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Found 2 results

  1. Soooo... This has been going on for a long time. And now I am using a MOD to disable in-game chat because of this. People are so toxic and blames me for the most part on the team's mistakes. Like I say push right side of an island when it's Standard battle. Players won't push and leave me alone. When I know we lose I don't say anything because they won't listen either way. After our team dies fast and it's less than half left.. I get ¨very nice f***ing plan Missouri, you are the most useless BB ever.¨ I hand out all my reports LITERALLY that one battle for that one player. I really want a better Reporting System.. Where we as a player have unlimited reports but can only report that one player max 4 times. It will make it MUCH easier to chat ban them for this toxicity, and make sure this behavior is no longer tolerated! This game was good at some point long ago, where the toxicity was fairly rare every day. I hope Wargaming can implement this really quick. Disabling my chat because of toxicity ruins the game, and my ability to help the team and what they need from me in chat.
  2. We all know in next patch fail platoon thing will end.But there are still troll-platoons out there.They get into matches with same tier ships, when game started they do the most stupid thing you can do for that map from the start(ex. sailing into the middle channel in Two Brothers map with BBs). And then try to harass other players in chat.2 weeks ago i encountered a platoon doing this, everyone in our team reported them, we say enemy to report them too.That makes 21 reported messages.I'm pretty sure they do this often because today i come across same platoon twice doing same thing (one match was in my team and in the other i was in enemy team).They probably get 100 reports until today but they are still be able to play I know, WG probably disabled report system because they do the same in WoT because it's misused.Yes, toxic players use reporting system for no reason or a idiotic reason(like you killed me i report you).But i'm sure WG can see how much a player gets reported.And there is a difference between a person who is reported because he/she does bad things and a person who just encountered a toxic player.So why WG still doesn't cares about reports? People said that i can take the replay and send it as a ticket, but not all players record their battles. So what do you think?Should report system be activated again?