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Found 114 results

  1. Mansloff

    Fehler seit Update 0.8.4x

    Hallo zusammen, habe seit dem o.a. Update folgendes festgestellt: Mir fehlen rechts und links die Schiff Icons. Genauso sieht man auf der Mini Map die Reichweiten Kilometer bei den Kreisen nicht mehr. Obwohl eingestellt. Hatte es erst auf die Mods der ModStation zurück geführt, aber auch ohne irgendeinen Mod das gleiche Ergebnis. Hab auch schon den Game Client überprüfen und Reparieren lassen, ohne Erfolg. Hat das noch jemand oder bin ich die einzige?? Vielen Dank und ein schönes Wochenende
  2. until
    Captains! Due to the installation of the Update, the server will be unavailable: From: Thu. 30 May 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Thu. 30 May 07:00 Until: Thu. 30 May 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Thu. 30 May 10:00 Update size: 790 MB What's inside? Let Dasha tell you! For detailed list of changes check out the Portal announcement - and to leave feedback use our Forum topic!
  3. StatsBloke

    StatsBloke's YouTube Channel

    To prevent new topic spam, I'm (ironically) creating this topic to post my new YouTube videos to from now on, as many others have done here already. For convenience, I'll post the ones I've already done here in this post, so please forgive the reposts. For those who haven't yet seen any of my content, hello, I'm Dan, AKA StatsBloke. My content is centred around increasing player knowledge and skill in a positive and approachable way. To kick off then, here is the link to my channel, please do subscribe and turn on notifications if you'd like updates on new content: StatsBloke's YouTube Channel I currently have two types of content: Better World of Warships (link to playlist): Tips and techniques on how to improve as a player. I'll be gradually adding to this series. Foghorn and Foghorn Extra: World of Warships news I am also planning a series called Ship Along Side for ship reviews, coming Soon™ While I've got you, here is the StatsFolk Discord server, please do join: https://discord.gg/HFwQn5j Here are my Better WoWS videos: And my Foghorn videos: Those are all reposts. I'll post new videos as separate posts. Thanks for watching!
  4. Katysha44

    Deutsche Schiffe ohne Radar

    Bedingt durch die ganze Radardiskussion ist mir folgender Punkt ins Auge gesprungen. Wieso hat eigentlich kein einziges deutsches Schiff Radar? Ich erwarte nicht, das bereits die Königsberg mit einem Ssetakt (FuMg 38) aufwarten kann. Auf Tier5 wohl doch zu früh. Aber das Gerät hatte sie an Bord und konnte auf 8,5 km damit Ziele für die Feuerleitanlage auf 50m genau einpeilen. Die Admiral Graf Spee verdankt einen Großteil ihres Erfolges der gleichen Anlage. Ihre Feuerleitanlage konnte sich bis zu 40km darauf verlassen. Die Briten haben die Antenne in Montevideo gern betrachtet.. Der Durchbruch des Bismarck durch die Dänemarkstrasse wäre ohne Radar definitiv missglückt. Denn nur so konnte Lindemann sein Schiff bei bestem Mistwetter um die HomeFleet herum führen. (Sogar Z46 und Z52 könnten über ein FuMo 21 verfügen, in der Z44 war es definitiv verbaut.) Da im Spiel jedoch kein Zerstörer (auch die Briten und Amerikaner nicht) über Radar verfügt, ist das nebensächlich. Ich gönne den Amis, Briten und Sowjets ihr Radar. Mich nervt die Rdaraschwemme zwar auch, doch die Technik gehört nun mal zum Spiel und der Zeit. Nur seltsam, dass eine Nation welche diese Technik maßgeblich mitentwickelt hat, sie nicht nutzen kann.
  5. AirSupremacy

    British CV`s - Im soooo excited !

