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Found 1 result

  1. I feel that I owe the community as whole whole, yes even those that don't read the forums an apology. I am sorry that I am one of the people who looked forward to the British Battleships (and or content). Being a Yorkshireman, thus being English and by extension British... Sorry my Nation Ships are represented...The queues, my bad. I am sorry that I use the strengths that WG gave the British BB's to my advantage. Yes, I'm looking at you HE shells, dam you... I will use you when the target is at an angle... How dare me. I am sorry that I use AP when a target is broadside, yes, dam you and the paper armour CL's you are in that get one shotted. My bad... I am sorry that I snook up on you using cruiser like concealment, yeah, (But then again, a nation who is renowned for its use of Battlecruisers if find this one more amusing than I really should ) But most of all, I am sorry to the people who don't see me do these things, I profusely apologise to the community as a whole that I am as consistent as used car salesman when it comes to the implementation of the above. ( Check my stats they're as hot as last weeks cakes and just as tastey.) This apology although is for the community as a whole, I would like to dedicate the next few lines to the super unicum players who flood chat (and it must be said) who go out of their way to get themselves killed just so they can dedicate themselves to teaching other players, like myself the finer points of the game. That one DD who goes chasing the CV all the way up the the centre... I salute you and your imparting wisdom after your demise in A1 when the team is in H8... that no one helped you, that the CV failed to be your personal protective cloak and the BB had to do some capping... Well played sir... well played. That special player who thinks you are to be at their beck and call, like those pesky Shinonome players who don't bring their own smoke and berate other dd's for not smoking them up. I am sorry that my smoke was on cool down when you got spotted. I also apologise that no of your torps hit the target. That BB who is top tier, the one with a new paint job, the one most suited to brawling you all know who I mean... Well played to you sir, without your guidance I would never have thought to cap the objective, I would never have thought to stick with my CL /CA's ... I certainly would never have thought to target that DD who is out in the open, you know the one that I was firing at and the one that killed you ... And that one special player, you know the one who, if it was not for the fact they had died taking on the entire enemy team (which may or may not of consisted of 1 or 2 players) would have won you the game if only he [insert x here] happened the support of x,y,z. Will constantly call out the imperfections of the gameplay shown by anyone who were in the vicinity and beyond. But not to leave this thread on a sour tone, I have a massive shout out. To those people who acknowledge the DD who use's their smoke to cover your [edited]. I salute you, my smoke is yours, a simple thanks is all that I require. To those people who defend a DD in chat [The one who is not "doing anything"] who is more focused to helping that semi lone BB out, you know the one that is pushing. To those CL / CA players who actively help the BB's who push forward, who help the fight off that DD (s) who keep sending walls of skill at him. But most of all I salute those who communicate in chat, those people who offer up a battle plan and the team who follow it... it may be complete shite, but its better than naff all. .... Don't crucify me, I'm in a queue