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Found 22 results

  1. io_pilot

    Harugumo legendary upgrade

    Will the tier X japanes DD Harugumo also have a legendary upgrade?
  2. I think WG should do a complete overhaul of the tool tips for upgrades and captain's skills (at least in the english version of the game). The way tool tips are currently formulated, they are not intuitive at all and some are very easily misunderstood, in my view. Take the usage of the words "time" and "speed", for example. In the game, these two words are very common in describing upgrades and skills. Combined with the use of "+" and "-" in the percentages, this can get confusing. If a hypothetical upgrade's tool tip reads "-10% loading time" and "-10% aiming speed", we see the "-" is used in both, but this prefix doesn't tell us anything, as both of the words "time" and "speed" are used. Each of those words define whether a "+" or "-" is good or bad, so it is the combination of the "+" or "-" AND the "time" or "speed" which tells us whether the effect of an upgrade or skill is good or bad (I hope I'm not making this too complicated. I'm a grammar nazi!). Why wouldn't WG stick to ONE of these words ("time" or "speed") in all the tool tips to make them easier to understand? If only one of these words were used throughout ALL the tool tips, we could easily see where the positive and negative effects of an upgrade/skill were just by looking at the "+" or "-" in front. In my hypothetical example above, this could change the tool tip into "+10% loading speed" and "-10% aiming speed". If "speed", for example, was the only word used in tool tips, we would all (hopefully) quickly learn that any "+" was a positive effect and any "-" was negative. That way, we wouldn't have to "compute" both the +/- and "time" / "speed" to figure it out. I made another post about this next issue, but it's also about the tool tips, so I'll put it here as well. Currently, the "India Delta" signal flag (awarded by the "Dreadnought" achievement) tool tip reads: "+20% to combat capability recovery time when the Repair Party consumable is used.". After a while, I figured out that this has to mean that when a Battleship is using it's combat capability recovery and it's repair party AT THE SAME TIME, the combat capability (a.k.a. health) recovery is 20% faster while the BOTH of them are active. Correct me if I'm wrong! Please tell me that I wasn't the only one who was puzzled by that tool tip! I haven't bothered to think of a better description to that tool tip, but surely there must be an easier way to explain the effect of that signal flag!
  3. Hey there, I'd like to get some answers why the C hull is worth buying on the battleship Fuso. The range upgrade is negligible for my playstyle, and the hull upgrade doesnt give anything but modifies +4 AA guns (how effective are they anyways? i never noticed my AA :| ) On top of that skipping can save a decent amount of credits, unless ofc there are some hidden details like different armor layout, better torpedo bulge, deck armor, etc...which are not listed anywhere in game or on wiki, i only found them on warshipstats site but the site still has some incorrect data so i dont wanna rely on it solely. Btw Fuso is awesome. Real Godzilla
  4. So here's my dilemma. In the past 2 weeks I have gained 4 new tier 10s, Yamato, Montana, Minotaur and Des Moines. So I have the 4 personal assignment missions for them, but looking at my upcoming work and travel schedule and the finishing date of 31st Dec for all of them I know that I'm going to be lucky if I can fit in enough time to complete even one of them. So my question is, 'Is there a stand out winner or 'must have' out of these 4 upgrades that I should put all my effort and time into?'. On a sidenote it seems a bit unfair that players getting T10s between now and 31/12 are going to be up against it to get the upgrades and others after 31/12 will never have the chance. I get that it's a reward for long time players and people who put in the time, but it has to tilt gameplay balance somewhat, no?
  5. CaptainNorse

