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Found 132 results

  1. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    To prevent new topic spam, I'm (ironically) creating this topic to post my new YouTube videos to from now on, as many others have done here already. For convenience, I'll post the ones I've already done here in this post, so please forgive the reposts. For those who haven't yet seen any of my content, hello, I'm Dan, AKA StatsBloke. My content is centred around increasing player knowledge and skill in a positive and approachable way. To kick off then, here is the link to my channel, please do subscribe and turn on notifications if you'd like updates on new content: StatsBloke's YouTube Channel I currently have two types of content: Better World of Warships (link to playlist): Tips and techniques on how to improve as a player. I'll be gradually adding to this series. Foghorn and Foghorn Extra: World of Warships news I am also planning a series called Ship Along Side for ship reviews, coming Soon™ While I've got you, here is the StatsFolk Discord server, please do join: https://discord.gg/HFwQn5j Here are my Better WoWS videos: And my Foghorn videos: Those are all reposts. I'll post new videos as separate posts. Thanks for watching!
  2. irevanescence

    Unable to connect to update service

    hi today i faced with this issue. Unable to connect to update service i dont have network problem . i changed my dns and flushed it. would u please give me feedback do u have same problem ? is any other procedure to solve ? regards.
  3. until
    Commanders! Due to the installation of Update 0.7.11, the server will be unavailable: from Thu. 22 Nov. 06:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Thu. 22 Nov. 06:00 till Thu. 22 Nov. 09:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Thu. 22 Nov. 09:00 Update size: ~ 1.8 GB. Update 0.7.11 is about to go live. Let’s find out what surprises are coming your way! The final—third—part of the Royal Navy event; a historical collection dedicated to British destroyers; a new type of battle which takes the form of a modified version of the "Battle Royale" game format; the fourth season of Clan Battles; the Thunderstorm Front sprawling across three maps; an overhauled Arsenal; and much more! The Royal Navy Event ● Collection ● Twilight Battle ● Clan Battles: "North" Season ● Arsenal Overhaul ● Thunderstorm Front in Random Battles ● Matchmaker Optimization ● Game Mechanics ● Game Balance Changes ● Distinctive Insignias ● Port of Zipangu ● Map Changes ● Changes in Operations ● Daily Shipments ● Content Additions and Changes ● Other Changes and Improvements ● Technological Issues
  4. Hurricane_tb

    17 GB update?

    Hey! I'm deeply sorry to disturb my fellow sailors, but could please someone enlighten me about what's going on here? So I haven't played in a while, since mid-end of summer or so, but I definitely had 0.7.7. I thought I'll jump back to the game a little bit again, noticed that I have to download 5.7 GB of updates, perfectly fine, 3 patches passed, no worries. Finished, very nice (or I thought) when I noticed that the game wants to download an additional 17 GB?! Ehmmm...What? Could someone please explain the situation to me? Many thanks!
  5. Excavatus

    Doubloon deduction

    Hello WG, Hello @MrConway The deduction of 300 doubloons supposed to be back after a small patch which wouldn't require any download. Checked the forum very briefly and couldn't find any topics about it. Basically, I just want to ask, any news about it? Or should I put it like this, "Where is the money hombre!?"
  6. Tuccy

