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Found 48 results

  1. Dear fellow commanders and WG, I guess I can't be the first one to bring this topic up. What's up with the bots in your own team, who don't even try to avoid your torpedoes? Enemy bots can do avoiding manoeuvres to avoid torpedoes, but your own team don't do a thing. And why the penalty for friendly fire applies like it was a real player? This is not about torping in front of your fellow ship (that's just asking for trouble), but your fellow ship running into your torps that you shot earlier when the line was still clear. Your own team bots know how to avoid collision, to the point they even stop. But torp avoidance? No, it's torp eating. Could this be changed? Cheers!
  2. Jean_Martin_warrior

    Lancer une seule torpille

    Bonjour Je n'arrive pas trouvé comment lancer une seule torpille au lieu d'un pack complet. Pourriez-vous m'aider ? merci d'avance
  3. conceited

    The Furutaka helped me study!

    I`d like to thank wargaming for making the furutaka. Thanks to the furutaka... I uninstalled the game and gained soo much free time to study for my medical exams! Thanks wargaming! If the worst battleship and worst destroyer had a baby.. it would be the furutaka. Youll be outgunned by cruisers a tier below you... and your reload rate is no where good enough to be accurate. You`ll spend ur time change your ship direction because u`ll get killed, each time you fire is essentially like making that very first shot. avoid this ship at all costs. I dont post but i log on just to express my anger at those [edited]idiots we call wargaming
  4. Kolbrand

    New boats British/Norwegian MTBs

    Hi and thank you for a great game, I see that you have used a few houses to populate your villages from my home town on some of the maps :) So I thought I would suggest a new boat for the destroyer class (maybe). When I was young, these boats used to show up in the harbor from time to time. They were already old then and are scrap now, but I think maybe they could have a place in the game and could be fun to play. Norway did not have too many big naval boats, but through the years we have had some fine MTBs. Motor torpedo boats that were suppose to work out of the fjords. Show up, hit hard and run (I think). Others will know much more about the tactics. The boats were small, fast and had forward pointing torpedoes. Like a big speed boat. Think some of them could do 50 knots. And maybe they will have to in this game to stand out and play a different role. The Norwegian boats were British/Norwegian in the beginning and later all Norwegian design. Today Norway still retains a MTB (Corvette) weapon with the hyper modern anti radar "hovercraft" Skjold class at 60 knots. Maybe this is an old request and voted down, but it could be fun. While we are waiting for subs and the ability to lay mines :) Great game, Paul Some youtube links to MTB boats
  5. Hello people and gm, Middle of the a match, me and two ship fighting with enemy ship. The ally(!) ship near me threw the torpedoes on my way. I heard the warning but didn't see any arrow which is normally show the torpedoes direction. I thought it comes from enemy but i didn't see any trail so i thought they miss me and didn't change my direction, a couple seconds later my ship sunk by this torpedoes. I don't know is this usual thing but please fix this because of beginner players who don't know how to use torpedoes. (Also i want to add some my review: if a ship can sink with just a shell hit in game, this game is not about skills but luck, its just a little warning for your ship damage balance)
  6. Firing torpedo's with not a friendly close to the enemy now I see players run in to my torps even when warned on purpose. Tell me happening to often nowadays. Now 2 battles I will do nothing but run and fire guns once or twice in the entire batlle ! Change please this is not the right solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. nambr9

    Torpedo glitch

    Ive just hard a game where torpedo launched from a DD went through the island (smaller one). Unfortunately I dont have any replay to support this, but I would like to know if anyone has ever seen this happen...
  8. Munition

