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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, ich frage mich, wieso die Server Downtimes für die Updates in die mögliche "Spielzeit" fallen. Gerade zu Corona- und mehr und mehr Home-Office-/Standby-Zeiten. Wieso klappt das in Asia bzw. auf den NA Servern, die Updates zwischen 5 und 7 bzw. sogar zwischen 3 und 5 Uhr morgens zu legen? Selbst die Updates der CIS Server fangen um 5 Uhr an. Widersinnig die EU-Server mit der größten Playerbase dann aber mit Start um 7 Uhr, wenn der ein oder andere vor der Arbeit noch eine Runde fahren will. Da bringt es auch nichts, die Downtime an 5 - 7 UTC zu orientieren, es sei denn man will den Leuten in der Westsahara einen Gefallen tun. Obwohl - danach wird's bei denen auch etwas heißer. Ich bezweifle, dass UK und Portugal einen solch großen Impact auf die Playerbase haben, wie UTC +1 bzw. +2. (Die Briten sind eh raus.) https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeitzone#Zonenzeit_UTC_bis_UTC+3h https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/UTC±0 @Sehales: Vielleicht kannst du das ja mal weitergeben. Danke!
  2. Hallo in das Rund ;-), seit dem Aufspielen des Patch habe ich keine Buchstaben mehr, sondern nur Kästchen!!!???? :-( Ist das ein Aprilscherz oder kennt jemand des Rätsels-Lösung??? Danke für Hilfe
  3. Redcap375

    The CV Captains Cabin

    I thought i would make a post/area for all of us remaining die-hard CV captains that are left. To share ideas, tactics, advice or anything that is on your mind. We all know how CVs have changed over the years to the point that we are now at. Our planes being obliterated, our targets becoming less and less obvious and being restricted to a spotting or DD hunting role. But i'm not complaining chaps, we CV players have a stiff upper lip and just roll with the AA punches. Lets use this to help other noobie CV players trying to find their CV feet and give them a chance to get past tier 7, if they are a sucker for punishment. Lets try and keep CVs from disappearing from this lovely game, so we can have enough players to keep within are own tiers, not playing 2 tier higher games that suck you know what (tier 6 planes on a tier 7 CV that play at tier 9 games) But most important of all, lets use this to have a beer and talk about the good old days and share stories. To give advice to the new generation and to warn them of things still to come. To share options on updates that effect the way we roll. Battle reports that show all is not lost. The door is always open to other Captains that wanna share a friendly drink, after all, we are all captains trying to get through this. Mess rules apply and gentlemanly conduct is a given. Now, where is my gin and tonic
  4. I refer to Jingles’ video about the broken carrier update. I don’t want to gloat, but I knew they’d screw this one up - one way or the other. No one can dispute the p**ss-poor implementation of the Carrier revamping. Only the (edited) will say “I think it’s really good.” Ok, I’ll not gloat and say - I had a bad feeling - they were set to f** this up, big time. Still, the guy who demonstrated dropping torpedoes without aiming and on a merciless pace, shows the power inherent in aeroplanes when they are pitted against slow lumbering Battleships. As I say, it’s like bows and arrows Vs machineguns; it’s really unfair. I suggested to W.G in a ticket (that’s how worried I was) that they should remove Carriers altogether; that World of Carriers should be created, leaving World of Warships more ankin to World of Battleships. As expected, they gave a sneering smile and moved on to the next ticket, completely ignoring my suggestion. Carriers are just “a square peg in a round hole” that W.G is trying to shuv into the game, like a guy with his gal doing it the first time; just totally forcing the butt-action without thinking twice. Hey W.G - stop doing that! It flaming hurts! Just enough already: Carriers break the game! Get rid of them! Make them like bad weather or something; random and disruptive of our game play - which is how they are functioning at the moment and before. They are so tied to World of Tanks in their game concept (Carriers being the equivalent of Artilery) that they are doing all they can to make this “marriage in hell” work. Just leave WoT behind; stick to the WoWs game play that’s potentially - far more enjoyable than anything on offer online. Develop WoWs as World of Battleships; that’s good enough; I’ll keep buying the Premium time and ships. The Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers have enough gaming life as they are. But of course, what will happen is they will nerf the Carriers to the point that they will be so crap to play, people will go back to not bothering with them; which is back to square 1 before this update was offered in the first place. Just stop it already!
  5. KingOfTheScreen

    Backround updates are available?

