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Found 7 results

  1. ABOUT US: Waste no time, I'll simply go straight for the introduction. Created during the 1st Season of Team Battles by a group of mercenaries, who wanted to have a quality game experience and didn't have the nerve to deal with extensive clan rules or the patience to undergo a lengthy recruitment process. At first, we didn't take the gameplay too seriously and played or grinded mostly tier 7 ships in tier 8 MM (1st Season of Team Battles), but when WG introduced the demo version of Clan Portal, we suddenly realized, we did quite all right and gotten ourselves in the Alpha League with minimal efforts. Then we decided, we'll give this a try and lo and behold, our gloriously hilarious clan was born. For more info, read down below and check some of our tournament highlights feat. on prominent YouTube channels. W We had or were associated with many teams on the official Clan Portal, I'll try to name a few of them here, so you can look them up and research the stats, if you're into numbers and results, but due to the nature of the ELO MM system being heavily broken, we rather focused at actually playing the game, than grinding (with 30 mins queue times) 1 single team into top 3 or top 5, so take that into consideration. W Our YouTube Presentation. Viewer Discretion Advised. Main YouTube Account and our Stream Account. Twitch channel currently under construction. WGP2W: Pay 2 Win team was established way too late into the 1st season of Team Battles, it'll be our main team for the 2nd season (currently shaped into Clan Battles, e.g. [WGP2W] tag and Clan Group) The Ministry of Silly Shots: we teamed up and helped to push the rankings up, ended 5th best EU team in the 1st Season of Team Battles, 276 battles, WR: 81,5% Scared Cit less: team, we grinded a little bit, but due to non-existent MM, we gave up after reaching Alpha League, number 22 in the ranking, 79 battles, WR: 75,9% Hunt For Flamu Is Here: our troll / 4lulz team, tier 7 ships only (keep in mind, that Team Battles were for tiers 7 to 8), number 34 in the ranking, 73 battles, WR: 71,2% REQUIREMENTS: be interested in competitive gaming / have a competitive attitude, because we're mostly Team Battles / Clan Wars / Tournaments focused clan (although, we do casual divisions in Random Battles as well) needless to say to have a working headset with a mic and the ability to communicate in English over comms (which means, you must be able to both understand and be able to answer back) be an active Discord user (Discord platform is our main communication hub), in case you don't have Discord, you can still be our member, but Discord users will always receive information first age?, winrate?, number of battles? (we find those kinda inferior, we judge applications solely on individual basis, mostly based on how people perform during our trainings) WHAT DO WE OFFER? be part of stable mature group of experienced players focused on having quality games: 5th best EU team according to WG's ELO rating (1st Season of Team Battles) winner of the 2016 French Community Contributor Tournament among others, participation in the top tier EU tournaments: here's a game against ASEET (top 10 EU ELO rating) in the OMC we managed to win within top 8 EU clans during The Winter King Tournament within top 8 EU clans during King of the Seas Tournament within top 8 EU clans during King of the Seas 2 Tournament winner of the 7v7 T6 MDIV League Season 3 in 2017 within top 4 EU clans during 9v9 T8 MDIV League Season 3 in 2017 within top 8 EU clan during King of the Seas 3 Tournament within top 4 EU clans during League of the Sea Tournament join The (in)famous Hunt For Flamu, during which we're trying to add Flamu to our OMNI Rare Collection™ within top 4 EU clans during King of the Seas 4 Tournament (link: https://kots-wows.challonge.com/kots4) winner of the King of the Seas 5 Tournament (link: https://kots-wows.challonge.com/KotS5) winner of the King of the Seas 5 NA vs. EU server clash 8th EU clan during the Season 1 Clan Battles (link: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clans/gateway/wows/clans-rating) 5th EU clan during the Season 2 Clan Battles (link: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clans/gateway/wows/clans-rating) 5th EU clan during the Season 3 Clan Battles (link: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clans/gateway/wows/clans-rating) TBD while being competitive, we're still having fun (laughing hysterically) on TS, if someone