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Found 7 results

  1. DoomDutch

    Turret X Bug Großer Kurfürst

    I just encountered a bug where the X turret on the Großer Kurfürst did a full 360 degree turn and went through the superstructure to do so. More strangely so, I was swiggling my ship to avoid some fire, still aiming at the same target throughout. Current version of WoWS, no mods involved. Time: around 21:00 CET
  2. Hi there guys, I am running around with a thought about the main battery turrets and guns. Now, you load a kind of ammo for the whole 'ship', for all the turrets the same. But, what if: You are on a whatever kinda boat, and you have 4 turrets, 3 barrels per turret. You can load each turret differently, so A has AP, B has HE, C has AP, D uses HE. Or: You can load each barrel with AP/HE. Outer 2 barrels AP, inner barrel HE. Or whatever. First thing Wargaming will say it will be too difficult for the players, which is understandable. But how many WW1/WW2 era warships/warplanes/tank/#everythingthathastodowithwar fans/enthousiast are playing this game? I'll guess there is also the term 'OP', because you will fire 2 kinds of ammo, if selected.. Let's sign a petition! ~ Jacco
  3. Thjan

    Turret turn times on IJN DDs

    Hello everyone, I think IJN DDs having worse turret traversal times than CAs ist ridiculous. They aren't of much use vs anything other than enemy DDs anyway and the higher travel time of IJN torps is a little advantage yes, but not that big of an advantage. Please consider making the turn times a little bit faster.
  4. The Kuma had slow turning turrets, however it was manageable. The furutaka on the other hand has cripplingly slow turret rotation. The Kuma has a 21.5 rotation speed thats less than half of the Furutaka. The Omaha has a turret rotation speed of 24 seconds just over half the speed of the furutakas. Considering the calibre of the furutaka I can understand a slower rotation speed and reload but one or the other needs a buff. I for one think that the rotation speed should be sub 40 seconds. I would like it to be 32-34 seconds. which considering the jump in size is more than adequate, especially considering it fires so slowly.
  5. Hello all, I made this topic to suggest and discuss about a new (or upgrade) of the turret bearing locking mechanism in game. For now we can only lock ALL TURRETS or not at all. However, in real life (especially in the game) we have to engage multiple enemies, in multiple directions. Imagine if we can use CTRL+1 to lock bearing for turret 1, CTRL+2 for turret 2 and forth...it would be awesome and add a lot of tactics to the game. If you feel it's too much to worry about, don't use it. But if you can handle it, like in a FUSO, then you can make enemy think twice about getting close and try to surround you. I believe this is what Warships in real life would do too..For ships with gun configuration like the St.Louis or Omaha, I think we (or WG) can group guns into groups, front and aft group for example. So, how do you guys think? Edit 1: when you fire, only the NOT LOCKED turrets will fire, and you can unlock any turrets or group of turrets by pressing X Ps: if this is a repeated topic please excuse me, I just had fantastic game in Montana and this is what came up in my mind. I attach the replay too. I got High Caliber, Confederate,...12 citadel hit (4 alone on another Montana, 3 on an Izumo), 214K damage. Montana-1945_28_naval_mission.rar Montana-1945_28_naval_mission.rar
  6. Flavio1997

    Amagi's turret bug

    as you can see in the attachment, the turret number 1 is inside the turret number 2, and it is turning in the wrong way, it also allow me to fire trough my ship and destroy the enemy BB
  7. This will be my second batch of suggestions (first one http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/9522-my-feedback-regarding-wows-so-far/ ): Camera after being destroyed v2: If my free roam camera idea will not go through, at least this should be implemented. And it's also faster to do too. You use both mouse buttons to switch between allied ships but pressign them makes no sense cause both switch forward. RMB should go forward and LMB should go back. And increase the speed of switching. Right now it goes so slow that is gets annoying. I bet many people noticed this anyway because a lot of them, myself included, stay often after there were already destroyer just to observe how the battle progresses. Captain recruitment. It's very unintuitive and clunky. Doesn't feel right. Once I sent a a captain from my Fuso (which I sold afterwards), looked at the reserve and the Captain wasn't there o_O. I bought the Nagato and looked at the reserve again and saw the captain. Why? I have no idea. The first time I clicked on the reserve I saw only American captain (I don't recall clicking an American ship. It might just be something you need to get used to but beginners might make some mistakes. Turret rotation on some ships. For example on the Minekaze or the Nagato, some turrets (perticularily those at the stern) could easily turn to one side or another without doing the full rotation. I don't know if this is a balance thing so that you suffer more if you make a bad decision of turning your ship or your turrets but for now it's a logical thing not to have your turrets turn all the way around of they don't have to do it. Ability to lock turrets in a fixed position. Sometimes using your LMB to just look around while your turrets stay fixed isn't enough. On my DDs I sometimes have to meneuver a lot to launch those torps and then when I am trying to run away or go to some hiding I would like to use the remaining time to shoot my guns at the enemy. On Japanese DDs it's especially annoying because of the BB turret turn rate. A single button would suffice here (or two for aft and stern guns). Different weather conditions affecting gameplay. Although you have maps with different weather, it doesn't affect much of gameplay. Perhaps it would be good to release a map during CBT (or a version of an existing map) where you have: - an intense storm. Big waves that make your ship go down and up (without exaggerating). Wind that pushes your ship a bit when you face it broadside, - night map. Where vision is reduced by a certain percentage. You can further turn the lights off and on to light up enemy ships so they can be spotted easily for your team and revealing your position more (like making your ship brighter than ships that have thosel ights turned off). Using star shells (suggested by ciarancummins here http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/10111-the-new-map-ocean/page__pid__172621#entry172621 ) by DDs to light up other ships.