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Found 1 result

  1. ThinderChief

    Call that FAIR Match making?

    Very simple: I do NOT play O.P ships, meaning NOT a top 5 win rate ship or radar ship from tVIII to tX, for figures look at Warships statistics i consider them unfair and refuse to give to this play style. Every single time i play a destroyer at these tiers, it would be either the Kagero or the Shimakaze, torp boats. The Shima is weak, nerfed torps with abysmal reload time, below average guns, low HP, i get detonated by a Kagero two tiers under etc, but before radar started to breed like rabbits it was still manageable. Now it's near impossible to cap, let alone to win a game when there are a multitude of radar ships in the opposite team and i counted up to 5 = FIVE of them in a single game. The result is always the same, my team looses DDs like flies to a cloud of DTT, next thing we know if we have any cruiser in a smoke cloud, he is next on the list if not first because they can't hope to maneuver as fast as a DD, we can try flanking, targeting the radars since it is most likely that you'll get radared while spotting your life expectation is proportionate to the number of radars in the game. When i am lucky enough to be on the "right" side of this bad equation, i generally win, but it is less likely while playing a Shima, and i gave up on US Dds since i don't like their gun characteristics, so what gives? Will W.G ever look at balancing the game so that a category of players doesn't get screwed over systematically this way? Shimakaze is the weakest of its type at tX and there is a reason, with an average win rate below 49%, i'm sure no one will claim that this is due to bad players, although i saw BB players hitting the "capture this area" repeatedly when there was 4 or more radars in the opposite team, even firing at you when you preferred to wait and spot them before moving on the cap, then blaming DDs for loosing the game, take some doing. With a team of good players, one or two radars per game is still winnable, they will naturally try to kill them and respond when you call for fire support after spotting them, so as to provide you with some breathing space and allow you to cap, with your average XP farmer, forget about it, they won't even try, they will rather loose the game killing the enemy DD you out-spot and can control than the radar which is going to take your stealth away from you just by pressing a key. Where is the skill in that? Now, add to that Z-52 (3rd win rate), on Khabarovsk that no one seems able to hit when you need fire support and you get the picture. last game i spotted the Chapayev which my team failed to kill, we lost two DDs in less than 5mn (myself included), the cap and probably the game before either DD could pile up any real damage, talk about being screwed. I have countless screenshots of this radar unbalance, so i know there is an issue here. Let's expose it.