    Mogami main battery upgrade

    I think something needs to be done with the artillery upgrade for the Mogami IJN cruiser. Why spend xp and cash to unlock a module that has a single modifier to ship stats: -4 to artillery. Basicly pay to make your worse. Stock guns are far superior to the upgraded ones. Should probably just skip the gun upgrade availability and look at presenting other options for players instead.
  6. Hi everyone! I have questions about the slot 5+ modifications for ships (higher tier ships get more modification-slots than the low tier ones). I tried to search the forum already but did not find any helpful Information about this topic, so i decided to post a new thread. If there is already something like a list or description, I would be happy to get a link as an answer in this thread, so other captains have a more easy time to find something about this topic. I am absolutely not sure if the slot 5 upgrades are worth it on a battleship, and how they work. Since I have tier 8 as max, I do not have an idea about the higher tier slot possibilities, and would like to learn more about that too (what kind of modifications are available, what do they do, for which kind of ship are they useful). As far as I understand things the consensus is for BB you would use slot 1/ No. 3 , slot 3 / No. 1 and slot 4 / No. 2, and only with slot 2 its a bit unclear wether to buff AA, secondaries, precision or turret rotation (although the last will also make your reload more slow). For the slots 5+ I have no idea and appreciate all input - what do you use, and why, and how do you feel about the improvements for your gameplay? thanks in advance ... sail safe! VaL Trantor
  7. Captain_Riley

    Iowa's 6th upgrade (for Iowa veterans)

    I've only played two matches in the Iowa so far and I have noticed that her dispersion is actually pretty good and her volleys are quite consistent, I get a lot of Citadels with her so I must ask Iowa veterans, in your opinion, is it worth getting the Artillery Plotting Room Modification 2 or is it better to get the AA Gun Modification 3? Thank you for your time.
  8. Hi, I just got the Akizuki and I was equipping her with ship upgrades etc. and I started to wonder something about the first slot ship upgrade and guns' survivability. As the Akizuki's 100mm main guns are DP guns, they are shown in the statistics as both "Main Battery" and "AA Guns". In the first slot of the ship upgrades, among others, you have the Main Armaments Mod 1 and Auxiliary Armaments Mod 1. Main Armaments Mod 1 gives, among others, +50% to main battery survivability. Auxiliary Armamants Mod 1 gives, among others, +100% to AA guns survivability. There's no doubt that the first one affects the Akizuki's 100mm guns - as they are her main battery. But does the second one also affect the Akizuki's 100mm guns - as they are also AA guns?
  9. Hi. So the setup I'm running now is basic for a Battleship. But I'm using 18 points and that unused skill isn't worth anything else on the skill tree. We have had 19 skills since I can remember. Any chance of an skill upgrade to 20 or 21 points in 2017?
  10. Tuccy

    Clan Battle Discounts

    Captains, As the Clan Battles are getting close and we want to give you an opportunity to properly prepare, we will lend you a hand: From October 19, 8:00 CEST (or when 0.6.12 comes live, depending on what comes later) until October 24, 08:00 CEST you can reset Commander Skills and dismount Upgrades from your ships for free! This should help you to properly prepare your ships for the upcoming ordeals. Action stations!
  11. El2aZeR

    DoY can mount HSM1?

    I wasn't aware DoY is a cruiser or a DD. Seriously, though, is this intended or a bug of some sort?
  12. unauwen

    Myogi B no aircraft info

    The Kuma a -> b tells you it will give you an aircraft With the Myogi a -> b it does not (in the module section) edit: wrong subforum, can I move this myself?
  13. sixingame