f*cks up, instead of raging / crying (which is common for hard-trying pro-clans) we run our own tournaments with very decent prize-pool, e.g. 150€ 3v3 WGP2W CUP (where top 4 teams win Doubloons or Premium Time) be part of large international multi-gaming community, which means 2 things: A/ our team won't randomly die over night (there's plenty of people) and B/ you can find new friends to play other games with weekly events in Training Room (be that skirmishes vs. other clans, tournaments or just other kind of derpy things) during Team Battles season, we do at least 3x events per week, usually lasting 3 hours (so you can look forward an epic dosage of some 7v7 action) during Ranked Battles we help each other over comms as well if you just want to derp around in a division and go clubbing, you can division up with some of the best EU players HOW TO JOIN (via Discord)? USING DISCORD: 100% supported - all you need to do is to click on this link @ https://discord.gg/38JcBPW USING STEAM: full Steam support have been terminated (use Steam, only in case you want to get in touch with me, but response times might vary, usually it's several weeks, anyhow, you can reach me @ MY PROFILE) USING TS: TeamSpeak support have been terminated for time being (apologies for the inconvenience) if I'm unresponsive via PM (I could have died, got kidnapped or got hit by a car), please, contact one of these guys: Idlaaja | Send me a PM! (English) SimplyKarl | Send me a PM! (English, Deutch) dark6799 | Send me a PM! (English, Français) t3h3th32 | Send me a PM! (English) And that's pretty much it guys and gals. I think, we covered everything important and of course, if you have questions, feel free to ask them down below or simply PM me, as I stated above. We're a friendly bunch and we'll look forward hearing from y'all. Cheers, ~t3h'Pâr4d0x
  2. [SHAFT] Salty Hombres And Fairly Trash are recruiting! We are a competitive clan that takes part in all CB seasons and major tournaments. The clan consists of alpha CB players from top EU clans who have plenty of experience in hurricane level Clan Battles, KotS and Shipstorm. We have managed to finish in Hurricane in all of the seasons since clan creation, placing 8th and 14th in Europe. We are looking for players that are willing to play competitively on the highest level. Benefits: - becoming a part of a Hurricane clan - opportunity to participate in competitive games on the highest level - constructive criticism and resources for improvement - Discord community - friendly atmosphere in a tight-knit, active group of skilled players which, unlike the clan name suggests, puts salt aside, at least during the games :) Requirements: - ability to consistently perform in a high level of play (high typhoon/hurricane CBs, tournaments) - at least some experience in competitive which would verify the above - being communicative (we communicate in English) - competitive ships of tier X - willingness to talk about mistakes (both yours and your clanmates') If you are up for the challenge, join us or contact us on Discord/in game! Zil2/Zil#8358 || xV3rt/Vert#9178 https://discord.gg/bV7YWKV
  3. A brand spanking new clan to WOWS based around Teamplay, Community and Interaction. We are looking for dedicated players who want to contribute to the building of a great fun clan. Of course we would love to be competitive so if you got it , bring it! We want to compete with the best that WoWs has to offer and can only do it by bringing in the best. Help shape us, grow with us and help to cement a great future by coming aboard. Minimum requirements as follows;- A T8 selection of ships and above. (Must have T10 for Clan Battles). Regularly play and come on Comms. A great attitude towards teamplay. Thats it, we look forward to sailing with you and crushing all those who stand in our way! SYTHE | Teamplaying Community
