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Found 22 results

  1. hedgehog_s

    Mouse pointer

    OK since the patch 0.8 Ive been having from time to time an issue where my guns or torps become "inactive" due to the WoW mouse pointer from the Port screen appearing mid game and rendering guns/torps useless because the mouse is controlling the pointer not them. The keyboard therefore movement is fine. There is no consistency to this error except it never happens before Ive fired the guns at least once in game. The "fix" is to click windows button on keyboard then reclick game button on task bar. It can happen multiple times per game or not at all. Any ideas guys ??
  2. Jean_Martin_warrior

    Lancer une seule torpille

    Bonjour Je n'arrive pas trouvé comment lancer une seule torpille au lieu d'un pack complet. Pourriez-vous m'aider ? merci d'avance
  3. who_dares_wins

    Blue-on-blue torpedo situations

    "Your torpedoes, your responsibility." How many times have you seen or heard something along those lines? Up until very recently, I believed that this was true. However, I've recently encountered two situations in which I believe that the person firing the torpedoes was not at fault, one in which I fired the torpedoes, the other in which I was hit by them. First situation: I'm in an Akizuki at the south-east edge of B point on The Atlantic. I spot an enemy North Carolina hugging the rock formation between A and B, and fire my torpedoes at him. The nearest friendly is a Fletcher, who is just heading into A to cap it (he's on the edge of A) and IIRC wasn't even in render range. As soon as I fire, he immediately turns 180 degrees and sails through the gap in the two Islands to try to point blank torpedo the NC, just managing to clip the last torpedo before it ran out of range. The rest of the torpedoes hit the NC. As he was actually attacking the NC when he was hit, there was no way he could possibly miss the friendly torpedo spread hitting it and heading toward him. Second situation: I'm in a Graf Spee on North, hugging the island just west of C (D on Northern Lights). An enemy Grad Spee has beached himself on the side of the island in the cap itself, and a friendly Tirpitz is pushing in to kill him, and I accelerate, intending to go around the corner and support him. Before he fires his torpedoes, he warns me in chat "Graf, torps.". As he says this, the enemy Graf Spee's torpedoes are spotted heading near me. I misinterpret the Tirpitz's warning as being about those torpedoes, and acknowledge him using "Wilco!". He misinterprets this as the green light to fire away, as I will be positioning myself out of the way, and fires. Moving to get out of the firing arc of the enemy Graf Spee's remaining launcher, I blunder into the Tirpitz's torpedoes and die. edit: My explanation of the first situation seems unclear, sorry. I was not behind the Fletcher, I was in fact closer to the NC than he was. He was on the other side of the NC. I did not fire from the second line, one of the torpedoes overshot the NC and just managed to clip the Fletcher before running out of range. He was initially outside of render range, meaning that he was nearly SEVEN KM outside of torpedo range when I fired, heading in the opposite direction. I understand that in most cases accidental torpedo teamkills are the fault of the person firing the torpedoes. However, I don't see how in either of these situations the launcher could be faulted. Are these exceptions to the rule? Are they still the launcher's fault? What is certain however, is that things are not quite so clear cut in situations like these.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxWPp1fAcjgZv5Iwap6KB9g?view_as=subscriber Wir sind ein kleine Gruppe und suchen nette Leute um ein paar Gemütliche Runden WOWS zu spielen schaut euch unseren Kanal an wenn ihr Lust habt . Viel Spaß dabei .
  5. Dear WoWs community, I've come to you to take a sip from your well of knowledge. It has taken me many Years, but soon I will unlock my first tier X and yes it will be a BB. I don't like other classes much, DD's are too hard for me so I will always stick to tier V and VI only not to be a burden in high tiers, Cruisers are a bit squashy so I think I will pass on them too and since I was always a bit large then big fat BB is just perfect for me. I do enjoy tier VII and VIII, Gneisenau and Bismarck those are my thing, then I do a battle or two in a tier IX just to get a few xp and go back to lower tiers. So I have a few questions for you here: Is it worth it to go for a tier X ? How does one deal with Conquerors, I see them every once in a while and they are just too bloody difficult for me to handle, my fear is that I will see even more of them as a tier X and I don't want to spend money for therapist to help me deal with this problem. I accept there is a choice of ammunition, but when I do push to help support my DD's I burn a lot and I burn fast, I imagine I will burn even faster at tier X :). I can't really cover behind islands, can I, my job is to soak up damage, but how does one do that when you have 4 fires and waiting for your repair party to come back online ? There must be a lot of torps flying around at this tier, but I've learnt how to deal with them so them torps should not be such big problem, but yet again tier X is a lot bigger and turning circles are getting wider so I might not be as prepared as I originally thought that I am. The last question will refer to HE and BB again, since there is a lot of ships with high velocity shells and accurate guns is actually a BB valid choice for tier X ? Or mobility, fast reload and accuracy is way more helpful for your team then a big fat stupid BB ? I will await anxiously for your advice and act accordingly, in the mean time I will go and have some fun in my Gneisenau :).
  6. reiterkast

