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Found 28 results

  1. French destroyers we had the bundle system. But at least it has a limit of guaranteed win rate. Meanwhile, we have 1 bundle with guaranteed win rates BUT you must pay 1k doublouns. And we have 1 bundle which costs 20 royal navy points but unlimited chances. WG this is ridiculous. Over the last 6 months you have become such a broken greedy company. Why is the 2nd random bundle not limited like in the french destroyer event?? Come on WG how are we supposed to continue supporting your game if you punish your most LOYAL fans by making the grind worse. All we are asking is that in future, you but guaranteed slot chances on the RN token bundle. Because otherwise, why should I bother grinding?
  2. Who think the same as me over unfair battles from level 6 to 8 to fight against 2 levels higher. Level 6 have to fight level 8,level 7 fight against level 9 level 8 to level 10. Also when you have premium ships that we buy or win in the game, they are no match against two levels higher. We don't buy or win premium ships for filling up Higher tier matches. Hopefully you guys think the same as me and help me for more fair battles I wish you all good luck and fair seas!
  3. now, after playing ranked and randoms with all the ship of the line, i think that those ships are a bit unfair against the enemy, with kitakaze coming close to being op, as it is both powerful, relatively stealthy and agile. what i'm talking about when i say "unfair" i mean: at the start of the match, if both the dds on both sides are going for the cap, by the time one spot the other, and the less powerful dd ( so everything else at their tier) has the chance of doing an u turn, they are dead. For the akizuki and kita is even more pronounced because: -the aki encounters those poor tier 6's and 7's without the slot 5 concealment module, that you not only termonuke in firepower, but even outspot -the kita has very respectable concealment, so usually, you get spotted at the same time that you spot the enemy, or very close to it ( thanks to the distances compression of this game) -harugumo is somewhat more balanced, but it has insane firepower, and if i can rush a shima with a daring, that has similar concealment, harugumo can do the same. at 12 kms they can easily win a battle against the light cruisers who should be his counter ( i know, the light cruiser can stealth up, hoping that no other torp dd is spotting him), or heavy cruiser with slow shell velocity, that's imho too much. Even stats wise they are always in the 2nd spot ( not counting the asashio's), either behind the ru line ( that usually farm bbs, so useless damage) or the uk dds ( even they imho a bit too strong, especially the lightning). what i would do in this regard? -nerf the concealment across the line of about 0.5 to 1 kms ( closer to 1km imho, they should be around the 7 kms mark), to make them more in line with the ru dds and not be able to rush a dd so efficiently as they do now. -swap the TRB with def aa, as those ship were born with anti air capabilities in mind and the TRB gives them the advantage of both a gunboat and a torpedo boat, and that's imho stupid also some buff -maybe tune up a bit the agility of those ships, especially the tier 8 and 10 ( i'm still thinking about it) -remove the full ap pen for Harugumo. This had been a very lazy and stupid design choice from wg: khabarosk had kept that rule because it has the armour to bounce those shells when properly angled, and as such it should have also the drawbacks of it ( arming those shells if they penetrate). But harugumo received this treatment because WG knew that it was an op ship and so they have indirectly nerf it this way, and as i said above, this is lazy design what do you think?
  4. Just few cv players can play cv battles quite well, Nice cv playing require lots of thinking , practice, passion, sense,... not easy and not every cv player can master the advanced technique. Isn't it unfair not to remain the present cv play pattern just caz few selfish non-cv player's complaint?
  5. Admiral_Noif

