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Found 2 results

  1. Hedgehog1963

    Shot Down Friendly 'Plane

    So this just happened. I didn't even know this was possible. (I have searched for other instances on the forum and could find none)
  2. Hello I am keen to learn a little more about how the new "System for Prevention of Unsportsmanlike Conduct" will work. One of these elements in especially... "Fleeing the battle", can be ambiguous and could be very difficult to measure. The other two issues "Inactivity" and "Damage to Allies" are precise and are easily measurable. It is one thing and fine to say, if a player manoeuvres their ship in such a way as to keep bouncing the ship off the boundary for a significant period of time or to "park" in the corners and then follow that up with non action, is the measure, is great, as these actions are clearly deliberate infringements of trying to "flee the battle" and can be measured by the system. I see battle gameplay broken down into three distinct sections like we have in chess and shogi, opening, mid-game and end-game. Not everyone "get's" that! However if the system still relies upon our peers voting with the reporting system, how would this pan out for players who utilise quite valid tactics for their ships such as kiteing, using islands as shields (in particular CL's and DD's) or to spring surprise ambushes? Some cruisers are more effective in later mid-game to end-game providing they survive to reach that point. There appear to be many players out there who make poor judgement calls upon their teammates when it comes to reporting, as they aren't fully understanding the tactics of others. I can envisage lots of players who adopt various tactics in their game play being penalised unfairly because one player on the team triggers a report. Others could be "whacked" to play co-op battle by spiteful teammates. I don't want to see the game play succumbing to one tactic, ie: just moving forwards, meeting one's opponents head on and letting the numbers (the balance of hit points remaining) decide the winner. This tactic is effective once per battle and usually with BB's towards the endgame.