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Found 46 results

  1. Hi all, Which "Silver" ships you retained after finishing the grind of some ship line and reaching Tier X in it? Leo "Apollo11"
  2. Harugumo

    Und hier dann bitte alles zur Harugumo hinein.
  3. Worcester

    Americký lehký křižník X Tieru Worcester Odkaz na Wiki
  4. My short guide to "how to play Yamato"

    Introduction Hello! This is my fourth guide in my "how to" series. Links to my other guides: -> How to play Großer Kurfürst -> General guide on how to play Battleships -> How to play Montana Today I'll write about the oldest tier 10 Battleship in World of Warships: Yamato. A Battleship which has definitely been hit by "power creep" so to say, but it still holds its place as a extremely valuable tool for area denial. I'm making this guide with help from people of |OP| and people like @strangers123 (although Strangers absolutely dislikes the ship) Captain's Skillbuild As I said earlier Yamato is a ship that has greatly changed over the lifetime of this game. While the older builds often recommend a secondary based build, this is definitely not a thing you'd want to do now. There are 2 builds that I would see as usable, an AA build (questionable/very situational) and a tanky build. Personally I'd recommend using the tanky build since the AA build totally doesn't play in the Yamato's strength. Preventive Maintenance is there to avoid your turrets getting destroyed. While Yamato turrets are really tanky it does help, since your turrets turn so slowly it's likely that they will get hit in the side while turning. Direction center for catapult aircraft could be picked for extra torpedo spotting but I personally prefer having my main battery guns not break on me in combat, but it's up to personal preference. In the contrary Expert Marksman is a MUST HAVE on the Yamato, if you are going for the reload upgrade on your ship your gun turret traverse will slow down to a whopping 82 seconds (for a 180° turn) if you wouldn't use the Expert Marksman skill. While using it will bring that back down to 62 seconds (note that Isoroku Yamamoto is being tested with enhanced expert marksman making this even more valuable) Adrenaline Rush will help to increase your DPM (Damage per minute) once your hp goes lower (thrust me, it will). This will make you incredibly dangerous since your reload will drop down to +-23 seconds when you are at 50% HP. Basics of Survivability, a mainstay in tank builds, is a skill that will decrease fire and flooding duration, which is incredibly useful given that Yamato will be the focus of many cruisers. Superintendent will give you an extra heal which obviously helps in prolonged games, giving you an extra batch of repairable HP. Fire Prevention does the same as Basics of Survivability in helping you survive HE focused fire, it limits the max number of fires you can have on your ship, making the 2 most easy to hit fire zones into one big zone (the front and back of the midships) Concealment Expert is a skill I use on all my Battleships because it is just so valuable, it allows you to disengage and heal back up (in most cases). It can greatly stretch your lifetime in a battle where you are being pushed. Ship Upgrades Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Or for Manoeuvrability (Which I prefer) Slot 5 Slot 6 Slot 4 is really the only one of these upgrades that could be disputed. While Damage Control System 2 is very useful for tanking, I do prefer Steering gears mod 2 to help your ship turn. Yamato really needs to be able to turn to avoid exposing it's weak frontal citadel which I'll talk more in detail about in the next point. General Playstyle Yamato is as I said one of the older Battleships in the game and it does show. Compared to all her tier 10 counterparts she still has a very easy to hit citadel because it sits quite high in the water. The octagonal shape of her citadel also makes it so that Yamato can get quite easily citadelled even when angled. In the picture below I indicated what I am talking about with a blue line. When Yamato is angling like this, that panel sits at a flat angle compared to you, making it easy to penetrate given that you are in a Battleship are ship with a high enough calibre to do so. This is why I prefer the stearing gears modification over the damage control, it allows you to more easily hide this weakness. Because when you are sitting completely bow on to an enemy Battleship, the only other Battleship that is able to penetrate your hull is another Yamato. For it's play style Yamato greatly depends on her massive guns, but these also limit her in some points. Yamato is great at denying complete areas of the map by sitting bow on and stopping enemy battleships from pushing into her, this will make her a priority target of most cruisers, hence why I recommend using the tank build. It is better to wait out the first few minutes of the battle to see where you are most needed, the thing you do need to keep in mind is that you need support. Yamato is a Battleship that works incredibly poorly when unsupported and has great difficulties getting out of harms way unlike Montana or Kurfürst who can more easily turn around. Unlike these ships Yamato doesn't have a lot of firepower in the back of the ship and is also relatively slow. You should see Yamato more as a fortress, once it sits somewhere where it has secured its flanks, it is incredibly hard to dislodge her from her position. Her 460mm guns can overmatch the bows of all enemy battleships that could come to assault her, making pushes against her not an easy task at all. Carriers and destroyers will be a pain to deal with as they can launch attacks from angles that Yamato has a hard time defending, although her very impressive torpedo bulge will definitely take a lot of the sting out of torpedoes. Try to keep the enemy in front of you while withering them down and push when your team is ready. Whatever you do, don't brawl, your slow turret traverse will make it very hard to track enemies, even battleships at close range, on top of that your number 2 turret cant aim down over your first turret at short range, diminishing your damage even more. And when enemy battleships get around you and get you angled they will start reliably citadelling you in the spot that I mentioned before. What you should do when the enemy starts pushing in is trying to back off by putting your ship in reverse, this will give you more time to deal as much damage as possible. When you know you are going down, taking someone with you with a ram could also be an option you are willing to take. Try not to use your back turret when you are closer than 15 km unless the enemy really isn't paying attention. When you are able to use your back turret, this also means that you expose that weak spot in your citadel. (you basically need to outweigh your risks and rewards) On top of this try to stick to targets that are in front of your guns, thanks to the very slow turret rotation you will lose a lot of time if you switch targets very often. In short: Don't give broadside, get a good position with your flanks relatively secure (preferably close to your own destroyers for support), unload accurate 460mm shells until your ship runs out of hp or you need to start pushing, try to limit turning your guns, do not brawl and don't forget that your citadel has a weird shape. Outro As all my other guides I will try to keep updating these, if you have any points you would like to see added, please do leave them in the comments. Feedback is always appreciated and I will try to implement it as soon as possible. Have a nice day! Kathy.
  5. Salem

