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Found 2 results

  1. So, WG is currently testing Module changes on the ST. Most of them are nice, others are pointless. One stands out tho: If you have the Module on your ship, the concelament of Torpedos, regardless which DD fired it gets nerfed to 1.8km. A massive nerf to all DDs. Nicely done WG/sarcasm I wonder at this Point iof the People making These balans desicions are actually playing the game. If they do, how likely is it, that they are BB/ CV mains? My spread sheet says 100%. Either that, or a GIANT bird crapped on their heads and caused a hefty concussion. I'll get the Wood for the bonfire and the torches, the pitch Forks are still sharp enough from the PR Event. Seriously WG,what the actual FRAK is going on? This shouldn't even been considered let alone put on the ST.
  2. JeTBarionIV


    Hello all, as other players have pointed out (more or less in salty manner), the nerf that occurred to the Hakuryu lately, by removing it's most advanced torp bombers, leaves me puzzled at the best. In first place, WG's motiviation was the they were underperforming. What?!? Are you kidding me? For those who don't know, those torps were at the Jap standard speed of 50 knots, in waves of 4 torps and with the amazing range of 8km!!! This ment that if one had spec its captain with CE, the area of detection was LOWER than the range. Translated (and stolen from "The Hunt for Red October") : "... that thing could launch its torps and nobody would ever know anything about it until it was all over..." Cool!!!! But not quite all the story. As CC iChase perfectly illustred in one of his video on YT, the range of 8km allowed to apply the tactic of "Area Denial" by keep launching from a safe spot over and over. Maybe you wouldn't have hit anything, but be assured that piece of sea was gonna be so saturated of torps than no one among enemy CAs and BBs would dare advancing. An amazing tactical advantage!! So I suppose WG fell into a typo and actually ment OVERperforming. As consequence.... the nerf. Was it needed? I bitterly must admit yes, it was. Was it well done? No, absolutely not!!! Now the Haku has torps bombers that simply don't stand the comparison for instance with Midway's. No more amazing range, fine!! But also dropping the attacking waves from 4 to 2, quite frankly it's a bit too much. Considering that the squadron is made of 12 planes, at the best one can manage 1 or 2 drops. The remaning 8 planes are just meat for the AA. And you are gonna need them. You can't drop them before attacking cause also your HP isn't as good as Midway's torps bombers. So my suggestion is to, at very least, to increase the attacking waves back to 4 torps. This also means 3 attacks per squadron (most likely just 2), not the actually 6 that one just would not be able to do anyway. Thanks