    I am Thinking whether the auto update feature currently available in the client updates the game in the backround or does it open the client when it does this. I am asking this coz i don't want the client opening up now and then when there is an update, and i cant wait all week for an update to be released to see how it would work. Also i would like to know what the two features are in the client update settings; first one "enable automatic updating" downloads the update and installs it when it is available and the second "enable download of updates" download the updates early and installs it when it releases officially....so what is the difference between the two? and all this happens in the backround, unknown by the user or does it open the client as an application in the taskbar? Thank you for your time.
  6. This is the 3rd time I am writing a post on this topic, and it's starting to grind my gears. Every time there is an update for WoW client, my updates download as fast as my line allows, AND TAKES FCKN FOREVER TO EXTRACT, INSTALL, LOCALIZE, etc. Downloading updates in 10 minutes and waiting for 1+ hour for the game to FCKN extract and sort it's SHT out it's BS. SORT THIS SHT OUT.
  7. Dear Wargaming, I note with interest your desire to "fix" the game so that fewer people whine about how the game is not fair because......... blah....... Call me strange, but I would have thought a company with your resources and dedication to "balance" would bother to get ships right in the first place and that testing is pretty comprehensive. Some suck, some rock, such is life. Some rock for some and suck for others. For example, I think the Trashkent (polite version of my name for it, have a guess what the second part changed to) sucked. It was horrible, a big fat, comparatively slow bucket with bad torps and terrible concealment. Quite a lot of people agree with me, but some people who I can only assume are masochists and who staple their balls to planks of wood to get their rocks off love it. Similarly, my experience of the New Orleans was so awful that as soon as I finished grinding it I shelved any desire to get to T10 because the pain of doing it all again in the Balti made me want to vomit on myself as a preferable activity. But here is the thing: these are my failures more than they are those of the ship. I failed to appreciate how better I might play the particular advantages of these ships to maximise my capability with them. Now I would like to argue that these two ships have such glaring deficiencies and underwhelming strengths that this is true for many players and going by the amount of whining about them, I am clearly not a minority. However, I see good players do just fine if not excel in them so they have strengths that a really skilful player can maximise. Every time that you “fix” a ship or “adjust a line” what you are really doing is saying “we cannot design this properly so we will just mess around with it to appease whiners”. Either you got the idea right to begin with or you did not. If you did not, why release the ship / line / game? Destroyers are the best example. IJN DD’s require stealth and planning to get the best out of. I actually get a kick playing them for just this reason. I know that if I get close to the enemy I am toast but maintain best I can an 8Km range & I can spot & shoot my torps just fine thanks. Soviet DD’s are gun platforms, high speed raiders. They lack concealment and they have awful torpedos at anything but effectively 2 - 3Km range at which point you are in dangerous waters anyway. USN DD’s are much more flexible but not as good at playing the torpedo game nor the gunner game. In short, three distinct lines requiring three distinct play styles. Great, lots to learn, lots to enjoy in the difference. Until that is the whingers from generation snowflake start to whine about how they need a “safe space” in game, a/k/a make all ships so alike that really the differences are marginal because otherwise something is “OP”. Now I read that yet again you are going to warp ships to appease whiners. Battleships are MEANT to fight head on to one another. They are meant to find it hard to beat one another down. Cruisers are MEANT to be fast, flexible and hard hitting if fragile. Russian Destroyers are terrible at just about everything – awful turning circle, slow gun rotation, terrible torpedos, poor concealment but when they line you up & start to shoot they come into their own. But because so many whiners whine about how they are “OP” and cannot themselves be bothered with doing the hard yards to grind up the line (hence most players of the Uda & Khaba are actually pretty damn good at it) they figure they can just whine until they get what they want: no reward for people who put the time and effort in to grind through hard ships and build their skills. I have had my backside handed to me by many a Khaba and I never once complained: my fault for getting into their kill zone in the first place. Someone can make that ship work when it can be outspotted by IJN cruisers then hats off. Here is what is wrong with the game: Destroyers that do not cap. CV’s with all strike or all air supremacy load outs. Neither offer the proper flexibility that a CV should have to be able to strike and protect their team. Battleships that cower in groups behind rocks / islands and pretend to “snipe” so they can pad their damage without actually being at all that useful to everyone else. Cyclones – cool idea, needs to be better executed. If a ship on your team can see the enemy and you can see that ship, you should be able to see the enemy too. Sea that is not sea because a rock a full ships’ width away is actually blue in colour and looking just like the sea. So stop messing around with ships. Stop messing around with the national lines. Stop adding maps. Instead, adjust the incentives (the one good part of 5.12), make teamwork more rewarding for credits and XP. Fix the many bugs on the maps you have rather than spend time making new ones. In short: Don’t screw up WoWs like you did WoT by constantly appeasing the lowest common denominator. Change incentives, don't change Ships & don't screw things up to make whiners happy, they will only find something else to whine about.
  8. Moin Zusammen, gibt es eine Möglichkeit, die Gameupdates iregendwo zentral herunterzuladen? Ich habe WoW auf mehreren Rechnern installiert und es ist ganz schön nervig und zeitintensiv, für jeden Rechner das Update/den Download durchzuführen. Vor allem für Updates wie das 6.1er im GB-Bereich. Danke für Infos
  9. alex1222003


