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Found 5 results

  1. So i got myself the Haku back in the light of the next CB season on the horizon and fact that the brawl showed few in clan still harbor CVs... So cap wise I took AS/DCF/IEB-IE-SE/AA-SS/CE Modules are still WIP but for now I slapped on the DB module in slot 4 plan is to put on the FCM1 in slot 5 and AGM2 in slot 6, AGM1 slot 1 and AEM1 slot 2 and probably the AAM1 in slot 3 Now about the plane upgrades... Seems 2 me that TBs are a no brainer as they are faster and tougher (duh) and although you get slower regen you also get bigger squad and more planes on deck initially so it kinda counterbalances that... Now the question is are the T10 DBs and rocket planes worth the prolonged respawn? Also any thoughts about something that has to be changed?
  2. LightningStorm67

    Midway's special upgrade

    I have been playing this game for years but know i got a problem after finishing the midways special misson the upgrade that i get cant be on midway i am trying to use it on midway but it doesnt show the special one its in my inventory i can even sell it but i cant use it if someone knows anything about this can you guys help me
  3. Hi all, How much Credits did you spend respeccing your ships with new Upgrades in WoWs v0.9.1 ? Leo "Apollo11" P.S. I have spend more than 30.000.000 Credits... darn....
  4. kjkb1980_o7

    Slot 4 Upgrade for Aircraft Carriers

    Hi guys, I'm curious to know what people's opinions are on the best slot 4 Upgrade for Aircraft Carriers please, i.e. Torpedo Bomber Modification 2 or Bomber Modification 2? My current thinking is Bomber Modification 2 as I think that Dive Bombers generally spend more time in AA fire than Torpedo Bombers. Also, Torpedo Bombers on Tier VIII+ Aircraft Carriers have the Repair Consumable to heal health. However, my exceptions to this rule are Kaga, Saipan and Ark Royal as they drop more Torpedoes than other Aircraft Carriers at their respective tiers so I want to maximise their survivability. Does this logic make sense or do I need to rethink? Would love to know your thoughts. Thank you guys.
  5. In this post I want to discuss the use of Secondary Battery Mod 2, the upgrade that gives -20% reload speed in slot 6. Currently, there are a lot of useful upgrades in slot 6: +15% AA gun performance (AAGM2) -12% reload for main guns, -13% turning speed (MBM3) -20% secondary reload speed (SBM2) +16% firing range (GFCSM2) -11% dispersion for main battery (APRM2 - USA only) Now, of those four, SBM2 is considered too weak by many, many players. It's fun to use, but there are nearly no ships that can effectively benefit from this -20% reload speed, and for ships that can benefit from it (Alsace, Großer Kurfürst), MBM3, or even GFCSM2, is usually a better choice. Therefore I would like to start a discussion about the following: Shouldn't SBM2 move to slot 5? In my opinion, this would have some very interesting consequences: Tier 8 ships will get acces to this upgrade, meaning it's usable on a lot of popular secondary build ships: Tirpitz, Bismarck, Massachusetts, Graf Zeppelin, Richelieu. Battleships have to compromise their concealment/torpedo detection in order to use it, allowing for more variation in upgrades. What do you think about moving SBM2 to slot 5?