    Update 0.7.10

    Commanders! While the new Update is being rolled out, the servers will be unavailable: from: Thu. Oct. 18 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Thu. Oct. 18 07:00 until: Thu. Oct. 18 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Thu. Oct. 18 10:00 Update Size: ~ 2,6 GB.
  7. Ich stelle grade mit Bedauern fest, dass man News nicht wie bei den Panzern üblich im Forum diskutieren kann, sondern direkt unter dem Artikel der Hauptseite wo es in Unübersichtlichkeit versinkt. Da es unter dem kommenden Update auf dem Testserver nicht aufgeführt wird, also hier hin: Hier die aktuellen Neuigkeiten zum Wargaming Game Center (WGC) das bald verpflichtend für die Teilnahme am Spiel sein wird. Wie schön und toll das ist kann man dort nachlesen. Ich bin so frei einmal die Nachteile herauszustellen, welche man rücksichtsvollerweise nicht aufgeführt hat. Einige mögen sich erinnern, dass ich schon einmal Kritik am Launcher geübt hatte, hier also nun die zweite Runde: Inkompatible Installationen Wer noch World of Tanks noch ohne WGC mit dem normalen Installer installiert hat sollte diese Daten keinesfalls auf Nachfrage des WGC übernehmen. Die Daten werden dadurch unbrauchbar und müssen noch einmal komplett neu heruntergeladen werden. Normal installierte Daten sind NICHT mit via GC installierten Daten kompatibel. "Das ist ja nicht so schlimm, das kann man mit etwas Achtsamkeit vermeiden." Richtig, bei dem nächsten Punkt habt ihr diese Option aber leider nicht: Der Torrentzwang des WGCs Bei den aktuellen Launchern kann man das Seeding angeblich wie folgt unterbinden: Dabei deaktiviert man allerdings lediglich nur das Seeding, welches nach dem Update stattfindet. Während des Downloadvorgans selbst wird fröhlich ungefragt eure Leitung durch Wargaming zum Seeden genutzt. Will man auch das unterbinden, reicht das Entfernen dieses Häkchens allein nicht aus. Wer wirklich sichergehen will, dass nicht geseedet wird muss das in der Datei "WoTLauncher.cfg" manuell unterbinden. Dazu erstetzt man in der Zeile <launcher_transport>3</launcher_transport> die Zahl 3 durch eine 2. Änderungen in der .cfg Datei erfolgen auf eigene Gefahr! So viel zur Vorrede. Nachdem man also schon jetzt einige Winkelzüge unternehmen muss um Seeding komplett zu unterbinden, weil die Optionen eben nicht halten was sie versprechen, nun die schlechte Nachricht: Das neue WGC bietet keine Möglichkeit Seeding während des Downloadvorgangs zu unterbinden. Dieser Winkelzug existiert nicht mehr. Erneut kann man die Option "deaktivieren", aber so lange der Downloadvorgang läuft wird gleichzeitig auch geseedet: Um das abzustellen bleibt nur noch die Firewall zu konfigurieren und Proxies zu sperren, wenn man die Alleinherrschaft über die eigene Internetleitung behalten will. Fazit Selbst wenn alle Performanceprobleme und Abstürze behoben worden sind (die Meinungen mehr oder minder begeisterter Nutzer dazu finden sich hier und nachdem Kritik daran... bedingt aufgenommen wurde auch noch einmal hier) ist dieses Vorgehen zumindest... zweifelhaft. Ich persönlich spiele nur ein Spiel mit einem Clienten und brauche daher kein Zusatzprogramm, welches im Hintergrund Seeding betreibt, Performanceprobleme verursacht und zumindest für mich dabei keinerlei Mehrwert hat. Danke dafür so ein überflüssiges Programm mit zweifelhaftem Seedingverhalten aufgezwungen zu bekommen das neue achso tolle WGC allen Spielern zur Verfügung zu stellen. Hochachtungsvoll, Easha
  8. Captains, here is a list of changes to Round 2 of the test: Removed "Leave channel" button for clan players Fire no longer affects submarine visibility Fixed a bug where icon of the complexity operation did not change on the game mode selection button Fixed an issue where the number of charges was one unit less for equipment "Smoke Generator I" on the ships Shimakaze, Harugumo, Khabarovsk Fixed an issue due to which the calendar window with login bonuses was shown only after player relogin the game Added sound of a bursting pumpkin Fixed the timer values before the start of the battle in operations from 15s to 60s Fixed an issue that caused incorrect display of allied submarine icons Fixed several inaccuracies of underwater and surface terrain Fixed several issues that caused emergency game client shutdown Cheers and enjoy the Halloween mode!
  9. until
    Commanders! The update 0.7.9 is here and brings a lot of new things. As with all updates, though, this also means a downtime: From: Thu. Sep. 20 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) To: Thu. Sep. 20 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) Update size ~1.7 GB What does the update bring? Well, let Dasha tell you! Or just check for details in our portal article: Port of London ● The Royal Navy Event ● Royal Navy in the Arsenal ● New Content ● Combat Missions for British Destroyers ● New Arms Race Type of Battle ● Return of Operation Dynamo ● Maps and Locations ● Clan Base 2.0 ● Interface ● Ship-Spotting Technology ● The Arsenal—New Goodies ● Content Additions and Changes ● Game Balance Changes ● Other Changes and Improvements Action Stations!
  10. Tuccy