    Fighter CV vs Torp/dive CV

    I have tried to play on CV after long time, but I get tired to face against cv who have fighter built. Like my ryujo with torps and dive then enemy ryojo come with fighter built with plenty fighters. How to fight against fighter build cv, because I know it is absurd to beat him and I don't want even leave from battle early as i know it is too pointless? Seem I must play on CV only in coop / scenario where is more balance.
  6. Hallo werte Forengemeinde! Immer wieder liest man hier im Forum über verbotene Mods und Hacks. Aber die Mods und Hacks mit den schlimmsten Auswirkungen auf das Gameplay werden immer noch nicht erkannt und verboten! Links gibt es natürlich nicht, denn ich will ja nicht gegen die Forenregeln verstoßen. Im einzelnen sind dies folgende Mods und Hacks: 1.) Der WASD-Hack. Dieser Hack aktiviert in zufälliger Reihenfolge die Tasten „W“, „A“, „S“ und „D“. Dadurch kann ein Spieler Torpedos, Geschossen, Inseln und sogar anderen Schiffen ausweichen. Das ist EINDEUTIG ein unfairer Vorteil, aber durch die Tastatureingaben wäre der Hack einfach zu entdecken. WG macht aber nichts dagegen, nur um die zahlende Kundschaft nicht zu verlieren! 2.) Eyeball Mk.1 Dieser Mod liest die Informationen, die der Client auf dem Bildschirm darstellt, aus. Dies gibt dem Nutzer einen großen Vorteil, weil dadurch wichtige Sachen zum Beispiel die Position der Gegner auf der Minimap, HP-Stärke der Schiffe, entdeckte Torpedos und Flugzeuge, sowie andere Sachen wir Cap (inkl. Eroberung) und Gefechtszeit direkt erfasst werden. Auch dies ein EINDEUTIGER Vorteil! Dieser Mod ist schon schwerer zu entdecken. 3.) Brain.exe Dieser Hack ist extrem wirkungsvoll. Schon alleine ist Brain.exe sehr mächtig, aber in Kombination mit den beiden anderen Hacks wird es zu einem EINDEUTIGEN Vorteil über alle Spieler. Was macht Brain.exe? Ganz einfach - sie verarbeitet alle Infos, die durch Eyeball Mk.1 erfasst werden und steuert den WASD-Hack, so dass die zufälligen Tastatureingaben durch ein Muster ersetzt werden was die Effektivität des WASD-Hacks noch mehr steigert! Auch dieser Mod ist sehr schwer zu entdecken... Werdet Euch der Gefahr dieser drei Hacks bewusst! Spieler, die einen oder mehrere dieser Hacks aktiviert haben, besitzen EINDEUTIG einen unfairen Vorteil gegenüber anderen Spielern. Spieler, die diese UNFAIREN!!!! Hacks einsetzen, dominieren die Spiele. Es ist nachgewiesen, dass diese Spieler mindestens eine 10% höhere Winrate wie Nichtnutzer haben. Ebenso steigt der ausgeteilte Schaden und zerstörte Schiffe je Gefecht rapide an. (Seltsamerweise ist die Anzahl der Flugzeugkills je Gefecht nur unwesentlich vom Gebrauch dieser Hacks betroffen.) Wargaming MUSS handeln und diese drei Hacks verbieten und die Nutzer massiv bestrafen. Sonst zerstört der Einsatz dieser Hacks das Spiel!!EINS-ELF
  7. Rage_Unchained

