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Found 5 results

  1. Hommer

    Serbian Warriors (SRW)

     Serbian Warriors clan invites all interested players to join us. You can contact us in the game via private messages,or using our TS3. The conditions for entry into the clan: 1. Active player. WR 50%+ 2. Discord is necessary 3. Ship tier 10 Discord adress: https://discord.gg/Um53Pjc Welcome... Klan ,,Serbian Warriors'' poziva sve zainteresovane igrace koji ispunjavaju nase uslove i koji zele da uzmu aktivnog ucesca u klanskim bitkama da nam se prikljuce... Mozete nas kontaktirati u igri putem privatnih poruka,ili na nasem TimSpiku... Uslovi za ulazak u klan: 1.Da je igrac aktivan WR50%+ / neaktivni STOP! 2.Da ima Discord i da ga koristi / Obavezno 3.Da ima bar jedan brod tier 10 sa svim potrebnim modulima i kapetanom Discord adresa: https://discord.gg/Um53Pjc Dobro dosli...
  2. kollektivschaden

    Die besten Tier 10er ..

    Mal wieder einer dieser Post wo der Finger zuckt eine Antwort zu schreiben a la: "Schau erstmal was dir gefällt und spiel das dann hoch!" oder besser noch "l2p, nub!". Aber mal ganz ehrlich: Was ist eurer Meinung nach der beste Zehner? Eigentlich wollte ich alle Schiffe in einen Poll fassen, aber das Forum erlaubt höchstens 20 Antwortoptionen - und das reicht nicht mehr, sogar wenn man die CVs weg lässt! Also seid ruhig so frei, nicht alle Fragen zu beantworten. Was "bester" heißt? Ich weiß es nicht - das definiert jeder selbst, also schreibt gerne eine Erörterung für eure Wahl in die Antwort. Hintergrund zum Drecksnoob der die Frage stellt: er hat im moment 18 elited Tier9 Schiffe im Hafen gammeln, quält sich durch die Seattle, meidet mittlerweile selbst CVs zu spielen, spart Credits im Moment um sich die Jutland und Kitakaze in den Hafen zu stellen um dann wirklich von sich zu behaupten zu können: "Tier9 habe ich alle (bis auf CVs) - welchen Tier10 soll ich mir zuerst holen?"
  3. Tuccy

    Ranked Battles Season 9

    Captains, The Season 9 of Ranked Battles is coming soon - get ready and set up your ships! Start: April 27th, 7:00 UTC+2 End: June 4th, 7:00 UTC+2 Do you want to see more? Check out details in our portal announcement! Rules | Bonus Stars | Rewards | League of Sea Wolves | Ranked Ship Bundles What about trying the new season out? If you are interested, head to the Public Test for 0.7.4! Action Stations!
  4. Anyone have any advice? Generally the high tier meta discourages brawling or closing the distance at all. Most players want to sit back and snipe at max range, and whoever caps the points first wins. As nobody is willing to push to claim them back, German BBs are promoted as being brawlers. But since nobody is willing to push, they seem to just be giant xp pinatas sitting in the back. If you try to push, you rarely get any support and just get focus fired to death before you can do any good. I'm not calling for any particular change, since I can't change the way people seem to want to play at high tier. So my question is, how do you play the German BBs effectively at IX and X? What tactics have you found to be effective? my second questions would be : are the german's BB good at tier9-10 ? Some people said they start to be "weird"/"bad" at that tier , i don't really understand . I'm actually at the bayern. Thanks! ( used help from another topic to creat this one )
  5. Fighto

    Looking for a clan

    Hi there, Looking for a English speaking clan to help me improve and have at least 2 other people in a team that I know are with me in a battle. I have the yamato tier 10 and I consider myself a BB player but I'm grinding Jap DD and German cruisers, US BB's. I hate to bring XVM in it If I played nothing but BB I would have purple stats but learning DD's and Cruisers has had an impact but my win rate is only 47% and I'm looking for a clan to help me win more.