    how to rework CV's

    Please Moderators, move this to Development Section -> Discussion Hello everyone,I thought about aircraft carriers and how they are represented in the game and came up with some ideas. I want to say I'm not a strict CV hater but sometimes they annoy me. Mainly I'm writing this because I'm a little bit disappointed how carriers play as I expected something different. For those who now check my profile: Yes, I haven't played a single game in a carrier yet, but I played them in the closed Beta.Please feel free to comment on every single idea as I'm curious about your opinions. Also I'm sorry if I open the 500th thread about this but I want to show you my ideas. A) Removal of the "Flight Control" as a module of the carrier. Replace it with "Deck Crew"Players can mix their general aircraft-setup the CV carries into battle in the harbor like granates in WoT. Number of fighters carried should forced to be 1/3 of plane-load.The new module "Deck Crew" determines how many aircraft can be prepared by the crew simultaneously and thereby reduces the whole preparation time. B) Removal of pre-set squadrons. Replace it with custom squadronsNow you can create bigger formations. IJN CV's can increase/decrease the strength of one squadron by 4 planes per step and USN according to this by 6 planes per step. This way you can avoid too many small squadrons per CV at one time. C) Add control over the squadron's altitudeMax. altitude should be limited to 5km but if your planes fly this high they can avoid much of the light/medium AA. On the other side dive-bombers are diving longer (but are more accurate) towards their target and torpedo-bombers need to circle down before they can attack and thereby they are longer a target.A good player could use this for example to overfly some of the cruisers AA, than lower the altitude and attack the battleships. D) Massive increase of preparation time before squadrons can be launchedThis is the payoff for your new freedom but it also preserves you from spamming and losing all your aircraft early in the game. E) Add the danger of being attacked while you prepare you squadrons and end in a massive fireballThis makes the gameplay more depth as you have to think strategically. F) Add the option of armor-piercing bombs with massive damage for dive-bomber G) Higher the point of bomb release for dive-bombers and thereby lower their accuracy H) Increase the closest point of torpedo release to circa 1km G) and H): Diving to long and/or get to near to the AA is suicidal I) Increase the time torpedoes need to be armed a little bit J) Removal of the "Blue Angels"-like squadron-attack for torpedo-bombersThis is even to unrealistic for an arcade game - also it's unfair for BB's.They shouldn't drop their torpedo simultaneously and also not perfectly parallel.If you think twice about this it even could increase the chance for a hit as the torpedos don't run as predictable. K) Add the possibility to deflect torpedoes if they hit you with something like 15°or less To complete my statement I want to say I don't think this reduces overall effectivity but makes playing a carrier more strategically and more balanced. I'm really looking forward to your opinion!
  9. Teekesselchen