    im on win 10, and i wanted to play this game. after downloading the launcher, it started to update. after a painful waiting, downloading 3GB at 10kb/s, it started to "download game components" and it cost 10GB of my hard drive. at 10kb/s? seriously? i dont have the time to wait SO LONG! i even did the port forwarding. nothing changed. what is your problem with your servers, guys?
  10. Axillent

    Unable to update the game.

    I'm not able to update the game. The launcher downloads the update files and when extracting/installing it says only "there was an error. check logs" but the logs doesn't say anything... Tried to uninstall the game and reinstall it - same result. What to do? Happens EVERY TIME there is an update...... but this time the re-install trick didn't work as it has done before. Help! AutoUpdateSelector.log Hook.log WargamingGameUpdater.log
  11. remek82bb

    Kapitany i PDki

    1. PD powinno być unifikowane i jako trzecia waluta powinno się kupić T7 za PD z T5 z ulepszeniem a nie jak dotychczas każda linia po swojemu a ulepszyć się może dopiero okręt z danego poziomu. 2. Kto wymyślił blokadę ruchu kapitanów pomiędzy nacjami? a) Nie da się a powinno. b) Manga to też Japonia a też się nie da. c) To, że niemiaszki mają lepszą szkołę to nie znaczy, że reszta ma być w misji na "Grafa" dyskryminowana. Niech każdy kapitan coś się nauczy
  12. Lukew82


    Hey all, would like to start with... I am loving this game! Am however getting annoyed with the timer. Would be nice if there are some more maps and annihilation win maps. Its annoying/frustrating when you only just manage to start getting hits and then the round is over because a destroyer capped the enemy base or your team get lucky with kills and win on points in a few mins. perhaps adding some AI CARGO SHIPS AS A MISSION or escorting or something would be cool, or a land assault/strike on a base or have land bases for extra points. Would be interesting to hear everyone else's ideas for improvements or add ons. Remember, that it is a great game already so what could make it even better in your opinion?
  13. Hello everyone! I am a former World of Tanks and War Thunder player who has latched onto World of Warships dating back to about 3 months ago. I am really loving the game and I created a YouTube channel to share some of my fun experiences. Feel free to drop in and say hello from time to time. I just put up a video pertaining to the upcoming patch and I would be interested to see everyone's thoughts on it. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJJaSofrJHMcK-yp5ldHT-w/feed