    What are your thinkings about the British CV(s) presentation ? The 0.8.1 update thread is still locked, Im very much looking forward to play the British CV`s :-) How do you think it will affect your gameplay or the gameplay in general ? Its sooooooooo exciting ! I find it great that the game is getting more Warthunder feeling and becoming a full Theatre of War game. Enjoy WoWs, pewpew !!!
  6. Tuccy


    Captains! We are happy to announce the release of the update for World of Warships. Commanders! Due to the installation of the Update, the server will be unavailable from: Thu. 21 Feb. 05:00 CET (UTC+1) until: Thu. 21 Feb. 06:00 CET (UTC+1) Update size: ~ 200 MB. Changelog: Update will affect the interaction of carriers with destroyers, the "Fighter" consumable, and the individual balance of some ships. Due to the good maneuverability and precise aiming even when changing direction of attack, Attack Aircraft are excessively effective against destroyers. The latter have almost no opportunities for counterplay, even with active maneuvering. Given the high speed, Attack Aircraft successfully repel destroyers from control points and, in the early stages of battle, force them to keep close to allies, so as not to suffer from airborne attack. Taking into account the above factors, we have reduced the effectiveness of attack aircraft against maneuvering destroyers, but at the same time preserved the main features of the planes. These changes will apply to Attack Aircraft of all CVs: Increased preparation time for the attack, which will not allow instant attacks on destroyers. Changed the parameters of aiming: now planes get a large aim penalty when changing their direction during an attack and will not be able to accurately shoot rockets when maneuvering. Maneuverability during the preparation for the attack and during the attack run is reduced, which will not allow Attack Aircraft to easily aim at a maneuvering destroyer if the approach of the attack was originally on the wrong vector. Thus, the destroyer, which actively maneuvers and takes into account in advance the attack vector of the squadron, will be able to successfully dodge the attack. The interaction of attack aircraft with ships that do not change their course or, due to their characteristics, cannot do it quickly enough, will remain at the same level. Visibility of all ships from the air is reduced by 20%. This will reduce the reconnaissance potential of СVs at the start of the battle and will help destroyers to remain undetected for a longer period, provided that their AA is turned off with the help of the P key. To improve the efficiency of the "Fighter" consumable, we changed its settings. Now, fighters quickly begin pursuing enemy squadrons in their area of influence. Also increased cruising speed, increased the number of aircraft called by consumable on the squadron from 2-3-4 to 3-5-7, respectively. We have also significantly reduced the hit points of fighters, which will emphasize their weakness against ships and low efficiency as an intelligence tool. In addition, the radius of patrolling fighters for squadrons has changed with tier progression: at tier VI it has been reduced to 2.5 km, tier VIII is unchanged, and at the X tier it is now 3.5 km. Due to the excessive efficiency on account to the large number of torpedoes in the attack flight, the attacking potential of Midway’s torpedo bombers is reduced: their torpedoes have been replaced with weaker ones (the maximum damage is now 4233 instead of 5367) and the chance of flooding is reduced. Other parameters remain unchanged. Changes that have affected the premium aircraft carrier Enterprise: Bombers in all respects have become similar to the SB2C Helldiver bombers found on aircraft carrier Lexington, but they still carry AP bombs. This change will increase the survivability of the squadron. Reduced torpedo arming time. The torpedo aiming is now similar to the TBF Avenger torpedo bombers of the aircraft carrier Lexington. Previously, the torpedo aiming reticle was tightened slowly, but the penalty for maneuvering was lower. Now, the aiming will be faster, but the penalty for maneuvering will be higher. Thus, when it’s the right time to attack, the torpedo bombers will be able to drop their torpedoes more quickly and accurately. Replenishment of Attack Aircraft on the deck has been accelerated, allowing for faster compensation for the loss of aircraft in battle. Other changes: Fixed an incorrect cooldown for consumable "Defensive AA Fire II" on destroyers. Now it is lower than the "Defensive AA Fire I". Reduced the size of bomber squadrons for British aircraft carriers, and increased fall time of the bombs. Due to the specifics of dropping bombs, British aircraft were too effective compared to other bombers. These changes will allow them to retain their features but will lead to a more balanced damage output. Changed number of attack aircraft in the attack flight for the base plane module of the aircraft carrier Furious, and for the attack aircraft on the aircraft carrier Indomitable. Now there are two planes instead of three in the attack flight, which will make three attacks possible in one squadron instead of two. Fixed a bug that caused the guns of the ship HuangHe to be displayed as floating in the air when a special Lunar New Year camouflage was equipped. February 23, the port of St. Petersburg will be decorated to celebrate the Defender of the Fatherland Day. Its appearance will remain festive until the release of update 0.8.1.
  7. Tuccy