    Update 0.7.8

    Commanders! Due to update 0.7.8 installation, server will be unavailable: from Thu. Aug. 23 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Thu. Aug. 23 07:00 until Thu. Aug. 23 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Thu. Aug. 23 10:00 Update size ~1.62 GB What's inside? A lot of good stuff! The Arsenal: Anniversary Section ● Festive Collection ● Japanese Destroyers ● Changes in French Cruisers ● Game Balance Changes ● Ranked Battles ● Arsenal ● Map Changes ● Content Additions and Changes ● Interface ● Other Improvements and Fixes Or just let Dasha tell you :) Action Stations
  11. In the latest episode of Foghorn, I take a look at what's included in Patch 0.7.8 as it hits the Public Test Servers: I've also made a separate extra video (in 4K resolution) with some additional detail on the new UI scaling feature for anyone using a larger-resolution monitor: If I've left anything out you were curious about, please do pop a comment in underneath and I'll see if I can find the answer... o7 Captains! -StatsBloke
  12. Tuccy

    Update 0.7.7 - GO NAVY!

    Update 0.7.7 is here - and due to that, servers will be unavailable on July 26th between 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) and 10:00 CEST (UTC+2). Download size should be ~1.37 GB. What is inside? Let Dasha tell you! If you crave further details, have a look at our PORTAL ARTICLE for details about the new stuff, namely: GO NAVY! Operations Arsenal Balance Changes Content Additions and Changes Battle Interface Other Improvements and Fixes Set sail!
  13. I've posted a quick look at what's coming up in Patch 0.7.7 - the next patch to hit the live servers mid-July. This review was conducted on PTS Round 1, so is work in progress and subject to change.
  14. Tuccy

    Update 0.7.6

    In the previous version, the American heavy cruisers underwent an upgrade. Pensacola, New Orleans, and Baltimore stepped down one tier, a newcomer—Buffalo—joined the ranks, and Cleveland jumped up two tiers, moving to the branch of light cruisers. Update 0.7.6 brings four new ships into the light cruisers branch: Tier VI Dallas, Tier VII Helena, Tier IX Seattle, and Tier X Worcester. What's inside? Light Cruisers ● Arsenal ● Operation Cherry Blossom ● Clan Battles ● Unique Upgrades ● Game Balance ● Maps ● Port of New York ● Content ● Other Fixes
  15. Seit dem letzten Patch lagt WOWS bei einem 15-30er Ping un 120 FPS! Steuerbefehle werden nach 20-30 sec ausgeführt! Mein Rechner ist auf dem neusten Stand der Technik mit einer GTX 1080 SSD Festplatte 16 Kern AMD CPU und 32 GB RAM. Alle anderen Online Spiele darunter auf World of Tanks, Diablo 3, PubG usw.... laufen absolut Lag frei! Eine Neuinstallation und Reduzierung der Grafikeinstellungen hat nichts gebraucht.
  16. So my Cleveland moved to T8 and along with it my premium camo wich i bought with doubloons. Now i have a ship at T8 with a useless camo because i already had a ship with premium camo namely the Atago. So wy am i not offered the option to exchange that camo for doubloons or a premium camo for the T6 ship so my tree is balanced once more and i can play premium camo's along the tiers. If i would have known the Cleveland would end up at T8 i never would have bought that camo for it. So wy dont i have the fair option to exchange, sell it back for doubloons, but instead i am stuck with it at a for me useless ship at wrong tier? Just to be complete My replacement T6 ship the pensacola does not came with a premium camo. https://pasteboard.co/HnSXQGW.png
  17. Tuccy


    Captains, A small update will be implemented tomorrow morning. Time: 10/05/2018 04:00 UTC - 05:30 UTC Size: ~90 MB Content: Fixed an issue which caused a warship that had just been detected to instantly disappear from sight. For example, a destroyer that quickly shows up from behind an island that disappears in a smoke cloud seconds later is displayed in the Minimap with a transparent red icon ("spotted by an ally") instead of the white one designating the ship's last known position. As part of our efforts to eliminate cases of the AFK/Inactive status being erroneously assigned to players in Tier IX and X battles, we reduced the required minimum distance (in-game kilometres) to be covered in battle by 2 times. Fixed an issue which caused Jack Dunkirk's enhanced skill "Smoke Screen Expert" to be displayed on the skill panel without the distinctive sign normally added to enhanced Commander skills. The following six Commanders with enhanced skills were added to the game: George Doe, Vasiliy Znamensky, Bert Dunkirk, Charles-Henri Honoré, Reinhard von Jutland, Franz von Jutland. The names of two of the new commanders Reinhard von Jutland, Franz von Jutland were previously Helmut Schiffmann and Albrecht Schiffmann. The following ships are now available for purchase with Doubloons right in the Tech Tree of their relevant nation: VII Scharnhorst, VII Atlanta, IV Ishizuchi, VI Mutsu, V Okhotnik, and VI Dunkerque. We removed cruiser IV Yūbari from the Japanese Tech Tree. Actioan Stations!
  18. Rico_878

    aggiornamenti de che?!