    Legendäre Upgrades

    Hallo zusammen, kann man das neue T10 Upgrade für Credits verkaufen und wieder neu kaufen? Oder ist es dann für immer weg, wie beim Radarupgrade z.B.? Für Eure Antworten schon einmal vielen Dank im Voraus. Grüße sixingame
  14. Cleveland má dvojůčelové baterie 127 mm. Jejich dostřel je 4 km na lodě a 5 km na letadla. Jsou to sekundárky a zároveň AA. Já teď řešim jestli upgrade úprava sekundární baterie 2 přidá dostřel 20 % na obě funkce nebo jen proti lodím. Pokud na obě, tak by upgrade úprava protiletadlových děl 2 byl asi zbytečný. I když jsou tam i jiné AA zbraně než 127 mm. Mám na veliteli AA skill a chci Cleveland vyladit jako AA bodyguarda . Poraďte !
  15. Hello everyone, I've been playing my way up through all the US battleships and high tier cruisers, currently hovering at a freshly bought Iowa, upgraded from a fleshed out North Carolina. What I've stumbled across many times is the high error margin of long distance shots and aiming above the 18km-range, which is, of course only a problem for the extreme long gun ranges of Tier VII and upwards. Especially the fast japanese ships, but Tirpitz, Iowa etc as well, have it quite easy to evade incoming long range fire, thus forcing you into close combat - which is not the purpose of BBs (why would they carry such long range arty, then, hm?). Therefore, I have come up with some solutions to general aiming problems with BBs that might contribute positively to the gameplay. They are ridiculously expensive to maintain, and thus it is essential to keep the gameplay smooth and as far away from frustration as possible ;) My first and most important suggestion would be to introduce a "Sensory"-Upgrade-Slot. This might be made available under the other upgrades, like turret or damage party upgrades, or added as an additional upgrade slot. I. Ships behind obstacles Now this is a problem not only BBs are facing; it's quite hard to judge the waterline of the target from it's marker alone; if a spotting plane is not available, you're pretty much wild guessing, although you might, from the height of the obstacle, have a fair chance of hitting it. I'd therefore suggest three rough markers, an approximation, upon which to gauge the ship's proportions. Those markers still do not give you an exact representation of the ship silhouette and are thusl not overly compromising the balance of gameplay. Make the upgrade in a semi-expensive price category, like 500 000 credits, call it "Echo Search", and it is also going to take some effort to purchase it, as well as having to leave out another upgrade. Balance kept intact. II. Turning ships Aiming at turning ships might be another issue. Personally, I mostly get lucky, but I figure it might be tweaked a little bit. I'd suggest a "wavering silhouette" approach: you still don't get the exact impact point (now that would be too easy), but you are being guided a little bit closer to hitting "in the zone". Once your upgrade/consumable, in this case being called "Artillery Guidance System", say, at 1 000 000 credits, is activated, you get a wavering silhouette of the targeted enemy vessel. The closer you are on hitting it, the greener it gets. Balance is kept intact due to basically having no impact on the absolute accuracy of the guns. I'd make this consumable self-refreshing, like mana-based buffs in fantasy games: you activate it, a counter ticks down, you deactivate it, the counter fills up again. You can immediately re-activate it, and the counter will start to tick down from the consumable fill state it was. An elastic, smooth feature, that can be used to a player's content - if you have it turned on for a long time, you might see yourself having to wait till it's filled up again for precious seconds, but you could also only switch it on for a split second to reassure your shot. Suits many playstyles. III. Shot projection My last suggestion is thought for the reaaaaally long range shots. I have always been greedy of those beautiful, easy to gauge colour boxes for torpedo spreads, and why couldn't other ship classes have something similar? After all, aiming at long distances of 20km+ with shot traveling times of 15s+, is definitely one of the hardest bits of the game, and therefore feels a bit too hard if you think of all the credits and experience you have to spend to get your hands on those gun ranges: basically, it feels like you spend a shitton of effort for something you cannot effectively put to use, since the enemy can easily evade your fire. I'd suggest you call it "Radar Artillery Guidance", make it really expensive in the area of 5 000 000 credits to get hold of it. The basic principle would be similar to the torpedo guides: you are being projected a corridor in which your shots will impact, and you still have to gauge the exact impact points by yourself, it is just a small support to avoid the enemy ship hopping off your well aimed battery fire. Thus the player is being helped at aiming without totally screwing the balance. An attached solution would be an elastic haircross, like the artillery spotter features of strategy games: your aimpoint projects an impact point onto the water and turns the greener, the higher the probability of hitting the enemy. It's still not exact, but taking out a little bit of frustration. All my suggested solutions are canonical, meaning, it totally makes sense to give the high tier, hyper-tech battleships and cruisers the option put their high standard of technology (>> real life) to use. After all, the real world ships got state ofthe art plotting solutions, radar based counter fire, fire projection screens and various other tinky toys... and therefore offer enough space to adapt these features into gameplay features. Well, what are your thoughts? I love playing with the fatass BBs, but I think you get too little compensation gameplay-wise for the credits and XP you have to spend to reach the decent ships like NC or Iowa. Which is why I'd strongly suggest giving the players who spend so much time getting that far a little bit of balm for the nerves ;) Cheers ;)
  16. The question is, devs forgot about this module(maybe because it wasn't avilable for bbs since now) or we eventually get it to battleships too, because currently we can't use it on them as the description says :(
  17. Hallo zusammen! Ich habe ein bisschen gesucht, und bisher leider noch nichts dazu gefunden - vielleicht gibt es ja schon eine Liste mit Modulen/Modifikationen nebst Überlegungen dazu, welche welchen Effekt haben bzw. welchen Nutzen. Für die Slots 1-4 ist es ja noch relativ einfach, finde ich, aber ab Slot 5 (und höhere Tier bekommen ja noch mehr .. ich bin selbst erst bei t8 mit meiner Amagi) ist mir nicht so ganz klar, welchen Effekt die Module genau haben, bzw. welche es überhaupt gibt. Wenn ich es richtig verstanden habe, dann sind die zwei Module in slot 5 entweder als "Tarneffekt" - das eigene Schiff wird weniger leicht gespottet, oder als "Aufdeckeffekt" - das eigene Schiff kann weiter entfernt entdecken gedacht. Welches würdet Ihr auf einem Schlachtschiff nutzen? Und warum? (wenn das so überhaupt stimmt ;) ) Vielen Dank für Eure Antworten und viel Spaß beim Fahren VaL Trantor
  18. Alipheese_XV

