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Found 4 results

  1. If you haven't noticed any performance changes since the past update, you may turn away from this post. Update 0.8.2 switched off texture streaming due to allegedly being the cause of performance drops. However, after this specific update, I started having noticeable stutters, a drop in average fps, sound blackouts and an overall drop in quality of performance. Colour me shocked In case the reader is in the same situation, scared and confused, here is the step by step solution I found (tldr: manually turn texture streaming back on): Open your World_of_Warships_Eu file find the res folder and open it open engine_config.xml in notepad or whatever in the very first few lines of code, find <enableTextureStreaming> and set that value back to true This will solve your sudden drop in performance since the past update. Thanks a lot WG, by the way /s However, since you are already here, you might want to apply the following tweaks to further boost performance, if you haven't already: raise or lower your FPS cap under <maxFrameRate> (60 or 144 depending on your monitor) set <cacheEffects> to true slightly lower down, find <streamCacheSizeKB> and set that value to 8192 if your ram is 8GB or higher, haven't tested higher values yet scroll down some more and set <enforcePreloads> to true You will have to repeat this during every update, since it will always be "corrected" back to default. The launcher's repair system also sees any changes as corrupted or broken code.
  2. Hello all. I have been playing WoW for a while now on mac (10.12.6), and everything was fine. Then I had the idea to try World of Airplanes. I tried it, didn't like it. In order do install WOA I had to download and install the Game center, which basically absorbed WOW. Now, when I tried to delete the game center, it messed up WOW, that was unable to start. I read somewhere that I had to reinstall game center and delete the game from there, which I did with some diffuculty. Now I don't have game center, and when I download again WOW and try to run it, it crashes. Any hope for me? thanks
  3. Hey guys! Today I have a technical issue with WGC. When I try to launch WGC, the error "WGC is busy, try again later. Exit." comes up. What I've tried: - Restarting my computer (both with WGC disabled and enabled in taskmanager, Startup). - Tried launching WOWs directly without launcher, the WOWs process pops up in task manager but doesn't get any further than that. - Tried uninstalling WGC, apparently its open so it prevents me from uninstalling although its disabled in startup and there are no WG processes running (i.e. it may as well be a virus...). - Disabling my firewall Looking at the logs (which I've attached), there are 2 things that pops out to me. And I have submitted a ticket to support but also asking for help on a forum won't hurt, right? Thanks! Logs (can't upload for some reason):
  4. funkfunk_2015

    technical problems! :D

    Hello guys! I have some problems with my world of warships! I can't play because of that! can you tell me how to fix this! world of warships is set to very high graphics automatically. Thanks! this happend when i try to move mouse! sorry for my bad english!