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Found 6 results

  1. Good day fellows. As you can see I am a veteran, having 15k games behind my back, I have 65% Winrate, and on top I was leading HAMI in the Hurricane League for 2 Seasons. You can say I did put a lot of effort into the game and the 2 years I spent with it were worthwhile. Still I was inactive for a few months, and when I came back the game still did interest me less and less. I lost all interest in WOWs, and although I noticed that the numbers are doing good, I still saw a lot of veterans, high skilled players, do the same. I have an idea that might fix a lot of issues in the game and the community and I wish to share it with you. In it I would also refer to the issues I see to bring them up at least. Suggestion to improve WOWs altogether: 1.Change ranked Seasons to a ranked ladder Like in chess, or Dota2, give each player a Rating. Every single player, beginner or not, gets the same initial rating. By playing ranked (which still might switch tiers from season to season) you gain rating depending on success. That is, players of similar rating pool gets to play on each team. Depending on the team average rating 'Elo' you get an expectation of your winning chance. If your opponents are stronger than you, then you will gain more XP for winning and you lose less for losing. Like in CWs. Initially there will be chaos, but after few runs you will have a fair calibration for the players. That is, each active player playing ranked will get a rating representing his actual skill. There will be no other awards, no 'best loser', nor anything else. Though you can still inofficially tag along the secondary stats (e.g. tanking, average damage, kills,...) This ladder will be permanent. You don't need to restart it every season. Your rating will represent your skill. There is ofc the issue about a player getting a certain rating, and never playing again, so that his rating will depict a wrong rating. Or how to deal with inactive players etc. These issues can be fixed by various ways, my suggestion would be just to say 'each new season you lose a bit of rating', so if you want to get your old real rating back you need to prove it in battles. And inactive players don't lose everything by not playing. So by this you want to guarantee that every active ranked/ambitioned player get an approximation of his skills as a comparable number. 2.Make fair random MM! Every player has a rating now depicting his skills at the moment of his play. Every non rated player up to this point will get a basic initial rating; we simply assume him to be a beginner until he proves otherwise. We use this rating to make fair teams. Just switch the players so the rating gap between the teams becomes the smallest possible. There are still no guarantee to be completely 'fair' teams, but it is almost certain that in this case there won't be any stompruns and the game will be close and interesting all the time. Also you have to regard that (Noob in Montana + Pro in Bismark) < (Pro in Montana + Noob in Bismark), so you have to calibrate some numbers. Like Carriers are twice as important, so the gap weight counts twice, T8 in a T10 match has less impact, or even Cruisers are less influential,... But im sure you don't need anything else to make it work Yes, I am aware that I set the win probability of each player to 50%, independent of his skills. I simply throw the category 'Winrate' out and replace it with 'Rating'. By allowing this I try to bring something into the game, which seems to be forgotten: FUN!! Goals: *The first goal is to have fun. Right now you see unhappy players in both teams. In case of a stomprun the losing team is punished for beeing weak. The winning team is punished by having no gameplay. The top players are often not even trying to win in the first place, but win with certain amount of damage,... For super unicum players, in randoms, the win itself is too common ["I win because I am that good, or I lose sicne my team is utter crap and I cannot do anything about it; but it any case I focus only on my gameplay and my stats"]. But as you all remember, the most exiting games are the close matches. The ones where it did pay off to cooperate with a teammate. The adrenaline of fighting to the last second. I want to get that. And that you get if you have fair teams. Let the super unicums fight for their win. Every mistake counts, and every small achievement pays off. It does not matter how good you are as a player, your achievement will help your team to get ahead. EVERY EFFORT COUNTS. And even the worst player in the team plays his part. He is a part of the team (compared to right now where you can play 11v12 aswell most of the times, where the big noob does not matter and is ignored) *The second goal is to reduce toxicity. The toxicity I see is discontent between players who do understand the game and the the ones who do not care. Where it is as often the case that the guy complaining is the one who thinks he understands, while in fact he is the one who does not care... By the same logic above, since everyone is integrated in the success, the weaker players, seeing as their mistakes do cost the game (if there are a lot more close ones) will tend more to improve. Which means more cooperation and understanding rather than ignoring (advices, orders,...). And the better players will have a harder fight, where you have to give your best each and every game to win. In close games you often stay to the end, watch them, feel with your team (instead of hating