    Update Hotfix

    Commanders! Due to the installation of Update the server will be unavailable from: Tue. 12 Feb. 05:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Tue. 12 Feb. 05:00 until: Tue. 12 Feb. 06:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Tue. 12 Feb. 06:00 Changelog: Fixed the bug that resulted in huge damage spikes from AA explosions at tier VIII.; Adjusted the damage progression of AA explosions on all tiers; Resolved some issues with continuous DPS calculation. As a result, continuous DPS was adjusted within 5% on all ships; Made balance changes to several ships in live testing ( V Viribus Unitis, V Exeter, V Yahagi, IX Neustrashimy).
  8. kann mir jemand mal erklären wieso wir zwei Unterschiedliche Schadensanzeigen für Flak und Flugzeuge haben, und inwieweit die ins Spielergebnis einfließen?
  9. Tuccy


    Captains, On February 7th we will be releasing a small update to the version 0.8.0. Due to this update the servers will be unavailable between 05:00 and 06:00 UTC. As this update changes the new carriers, we will be extending the Commander skill redistribution discount until February 11th. For full list of changes please consult our Portal article.
  10. Elias_D

    Is there a backup plan ?

    Can you please inform us if there is a backup plan if all the negative feedback keeps growing. You will admit the mistake and bring us back the game we loved or you are going to ignore everyone and try to find new users ? Can you handle the stop on cash flow from old dedicated players ? So far less than a 10 % likes the changes and this anyone can see in poll here in comments here and in YouTube in twich lives also etc so I am very curious to know if there is a backup plan at all (the more time it takes you to respond the worst will become be sure about this).
  11. Commander_Rietberg

    Update lädt nicht weiter

    Hallo zusammen, aktuell habe ich das Problem, dass das Spiel World of Warships bei der Installation des Updates immer wieder abbricht. Was passiert? Das Update wird normal bis 50% geladen und geht dann bis 57% mit "1 MB verbleibend) Anschließend lädt er nicht weiter und es erscheint folgender Text unter dem Ladebalken: "Die downloadgeschwindigkeit liegt bei 0 null. Bitte prüfen sie ihre Internetverbindung" Wenn ich dann auf "Pause" drücke und fortsetzen möchte, steht der gleiche Text unter dem Ladebalken nur hängt er dann schon bei 47% (Er springt also alleine von 57 auf 47%) und es steht ebenfalls ... 1Mb verbleibend - was an sich ja nicht stimmen kann. Ich habe natürlich kein Problem mit dem Internet und auch die Firewall ist soweit auf dem Stand, dass das Spiel laden kann und auch die Ports sind alle frei. Ich habe bisher das Update schon öfter gelöscht und dieses versucht neu zu laden, aber er bleibt weiterhin bei dem obengenannten Problem hängen. Auch ein "Recovery" konnte das Spiel bisher nicht retten. Wäre super, wenn mir hier jemand wirklich weiterhelfen könnte und mir nicht die Standart-Erklärungen schickt (Prüfe mal dein Internet, dein Router musst du neustarten, ... usw.) Vielen Dank! Grüße, CR
  12. Will you keep playing World of Warships after update v.8.0. goes live? Vote and share your opinions :) !
  13. hi guys, so I just finished updating wows to and my game has been freezing ever since. so every time I get to a position, the game would always say "not responding". my ping and fps are fine btw. suggestions?
  14. irevanescence

    Unable to connect to update service

    hi today i faced with this issue. Unable to connect to update service i dont have network problem . i changed my dns and flushed it. would u please give me feedback do u have same problem ? is any other procedure to solve ? regards.
  15. until
    Commanders! Due to the installation of Update 0.7.11, the server will be unavailable: from Thu. 22 Nov. 06:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Thu. 22 Nov. 06:00 till Thu. 22 Nov. 09:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Thu. 22 Nov. 09:00 Update size: ~ 1.8 GB. Update 0.7.11 is about to go live. Let’s find out what surprises are coming your way! The final—third—part of the Royal Navy event; a historical collection dedicated to British destroyers; a new type of battle which takes the form of a modified version of the "Battle Royale" game format; the fourth season of Clan Battles; the Thunderstorm Front sprawling across three maps; an overhauled Arsenal; and much more! The Royal Navy Event ● Collection ● Twilight Battle ● Clan Battles: "North" Season ● Arsenal Overhaul ● Thunderstorm Front in Random Battles ● Matchmaker Optimization ● Game Mechanics ● Game Balance Changes ● Distinctive Insignias ● Port of Zipangu ● Map Changes ● Changes in Operations ● Daily Shipments ● Content Additions and Changes ● Other Changes and Improvements ● Technological Issues
  16. Hurricane_tb

