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Found 9 results

  1. Simpson2142

    Carrier bug.

    Since the latest patch I've noticed a minor bug with the taking off of aircraft. The count down clock for when planes are able to take off sometimes goes into negative numbers, managed to catch a screenshot of it earlier today. Again, I know this isn't the worst thing in the world, but thought I'd bring it to attention nether the less.
  2. Kancolle_Kongou

    The USS Misurri (may have the release time)

    Not sure if someone has already made a post like this or if im posting it inn the right area (if wrong area WG plz move it the the right place and feel free to lock it down/delete it if this kind of post already is out there) so WG just made a post on the website "Mighty Mo`s Coming For Ships" and it talks about the USS Missuri and that its a mystery and thats it different from any way we have gotten ships before and that we should stuck up on Free EXP. Well i wanted to know more so i looked on the November calender and this is what i started looking at. So you know how We got Steven Seagal but all they said was 01 November - 14 December: Something Special It is still a day too soon to reveal this... But... Just wait and see, okay? How much are you into Martial arts? So i kept looking down the list and found 11-15 November: Weekend Special: Veteran's Day Can there be anything better to speed up your progression than daily doubles? Well... Maybe? Notice how they say "Well...Mabye?" Its 07.11 as im writing this and 11.11 isnt far away. This might be the time USS missuri will be released to be bought with Free EXP or have that amount of Free exp on you to complete a mission. im not 100% it just seems like this day might be it becasue its Veterans day and they said Well... mabye? tell me what you think.
  3. So we can already see the Takao mission details for the sea server and truth to be told it looks like a piece of cake for me. Is it going to be 100 times harder in eu or just 10? (jk) http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/wows_arpeggio_collab9/ Putting the jokes aside when will we get this mission?
  4. So after a longer time not playing wows after kinda burning myselft at the end of the closed beta/start of open beta i felt like playing again and I have a few questions regarding a few missions: 1. ARP kongo mission thingy. WHat is this? DO i get a prem kongo or is this some kind of skin for the kongo or is this permanent? 2. Kamikaze R (pearl mission) what are these? What is the Kamikaze R? 3. German and russian ships. What are there charakteristikial flavours? 4. Any other General Info i may need? Thx for reading
  5. So who else like myself can't play clan battles because of this three hour time window? Originally was 21:00-00:00 now changed to 19:00-22:00. Wargaming why a 3 hour window not 5 hours? why not rotate the time per day so more users can be involved? ohh wargaming why oh why?
  6. Griva

    Clan battles prime time change

    //EDIT Fortunately WG did mistake as always and now it is fixed to 19:00 - 22:00 again. Anyway still would be nice if we get 4 hours, not only 3. Simply speaking I think that current clan battles prime time is completely wrong and this is why: First of all I want to emphasize that we play on EU server and probably as you know amost all countries have CEST time (red) During previous weeks clan wars were available (in my country) from 19:00 - 22:00 and it was acceptable but from today, after time change it is 18:00 - 21:00. The problem is people don't end work and school 1 hour earlier after this change but clan games start 1h more early now. Even worse is the fact I realised today that people from england has even less so for them clan wars is 17:00 - 20:00 what is in my opinion completely not acceptable. As addition I do not understand why WG try to invent wheel again. In world of tanks there are 2 game modes: strongholds and global map and time on global map is changed at the same time as time change. Also even if we exclude it, on the global map we got time zones from 19 to 22 and yes! 21 zone is the biggest one so what is the reason to have 18-21 here? It was changed many times in tanks because people complained early prime time and you can't still learn how to do this... Another thing is that most of people play during evenings and CW is too short in general. I can bet many clans "wake up" around 20:00 and from my experience most of people play around 20:00 - 21:00 that is why I really don't understand why we got this strange prime time. We can talk about days of clan wars but I think this is more complicated and I understand that WG wanted to improve MM but Im rly not happy with hours. I want to add that this is only my opinion and maybe I am wrong now so would be nice if you also vote in poll for time you can play WoWs. Anyway my proposition of solutions: Change clan wars time every half of the year when time is changed to keep it always 19:00 - 22:00 CEST Fix the time of clan wars with longer period aka 18:00 - 22:00 CET Second one is better imo but share your opinion about this because I think this can be a problem for most of the players.
  7. reefclaw

