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Found 103 results

  1. This is the camouflage of Tirpitz at June 1942. I wanted this camo since i saw this: It's a WIP and when i have time i will finish it (deck/gun camo sucks :P), but even as it is, it's very passable :D *WARNING* This mod is changing your camouflage.xml, so it conflicts with any other mod that edits this file. Also it's replacing the premium camo of Tirpitz (Type 10) and affects all camouflages for Tirpitz, even commons (but i don't think that anyone will use a common camo anyway). DOWNLOAD HERE and extract it to res_mods/0.9.X.X I hope you like it
  2. This is what I have right now. I have replaced manual secondaries for concealment for two reasons, Firstly, I need my secondaries shooting from both sides... just in case we got some heroic destroyer that suddenly got brave. Secondly, because Scharn 13.7km detection and Tirpitz 12.9 which is utter bulls***t levels of sneaky! This is what my playstyle is- I use both ships to get as close as possible without getting detected in order to maximize the effectiveness of my inaccurate guns then is asses the situation. My intention is always that I don't play for objectives, but rather prevent the enemy from going for theirs. If the situation is favourable, I jump out with the tirpitz and ambush the enemy, causing chaos and confusion while I bully the enemy into abandoning their carefully laid plans. The scharnhorst on the other hand, I am being more cautious as it can't handle hits from the front. I hit the enemy from edge of cover, like a cruiser does, and only move out once the enemy is occupied. What I've noticed is a consistent pattern of reactions to both my ships. While people react to the tirpitz like "OH SH**T! WHERE DID HE COME FROM? RUN!", on the other hand when people see a sharnhorst at close range and be like "WTF?!? SCHARNHORST? SINK HIM NOW!" Why do people react so differently to both ships? I've seen Yamatos running terrified from my Tirpitz while in a Scharnorst I've had Tier 5 battleships try to take me head on while I often WON engagement against tier 9s. These are some of the most dangerous close range battleships of their respective tiers, both have a 6km "middle finger" zone of pain and suffering to anyone dumb enough to allow himself to be approached by one. Is it really the meta of where players of any tier lower than 8 just don't know their ships? Or just don't care? You can also see from the screens that I much more successful in a tirpitz than I am in a scharnhorst. But I used them mostly for run and moneymaking. Annyways, I digress, Since this is my first 19pt captain, I would like to hear your oppinion. Would you make any changes to support your aforementioned playstyle?
  3. RamboCras

    Tirpitz is back!!!

    Hi, The Tirp was one of my first ships and I loved it. I now have close to 200 ships and I have rarely played it until a week ago. I shot 7 citadels in 4 different ship and long-range too. I think the German gun buff has a VERY positive impact on the Tirp guns. I play it once every day now and it's so fun to play, it now packs a punch close and longer range....
  4. I tend to have very low (6000-10000HP) secondary damage with Bismarck/Tirpitz. Massa makes 2-3 times more. I have IFHE on Massa, but no IFHE on the Germans. Would IFHE on Bismarck/Tirpitz make a difference, or simply Massa is that much superior? Here are my commander builds:
  5. Mikhail__

    Tirpitz Norway Camo

    Is Tirpitz Norway camo correct? It looks in game like this: The pattern is correct: But this drawing is in black and white only. It is supposed to be in accurate (?) colours: Any answer will be nice.
  6. Zdravím, Mám problém ohľadom misie pridelenej k lodi Tirpitz B. Misia sa mi po dohratí bitky nezapočitáva a neviem si dať rady, že kde by mohol byť problém, vedel by mi s tým niekto pomôcť ? Prikladám aj screen. Vďaka.
  7. ABED1984

    Tirpitz or Massachusetts?