    17 GB update?

    Hey! I'm deeply sorry to disturb my fellow sailors, but could please someone enlighten me about what's going on here? So I haven't played in a while, since mid-end of summer or so, but I definitely had 0.7.7. I thought I'll jump back to the game a little bit again, noticed that I have to download 5.7 GB of updates, perfectly fine, 3 patches passed, no worries. Finished, very nice (or I thought) when I noticed that the game wants to download an additional 17 GB?! Ehmmm...What? Could someone please explain the situation to me? Many thanks!
  17. Tuccy

    Update 0.7.7 - GO NAVY!

    Update 0.7.7 is here - and due to that, servers will be unavailable on July 26th between 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) and 10:00 CEST (UTC+2). Download size should be ~1.37 GB. What is inside? Let Dasha tell you! If you crave further details, have a look at our PORTAL ARTICLE for details about the new stuff, namely: GO NAVY! Operations Arsenal Balance Changes Content Additions and Changes Battle Interface Other Improvements and Fixes Set sail!
  18. Tuccy

    Public Test 0.7.3

    Captains! We are pleased to present to you the Developer Bulletin for Update 0.7.3 which covers all the latest changes. Read more about it in our Developer Bulletin below, and prepare to jump into the Public Test and try the changes out for yourself! Round 2 of the Public Test will run from 21 March at 17:30 CET until 26 March at 14:00 CEST (UTC+2). What will you find inside? Space Battles Ship skins Space maps New effects New game mechanics Map updates Improved Audio For more information head to our PORTAL - and if you took part in previous test, check your rewards HERE - and leave us feedback in the appropriate Forum section!
  19. Tuccy

    Public Test 0.7.2 - Round 2

    Captains! Join the second round of the Public Test of 0.7.2 and try out the new French Battleships, new Operation Hermes and more! Please do not forget to leave feedback in the dedicated Forum sections - every bit helps us to improve the update For more details check out the Portal article. New to the Public Test? Then head for the Public Test guide! Looking for the download link? Here it is - and now you can add the Public Test client also tot he Wargaming Game Center! Action Stations!
  20. Tuccy

    Update 0.6.12

    Update 0.6.12 will happen October 19; preparation begins at 07:00 CEST until 09:00 CEST (UTC+2). What's in the box? Check the Portal article!
  21. TheHardHammer

    Update won't restart after pause

    Hi This morning I paused the update. And now it won't start again. I have tried to close the game. Close the computer. Delete the temporary internet files. Nothing works. Any suggestions? wow.docx
  22. While I really appreciate the fact that the new ribbon system provides a lot more information, I personally think the new ribbons look really cheap, like taken from a crappy arcade game (well, some haters might say that they fit perfectly...). The old ribbons looked somehow military and worthy and it was always a pleasure to look at the battle result screen and check what you've achieved. Furthermore I think that the new ribbons are too small regarding their in-game appearance, while simultaneously taking away too much of a player's attention, if you actually try to look at them, because there are so many different variations of similar looking ribbons (e.g. penetrations, non-penetrations, ricochets etc.). The old ribbons and achievements suited each other just fine. The new ribbons look like foreign objects to me and don't suit the old achievement icons any more, so if these new ribbons stay in the game, WG need to rework the achievements as well. For comparison: New ribbons: Old ribbons:
  23. freakycell


    huhu, kann seit dem heute nicht mehr spielen. siehe bild Was kann ich tuen, geht es noch jemandem so, gibt es Lösungen dafür? mfg freaky
  24. Ahmed_EGO

    can't log in

    i updated my client to the leatest patch and still can't connect to the sever cause my game is older version than the server how is that ?? any help plz