    Desync and premium time

    So, I'm one of many people experiencing desync issues. And i'm running an AMD proc (one core affinity is no option). And my internet connection is great. This however is not a topic about that. As there are many other topics like this. This topic is related to premium time. With these desync issues, the game is unplayable. Even untestable. We can not see where the enemy ships really are. We can not see where torpedo's really are. And we (at least i) experience huge rubber banding when maneuvering the ship. So, the game is unplayable and untestable. As how can you test that which you cannot play. But, when i bought one of the ship packages. (I believe it's the warspite one). I got 30 days of premium time. That time is now lost. The does not calculate premium time on actual time played. Nor on actual days online. So, i got the 30 days, and it's sitting there, now being used. Does anyone else have the same issue? Do you think wargaming should reimburse the premium time lost due to this desync issue? Ahoy, Reefclaw
  8. ASharpPencil

    average game time in wows?

    Can someone help me with finding the average game time of battle? in last month, compere to past? I have a feeling that games are match faster now, and since that more 1 sided...
  9. Hello Everyone, first of all. I would like to thank everyone on the Wargaming World of Warships Team. You have made an excellent game, I have been playing it since the Open-Beta started and enjoyed myself a lot. I do have a couple of suggestions for the game, which could possibly improve the gameplay. 1. Firstly, I would suggest increasing the time in Standard Battles. I have seen a lot of very unsatisfying draws over the last few weeks which could have been avoided by an increased timelimit. Let's face it, Warships are slower than Tanks and can't cover the large distances of the maps as quickly. The need more time. As an example, I saw my friend in his Tier 5 Furubaka cruiser defend his own base heroically. He defeated two enemy ships and was left as the last ship on our side, only facing a carrier on the opposite team with 4 Minutes on the clock. There was no way he could have made it all the way to the other end of the map, where the carrier was surely hiding or even to capture the enemy base in that time, as it took him 3 Minutes to get there. This was very unsatisfying for me as a viewer of the battle and for him as a player, it would have been fair for him to have the chance to win this game (or lose it, which he did by a torpedo hit with 0 seconds on the clock, because he just stopped in the cap circle giving up), but he was robbed of that attempt to crown his fantastic game by the timelimit. I really wanted to see this played out. A possibility would be to add Overtime, when the last living players are still issuing commands and are not AFK / or have left the game, add another 10 minutes to resolve the battle in a satisfying way. 2. Ramming an enemy ship does ridiculous damage to your own ship, however ramming an ally doesn't. I understand the design choice, since there would be a lot of flame in the chat since a lot of people, especially at the lower tiers seem to be unaware of their ships movments when concentrated on firing the weapons (myself included). However, I had a Battle last night against a New York in my Kongo. The fight was going my way, as I scored a devasting citadel hit on the New York and he was in the red with his health. As we came closer, I remembered the achievement for ramming an enemy and surviving, so I checked my Health, which was green, so I had over 40k+ HP against his very low HP. I decided to try to ram him. It was NOT a full frontal collision, I grazed the side of his ship with mine while in a 1/2 turn and exploded instantly. This seems ridiculous and should be changed. Yes, i expected some damage, but i was not going full speed and I was in a turn, it seemed very excessive to explode instantly with 40k+ hitpoints. 3. Torpedo reload times on lower tiers should be increased to teach players to play less aggressively and nerf the DDs in those tiers a little. Battleships in those tiers (3) only have ~10k Range and really have to get close to fight. On the other side, as a DD i can circle a battleship and unload torps on him every 30 seconds, while he reloads every 20~30 seconds. But this one is really not very important, just a smaller suggestion. 4. Camera angles seem weird sometimes. Especially on the Myogi with the Scoutplane the Camera seems to jump sometimes or change its position in a weird way disorienting the player and making it difficult to zoom in and out with the help of the mousewheel. I have experienced this on my Kongo asweel, not as much on the destroyers or cruisers I have played. If required I can attempt to make a recording of it to upload. Ahoi!