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Found 7 results

  1. [AAO] Against All Odds Now recruiting! "Against All Odds" is always looking for active, skilled, and teamplay oriented players (aged 20+). See the section "Current recruitment" below to check recruitment status. About us: Formed during the first team battle season as team Aim Assist our core crew has stayed together and played together ever since. We have made many good additions of players, but that same core still remain, and we still excel in tournaments and clan battle play. We are not a clan for leveling ships with, we are a clan focused on the absolute endgame content which is CB and competitive tournaments. To achieve this we streamline and specialize quite a lot, we only play one class each when it comes to competitive, this helps with the training and learning curve, so expect to pick one class and stick with it for the duration. Currently we are focusing 100% on clan battles, where we are in Typhoon I, and we are going hard for the top spot. Our goals in World of Warships are: Maintaining a streamlined playerbase of skilled and active players. Teamplay! We are heavily focused on the 9v9 competitive scene, as well as clan battles and tournaments. Competing for the top spots in tournaments and clan battles. We want to play this game on a very high competitive level where we strive to be the best. Keep things relaxed and fun while completing all of the above. What we can offer you: Membership with a small top EU clan in World of Warships. Regular scrimmage against other clans, very high participation in tournaments and a top tier clan battles team. Regular divisions with top tier players - get to know people, improve your mechanics and teamplay synergy. Efficient and focused training up to 3 times a week. - Learn to play competitive and clan battles in scrimmages. We will teach you how to play and excel with your class of ship in a competitive environment. Clan battle rewards practically guaranteed if you are good enough to play with us. Top performance in all major events (First place in the 3rd MDIV League, First place inTeambattles (Aim Assist), second place in Crowning of the Winter King, second and third place in Operation Pedastal, fourth place in OMCC (as KKTMint), fourth/third place in KotS2, RO8 in KotS3 and we finished Clanbattles 1 as 4th placed team. Requirements: You need to be fluent in English to apply. You have to use TeamSpeak3 and have a decent microphone. You are expected to use TeamSpeak3 more or less every time you log on World of Warships. You should be an active player and you need to have excellent game knowledge and good aiming skills to join our clan. Have at least 3500 PvP battles with an average winrate of 60%. Proficiency with at least three T10 ships, your stats in your "main" class must be excellent or above. Be able to attend at least 80% of our training's, clan battles, and commit the time required to participate in competitive matches. Able to attend 2 out of 4 Clanbattle days to play with us per week. How to apply: Reply here or send a personal message to get in touch with us. If you have any questions you can post them in this thread or drop a PM. We will invite you to our TeamSpeak for a quick chat if you meet the requirements. Stay with us for a while, participate in trainings, and we will figure out if you are a good fit. Current recruitment: OPEN! Looking for: Exceptionally good players in all classes. Forum and in-game contact: Domin1c, Tobiassho We look forward to hearing from you.
  2. TSUNDORA PRAVDA KANTAI Tsundora Combat Team wants you! Yes I was talking to you! baka We, the Pravda Tsundora Kantai, are the competitive sisterclan of Pravda Kantai. Don’t be shy, join this anime based fun community and spice up the competition. Although we make fun while playing, our plan is to show other clans what we are truely made off. (pink and cute on the inside but with a Stalanium shell!) (even after we get full, we are going to open a waiting list so there is hope, and you will be able to join our little community) What we can offer Fun anime based community Regular training battles Active in clan wars (only on EU server for now) World class players (this might be not totally true) Help with improving yourself as a standalone- and team-player Hentai We are in Typhoon league so you better be good enough to help us beat players there Requirements This is an anime-based community, if you dislike anime or can't deal with it, this clan won’t be suitable for you Age: 18+ (exceptions can be made when the player is mature enough) Have a microphone to participate in voice chat during Clan Wars battles Ships you feel comfortable in and are a valid choice for clan battles in T8 and T10 Captains with decent skill setup Have a basic knowledge of the English language, please refrain using any other language Be open minded. Our community is quite large so we have a lot of different mindsets too, racism and sexism, etc. will result in bans Activity! Thanks to the limited clansize we are forced to keep track of activity of members so they don't take up spots for people in queue, with the exception of holidays, just let the clan-leaders know you are going on a break/holiday You are required to join the clan discord Discord is a must baka, it’s not that hard to get sheesh https://discord.gg/Edkp6w7 Our sister clan [PRAVD] discord server https://discord.gg/JUHb6x2 Official Twitch account https://www.twitch.tv/tsundora_kantai/ Statistics Minimum requirements (subject to change) 1000+ Battles in Random If you have any questions feel free to message our recruiters: @lobsterden and @Fogas21 We hope to see you in our fleet or at the bottom of the ocean. Surrender is not an option! Regards: Tsundora Propaganda Department
  3. Typhoon wins are elusive. Time to act and find a new home. Looking for a Typhoon/Storm I clan that actively plays CW and wants to bolster ranks. I'm familiar with TS & Discord. Played mostly Des Moines during CWs. Also able to captain DDs. Have experience from leading battles (if needed). Promise to attend at least 3 CW sessions / week Native in Finnish Fluent in English
  4. Me and a friend are looking to join a clan that is actively involved in high league (typhoon +) clan wars. We both have WR>55%, play almost everyday and consistently get unicum PR/damage (recently at least). I have linked both our accounts on wows numbers below. https://wows-numbers.com/player/538566344,TheBananaKing5/progress/ https://wows-numbers.com/player/540083185,einsteinisbae/progress/
  5. _Spartiatis_