    Both ships Tirpitz or Massachusetts have good secondaries but which is more reliant than the other especially in T10 MM?
  8. ClearEvil


    Vážení kapitáni, na 8. tieru německých bitevních lodí je Tirpitz Svou stránku na Wiki má >> ZDE << V tomto vlákně máte prostor k diskuzi
  9. Hallo Liebe Community, ich weiß ein Schiff zu "nerfen" bringt immer wieder heftige Diskussionsausprüche mit sich, aber ich bin der Meinung und ich glaube da kann ich hier in Namen vieler Spieler sprechen, das die Tirpitz nahezu unspielbar geworden ist. Ich spiele sie schon seit Jahren, war eins meiner ersten Premium-Schiffe überhaupt und ich muß sagen, hätte sie die überaus gut Sekundären Geschütze nicht, würde man kaum noch Schaden mit Ihr verursachen! Die Dispersion von den Hauptgeschützen ist einfach nur noch Katastrophal, man kann von Glück reden, wenn man Schiffe auf 10km überhaupt trifft, so sehr streuen die Kugeln um das Ziel, von 8 Kugeln treffen mit Glück 2-3 das Ziel. Wenn man dabei mal an die Historie denkt und das mit Abstand beste Zielleitsystem seiner Zeit, nunja bei den heutigen Status könnte man denken die Mannschaft fürs Zielleitsystem hat ständig ein zuviel in der Bar gehabt. Ich bin kein Superspieler, geb ich ehrlich zu..aber dennoch sollte man dort vielleicht mal Hand anlegen. Oder was meint Ihr Liebe Community? mfg CeberusOne
  10. Kā var sazināties ar centru???

  11. I was lucky to get a Tirpitz B in a container together with a mission for 10 times 250 Gold But its only for Tirpitz not Tirpitz B, so i cant complete it. Any help plz ?
  12. I just got the tirpitz and am very confused on how to play her properly, when I try to play her mid range the guns do not hit anything. I know my aim could be better (I'm still getting used to her velocity) but i've managed to regularly get around 30000 to 40000 damage but i can't seen to get any higher. Any help on the general play-style of the tirpitz would be very appreciated. Also in my latest game i got deleted by a Taiho within 5 mins of the game start, any idea on how to survive that? (Apart from sticking close to friendly cruisers) I've currently got a 11 point captain with PM, AR, BFT, AFT, any suggestions of crew skills I could take. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to reply.
  13. ThemistoclesGR

    Tirpitz B mission

    Hi fellas, Depending the pic i post, do i have to have tirpitz for the mission or i can do it with tirpitz b? Because i cant see it available since i bought the B version.
  14. Wappen Eine kleine Ansammlung von Bildern Ein paar Videos Sonstige Quellen https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bismarck_(Schiff,_1939%29 https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bismarck-Klasse_(1939%29 http://www.diebismarck.de/Schiff.html http://www.spiegel.de/spiegel/print/d-13495012.html
  15. XDMeloniXD

    Halloween Tirpitz (Maugnu.s) camo

    Hey, I yesterday got the halloween camo for the Tirpitz in one of the halloween containers, the only problem is that i don't have the Tirpitz and i will probably not get it cause im a free-to-play player i just want to ask that what im supposed to do with it? I cant get any compensation for it in the inventory since its a premium camo, i cant sell it and i don't have the Tirpit to begin with. I'm just stuck with it like what am i supposed to do with it? I could have gotten the Chapayev camo or well almost any other but im just stuck with this. Is there any use for it, at all?
  16. DuneDreamer

    Tirpitz vs Kronshtadt

    Isn't Tirpitz a much better battlecruiser than Kronshtadt even though it is at tier 8? I mean, I thought about spending free XP on Kronshtadt but in my opinion Tirpitz is the stronger battlecruiser with more armor, armament, range, and it has torpedoes! It also allows you to play with a lower tier ships. All in all, I see it as a better battlecruiser. Let me know your thoughts on that.
  17. LupusSolitarius1

