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Found 2 results

  1. Operation Ultimate Frontier is back on line, and boy, is it a change of pace from how it was when it was first launched. I can't recall ever having been so thoroughly trounced, time and time again, in any previous operation. But I'm having fun - lots of fun! I thought about voting on the poll that is already up on the forum, but the choices were to salty to admit a straight vote on my part. So I opened a fresh one. The first part of the operation, where the allied battleships press on from the northwest to take out the AA cruisers and clear the way for the plane corridor, and the allied cruisers/destroyers battle the enemy destroyers and dreadnought battleships from the southeast, is mostly a matter of doing things in the proper order. As long as everyone is careful about it, there should be no losses of allied ships at this stage. If one allied ship goes down, well, it happens, but if two or more are lost, then it's bad news for those who are left. Because the second part of this operation is no cakewalk. Enemies start to appear on all sides. Three light cruisers come in from the southwest. They are Phoenix-class (I think?), and can be taken out pretty easy with a little bit of team work and concentrated fire, but unless this is done fairly swiftly, their accurate barrage of high explosive can be devastating to any lone ship caught in the crossfire. Three destroyers (more if you fail to take out both southern destroyers in the opening phase), a bunch of cruisers and at least one battleship come in from the south. They must be met with a coordinated effort, or their massed fire and torpedo strikes can be hard to handle. The carrier Raptor appears from the north as a pain in the a$$ and a secondary objective. She's not alone, either, as she's flanked by cruisers and usually at least one battleship. She should probably be handled with decisive, yet well-timed action, and to be honest I'm not really sure how this is best done. The general recipe for success seems to be team work. And I can hear you all saying "D'uh!" out there - but I would say that in no other operation has success or failure been so utterly dependent of well coordinated team work. I have so far, in this present iteration of this operation, had one (1) completed operation with five stars. That was a battle where everything clicked. Everyone took just enough damage for their team without sinking. No one hared off on a wild goose chase at the wrong time. And no one camped like a scared sheep in the reparation point. I have also had at least one battle where everything went wrong. One battleship took a wrong turn at the start of the game and was lost at sea during the first part of the operation. Two cruisers split up, engaged superior forces on separate parts of the map, and were each sunk in a blaze of glory. And two battleships huddled in the reparation point like scared sheep in the pen while the last remaining cruiser (me, in the Fiji) sat blind as a bat in her own smoke cloud and waited for death... no one played very well, but it would at least have made an entertaining documentary. The sum of all this is that success in the operation Ultimate Frontier now feels like a true victory. It takes skill and effort. And to succeed with five points is something to be justifiably proud of. This, to my mind, is basically a good thing. An operation should always present a challenge. And while it would obviously be a bad idea to make the difficulty level prohibitively hard, I feel that it is usually better to keep an operation a bit more challenging than to go to far in the other direction. If it becomes totally routine, then it quickly becomes boring. On this note, I am looking forward to see how Wargaming intends to implement the 'Hard Mode' in operations. This opening post got to be quite a bit longer than I had planned; sorry about that. Anyway, I am curious to hear what you all think. How do we best handle this operation as it is now? And if it is felt to be too hard in certain stages, how might it be changed for the better?
  2. Butterdoll

    Ultimate frontier ruined

    Well, after some numbers of ops played (around 40) I find that ultimate frontier it's ruined, unplayable. the bots are too strong. they hit fast, hard and in numbers and the teams simply can't coup with that. before, 3 stars wins were the exception, now the rule it's no stars at all, some games are lost as soon as the Pensa bot kills all the planes, don't remember such a thing before. so, @MrConwayand others.