    Torp bomber off map angriff

    ich wollt ja mal rückfragen ob das erlaubt ist
  7. SgtG_2

    Down grade

    Hi all I don't know about you guys but I feel the DD's are now not worth much, the smoke is a joke now and the torpedo's have been dumbed down the type21 now has no hitting power in fact the DD's just have been nerf'ed so are not worth playing with! Well that's my opinion anyway
  8. Yikez

    Buggy as Hell?

    Just playing this morning after an update to 0.4.0 and seems to have nothing but bugs in game-play and in the maps. Keep loosing the ability to fire guns and torps. Sometimes they come back on-line but usually get killed before that. Then all the enemy ships disapeer in another game and I loose my shooting ability briefly while hell rains down from invisible ships. Dead again. Last game had map bug. Could not select Map. Then all ships appeared to be in destroyed colours but not rendering on map and yep you guessed it hell rained down from semi invisible ships yet again and I lost the zoom to shoot ability to? Never mind Open Beta it Seems to be Sucking compared to Closed Beta? Hopefully Wg are aware as I do not have all the info they require to create a 'ticket' plus too pissed off now!
  9. Spaddos

    Viel Rauch um nichts.

    Ich rede nicht lange drum herum: Vor lauter Rauch und Explosionen auf und an meiner geliebten Blyska konnte ich keinen CA auf 2km sicher zum sinken bringen. Der Rauch war so dicht, dass ich den Vorhaltewinkel nicht erkennen. Leider sind Grafikeinstellungen zahlreich und nicht so detailliert, um das Problem effektiv anzugehen, daher meine Frage: Gibt es eine Einstellung, die ich da optimieren kann? LG Spaddos
  10. SENAdmiral

    Kiev torps question

    So, I wonder what mean, in practice the upgrade of torps on Kiev, since there are an "+3 torps" on upgraded version (the ones with more damm but less speed) ?... I mean, BOTH choices offers you an double 5 (5 x 2 ) torps on water, so WHERE are those extra 3 torps from so called upgrade ? Cuz right now, are no difference at all, in numbers, aside of speed and damage, in practice, between two kinds of torps, both of them use the SAME torp number : 10. Its that an graph error / info card error ? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  11. Had a battle yesterday in Tears Of The Desert where I was near an island and somewhat surprised to see enemy (Khaba I think) torpedoes appearing on my side of the rocks. I assumed it was maybe a sync issue but it's not even a close thing, they are coming right through the middle. There was no other enemy ship in the neighbourhood and no CV so it appears that this particular set of rocks lets torps through!
  12. As you can see, the panel say that the reload time of the torps are 44 secs, whle in the game is more than 1 minute
  13. Hi I was wondering what destroyer line would be best to grind. I don't know much about the two so I would very much appreciate help on what they play like.
  14. Je pense que les vitesses des torpilles allemandes ne sont pas celles annoncées! Positionné quasiment dans les 2 heures du North Carolina (presque trois quart avant gauche du navire), je suis à plein régime, à moins de quatre kms, il est caché derrière un rocher et vient à ma rencontre, le North n'est pas en mesure de me détecter, pas d'avion, ni d'ennemi entre nous, ni à courte portée, je lance mes torpilles de tribord alors même qu'il n'a pas encore eu le plaisir de me voir, je me fie au cône de tir... Torpedo loss! Et là, stupeur, mes torpilles mettent des plombes à arriver, laissant cet %@!# changer de cap et esquiver mes torpilles! Elles sont passées derrière lui, le cône de visée était formel, j'allais le couler, j'étais A moins de quatre kilomètres! Ce foutu NC a pu esquiver cette salve de torpilles comme par enchantement, ensuite patatra, j'ai pris dans les dents sa seconde bordée et au revoir le Graf Spee! Comment se fait il que je suis avec mes jumelles, que je vois sa foutue étrave apparaître et qu'ensuite, ce beau navire vire de bord légèrement et s'évade alors que mes torpilles ont fait plus de la moitié du trajet et lui passent au ras! sa vitesse de braquage lui permet pas, à ce gros cul, de virer si vite et d'éviter! C'est pas honnête de laisser ces navires s'évader si vite à ces distances, il aurait du en prendre au moins UNE! Déjà que les dommages de torpilles ne sont plus réalistes... Les râleurs changent de camp maintenant! Avant c'était les cuirassés, mais là, c'est pas cool pour les destroyers! J'ai eu le Shimakase, le Tashkent... Vendus, j'apprécie plus ces navires. J'ai le Gearing, Akisuki et Yogumo... J'adore! Ne cherchez pas des excuses ou ne me mettez pas en faute, je sais comment on tire ces foutues torpilles mais là, c'est inexplicable! Je pense donc, que les torpilles ne sont plus celles qu'elles étaient, à moins que ce soit fait exprès pour que les BB soient à la fête
  15. del550355701