    Deep Water Torpedo arming time bug

    So I just had this very weird interaction at the end of a game: https://streamable.com/yqt1p A couple weird things happen: My shells seem to appear to the right of where they were fired, and seem to miss Chung Mu entirely, yet four hits register. Might just be a graphical bug though. Chung Mu's torps hit the bow before their arming range, but they do not disappear - rather, they pass into the ship and detonate there. Looks like a serious gameplay bug. (also the score does some weird stuff there since both our kills are registered on the same score tick, but I suppose this is just a visual bug as well) Torpedoes have a minimum arming distance, which means that torpedoes hitting a ship point blank simply disappear. It's a regular interaction that happens frequently with bad carrier drops, and occasionally when a torp cruiser or DD tries to torp from too close up during a brawl. However, in this case there appears to be something wrong. Look at this screenshot for reference: The torpedo marker shows that the arming distance clearly only begins inside the ship. The point where they collide with the bow is well before they can arm. Therefore they should disappear as soon as they touch the bow. However, upon firing this happens instead: All five torpedoes "ghosted" through the bow and detonated exactly at their arming range inside the ship. In comparison, this is what normally happens: When the torpedoes touch the ship before they reach the coloured marker, they simply disappear.
  10. So i have been looking at these planes fly around in air.. Ive noticed some very strange flying.. I was chugging along in my Cleveland and I was attacked by some torpedo planes. Point is, they where flying around me like gravity had nothing to do with the matter. I mean, they came over me, did a 180* turn in a split second and blasted my side with torpedoes from about 60 meters range.. Uhm.. what is going on here? Is this meant to be possible? Or is it something thats going to be fixed? I mean it looks plain silly, and I could look up some stats on those tropedo bombers.. and the turntime was certainly not 1.5 seconds
  11. Bonjour à tous, N'ayant pas trouvé de sujet dédié aux petits nouveaux, je me permets d'ouvrir le topic. Ils ont la particularité d'utiliser des "torpilles en eaux profondes" leur rendant impossible le torpillage des autres destroyers ( https://worldofwarships.eu/fr/news/common/flash-in-the-pan/ ) Source WG: "Quelles sont les autres différences des destroyers asiatiques ? Torpilles La première chose qui différencie les navires asiatiques de ceux d'autres nations, c'est leurs torpilles qui filent à une profondeur plus élevée. Elles sont disponibles sur tous les navires de cette branche (sauf sur le croiseur de rang I, évidemment) et disposent des particularités suivantes : Elles peuvent toucher les navires de tous genres, sauf les destroyers ; Elles profitent d'une détectabilité plus faible ; Et elles ont plus de chances de causer une inondation lorsqu'elles touchent un navire ennemi. Ce type d'armement a de bons et de mauvais côtés : les navires asiatiques auront du mal à faire face à d'autres destroyers, mais ils constituent en même temps un grand danger contre d'autres navires plus imposants. Consommables La majorité des navires asiatiques profite d'une excellente valeur de dissimulation pouvant jouer en leur faveur : par exemple en lançant des attaques surprise à la torpille depuis des écrans de fumée. Adopter des tactiques de dissimulation en combat se révélera bénéfique, grâce aux caractéristiques spéciales du consommable Générateur de fumée, identiques pour tous les rangs : Durée d'action : 70 secondes Durée de déploiement de l'écran de fumée : 30 secondes Temps de rechargement : 120 secondes (80 secondes pour les consommables premium) Nombre de charges : 4 (5 pour les consommables premium). Deux charges supplémentaires conjuguées à un temps de rechargement plus court offre un avantage considérable. Il est possible de rester invisible aux yeux des navires ennemis pendant presque toute la bataille, tout en combattant efficacement pour les zones clefs et se mettre à couvert si la situation vient à dégénérer. Avec les navires du haut de cette branche, vous pouvez aussi utiliser des tactiques de « torpilles fantômes ». Les destroyers de rang VIII à X disposent du consommable Radar de surveillance à la place de Générateur de fumée : Portée d'acquisition assurée des navires ennemis : 7,5 km Durée d'action : 15, 17 et 20 secondes Temps de rechargement : 180 secondes (120 secondes pour les consommables premium) Nombre de charges : 2 (3 pour les consommables premium) Il est évident que partir en bataille sans Générateur de fumée est risqué. Pour autant, la capacité à repérer et couler des navires ennemis est un avantage précieux, surtout au sein d'une équipe bien coordonnée. Les destroyers asiatiques sont excellents en termes d'attaques fantômes à la torpille contre des navires plus imposants, et en termes de soutien. Mais il reste compliqué de fournir une classification commune aux navires de cette branche. Pour les amoureux du style de jeu des destroyers qui en ont déjà recherché plusieurs branches, les navires asiatiques ouvriront leur perception des tactiques classiques, les poussant à changer et à s'adapter. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore cette classe et qui ne savent pas où commencer, ces nouveaux navires offriront l'opportunité d'analyser les particularités principales des destroyers de plusieurs nations." A ceux qui sont déjà en train de les grind (et vous êtes beaucoup), si vous pouviez faire des retours d'expériences sur ceux-ci de manière à aider ceux qui galèrent un peu plus avec. Vos avis et conseils sur les différents tiers de ces DD seraient appréciés je penses (comp commandant, modules à installer, la routine quoi). Personnellement je les commence ce soir en rentrant pour me faire une idée. J'espère que ce topic restera un endroit convivial et de partage. Merci d'avance, PS: le lien du wiki, çà donne déjà une idée des bestiaux: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Destroyers PS2: j'éditerai au fur et à mesure et n'hésitez pas à me faire remarquer si je donne de mauvaises informations ou autre.
  12. - You are in Operation Aegis, sailing closer and closer to an enemy battleship, taking advantage of the fact that its captain is busy shooting at one of your hapless allies, and finally, you are in range - you launch your torpedoes. - Almost immediately, the battleship changes course, in a direction that ensures that it will not be hit with a single one of those torpedoes. It is almost as if the AI captain knew the exact moment when those torpedoes hit the water. Considering he was busy training his guns on another ship, in a completely different direction from you, that was no mean feat. Does this sound familiar? I should probably say, at this point, that I realize at least some of the difficulties that programmers are beset with. Designing an AI (or should it be VI?) captain that is capable of presenting a balanced challenge to human players, must be a very difficult task. How should you deal with, for instance, the threat that a well placed torpedo spread represents? If the AI captain never changes course until it actually spots incoming torpedoes as per normal spotting mechanics, AI battleships would be nothing but food for the Torpedo God. If the AI automatically registers any incoming torpedoes as soon as they are launched, the problem becomes the opposite - only those spreads that are undodgeable from the start, will have any chance of striking home. I obviously can't say for certain, but I have lately been having the impression that some variant of the latter of the two abovementioned AI builds is represented in the current Operations - enemy AI captains will instantly know when torpedoes are incoming, and take steps to avoid them. Only, sometimes they don't. I had a game in my Perth about a week ago, where I decided to try and trick an enemy AI König captain. I launched only one of my torpedoes, and waited to gauge the reaction. The enemy battleship didn't react in the slightest, but sailed straight on. This prompted me to launch the rest of my torpedoes, and they all struck home, one after the other, sending the König to the bottom. I have been trying to figure out what made that torpedo launch different from all the rest. Why didn't the AI captain take evasive action this time? There might of course be any number of possible explanations, but one thing that struck me afterwards was, that I had probably launched all of those torpedoes from within my smoke cover. If so, this might imply that the AI program is simulating the fact that you can, if you have sharp eyes (and a good screen resolution), actually see the little splashes when launched torpedoes break the water after going over the side of the ship. But this is obviously impossible if a smoke screen is in the way. In other words, the AI programmer is doing her best to be fair to us: The AI captain will indeed know when torpedoes are being launched at it - but only if this information would also have been available to a sharp-eyed human player with his wits about him! I don't know if I am on the right track, here. I might not even be close. But I thought this would be a good subject for a discussion, and so here are my two cents' worth to begin with.* So, any thoughts on this? * I haven't even started speculating about whether AI captain skills include the common torpedo evasion tactic of randomly altering course ands speed. How you would try to gauge that, is beyond me.
  13. Eruantien_Aduialdraug

