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Found 5 results

  1. Ueberflieger7

    2.Zerstörer-Line Tier IX, X?

    Hallo zusammen. Ich wollte mich mal erkundigen, ob und wann eine Vollendung der 2. japanischen Zerstörer-Line ansteht. Momentan ist ja bei Akizuki schluss und da ich mir vorstellen könnte, die Reihe mal zu spielen wäre es interessant zu wissen, was da noch so kommt. VG, Paul
  2. X_MonsterMilkMan_X

    what is the best current tier X cruiser?

    I am looking to start on a new cruiser line, i already have the Zao but i am struggling to get good results in her. so while i decide what line to start on i would like to know what tier X cruiser is currently the best tier x cruiser?
  3. Hello, I've came across this post again, and i was wondering if there is any updates on the situation, for I noticed many players dont even buy high tier ships, because of the high repair costs. (a tier8 cruiser for example, costs approx. 100k credits for full repair if not more) Couldnt find anything related on EU forums, so please enlighten me on the situation, i am convinced it would be nice to have a tad smaller repair cost overall, especially on tier9
  4. Hentai__Senpai

    Destroyer balance

    Hello there. I am growing tired of watching these kind of matches all day long, doesn't matter what i play at higher tier. Could just wargamming balance things out between teams, like they did with cvs? These kind of games are very one-sided and aren't so much fun for anyone. Am i the only one that thinks this is a problem?
  5. After enjoying the Iowa immensely, I have happily unlocked the Montana, and find myself absolutely furious. It's utterly useless. I have searched through the forums and there seems to be a lot of debate between the Yam, and the Montana (easy answer as far as I am concerned the Yam, all day every day) but no real discussion on the Montana, it's uses and quick frankly an appeal to have it amended. 1st and most critical complaint, how is it the same guns from the Iowa are suddenly less accurate. .... What in gods name is the justification for it? I get with the extra 3 guns it could be quite the broadside, but to do that you have to turn sideways exposing your length. there are trade off's to get that broadside but suddenly the same guns are less accurate. long range fire, no scratch that, ANY fire is completely RNGjesus and like a shotgun, one minute you wipe someone out, next you miss every shot at 8 k. To give an example I fired just a minute ago full broadside at a Yamato, less than 6 k at a 30 degree angle thats 12 shells, only 6 hits, (aiming right under his turrets) and 0 pens..... I did more damage to the yam with my secondary batteries than with my primaries. 2nd the citadel size/ and or Armour, - ok no machine can be god, and I accept there must be down sides, but when a Tirpitz can take 50% of my life at a 20 to broadside angle, and cruisers can consistently pen me, this leaves me completely stuck I just become an HP pinata. I can accept point two if point 1 were fixed. For those who are wondering, the Montana is a tier 10 Colorado, NOT worth the grind utterly turgid and a complete waste of a port slot, and 20 million. I know this is a wine but I cannot and do not find this fun. I've lost nearly 700k playing tonight and consider myself an ok shot. So fine I am no pro nor claim to be, but does anyone have any advice or recommendations, because quite frankly this ship is putting me off the game.