    Fair play in ranked

    I just played a ranked match. It was a defeat, and I didn't really do much. However, we had 2 North Carolinas, one that sniped from the back, nearly 10km behind other teammates, and the other that pushed and actually played REALLY WELL. None of them are related to me, just to be clear, but... As the outcome is becoming very clear, and the NC that played REALLY WELL has died, the sniper elite NC now asks NC from enemy team to let him ram him for extra xp so he can save the star. This is what you can actually see in the screenshot. The NC from enemy team agrees, and in the end, the cheater NC skips over both Benson and the other North Carolina by almost 200xp and saves the star. The reason that happened is that the enemy team NC had almost 55000hp at the time of ramming, and this gave our sniper friend a huge XP boost. To add, the enemy team NC has already had a couple of shady games as I saw his clanmate in my team behave in very odd manner (using Atago), shooting at invisible battleships over islands that were not spotted and actually correcting his aim. I suspect they communicated via Teamspeak/Discord or whatever to help each other farm the xp. The Atago player was repeatedly attacked by teammates for not helping and being rude and unresponsive to minimap. Question here is: Are these kinds of actions allowed in ranked, and is there a different kind of report to the ones in game that do absolutely nothing. I was not affected by this cheating/unsportsmanlike action as I was 4th by XP anyway, but it really felt shitty, since both Benson and the other NC actually played well and helped others too.
  8. Wargaming, ich bin sehr enttäuscht, dass ich heute fünf Spiele mit einem Tier 7-Schiff gegen Tier 10-Schiffe in einem zufälligen Match gespielt habe. WARUM????? Ich bitte die Community die Umfrage zu beantworten: Heute sind genug Spieler, um dieses Problem zu vermeiden. Ich ziehe es vor, zumindest nur gegen zwei Stufen Unterschied zu spielen, aber nicht gegen drei. Das Beste wäre, nur eine Stufe anders zu spielen. Wie Tier 7 gegen Tier 8. Es gibt viele Spieler, die wie ich denken. Ich würde es begrüßen, wenn Sie, Wargaming, darüber nachdenken und das In-Game-Erlebnis entsprechend verbessern. Danke fürs Lesen. Benjamin Originaltext: Wargaming, I am very disappointed, that I played five games today with a tier 7 ship in a game against tier 10 ships in a random match. WHY????? There are enough players today to avoid that. I prefer to play at least against two tiers up, but not three. The very best would be to play just one tier different. Like tier 7 vs tier 8. And thats it. There are a lot more player which think the same. I would appreciate if you, Wargaming, think about that and improve the in-game experience appropriate. Thank you for reading. Benjamin
  9. Kampfbaer_777


    Hi Guys First I dont want to blame someone for cheats. I'm just wondering is Wargaming using a program to detect cheating programs or not? I have been reading some old forum posts and I found out that some pleople just dont believe that there are cheaters....I know with experience it way easier to hit citadels and so on but someone who believes that nobody is cheating is just living in an other world. Actually I think there are more cheaters around in wows than we all think. And forsure its hard to detect them because if someone is using cheats and he/she is not always aiming exactly in the middle of the ship wargaming support will not detect them while watching a replay. I played a lot of different games in my live and there are always cheaters around specialy in our days are a lot more people cheating than 5 to 10 years ago....forsure in WOWS it can be skill or cheats you never know it its a small gap between....but I found during research a cheat which is showing nearby people behind islands....which can give you a big advantage but also this one is hard to detect by players and in replayes even replayes have points showing the overwatcher where the perfect cita point is. So the best thing to eliminate that would be a software protection. Now back to my question does somebody know if wargaming is using such software for WOWS? have fun and play fair guys.
  10. pradz

    Too much smoke

    Nowadays, more and more players are using smoke a very smart way. However, the issue seems particularly unfair. If detection have been had to the ships which have unload smoke and fires, it does not apply to those standing in smoke when they shot at enemies. As smoke can stands for 70 sec and some can use 3 times smoke during a single battle, it means some players can shot at others during more than 3 minutes with an unfair protection. It is a too big advantage and so far from reality. So please, shortened the smoke time, or let all ships appearing during a short time when firing, or stop ships in smoke firing .
  11. apocap

    Wtf Matchmaking?

