 1600 (mandatory) + 2500 (mandatory)? Or that 1600 and 2500 get cut off the original cost of the Omaha, so that they both count towards the next ship AND improve the Phoenix while at it? What am I missing? please help.
  18. I just won a "Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1" via a supercontainer How to install and/or use such upgrades on my ships? I don't see it appearing on my BISMARCK where it would be a welcome addon
  19. We got to see the addition of new upgrades. What are your thoughts about them? What are your ideas as far as their inclusion as Ranked rewards and Supercontainer loot is concerned? I've seen some topics and comments that give me some feeling of what the Forum users think (not to mention that I have my own opinions) but they seem so chaotic... So, I decided to make a poll to, maybe, show community's stance a bit more clearly. The poll is, of course, very simplified since we're talking a bunch of different upgrades going to different slots and having different effects... So any more in-depth comments explaining the opinion or expanding on it are appreciated, of course
  20. Charger76

    Taking the XP Michael

    As I finally get into the Tier 9 realms of WOWs, a feature of WoWs that is not the case in WoT has started to really irritate me: When you unlock a torpedo or gun on one line why does the exact same gun or torpedo remain locked on another line? For example, the Kagero has as stock the Type 93 mod.2 torpedo. The Ibuki has to grind through 20,000 XP to unlock the EXACT SAME torpedo. Why? Unlock an engine, gun or radio in WoT that is common to a national tree, it unlocks everywhere. Yet in WoWs there is no such cross over. I get that WoWs has a smaller player base and thus needs to milk more from its player base (possible given that I gather the player base is consdierably older than that in WoT and thus more likely to have their own money to spend rather than pocket money), but there are ways to do that such as the comparative flood of premium ships relative to what is available on WoT. The very fact that we have Doubloons not WG gold underlines the fact that WoWs stands alone as a business within the WG stable. WG, be nice to your customers. Your business model is different from WoT on WoWs. In WoT it does not matter if good players quit the game in frustration at the way the game is going, the injustices of RNG etc. because your business model is all about taking in a new 100,000 players every month who will drop €50 before they fail to progress and drop out or €200 before they work out that RNG is not random at all. In WoWs you have a potentially loyal 100,000 player base who are prepared to buy doubloons, buy premium ships (look at the droves of Prinz Eugen's already, a €40 premium shop only release that is no different from a free Hipper) and sustain a potyentially lucrative business. You don't need to rip us off like this with XP grinds that you have spared your WoT player base.
  21. RCFrEd12

    Best upgrades?

    Hey, I hit level 6 and was wondering whats the best upgrades? Or which ship types benefit more from certain upgrades? I have my tier 3 American cruiser, St. Louis, whats best upgrades for it? Please help
  22. Zeg_makker

    How to improve Marblehead

    Hi all! I've got the Marblehead since a few weeks, and as the title suggests, I'm curious if somebody has advice what upgrades and captain skills to use.
  23. Captain_Riley

    Iowa's 6th upgrade (for Iowa veterans)

    I've only played two matches in the Iowa so far and I have noticed that her dispersion is actually pretty good and her volleys are quite consistent, I get a lot of Citadels with her so I must ask Iowa veterans, in your opinion, is it worth getting the Artillery Plotting Room Modification 2 or is it better to get the AA Gun Modification 3? Thank you for your time.
  24. Calling all Fletcher captains - what do you consider to be a good upgrade for the third slot - you know, the ones that cost 3 000 000 silver. We have the contenders: Gun Fire Control Modification 2 = + 16 % firing range. I dont feel this is a viable option, default range of 12.9 is quite enough. Hitting something beyond that range is quite problematic. Once I had a Mahan with AFT, invisible firing, trying to hit stuff at 14+ km - with very little success. Main Battery Modification 3 = 12% faster firing guns, 17 % slower rotating guns. Strong choice - I'm getting quite often in close range DD duels and I feel this will give me the edge. It will get me ahead of Benson and on par with Gearing. And sometimes. you have to finish that Kagero ASAP - before his buddies slap you silly. Torpedo Tubes Modification 3 = 15 faster reload on torpedoes. BUT + 50 % chance of them tubes being incapacitated. Fletcher with upgraded torps is quite deadly and shooting more of them is a good thing. But that 50% incapacitation chance is scaring me. Also a lot of times I'm being delayed not from waiting on reload but from waiting on good opportunity. AA Guns Modification 3 = 20 % more AA. Call me when you see Carrier in game. They are like unicorns. I carry Defensive fire for such occasions. Any suggestions ? Someone who have experience with these.? On a side note - make sure to upgrade your torps ASAP - I found out that the faster ones make a BIG difference in number of hits you get, turning Fletcher in quite capable torpedo platform.