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Found 4 results

  1. Hiya folks, Just thought I'd mention that i'm a new WoW streamer, and i'd be grateful if you'd check my channel out! I'm a small streamer, looking to branch out from being a single game streamer. I'm new to the game and still learning, so happy to take advice from viewers. Who are you? I'm Natalie and my twitch channel is twitch.tv/natswright, I'm new to the game. I'm an established Elite Dangerous streamer, but have recently moved to playing World of Warships, so am relatively unknown in this game. When do you stream? I'm a part time streamer, but do try to stick to a regular schedule, which I work around my full time job! Tuesdays 7pm to midnight GMT (not always ships, sometimes Elite Dangerous) Wednesdays 7pm to midnight GMT Sundays 4pm to 7pm GMT (this occasionally varies between 10am and 4pm start times) I'm looking to stream more if I can, but it can be tricky to find the time, extra broadcasts are usually Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 8pm GMT. Where can you find me? @natsrambles (twitter) twitch.tv/natswright (twitch) youtube.com/natswright (youtube) discord.io/KuQ5KpQ (discord) Feel free to join the discord or discuss the streams here! Do you have a Clan Yes! We are called the "Night Witches", and welcome new members What other games do you play or stream? Among others, these... Elite Dangerous & other space games World of Tanks Rainbow Six Siege Supreme commander to name but a few... Thanks for reading this, your support means a lot! I'm hoping to become a CC, but need to grow my channel sufficiently, so please check it out!
  2. Hallo zusammen, auch wenn das WOWS Universum recht klein ist, gibt es doch eine Viehlzahl an Blogs, Streamer, Youtuber, Foren und anderen Quellen für WOWS und maritimes im Allgemeinen. Ich habe daher einen Twitter Account erstellt, in dem ich versuche möglichst viel an News zu unserem Lieblingsspiel zusammen zu stellen. Des weiteren gibt es auch News, Bilder und Videos aus der realen maritimen Welt. Wenn Ihr Lust habt und euch das Angebot gefällt, lasst doch mal einen Follow da. Und falls ihr weitere gute Quellen zu unseren geliebten Schiffchen habt, immer her damit ^^ https://twitter.com/Boardzeitung Vielen Dank.
  3. Want to Win 10,000 Doubloons & 30 Days Premium? Then Simply Follow or Subscribe on the following media via the link below. competition will end 30th May. >> Rules To enter in for a chance to WIN 10,000 Doubloons & 30 Days Premium Simply Follow / Subscribe to OttoTTV on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, or TwitchTv, Discord must be a player on World of Warships on EU, NA, or Asia server. Click to Enter
  4. DutchDelightsNL

    HMAS Hobart

    We would like to say "hello there" Nine News Sydney @9NewsSyd Destroyer HMAS Hobart has taken up residence in Sydney Harbour.