    Was soll denn der schwachsinn? Wie arbeitet das Matchmaking? Joooo 2 Bismarks alles klar da müssn 7x10 2x9 rein, damits fair ist kommen noch 2 gegnerische 8er rein, den DD zähl ich nich. Repariert den schwachsinn bitte, danke.
  12. Hallo Seebären, ich möchte nur meinen Unmut preisgeben, ich habe mich auch gefreut, dass WoW die englischen Schlachtschiffe zu Verfügung gestellt hat und möchte gleich dabei sagen, dass ich ein reiner Freizeit-Spieler bin und nicht so professionell engagiert bin wie andere Spieler. Nun ist mir aber aufgefallen, dass wenn ich mit anderen Schiffen spiele, dass die englischen Schlachtschiffe "überpowered" sind. Ist egal welches Level, sie stehen hinter den Bergen und schießen und treffen mit einer der Maßen Genauigkeit, das nicht genug, dass ich auch bei jedem Treffer am brennen bin, egal welches Schiff ich benutze, selbst die Premium Schiffe kann ich mir jetzt dahin schicken wo die Sonne nicht mehr scheint -.- Ob Scharnhorst, Tirpiz oder Gneisenau, ich werde grundsätzlich 100% getroffen und abgefackelt wie Holzkohle. Das ist in meinen Augen keine ausgeglichene Balance. Wenn ihr jetzt sagt, ich müsste meine Spielweise ändern, ich spiele jetzt schon 1 1/2 Jahre und kam bis dahin mit dem Spiel wunderbar zurecht, aber seit dem wir die englischen Schlachtschiffe als Gegner haben, komme ich mir vor als würden meine Schiffe mit Knallerbsen schießen und die englischen Schiffe mit übergroßen Kanonenschlägen. Was mir aufgefallen ist, selbst wenn ich mit der NC schieße richte ich an den englischen Schiffen kaum Schaden an, aber die englischen T5, T6, T7 hauen mir so einen Schaden rein, dass ich die letzte Zeit nur noch zwischen 2 und 10 Minuten am spielen bin. Ich muss sagen im Moment habe ich den Spaß am spielen verloren. Jetzt können mich die anderen Mitspieler wieder zerfetzen und ab lästern, aber ich habe auch das Recht dazu, denn ich investiere auch genug Geld darin. MfG Gonzo.
  13. goodknight

    Team killing

    I'm not sure if there is a place for registering a complain with the way "teamkilling" is determined/punished, so just going to put it here... No doubt other people have had issues with the way team damage is dealt with. I've had plenty of matches in my battle ships where small maneuverable ships have veered off straight across infront of me and, being in a big slow turning battle ship, i'm unable to move and ram right into them, dealing team damage. For the sheer number of times this has happened to myself alone i can see the difficulty of dealing with this kind of damage. Although maybe a "right of way" system could be implimented, ships could be given a score based on speed/maneuverability which could help determine a clearer view of who's to blame, if a destroyer with a high mobility score and a battleship with a low score collide, the odds are that the blame lies with the destroyer. (In my eyes at least, smaller faster ships should give way to larger slower ones, which is how i play in my smaller ships) The issue i have at the moment however is damage dealt by friendly torpedos... Playing a game in one of my destroyers earlier today things were going pretty well... Off to my right was an enemy battleship stuck against some rocks, while there were allies nearby they were behind cover and nobody was moving in the direction of the enemy ship, so from a range of about 8-9km i launched my torpedos, aiming behind the battleship as he obviously needed to reverse to get himself off the rocks... as my torpedos were on there way, suddenly one of our battleships changed direction and went on a collision course for the enemy battleship (now hes sailing right out of cover into the firing line of at least 3 enemy ships) i warned him in the chat to watch out for my torpedos (he didnt change course), he then missed the enemy ship, hit the island behind it and was hit, along with the enemy, by my torpedo. I had 3 kills (4 including the team mate) that match, have never (to my memory) hit an ally with my torpedos. And now have been fined and branded a team killer due to the bad playing of somebody else, who although he was at fault gets no penalty what so ever. I understand that each and every case of team damage cant be analysed to find who was at fault, but surely in cases like this there should be some way of contesting it?
  14. Mahlzeit bzw. Guten Abend, wurde gerade in nem Match von nem Tier V Destroyer vernichtet mit satten 12 torpedos drauf und 7 Türmen ... ich rede von der "" Okhotnik"" welches zu meiner Verwunderung weder zu erspielen noch zu (auf dem gesammten Europäischen Markt) zu kaufen ist .... sowas passiert mittlerweile zu häufig ... ich hätte da gerne eine Stellungnahme der Entwickler : Wie kann es sein das auf europäischen Servern asiatische Premiumschiffe gibt welche auch nur im asiatischen Raum zu erwerben sind ? Sollten die Premiumschiffe denn nicht für alle zugänglich sein .. da ja auch alle miteinander Spielen ? Bzw. wie ist die Meinung der restlichen Spieler zu diesem Thema? Und wem ist das auch schon Passiert von schiffen versenkt worden zu sein .. welche man nirgends erwerben kann?
  15. Smoke is deployed and 3 ships are in it. No hydro No radar. They have MAX accurasy because they get my position from their team. FAIR? They can go into smoke and take my position from their team but having MAX accurasy without your own targeting system is UNFAIR. When ships are in the smoke they must have biger dispersion on their guns. They dont see me they take my position from their team. 07-05-2017 Yes the BBs should suffer the same penalty when they fire from MAX distance. 2 kills in max range in under 1 min is not right. Burning BBs is right. Citadels for cruisers is right. Accurate torps from smoke is right. Be able to have MAX accuracy from smoke is wrong. It is not that 2 DDs 1 cruiser and a BB can stay in the smoke for ALL the duration of a game. It is that you can not attack a formation like that. I dont have a problem with 1 DD or 1 cruiser be in the smoke. The only defence in a smoke with multiple ships in it, is to run, run, run and hope that you are out of their firing range. BBs stay in the edges and snipe and the rest in the smoke hoping someone comes close. (I will NOT stay at the edge, I will die).
  16. MWOMA