    weather in gameplay

    I want ask programmers of the game put weather in gameplay. This will make the game more attractive (my opinion). AND put a chart ONLY sea. The most Battles at sea has being in, generally, open water. Admiral will "land" a captain, who put a battleship in straits, the next day... you say Typhoon in some games. you know what typhoon is? have u ever be in any kind of ship with 9 Beaufort?? (not 12...) U can't see at 8knots and ship is rocking so much that u can't sit in a chair. Call it tropic rain. Is more appropriate. Calm sea with short visibility. U can put, in future update, fog as well. There are many kinds of fog and u can reduce visibility as u want! Even to some meters!!! Fog is with calm see so nothing change with aiming. U can add waves and reduce accuracy accordingly. Or night! (That will demand new graphics!!) It put some salt in our life... I know something of programming and understand the difficulty (my PC is so old that I play with minimum graphics). But I am on reality on gameplay :D Manos of Sparta
  6. Do you want to join a Clan Wars Team? Fighting 13th are Recruiting Now! This is specifically for recruiting members into our clan battles outfit. We do have casual players in the clan so please don't hesitate to message if you want to play the game on a casual basis. (Main Recruitment Thread). Even If you've never played Clan Wars or you have played since the first day, if you can follow instructions by the co-ordinators and help the team, you will be welcomed with open arms. We are looking for those: 1) 18 years or older 2) Who own a working microphone (Discord as well) 3) Who have a team-focused mindset & a willingness to learn tactics4) Able to listen and follow directions (and able to think for themselves) Current Play Schedule is Wednesday's and Saturday's sessions, but with more people we can start expanding that to the other 2 days. If you are interesting in joining for clan battles please come on the EU Discord Server and speak to us! Once you have done this you can finish the application on our website HERE. The Fighting 13th. Register. Apply. Dominate. CLAN Discord Server: https://discord.gg/hXHf49Z
  7. ariel250

    Typhoon RWS

    this is the Israeli Typhoon RWS in smaller version for small vessels . this RWS was tested and was found to be extremely accurate at a range of 3km . the results were outstanding . the very first version of this weapon had accuracy of 0.25 mrad in 1km . meaning that the CEP was 250mm =9 inch. this means that in a range of 1 km , this system can destroy targets as small as 9 inch only ! Rafael officials said that the accuracy has improved dramatically and that the CEP is smaller than 0.25 mrad for a range of 3km! the photo shows a small version of this system . here's a bigger one : the Typhoon is controlled from within the ship's hull , distant from the cannon itself but it can be controlled manually . as you see in the picture , there is a place to stand . this system does not penetrate the hull , meaning that it can be removed very easily and quickly for repairs and maintenance although maintenance doesn't require moving this system . thank you very much for reading :honoring: ! if you have anything to add , I am pleased to know ! if you can tell me about a different system , please show some pictures and an explanation as I have great knowledge about land systems but not in naval systems ! have a great day and sorry for my english (not native language) !