    End Game score screen bug, recording of torpedo hits

    So, just gotten out of a rather tense draw in the Kongou, and I noticed something odd about the damage received screen. I'd spent a fair amount of the game under attack from three torpedo bomber squadrons, and as a result took several hits (they nearly finished me a few minutes before the end, survived on ~6k hp); but on the score screen only the hit I'd taken from the Kuma had been recorded. Obviously, this is not a huge issue, but it's still a thing.
  14. SebBrady6602

    Whats going on with the Iowa?

    Right im not going to sit here and take ages going through things but ive been playing this game since the Beta so ive played a lot of this game, and i tend to sit in my favourite ship ever which is the Iowa class. But recently since the last patch what on earth is going on with this ship?! The guns are pea shooters. I came up against a one on one fight with a colorado class and we were both at full health. I was aiming exactly between his citadels and getting perfect hits, 7 out of 9 hits usually. And i was doing 2000hp of damage. What on earth is that about?! When he returns fire im just wiped out. Its across all games im noticing my damage output is horrendous getting 40 50 hits every game doing about 10K damage. An atago side onto me using AP rounds should be a good hit. Well it was. Now id be lucky to even do the overpen damage to him. This is ridiculous and is making me very frustrated with this game. Whats the point in playing tier 9 games losing so much money when everything will damage you far quicker than i can damage it. That isnt right. This is meant to be a tier 9 battleship not a tier 2 cruiser. Whats going on?
  15. xRustbucketx

    My torpedo rant.

    seriously can't they just make friendly torpedo's not detonate on friendlies like friendly fire on/off or something or a safeguard that disables your torpedo's when trying to launch in close proximity or direction of friendlies because it happens WAY to often players sailing into friendly torpedo's especially when they get focused trying to zigzag their way out of a heated situation and then some of them players even sail into friendly torpedo's on purpose just to troll players its just insane. and how about giving incoming friendly torpedo's a different beeping sound and different color on the kompas. i personally think the game is messed up REALLY bad seriously broken they just made it worse and gave griefers more opportunities to grief their own team when they feel like it.
  16. F1ngl4s


    Can someone explain me why my torps are only 8 KM max range. Shouldn't be 10km according to wiki? Hatsuharu wiki: http://goo.gl/xasUOY
  17. Alipheese_XV

    Torpedos und Schaden

    @Crysantos @Sehales Könnt ihr mir das hier mal erklären: Wurde dieses Jahr nicht in einem Update mal erwähnt, "behoben, dass Torpedos keinen Schaden mehr machen"? Warum brauchte ich noch 6 Granaten, um den da zu versenken?
  18. Fatso_Jesus