    Unfair chat ban

    Re-posted So while I was playing my gearing, there was a Chapayev division (2 chapayevs + kagero) who were trying to hunt me and chased me to the edge of the map. However, I sank them all. Seemingly they got offended because I outplayed them and they 7x3 reported me and got me an unfair chat-ban. is it allowed to upload the replay here ? (apparently not) cause something have to be done and justice has to take place !! This is frustrating, now I am unfairly chat banned and if this wont stop it will happen again and again, anybody is going to report and unfairly punish the player who outplayed him because he can !!!!! (PM if the if you want the replay file cause seemingly the moderator will will just close the topic if I attach it here without answering if yes you can or no you cant post replays here)
  17. MWOMA

    Unfair chat ban

    So while I was playing my gearing, there was a Chapayev division (2 chapayevs + kagero) who were trying to hunt me and chased me to the edge of the map. However, I sank them all. Seemingly they got offended because I outplayed them and they 7x3 reported me and got me an unfair chat-ban. is it allowed to upload the replay here ? cause something have to be done and justice has to take place !! This is frustrating, now am unfairly chat banned and if this wont stop it will happen again and again, anybody is going to report and unfairly punish the player who outplayed him because he can !!!!! Update: I had a quick look at the forum rules and didn't find anything saying that replays cant be posted, so here is the like for the replay:[edited] Minute 13: I sank the 1st Chapayev, typed in my first and last words in the battle "radar deleted" (which is not a curse or an insult) and probably got reported here. Minute 8:48: I sank the 2nd Chapayev (probably got reported here too), and here I realized I got chat banned and started using F# hotkeys for the rest of the battle.
  18. Hi Well most of Us - players who play CV at least from time to time know that carriers are harmed by unfair economy balance.. so i thought that i will create ANOTHER topic about it, because the more of them will be created - showing proofs of unbalance - the faster some improvement shall happen. Very good game in hosho probably the best in last month. and what do you think?
  19. Hatte kürzlich ein Duell mit großer Kurfürst gegen Minotaur, dieses Schiff war getarnt und schoss aus seiner nicht-Sichtbarkeit raus und dennoch blieb er unsichtbar, ich konnte mich mit dem großen Kurfürst nicht wehren. Woran liegt das? Selbst mit der Hindenburg nicht... Er hat mich aus 10km Entfernung mit Tops abgeschossen und getroffen. Da ich die selben Tops habe sind diese schon nach 6km ausgelaufen, mir sind schon mehrere Sachen aufgefallen und frage mich nun sind die Englischen Schiffe bevorteilt worden? Denn wenn sie bevorteilt wären, bräuchte ich kein Geld mehr ausgeben und könnte die deutschen Schiffe den Papierkorb verweisen. Das gleiche ist auch bei dem Schiff "Neptune". Wenn ein Schiff aus einer Unsichtbarkeit heraus schießt, sollte es danach klar erkennbar sein, so dass man sich wehren kann, ansonsten stecke ich keine einzige Dublone mehr rein, dann könnte ich auch Geld in den Gulli schmeißen.
  20. Killerbee60

