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Found 7 results

  1. gekkehenkie50

    OBT battleships vs cruisers

    Hi, I love the progress wargaming have made in WoWS, and i was one of the lucky few to have the privelage of playing in the CBT. Lately however I have noticed that everytime I play in my Battleships, I get sunk by cruisers, not at point blank range but at distances of about 12 Km, their superior fire rate is overwelming, the amount of fire caused aswell, i have been on fire in 7 places at the same time! And normally a battleship should be able to 1 shot such cruisers, after the 30 second reload i fire, nearly all the shells either miss or are dodged by the cruisers maneuverability, and the 1 or 2 shells that do hit cause about 2K dmg. now follows the 30 second reload in which i get peppered by HE. I fire AP or HE, it makes little difference. In the CBT battleships felt alot like a KV-2, now they feel like a KV-2 without alpha dmg :/ i also nearly never get citadel penetrations, even against afk players from pointblank range underneath their gun turrets at a right angle! It seems that BBs now do have armour and can bounce other bbs but have little defence against cruisers! destroyers are still ok as are carriers, but i think that the difference between cruisers and battleships should be changed.
  2. GrAmmErX

    very unbalanced game!

    me (tier V) and my friend (tier VI) are matched against 6 enemies (tier 8!) got rekt with 2 hits after 2 minutes ingame just... awful !
  3. USSJohnPaulJones

    WG's biggest lie.

    I wanted to tell you something, that I wanted to tell to forums for a long time now. And I was hoping that maybe some WG's staff see it and do something about it. To begin with, and by that I will tell you the reason for that title, is that whenever you report someone, a message coming up.... "Thank you for your activity. You are helping to imporve the community." My response? What improvement on the community? According to what I see everyday, players are getting worst and worst, day by day, and I am pretty much always on the side with the worst teammates. I am not saying that I am the best around here or something like that. But I keep reporting those who I think their gameplay is between worst of the worst and 'my eyes are burning' (and that's only because I have only 7 reports daily). Today I lost 4 games in a row and 5 overall from 6 total games. I got tired and closed the game. I play mostly BBs T10. And most of times i join solo. Let me tell you how bad they were and how bad I am. Best game of the lost ones. Me in Montana, along with Tirpitz by my side and Hindenburg. Kiting, literally over 7 ships, and at the same time we killed 6 of them ( I one-shoted 2 cruisers). We had 2/3 caps, Hindenburg got killed, and we are the last 5 mins, 5v2. 3 ppl was chasing Zao, instead of capping the last cap and win, but no, that's my team. We lost. By points. ( I had more exp the the 3rd player on the winnign team) Conqueror didn't enter the last cap for 10m. because he wanted to kill that Zao. And Zao, kitted 3 ppl to the end of the world for 3 mins ( I was 7 blocks away to cap it myself). I mean WG definatelly could do something about it. Maybe overpriced caps over kills and at the end give way more exp than kills do. Want to talk about what I did? Ok. Recieved dmg: 110k. Dmg caused: 200k, 3 kills, 5 citadels. Wanna see if I was camper? Distance travelled: 70 damn km. Probably way more than any of our cruiser or DD in my game. 70km, yes. Previous game with GK. 60km travelled distance. 170k dmg caused. Call me camper now. Avg travelled distance about 50km. Way more than any cruiser in our days.( Minotaur in our game didn't change a block after he parked behind that island he found aweomely beautiful), 100k dmg the avg minimum dmg. And yet, I keep playing with cruisers that their travelled distance is less than 20km., their accuracy while camping drops to less than 5%, their dmg would be a miracle to get over 50k. One game I tank, nothing. Next game, I play safely by their rules, nothing. Next game I snipe, but never camp, still, nothing. I tank hard again, nothing. I will gladly to die while tanking 2-3 ships, but i wanna see at least an important-roled kill. The bottom line is to try. They yelling at me, that i stay way back. I went that moment and tanked hard, and those who said that i was way back, they went for fishing in J line, or guard the boarders so no any outcoming ships enter our match. .....................That was one example and not only gamestyle I hate.....................(sometimes camping is a strategy, but nowadays is just sitting there to grab a few last hits IF possible and of course NOT get ANY hit, don't wanna ruin their camo) MY POINT AFTER ALL (sorry for caps, was to get your attention). My point is that maybe WG gives so many exp or free exp and people don;t get to know the tree-line ship on the way up to T10. That's one possibility in my honest opinion. Another one would be that, they don't do something that will get ppl to get more active in-game. People join a match, they probably grab something to eat, drink a cola, and they anchor their ships behind the biggest island in the map. And if by any chance, a ship is caught by their gaze, they may start shooting. Not all of their shots. 9/12 shells will travel only 20m. That much camp. Something about DDs. Fastest DD ever saw to die, was in like 45-60 secs from the beggining of the game. T10 DD. Enemies torps was even in cd from the start. I wonder how the hell did he broke that record and achieved to die so fast. 1 min in-game. For instance, isn't a way for that guy, to never be on my team again? Is there a mission or something? To die as soon as possible? I know that sometimes DDs can die while in smoke and they get enemies torps, and that's totally accepted. You never know if torps are coming your way while in smoke. But to die from shells in less than 1 min? That's an achievement. Talk for BBs disadvantages that all other ships outnumber them in advantages? BBs. Get shot by all ships. Receive tons of dmg, even from T8 cruisers in an all-broadside-hidden position. Easily get fired. Easily get hit. Big targets. (that's ok due to high amount of HP). But fire in every shot? From T8? Unacceptable. Most DDs deal a reliefing dmg for their size. Let's say 1k per shot. Which is A LOT for a DD to deal in BB. When BBs are 15km away from DD, and DD start to shoot him and decide to kill him, BB is dead. DD has great maneuverability. Dodge almost every shot. ( Not a DD guy, but i dodge pretty much their most shots, easily). BB vs DD, BB has 30sec cd and no maneuverability at all. But when 9 460mm-shells hit a 24, YES, a 24mm armor, most shells will bounce. Yes, 460mm shells will bounce on a 24mm DD armor. Despite all the difficulty for BBs to, at least, hit a DD, shells will still bounce. Normally, 1 460mm hit would be enough to overpenetrate the ship through, at least twice. No one said anything about DDs not having a citadel. And I won't even talk about torp-matter issues. Let's leave it there. To conclude, I wanna say, or better hope, that in future WG will try to get rid of campers, and by that I mean to give those who tank or play more actively or travel more km in game, because that imo is the way to say someone camper, more exp, more rewards or something like that. I am not the expert to decide, but something that will be trully addictive enough, so they will stop camping for no reason. {Maybe calculate exp according to dmg and (hits or distnce travelled or caps or even as less as possible time in smoke, so UK cruisers start running a bit more). Judge me but I think most players are campers, are scared of their ships to get even a non-sense hit. They go troll or they go camp. There aren't many brained-offensive guys. That will go full atack and still be able to kill 1 or 2, and still be on the surface. And I am so not selfish that I don't think that I am offensive player that woul do that, but at least I am not afraid to get my camo scratched. Or even recieve multiple citadels and still not run away to the map next to ours. Now comment me, how newbie I am and how pro you are! #troll ;)
  4. Wargaming, ich bin sehr enttäuscht, dass ich heute fünf Spiele mit einem Tier 7-Schiff gegen Tier 10-Schiffe in einem zufälligen Match gespielt habe. WARUM????? Ich bitte die Community die Umfrage zu beantworten: Heute sind genug Spieler, um dieses Problem zu vermeiden. Ich ziehe es vor, zumindest nur gegen zwei Stufen Unterschied zu spielen, aber nicht gegen drei. Das Beste wäre, nur eine Stufe anders zu spielen. Wie Tier 7 gegen Tier 8. Es gibt viele Spieler, die wie ich denken. Ich würde es begrüßen, wenn Sie, Wargaming, darüber nachdenken und das In-Game-Erlebnis entsprechend verbessern. Danke fürs Lesen. Benjamin Originaltext: Wargaming, I am very disappointed, that I played five games today with a tier 7 ship in a game against tier 10 ships in a random match. WHY????? There are enough players today to avoid that. I prefer to play at least against two tiers up, but not three. The very best would be to play just one tier different. Like tier 7 vs tier 8. And thats it. There are a lot more player which think the same. I would appreciate if you, Wargaming, think about that and improve the in-game experience appropriate. Thank you for reading. Benjamin
  5. Khorosho_Hibiki