    ma sono solo io infastidito da 'sti continui inutili aggiornamenti? ma chi se ne frega dell'implementazione con le starships, dei temi natalizi, da eventi vari, ecc ecc. mi ritrovo a dover scaricare circa una volta al mese TERABYTE di update con il mio caspio di router che non va oltre i 9 Mbps (11 se ho fortuna) perdendo ore di utilizzo per nulla! ma io dico, vuoi le navi spaziali? pacchetto facoltativo!
  19. Tuccy

    Update 0.7.4

    Captains, the new update is here on Thursday morning. What does it bring? Check out below! Unsportsmanlike Conduct Prevention System | Improved Matchmaking | Changes in Ribbons and Achievements | Naval Flag Selection | Port Interface | Ranked Battles Season 9 | Ship Spotting System | Maps and Locations | Game Balance Changes | Active Targets | Other Improvements and Fixes | Game Engine Optimization | Community Contributor Support | Content Changes and Additions | End of Clan Battles Season 2 Do not forget to leave us feedback in the appropriate forum section. Action Stations!
  20. Tuccy

    Update 0.7.3

    Captains, On March 29th in the morning we are getting the newest update, the one and only, the 0.7.3! Check out what's inside in the Dasha video below or jump over to the portal article, but in any case any feedback you'd like to leave us in the forum will be welcome! Action Stations!
  21. Tuccy


    Captains, We release the World of Warships update on Tuesday 20/03 at 04:00 UTC / 05:00 CET. The server will be unavailable for 90 minutes. This patch will address the FPS drop issue some players encountered after the last update. Action Stations!
  22. Tuccy

    Public Test 0.7.3

    Captains! We are pleased to present to you the Developer Bulletin for Update 0.7.3 which covers all the latest changes. Read more about it in our Developer Bulletin below, and prepare to jump into the Public Test and try the changes out for yourself! Round 2 of the Public Test will run from 21 March at 17:30 CET until 26 March at 14:00 CEST (UTC+2). What will you find inside? Space Battles Ship skins Space maps New effects New game mechanics Map updates Improved Audio For more information head to our PORTAL - and if you took part in previous test, check your rewards HERE - and leave us feedback in the appropriate Forum section!
  23. Tuccy

    Public Test 0.7.3

    Captains! We are pleased to present to you the Developer Bulletin for Update 0.7.3 which covers all the latest changes. Read more about it in our Developer Bulletin below, and prepare to jump into the Public Test and try the changes out for yourself! Round 1 of the Public Test will run from 15 March at 15:30 CET until 19 March at 14:00 CET (UTC+1). What will you find inside? Space Battles Ship skins Space maps New effects New game mechanics Map updates Improved Audio For more information head to our PORTAL - and if you took part in previous test, check your rewards HERE - and leave us feedback in the appropriate Forum section!
  24. Tuccy


    Captains! We are happy to announce the release of the update for World of Warships. The World of Warships server will be unavailable on the 06/03/2018 from 05:00 to 06:30 CET (UTC+1). Patch notes: Fixed a bug that caused the ALT command to malfunction for aircraft groups when operated using the alternative mouse controls. Fixed a bug that caused all aircraft groups except one to be deselected after clicking the left mouse button in an empty area in cases when the alternative mouse controls are enabled. Fixed a bug which would place navigation points when a player tried to select all aircraft by click-dragging a selection box or when selecting them one by one. Fixed a bug which overextended the viewing radius of aircraft in a Cyclone. Fixed a bug which caused indications on the Minimap to be illegible when zooming in the Minimap. Fixed a bug with the game interface resetting a player’s patch in the Profile to the default one following a relog. Added festive decorations in the New York Port, dedicated to Saint Patrick's Day celebrations. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Action Station!
  25. Tuccy

    Update 0.7.2

    The Update 0.7.2 is coming this Thursday between 06:00 CET and 10:00 CET (05:00 UTC - 09:00 UTC). What does it bring? Let Dasha tell you: Full introduction of the French Battleships New Campaign: The Gold of France New PvE Operation: Hermes For full patch notes check our Portal article. Action Stations!