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Found 8 results

  1. It's a simple question, cause I'd hate if WG do that to us. I've been preparing tier8 ships for ranked the past few months and I'd hate if they only make ranked tier7. It's the less enjoyable tier for me so far and thats why I dont keep ships at this tier... I only have Schors and ARP Myoko while at tier 8 I have Lexington, NC, Amagi, Fubuki and soon Chapaev... I think they (WG) should keep improving the old system and stop changing tiers from time to time... I know this is only whats been talked out there and what I've heard about next ranked season but I wish this doesnt come true.
  2. i just received the news when im logging in to the game that there is a new version of available to update since im a new comer i have no idea how to update the client else than downloading the whole thing over again. Is there anyway to update the WOWs client to version without downloading the whole thing?
  3. gekkehenkie50

    Does the Cleveland need a buff?

    In my opinion the Cleveland is now underpowered, in the CBT it was fine, escorting bbs, providing AA support, spaming HE (only OP when the bbs did not know what they were doing), hunting destoryers. Well now the cleveland can: provide AA support, escort bbs, shoot ships at a range of around 10km-. Yeah, thats it, the Clevelands effective range is around 10km, otherwise even a Yamato can dogde your shells. Now the IJN cruiser is in everywat better, better guns, has torpedoes, maybe its AA is a bit less, but thats all. Who agrees that the Cleveland needs a buff? Please vote in the poll above.
  4. jerkchicken

    Iowa/Missouri White canvas

    Hey, So my question is: Why does WG make on the Iowa/Missouri arround the turrerts white canvas while they are in real black? I annoyed with it, Just the fact that the black canvas would look better than those white canvas Lets take a look, Ingame: Real: I've seen that they where in the past black (US T9 Iowa) -> So WG I will be pleased if they can fix it, otherwise i will search for skins and i change it by myself. (if anyone knows how to do it) [edited] Greets, Splire
  5. I was thinking about the introduction of the Bismarck. How it's 10km secondary range combined with smoke defying hydro makes a) my future first tier 8 BB (IJN Amagi) obsolete by power creep already (and also the absence of a high tier IJN BB to train a commander) and b) makes life even more miserable for DD players since Bismarck drivers can simply sail straight towards smoke, press a key on their keyboard and watch those pesky enemy DDs with their cheating smoke and torpedoes simply disappear into the sea. Let's forget about a) for now - I just cannot face it. Instead, I want to talk about b) here. Season 5 of ranked battles is coming where the meta, even for complete casuals, will surely be Bismarcks driving into caps, killing everything in their path (and with a smoke supplying DD escort they will be true monsters of the seas). The IJN tech tree split is coming (torps probably getting nerfed) and the great Shima nerf of 2016 has already happened. We all seem to know which way the game is going - nerf anything that the majority of BB players cannot deal with, e.g. smoke & torpedoes. There are even rumblings of possible changes to the HE spam "problem". Curse those pesky cruisers! I'm conflicted by this. I get that WG need to cater to the common denominator and, in WoWS, that seems to be a somewhat not-so-great BB driver - you know, the ones who don't know WASD hacks and sail broadside on to enemy BBs, the ones who immediately extinguish the first fire they take, then burn to death from the next 4 fires they take, the ones who use their heal ability to recover 1000 hp from a citadel hit whilst leaving 25,000 hp of fire damage, the ones who pop their fighter as soon as the battle starts so it's on cool down when the enemy TBs come knocking. Etc, etc.. But at the same time, they need to leave something for the rest of us. Therefore, I propose to split the function of radar and smoke so radar is left as is (spots ships and aircraft) but change hydro to only spot torpedoes. By all means tweak it, maybe improve the duration, or the range or the cool down or even a combination of these, to make it more effective and useful, but stop it from spotting DDs in smoke and make it purely a defensive system for BBs to defend themselves from torpedo attacks. Then revert whatever nerfs torpedoes have already suffered and give us a decent stealth torpedo line - something different from every other DD line in the game. With these changes DDs regain a potent weapon system, there's more variety in DD play and BBs have an improved defense against torps - the ability to see them from further, for longer and more often - and if they still sail into the damn things then there really is no saving them. (At the same time, just like smoke rings, please add colour coded rings for radar and hydro so allies can see who is using what and the area of its effectiveness.) What do you think?
  6. mzteuszz456

    Dokąd tupta nocą jeż?

    Witam wszystkich. Niedawno naszła mnie nieodparta ochota, na dołączenie do jakiegoś zorganizowanej grupki ludzi. Jestem raczej tolerancyjny dla "dywizjonowych", nie szukam klanu który ma straszne parcie na 80% WR. W tej grze liczy się głownie zabawa. Ale żeby się dobrze bawić, to jednak coś trzeba w bitwie pokazać, oczywiście w miarę możliwości Mam 21 lat, gram prawie wszystkim, nie mam pełnego wachlarza okrętów ale zawsze coś dopasuję. Staty do wglądu https://wows-numbers.com/pl/player/506420211,mzteuszz456/
  7. tadaMonika

    The most important Izumo buff

    Hello fellow japanese BB enthusiasts, So with the recent Izumo buffs (it is actually playable now and dare I say it, somehow... decent?) I think we can all agree that now, the most important buff this ship needs is a buff to its appearance. I just so happened to stumble upon this picture here: This thing actually looks not half bad. It still is unique and retains the basic WG-design but looks just way better than the ingame-version of Izumo. The layered secondaries (now they are in a straight line, which does not only look bad, but is also functionally bad), the more pronounced and curved bow area, the superstructure that doesn't look like Thaddeus's house, the Yamato-like turret design, etc... What do you think guys? I would really love to see this design in the game. Cheers