    Lexington plötzlich 2/1/1?

    So, ich hab mir gestern eine Shokaku zurück gegönnt, die ich seit Taiho nicht mehr hatte, aus... Kantai Collection Gründen Jedenfalls war ich gegen eine Lexington, die eine 2/1/1 Zusammenstellung hatte... OMFG, die hatte so ein Deck doch nicht, oder??? Shice, jetzt ist die automatisch die Super AA Festung, ihr 2/0/2 Deck ist wirklich obsolet... und mit Shokaku brauche ich eine Lexington nicht mehr anfliegen... Ist mir egal, wenn ich jetzt als 'Mimimimi' gelte, aber echt, wenn das so ist, dann fordere ich was! Richtig, ich fordere was für den Träger Shokaku, der jetzt als US Counterpart automatisch eine AA Festung mit 2 Jägern hat, ansonsten auch eventuell nur T9 oder T10 BBs zum jagen... Ich fordere eine 1/3/2 oder zumindest ein 1/2/3 Deck für Shokaku, wenn Lexington schon automatisch im Fighter Setup ist!!! Echt krasser Shice
  19. Saisho48

    Iowa's upgrade

    Iowa's 3rd upgrade slot Main Battery Modification2 has +5% reload +15% traverse while in 6th slot Main Battery Modification3 has -12% reload -13% traverse What's the point to increase in 3rd slot mod2? Who wants to use it ever?
  20. Hey there, i have a curious question: what is the purpose behind the Fuso's C hull upgrade? It gives a barely noticeable change in AA, and i couldnt find anything else. Is this module even worth buying?
  21. Hi there, With the introduction of the Arsenal, ship upgrades (mods) are now available for coal. I admit I was quite disappointed to find that these actually take the slot of an existing upgrade. So I wonder, are any of them actually useful, and for which kind of ship / build ? Thanks ! DCP (slot 1, VI-X ships): +40% duration Spotting (slot 1, VI-X BB/cruisers): +30% duration Radar (slot 2, IX-X DD/cruisers): +20% duration Hydro (slot 2, VI-X DD/cruisers): +20% duration DefAA (slot 2, VIII-X ships): +20% duration Engine (slot 2, VI-X DD/cruisers, VIII-X BB): +50% duration Smoke (slot 3, VI-X DD/cruisers): +30% duration of generator, -5% duration for each cloud
  22. It just seems to me you don't really get a lot for your money, or more importantly, XP. All the upgrade seems to do is to make them fire slightly faster while turning a bit slower. No more range, no more damage. The turret traverse speed on the Omaha is good, but not so good that I feel that the increased ROF is really worth the trade-off, the Omaha's guns are already quite fast-firing. Are there any secondary stats that make them worthwhile? Accuracy, module HP, better AP penetration?