    Trade Damage for Concealment on IJN Torps?

    So, first off: I am fully aware that you WG balance your game for Random Battles. The result is the concealment of the IJN Torps (I knwo there are more things but I want to ask something about the IJN Torps here). And this concealment is... garbage. Period! There are enough threads on the forum where you can see that BBs have the least problems with IJN Torps. Therefor these (supposed to be) Torpboats are a pain to play for many people. Because... the hit ratio with IJN torps, the main weapon of IJN DDs are... at least inconsistent! So, I wonder if I can trade away some of the damage from the IJN Torps and in return get better concealment for them? Lets say... Shimakaze Torps down from 21k+ damage to 17k damage and in return a concealment of 1,2 km??? It would make the players of IJN DDs, at least me, happy if I can hit more often and not feel like a burden for my team. On the other side other ships would take less damage per torpedo, so they wouldnt die a sudden death (as you stated yourself WG that your playerbase hates sudden deaths). Any chance for that? Greetings, Alice, Monster Lord
  16. DFens_666

    Why do we have RNG torps?

    Question basicly already in the title. Why? So that it will spoil the fun always? U throw torps at a target to see that the torps are moving like this x o xx oo oo xx (x = torps o = space between) In the end u only remember how this mechanic is against u anyway. Either u dont hit because of it, or u eat 2 torps, even when its not the reality, but human brain works funny that way. So why cant the torps move in a symmetrical order with same distance between them? (like it was earlier in the game) Just an example i was torping a DD in the halloween event back then, and i killed the engines at the same time. I didnt hit because 2 torps passed by his bow and 2 at his stern almost on top of each other. This is like RNG trolling u.
  17. SaxonHoliday

    Shimakaze: "IT'S HAPPENING!"

    https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/64phdi/wows_qa_064/dg42ezw/ Shimakaze is going to get a spotting range buff for T93m3 and F3 torps in 0.6.4. The thing we thought would never come, is here now. A buff to IJN (well, just Shimakaze and Yuugumo for now) torps. Amusingly, this comes after that famous screenshot of S_O saying on Discord, "it's more complicated than just slapping a buff on their concealment".
  18. KptStrzyga

    TKing with torps

    WG, why not make torpedoes harmless against ships from own team? Team killers and trolls will have one less tool to annoy others. Or make torps do half damage to friendly ships. If this poor destroyer would survive my hit with few HP left I wouldn`t feel so bad with it but it happend so fast..... Poof and omg Sims is gone.
  19. Rage_Unchained


    Playing a random game, just earlier, well after dying that is - I went looking how stuff is going on around map, and how others are duking it out... Then, I noticed red triangle...OUT of MAP. about 15-ish kilometers, probably more. The thing is, it wasn't moving. It was just there. Also, I don't remember seeing anyone fire them in that direction, as my teammates were not in that area at the time. The single, lonely torp persisted in that spot stationary. Has anyone noticed similar gimmicks?
  20. procrastinatingStudent

    British cruisers torps spread

    maybe i have missed this on the forums but did we know that "UK cruisers [have] the ability to launch torpedoes one by one." source or am i missing something? i don't mind this change, in fact i like it more variety and all that stuff, i don't thing it will make too much difference other than let people make there own spreads. thoughts?
  21. Yikez

    Loss of fireing controls?

    Hey al,l I have started to have a problem in-game that could be a bug? Had it yesterday and just had it in my Yubari. Seem to suddenly loose the ability to zoom aim or aim/fire torps. guns fire but no aiming? Rather frustrating becoming a speedboat with AA guns which seem to work? I don't think its me but....... And just had similar happen in my Phoenix. Not able to target guns but they fired and torps worked? 13;28Hrs
  22. Hi, first i didn't like the dds that much but than I got a Gallant from the Christmas boxes, now I love them but my big problem is that I suck with the torps ( only 4% hit the target) I would use some tips form other players to get better with them, thank you.