    Co-Op Gefechte

    Hallo liebe Community Seit Spielbeginn habe ich immer von der Taiho geträumt und letzte woche konnte ich sie mir endlich erforschen und kaufen. Also nutzte ich noch etwas gold um mir das Flugdeck mod 3 zu erforschen also das 2/3/2 setup und klickte mich in die co-op gefechte da ich zufallsgefechte nicht mag da ich gefühlt immer mit schlechten spielern zusammenkomme. Beim 1. Gefecht im Co-op ist mir aufgefallen dass der Bot schon alle upgrades hat was ich unfair finde und ich nur das flugdeck mod habe und sozusagen eine tier 9 shokaku bin. Der Bot hat LEIDER das 3/2/2 setup was mich tierisch nervt, da 1. er schon die tier 9 Jäger hat 2. Schon den besten rumpf mit stärkerer AA und 3. da ich das noch nie erlebte bis jetzt also von der Hosho bis zur Shokaku hatte der Bot immer das setup welches ich auch hatte. und auch etwas das plötzlich komisch ist, dass meine jäger ich hab mittlerweile die tier 9 jäger, im kampf mit den des bots immer vernichtet wurden obwohl ich auch tier 9 flugzeuge habe und bei all den vorherigen meine seine immer dominiert hatten. plötzlich war es einfach anderst . Das zwingt mich ja auch nochmals mühsam 25k xp zu grinden um mir auch das botflugdeck zu erforschen, damit ich eine chance habe aber so habe ich echt keinen spass mehr. Erzählt doch auch mal eure story vlt kennt ihr das ja
  21. Hentai__Senpai

    Battle of Jutland Flag

    Hello there WG! I saw that the Warspite and the Campbeltown are being sold bundled or unbundled, with the bundled version comes a very nice flag (Battle of Jutland Flag) and it got me thinking. We players that own either the Warspite or the Campbeltown or maybe both could get a personal mission for getting the Flag, because some players already own both ships and can't buy the bundle. Well, this was just a though i had when i saw the sale. What do you forumites think of this idea?
  22. Hallo Zusammen Ich hätte eine Frage an alle T10 Spieler. Nach endlosen gegrinde habe ich endlich die Yamato freigespielt. Nach dem ersten Gefecht dann die derbe enttäuschung.... (siehe Screenshot). Ist das nur bei den BBs so teuer oder bei allen T10 Schiffen (DD/CV usw.). Ich finde es eine Frechheit das man nach einer guten Runde in nem Schiff Geld verlieren kann und das ganze noch mit nem Premium Konto. Zu der besagten Runde: Nach 17min wurde meine Yamato versenkt. Kein Wunder nach Dauerbeschuss von ner anderen Yamato und ner Montana. Schaden ausgeteilt hatte ich so um die 130k also ganz in Ordnung, gab auch 2 Medalien. Also eine Runde die alles andere als schlecht gespielt war.
  23. gekkehenkie50

    OBT battleships vs cruisers

    Hi, I love the progress wargaming have made in WoWS, and i was one of the lucky few to have the privelage of playing in the CBT. Lately however I have noticed that everytime I play in my Battleships, I get sunk by cruisers, not at point blank range but at distances of about 12 Km, their superior fire rate is overwelming, the amount of fire caused aswell, i have been on fire in 7 places at the same time! And normally a battleship should be able to 1 shot such cruisers, after the 30 second reload i fire, nearly all the shells either miss or are dodged by the cruisers maneuverability, and the 1 or 2 shells that do hit cause about 2K dmg. now follows the 30 second reload in which i get peppered by HE. I fire AP or HE, it makes little difference. In the CBT battleships felt alot like a KV-2, now they feel like a KV-2 without alpha dmg :/ i also nearly never get citadel penetrations, even against afk players from pointblank range underneath their gun turrets at a right angle! It seems that BBs now do have armour and can bounce other bbs but have little defence against cruisers! destroyers are still ok as are carriers, but i think that the difference between cruisers and battleships should be changed.
  24. antibioxide

    unbalanced matchmaking

    just had a game with 13 players on my side and 11 on enemy side. this game started at 04.08.2015 20:50 it's a fault line random battle. also a screenshot after the game.