it). That you will get only with fair teams. It won't solve it completely, but I am sure it will cut it down. Having fun and not beeing toxic goes hand in hand ;) *Improvement of the playerbase Right now you will hear a lot of comments (ranked or randoms) like 'who are you to tell me', 'WR does not matter (by 48% guys)', 'You are such a noob NOT to lemmingtrain with us',... Ignorant players I would like to call them. Winning is random, for them either you win without their impact, or you lose anyway. So they don't enjoy and don't care right now. And as everyone can get to Rank 1 it is also random. Yeah well, with a permanent ladder, without any 'best loser' bonus you play only good if you play good. Recent example from ranked (T9). Sniping Lion, living with full HP at the end of the game, letting me in Donskoi tank for ages for him; Jutland sitting with his ships, smoking and shooting, farming fire damage while his teammates get torped. Sadly, logically there is no mistake. If their team wins, it is not because of them anyway. And if the team loses, they have high chances to keep their star. Which annoys the skilled players, up to the point that they do the same. With a real rating you will get skilled ranked top battles. Players might watch the best of the best battle it out and learn from them (since in that case ranked ladder is representing skill). They know who to listen to, from whom to learn. You won't be able to say Rating is not skill. And as for the Lion camper, imagine he gets the same team of campers. Noone spots, noone tanks, noone contests buff caps. Then he might get the idea that it is indeed useful to get to the front. And if he learns that he gets up in rating. Until he learns something new etc. *Value of skill Finally your skill, your progress itself will be valueable, for you, for your team, for your success. And it is much harder to ignore the top ranked player advice, not to go 10 line as BB, since not everyone will get as high to the ladder. Only your skill will get rewarded, not your effort or time. Issues/Changes: -There might be players who intentionally will lose ranked to be undervalued. E.g. I lose every ranked on purpose, beeing a unicum player otherwise. In that case my team will be always advantageous to the enemy one. So though my hypothetical Winrate should be around 50% I will still have 60%+. But that is not the issue for WOWs altogether. If there are a few of them, then it does not matter. If there are many, then the chances both teams to have them are equal, which sorts each other out. In fact, only your own winrate will be 60%+, you will neither break the logic nor do WOWs harm. And in the end, winrate does not matter, so if you enjoy winning yourself a bit more you can do that. It does not change anything other than that. Also how many players would enjoy to lose on purpose, have a (displayed?) rating of 0 to feel a bit better that way? -WG can still decide how to reward players for ranked. They can say you ahve to be good (high end rewards), or you have to have certain amount of wins, or games, or XP gained in ranked. As long as everyone has a rating to begin with it is fine. -There are players that don't play for the win, or the objective. Usually they might ruin the fun for the objective players, but with this system they just get a low rating and the MM does not expect too much from them to begin with. So they don'T let you down that way. -There is only one fun fact I saw in it. E.g. I am a cruiser main, unicum in cruiser, decent in BBs, utter crap in CV. My rating represents my highest skill, in a cruiser that is. So whenever I play my very best crusier, I will get good winrate. But switching to a CV the MM still expects amazing results from my side. Even playing my average cruiser I will get slighlty worse results. Is this an issue? On one hand it sucks to lose more often. On the other hand winrate won't matter as such, and it is more than fair to see you success in your best ship more than in your worst. That holds also for your opponents. The goal was to get approximately even teams, not exactly even. And in any case, independent of the outcome of the game, you still get your contrubution (like pro and noob together win, and win is what counts, still pro did 200k damage, while noob did 40k). So in any case you will always be rewarded for your skills. -2nd fun fact. You are noob have 50% WR, improve yourself, play ranked, and you still have 50%WR... Lol right :) Nevertheless before you did 40k average damge, now you do 80k. So you still see your results, while your best each and every game is still valuable Motivation: My motivation for bringing it up is that I do enjoy chess (as a semi-pro player) far more than WOWs and I wondered why. The answer was pretty simple. Whenever I play chess I have a rating with my name. I don't get idiots telling me they know it better if their skill is not comparable to mine. (here you get stats don't matter and if I argue with stats than im a sore loser; so in the end they neitehr listen to reason nor to statistics...). Also everyone himself put a lot of effort into chess, everyone is proud of his own rating, and therefore they do respect everyone who did the same or is even better. Your respect better players rather than to hate on them. You listen and learn from them. I wished WOWs, and the people altogether would be more like that. I am not sure if I will reply to comments due to my inactive state, I just wanted to share my opinion and hope someone can make use of it. See you and have a nice day
  2. Antikythera