    Premium Schiff

    Hi, ich bin wirklich froh, dass die Tirpitz sowohl in World of Warships als auch in World of Warships Blitz eingeführt wurde. Ich bin aber mal wieder Stinksauer, dass die Tirpitz so extrem teuer ist. Ich bin nicht bereit für einen einzelnen Spielinhalt 40 bis 100 Euro zu bezahlen. Für dieses Geld könnte ich mir was besseres kaufen. Mein Vorschlag wäre, entweder die Kosten für solche Inhalte drastisch zu senken, damit meine ich, dass zum Beispiel die Tirpitz ohne Paket nich mehr als 15 Euro kosten darf, oder die Alternativ Lösung, die ingame Währung Credits, in die Echtgeld Währung Dublonen tauschen zu können. Das Spiel Guild Wars 2 hat es sehr gut gelöst, da kann man ingame Währung Gold in Echtgeld Währung Diamanten tauschen. Dabei richtet sich der Wechselkurs nach Angebot und Nachfrage, das bedeutet, ich bezahle ca, 25 - 50 Gold um einen Diamanten zu bekommen. Genügend ingame Währung zu Sammaln für genügend Echtgeld Währung ist zwar Zeitintensiv, aber in einen nicht allzu riesigen Zeitrahmen Möglich.
  18. Colonel_Boom

    Giving Tirpitz Hydro

    Hello, i think its about time the often played Tirpitz gets some love. Currently Tirpitz plays abit awkward compared to the Bismarck. It exhanges hydro and mid range AA for torps. I think it's about time it got the hydro. It should have gotten it with the secondary buff to Bismarck level(i mean they had the exact same secondary setup). It feels uncomfortable to play as soon as you try to be agressive compared to the Bismarck, ignoring your torpedo tubes being incapacitated by the crew if the enemy just looks at it. And with the current premium ship policy and newly released premium ships i wouldn't recommend buying the Tirpitz if you are newer to the game or value your money. MfG Boom
  19. Hello everyone. I love playing this game with my friend which he just unlocked his fav ship Bismarck. And i would like to play it with him with Another tier 8 German. Should I buy Prinz eugen for historical reference ;) Or Tirpitz for Sisterly companionship?
  20. Hi, I am struggling to finance all the ships I have researched by the time I got the experience to unlock them. Thus I figured I would like to buy a premium ship to speed things up vastly. My question is, what ship does earn the most credits in an average game ( I am not that great of a player ) when all factors such as shell-cost, repair-cost etc are considered? I lean to towards Alabama or Tirpitz however I am not set on any particular nation as this will be a ship ONLY to farm credits, the crew training aspect is secondary at best.
  21. Luis_Crespo

    Why do I suck in my Derpitz?

    Hi people. I used to be a potato, and a Kriegsmarine fetishist one. As such, I bought the Tirpitz very soon, and it, obviously, sucked. When I realised I was indeed a potato, about 500 games into WOWs, I decided to ground my Tirpitz and go back to low tiers to learn the game. It kind of worked and now I suppose I can qualify as an average guy. Well, no matter what I do, I can´t make my Tirpitz work. Wasn´t it supposed to be OP?. Wasn´t it the paradigma of Pay To Win? Can some of you, kindest gentlemen, offer me some clue? I love the ship, but don´t enjoy it too much these days. The below depicted stats are from the last 20 days or so. TIA.
  22. Rico_878


    fra 15 minuti su dmax per "le mega strutture di Hitler" si parla di Tirpitz e Bismarck
  23. DetonateMeDaddy

    Are secondary builds still viable?

    Hi guys Recently I decided to dust off my Bismarck and Tirpitz in an attempt to have some secondary fun. After a few games though (all vs. T10) I found it difficult to make this build work. What has been your experience? Do you manage to get in close quarters combat in more open maps vs tougher opponents or do you save this tactic for when you're top tier? Do you still find secondary builds to be viable or have you transitioned to something else? Thanks!
  24. Moin, ich habe zwar schon einige Schiffe in meinem Heimathafen stehen, habe jedoch das Gefühl noch nicht ganz mit den Spielmechaniken, besonders der Torperdos vertraut zu sein. Daher meine Frage: gibts es Veranstaltungen oder Divisionen wo man mal mitfahren könnte und die einem das Spiel ein wenig näher bringen, ähnlich wie es bei WoT DEPAC gemacht hat? Gruss ID_79
  25. Tak jak w temacie czy będzie szansa zdobycia kamuflażu z halloween dla Tirpiza oraz Makoto Kobayashi dla okrętu Kii ?