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Found 2 results

  1. Salve a tutti, il mio problema è che per sbloccare le navi successive solo della Germania mi si chiede un prezzo di exp maggiore di quello di listino. Infatti sull' albero dei miglioramenti ad esempio la Konigsberg richiede 18000 di exp ma se ci clicco per sbloccarla me ne chiede 21100. Perché questa cosa??? Grazie in anticipo P.s. io gioco solo con le navi tedesche, con le altre navi di altre nazioni non c'è questo problema
  2. Charger76

    Taking the XP Michael

    As I finally get into the Tier 9 realms of WOWs, a feature of WoWs that is not the case in WoT has started to really irritate me: When you unlock a torpedo or gun on one line why does the exact same gun or torpedo remain locked on another line? For example, the Kagero has as stock the Type 93 mod.2 torpedo. The Ibuki has to grind through 20,000 XP to unlock the EXACT SAME torpedo. Why? Unlock an engine, gun or radio in WoT that is common to a national tree, it unlocks everywhere. Yet in WoWs there is no such cross over. I get that WoWs has a smaller player base and thus needs to milk more from its player base (possible given that I gather the player base is consdierably older than that in WoT and thus more likely to have their own money to spend rather than pocket money), but there are ways to do that such as the comparative flood of premium ships relative to what is available on WoT. The very fact that we have Doubloons not WG gold underlines the fact that WoWs stands alone as a business within the WG stable. WG, be nice to your customers. Your business model is different from WoT on WoWs. In WoT it does not matter if good players quit the game in frustration at the way the game is going, the injustices of RNG etc. because your business model is all about taking in a new 100,000 players every month who will drop €50 before they fail to progress and drop out or €200 before they work out that RNG is not random at all. In WoWs you have a potentially loyal 100,000 player base who are prepared to buy doubloons, buy premium ships (look at the droves of Prinz Eugen's already, a €40 premium shop only release that is no different from a free Hipper) and sustain a potyentially lucrative business. You don't need to rip us off like this with XP grinds that you have spared your WoT player base.