    Naming and Shaming....

    it's been brought to my attention that calling people out on their Bad manners and Toxicity is against "forum rules"... Sorry for not trusting the very useful Automated ingame reporting system... which has about as much elaborate use as a chocolate teapot. what i have is Proof and elaboration... which is something the ingame system simply doesn't allow for. why not? surely you'd want proof or validation with your reports?
  3. Hello, I am a new player with very good stats in USN DDs and I would like to join a toxic clan that I can enjoy playing divisions with-chatbanned, flaming and abuse of chat is my thing. Waiting for offers from toxic clans My stats-http://wows-numbers.com/player/539599843,FiMx/
  4. JFCFuller

    If anyone deserves a permaban.....

    *edited* From the replay description- The pink Cleveland on my team seems to be very angry or bored, and decided to vent his fustration by spaming chat and the map the ENTIRE battle, whilst sailing off into a corner of the map. This doesn't seem to be an isoloted case, if you look up his stats he has 467 games in the new Cleveland, which hasn't been out that long, and has a personal rating of zero. I kind of feel sorry for him, but his behaviour affects every team he plays with and the community as a whole. Wargaming, this player is obviously only in your game to grief, a permaban please.
  5. Soooo... This has been going on for a long time. And now I am using a MOD to disable in-game chat because of this. People are so toxic and blames me for the most part on the team's mistakes. Like I say push right side of an island when it's Standard battle. Players won't push and leave me alone. When I know we lose I don't say anything because they won't listen either way. After our team dies fast and it's less than half left.. I get ¨very nice f***ing plan Missouri, you are the most useless BB ever.¨ I hand out all my reports LITERALLY that one battle for that one player. I really want a better Reporting System.. Where we as a player have unlimited reports but can only report that one player max 4 times. It will make it MUCH easier to chat ban them for this toxicity, and make sure this behavior is no longer tolerated! This game was good at some point long ago, where the toxicity was fairly rare every day. I hope Wargaming can implement this really quick. Disabling my chat because of toxicity ruins the game, and my ability to help the team and what they need from me in chat.
  6. Colin_Neij

    Toxic ingame chat

    So I've been playing for more than 1500 games now, got my Yamato, learned what to do and not to do and tried playing well. But the chat has just gotten more and more abusive over time. I almost feel the need to run a chat hiding mod just to avoid getting annoyed and angry by other people venting their frustrations by accusing others of camping, laziness, lacking ability and so on. Of course you start doubting your own abilities sometimes, In one situation i'm accused of being a camper for defending the base in a bb in standard mode, if it was domination that would make more sense. I play primarily BB's, so i'm aware of the "camping max range bb" frustrations of other players, and the balance is hard to strike sometimes. If you go in ahead of your team you get targeted and shot to pieces in the first minute if you stay behind the team you're a camper if you go with the team and make sure to keep the same tempo, then you're in a lemming train of noobs I got so frustrated the last game at someone being an insufferable whiner at the game not going his way. When the usual angry accusations and insults started flying and some landed on me, then it just became a chat flamewar, I'm to easily riled up and have a hard time to just ignore them. What advice have you others got for situations like these?, besides trying even harder to ignore them. I don't want to blanket-ignore all criticism done in an angry tone, then i might miss lessons or learn more meta-game, etc.