    Tier IV carriers

    *sorry forgot to change the title to 'tier IV carriers, a warning of what is to come' and i don't know how to edit the title* The carrier intro at tier 4 is a warning of what is to come, american air superiority and american fighters camping the ijn carriers: American CV-01 Langley: 1 fighter squadron 1 torp squadron 1 dive bomber squadron Japanese carrier, first of the Japanese carriers: 1 fighter squadron 2 torp squadrons Looking at this with no knowledge of the national bonuses seems fair right? HOWEVER! the american air groups consist of 6 aircraft a piece. while the Japanese air groups consist of 4 aircraft a piece, this means that american CV-01 Langley, has 18 aircraft that can fly at any given time, whereas the Japanese only have 12. this leads to the Americans having 12 strike aircraft while the Japanese only have 8, seem fair? i think not. at the way things are currently going, with biased American air superiority load outs and the ability to camp the Japanese carriers so they cant do anything at all that game. IJN carriers are pointless to grind down. its just going to be american air superiority load outs all the way to the top, even stomping you at tier 10 with fancy fighters that will somehow beat even your own IJN fighter load outs. .
  6. Franken_Furter

    MM Will not allow a win Duca d'Aosta

    Well, decided to take out the Duca d'Aosta as I see a 'Win a Battle' Boost on my screen. Awesome eh! Lets hope to have a balanced game. But NOT a chance looking at the player stats (my ship had but one captain point and about 5 games). Still I play my socks off for a loss. What is the point of this rubbish match making? Its not fun to play in matches like this at all.
  7. _ASW_

    An infographic about carriers

    This infographic pretty much sums up the carrier situation through wows: