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Found 4 results

  1. Dear WG, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us the option to hide all input from a player. A simple ignore map pings from player option below the disable chat or even a "Bozo" mode where you can just straight up ignore these clowns. I came sooo close to turning pink in order to shut up a Musashi in my last battle. Thanks.
  2. Lighthill

    Faster "Team killer" bans

    Known team killer, starts a match by destroying 1,5 friendlies and no ban?!?!? If you inflict any damage to friendly before any enemies --> Warning: Lock guns for 10 seconds. Second time: Ban! It shouldnt be possible to destroy friendlies!! When ban happens game could inform "There has been a mutiny on board" and player would be kicked and replaced.
  3. Nihil_Sub_Sole

    Trolls on flame

    Named and shamed in public. Ok, had to moderate the contains of the topic here. But thing is I saw a guy write extremely racists comments. Another guy retorted with the old "mum" comments and the first guy explained how his mum was dead. It started out ugly and continued to get even worse. Is this really nessecary in the game? Is there any reason why you cannot ban people permanently for writing stuff like this? I'd love to publicise ppl. that do stuff like this. Have them face the consequences of whatever they do where it's felt. -Nihil.
  4. Flukeyluke

    How i got my 1st report....

    Just recieved a message saying i got reported after my last match, lol,What for you ask? simple. i refused to enter a cap circle that had 3 smoke screens and 4 DDs inside while i was driveing a fuso >_< sorry allies i wasent in the mood to throw away my ship for nothing. and on top off this the DDs in my team fired torps at me but the other team capped the base before they reached me said to our DDs (who were moaning in chat about every one but themselves) that they should off done something about our base being capped> They promply responded by saying my bb was a tier higher than the other teams DDs and was there fore immune to there torpedos and the fuso can *apparantly* turn on a dime and dodge 4 torp volleys from at least 2 directions fired from stealth DDs..... oh well, i will admitt i aint a team player unless it comes to the platoon i am in but i did find this battle rather funny