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Found 2 results

  1. G01ngToxicCommand0

    Why WoWS creates toxic players and fix

    For starters: I am very competetively minded and I am not a magnanimous loser. There is nothing I hate more than losing due to other people not caring or being inept/incompetent. With that in mind I will proceed with the subject in hand. Barring one battle today I have exclusively played tier 10. Result after 22 battles played including a win on tier 5: 4 victories and 14 losses for a massive lossrate of 77,78%. Lossrate for tier 10 exclusively is a whopping 82,35%. The reason for the lossrate is this: Players like the above playing in tier 10, even had one today with a Yamato with 591 PvP battles under his belt. After such a string of battles I am ready to commit murder on my fellow players. And my tolerance for other human beings is lowered each time I am subjected to the violation from players whose selfish desire for selfgratification to the expence of their fellow players' game experience. World of Warships clearly and logically only has one sole purpose: to grind ships to tier 10. Creating a competetive game where skill matters and having fun is obviously not a priority for Wargaming, otherwise the game would have been structered differently with game mechanics to match a competetive enviroment and e-Sports. The above experience creates substantial friction between the inept, inexperienced and incompetent players on one side and the experienced, competent and good players on the other to the frustration of all. Since I do not believe Wargaming will limit the first group in playing high tier battles or create a skill or league based matchmaking I have a simple suggestion that in no way will affect the game's balance but should, hopefully, orient the players' focus on grinding tech trees without worrying about win/loss rates. What I am suggestion is that Wargaming removes all player stats with the exception of: total battles played, average tier and average XP/battle from the players profile, so that only Wargaming have access to winrates and the rest of the players' stats. With this in mind the players don't have to worry about losing streaks as the only thing that really matters when playing are XP and credits. Sure it will still suck to lose but the individual players will not be cogniscient about it and it wouldn't matter for the game purposes anyway. I assume that some players will still act toxic no matter what meassures are taken to reduce that. With regards to clans the available stats will still clearly show which players are good, average or bad so it will not change anything when recruiting. Thoughts?
  2. [ TSCC ] Toxic Seal Clubbers Club Who are we? We are young clan, created by people who previously played together either in other clans or in divisions with the idea to create a new clan with a little more focus on competitive games. We don't have any history in CWs so far but we did quite good during the last Clan Brawls. But CWs are not our only purpose. It's about having fun by playing with friends. We can be Toxic but we are mostly friendly people trying to overcome the hordes of weekend warriors What we offer? Standard Clan bonuses, chance for playing in CWs or in division in Randoms, Scenarios and Event Battles. What are we looking for? As an international clan, some basic knowledge of English Winrate is not important but PR is, we are looking for people with at least a PR of 1300 People with less than 1000 games ( in random ) are welcome but will be subject to a 2 month trail period Mic currently not required Experience in CW not required but is a bonus At least one tier 8 required ( or close to ) How to join? You can send request to the clan directly in the game or contact our clan Leader or some of our Deputy Commanders: MR_P_NIS (Clan Leader) FusionCascade Uragor IDark_Icex fumtu Via forum message to MR_P_NIS or me.