  4. What is XTREM? XTREM is a clan that aims for a high standard amongst the players with a chill atmosphere and having fun . We are a clan that plays clan battle and tournaments with the determination to win every game while having fun. We are now looking for more active players that want to play clanbattles, tournaments and having fun on the way. First season of king of the sea participation and topping the group in group stage with omni and spuds defeated(BO3). The only clan to beat OMNI in KOTS 7 on EU. In KOTS 8 we achieved 3rd place on eu and fought in the EU/CIS server clash. We aim to always improve and being able to defeat any team we face, while being a chill clan with alot of fun. The clans requirments are: Atleast 2 competitive tier 10 ships Have Discord installed and a microphone be nice:) 63k avg dmg per battle 57% winrate overall 1600 avg xp per battle Be active interest in competitive Participate in clan battles Note that if you lack in for example your winrate it can be compensated by having higher avg xp and avg dmg. same goes for xp and avg dmg. What do we offer? Chill atmosphere platoons Enjoy all the bonuses from the clan Clan battle typhoon/hurricane Tournaments having loads of fun Interested? jump in on our discord if u want to know more, we dont bite:) discord: https://discord.gg/3JRZBB Contact me johan5678 or any of our deputy commanders or recruiters ingame or just send an application that will be evaluated by our officers. GLHF
  5. Who are we? We were founded in January 2017 and build up by members from the Flamu-Community. Started as a kind of "Fan Clan" we quickly developed our own identity. We have players from nearly all European countries and created our own closed community that goes further than just World of Warships. What can you expect from us? A well organized clan that has a flat hierarchy with a "familiy" feeling and is always open to members thoughts, criticism and feedback. We cover all current ingame activties from simple Divisions to competitive Tournaments. You can also expect Fun Events within the clan by our own members. On top of that most of our members have in-depth game knowledge to all aspects of the game. We also understand real life obligations, which means there is no big problem in taking some off-time from the clan. What did we achieve so far? Our clan participates in a number of competitive activities. We focus our attention on Clan Battles and the King of the Sea tournament. But we also played in the first two Leage of the Seas seasons as well as in smaller events like the Poseidon Cup or Faras' CV tournament. Our quite successful recent results put us in the field behind the EU Top Clans. Clanbattles Seasons: Season 1 Typhoon Place 54 Season 2 Hurricane Place 36 Season 3 Hurricane Place 16 King of the Sea: KotS 5 Bo32 KotS 6 Bo32 What do we expect? A friendly open minded person who speaks and understands English. You should be able to take constructive criticism. We consider it essential that members take actively part in our clan life. Since our main communication platform is Discord, you need to be using it. What are we currently recruiting? Right now our recruitment is stopped. If you want to apply, post it here or contact @Yuzorah or @CaptainAlistair --- Recruitment is open ---
  6. Hello fellow captains! As title says i am looking for competitve clan participating, or planning to participate in clan battles and tournaments, where i can further develop my skills as a player. Competitve edge, and relaxed atmosphere are what i am looking for in my future team the most. Toxicity is a big no for me, since i know how much damage even one toxic person can do to a group of people. I was about to write a bunch of other things here as well, but i respect your time, so ill just say most important things. Im a cruiser main, and this is the prefered role for the competitive for me, got almost all of them besides Moskva. Also i have exp of 2 clan battles seasons when my clan was playing high Storm/low Typhoon ratings, and we finished Top16 in last KoTS. My stats are here If anyone is interested i am open for further discussion. GL, and take care everyone
  7. Hello everyone! With the Clan Battles on their way I would like to present you a tool to organise your team's line-up. Fleetplaner (v.1.0b) for Tier 10 Fleetplaner for Tier 8 What does it do? The website provides a team composition with only a few clicks and generates a table with ship names and their main utilities they add to the team. The maximum number of participants is 9 and can be made smaller just by not using the slots. What does it not do? Currently there are no rules enforced and the user has to check with the rule book of the tournament. There is no option to name each player and they have only generic labels "Player 1" to "Player 9". Currently I rated the tool "beta". Right now the layout is aimed for low resolution windows. Maybe I will change the layout again some day. In the future I may add individual names for each player or add rules for most common tournament requirements as well, such as Clan-Battles. Also if there are any errors please let me know via PM (forums or reddit). Some tips: Cheers, OnkelE