    Battleships and torpedoes

    All right, first post time. As a newcomer to playing the game, but not watching it (thanks Jingles, Baron and even Phly, to some extent), there are a few things that irk me about the game. Talking about low tiers (tier 4 max atm). Torps. Why the hell can DDs fire torps at point blank range (I'm talking like 500m) and they arm as soon as they hit the water and plane launched torps can't? In my opinion, DD torps should arm from the same distance as plane torps. As a BB, there is already not much you can do against a lot of torps, since they get spotted so damn late. One game in particular outlined this to me. I was supporting a CA and a DD around one of the three cap points early in the game. Suddenly on my port side i see 2 spreads of torps, one behind the other. They were 3 seconds away from me. 3 seconds. That's 1.5-2km roughly. Absolutely nothing I can do about, no chance. I of course took at least 4 which sank me immediately. No DD spotted. Now I'm not expecting to spot the DD. I DO however, expect to spot torps from further away, like I've seen in most of my other games played. I don't know if it's a bug or whatever, but I don't feel like that is balanced. Next point. Low tier BBs feel like they're made out of matchsticks and fuel. After barely 4 or so HE shells hit you, and it's burn baby burn. With CA and DD ROFs, that's very often. Next, I've also read in the game wiki and guides that torps have a CHANCE to cause flooding. Now I don't know about you lot but for me that chance seems so close to 100% as to be indistinguishable. Both when I play ships with torps and when I get torped. I also feel that flooding and fire do WAY too much damage to a BB. If your damage control is on cooldown, you're screwed. Torp hits already do so much damn damage (which I feel is rather well balanced actually) that getting massive flooding damage on top of that is just ridiculous. The only way I've found to counter this is just to camp in the back like a giant cockroach. It just feels like BB armor and manpower is worth absolutely nothing. So if someone could enlighten me on if I'm mistaken, what I can do to mitigate these problems or if I'm not mistaken, then how the hell is this considered balance?
  19. valkarianism

    "Ally in Torpedo Range"

    Dear Beta testers and mods, I have a suggestion that might have been made before, but deserves reiterating. How about, when firing torpedos, If allies are anywhere in the vicinity of, say, 2 kilometres of the path of the torpedoes or so, the person firing the torpedoes will receive a warning light. It should in no way indicate where the ally is and how to avoid hitting the ally, just a simple visual warning and alarm or voice notifying the destroyer/carrier that allies may be in the path of torpedoes. This form of visual aid may help to lessen the momentary rush of blood to the head to release torpedoes, hence avoiding the occasional friendly kill. I liken this to the reticle flashing red when mousing over an enemy. It is simple a visual cue that the target you are currently zeroing in on is not an enemy. Perhaps the numbers and parameters for this warning system may be tweaked, but I do strongly feel that if enemies have leading points for torpedoes, then those firing torpedoes could have some form of visual or audio indicator of allies being hit by a full salvo. A torpedo wave is usually game ending. Unless it is a part of the game where the torpedo launchers have to weigh their options carefully, I feel that it is entirely possible that there be some form of indicator to help the launchers notice their allies.
  20. Silvercat18

    Lag affecting airdrop torpedoes?

    I just had a game on the ice map where armed airdrop torpedoes were going through ships, either when the ships were moving straight or turning. It also seemed to be affecting the enemy CV, as he lined up some good runs only to see them just move harmlessly through the other ships and go out the other side. I have never seen this before, has anyone else experienced this? *Edit* The other CV captain was called Steamek, I have no idea how to post replays as I have never really looked into that. Maybe he can comment if he sees this, on his experience during that game.
  21. I was browsing worldofwarships.eu website after reading news there, and stumbled upon reading FAQ entries. I found there this: I haven't had chance to try it out yet. But is such mechanic included in game? You start drowning from torpedo hit, and if you run ashore, you dont die? Does it also prevent further damage, or how it works? Those who wonder where this FAQ was, it is here: http://blog.worldofwarships.eu/faq/
  22. ImSteve

    A Short Destroyer Montage :)

    Hey guys, a short montage I made using Destroyers. Hope you enjoy!
  23. In my last game I was driving very close (should have been around or less than 500m) to an island with a steep hill, when a squadron of bombers appeared over the island, did a little dive and torpedoed me. I didn't see any drop animation whatsoever but it felt like they must've dropped their torpedos directly after their dive, while still being above the island. Well, either that or the player in that CV was very skilled in "gaming" the current system.
  24. My torp is nominal doing 20967 damage.Tashkent got only 11k. Why?
  25. Moin zusammen Ich stelle Videos auf YouTube online um zu unterhalten und ein wenig Zerstörer Aktion zu präsentieren, bzw. zeige ich auch andere Klassen in Bezug auf das Auskontern durch Zerstörer. Auf meinem Kanal sind Videos zu sehen welche live kommentiert sind. Es sind keine ausgewählten Spiele sondern auch mal unterhaltsame oder erkenntnisreiche Runden. Mein Ziel ist es, dass auch andere aus meinen Fehlern lernen und Spieler der anderen Klassen sehen was sich ein Durchschnitts DD-Spieler so bei bestimmten Aktionen denkt. Für Kritik oder Anmerkungen bin ich dankbar, auch gern unter meinen Videos als Kommentar. Gruß euer Defle