    Americký křižník X tieru Salem Odkaz na EN Wiki
  6. My short guide to "how to play Montana"

    Introduction Hello! This is my third guide in my "how to" series. Links to my other guides: -> How to play Großer Kurfürst -> General guide on how to play Battleships -> How to play Yamato Today I'd like to take a moment to share my experiences and tips on how to play my favourite tier X battleship: Montana. I'm making this guide with some tips from my clanmates from |OP|. Captain's Skillbuild Montana is a very versatile Battleship compared to Yamato and Großer Kurfürst and that gets reflected in the numerous skillbuilds you can take for your captain. While it is versatile I would like to say that certain skillbuilds are definitely better for randoms and less so for clanbattles and/or ranked. Skillbuild 1: AA A skillbuild I would almost exclusively use in random battles because of its niche. This build is very good to use when platooning up with Aircraft Carriers as it's AA damage per second can get quite absurd (for a Battleship) Although this is an AA spec I would like to adres some of my choices here. I did opt to pick Concealment Expert because this skill is a must in almost every Battleship if you want to have a tool to disengage (not fleeing, disengaging) When you have been under sustained HE fire from enemy cruisers it is always nice to have the option to stop firing for a while to get undetected, and while being undetected you can heal up. Very often new battleship drivers keep unloading,even on low HP and thus throwing their ship (and remaining heals) overboard by getting sunk. This choice does limit your other choices because it costs 4 points to take. Forcing me to drop Basic Firing Training(BFT) which gives you a 20% AA dps buff. The AA range upgrade you get from Advanced Firing Training works better with Manual Fire Control for AA Armament than BFT does. Super intendent is another one of those skills which you can't go without on Battleships. The remaining points I spent into Direction Center and Preventive maintenance. The first skill gives your AA and Main batteries more sustainability and the second skill gives you an extra plane to spot torpedoes with. Expert Marksman is something I put on all my ships because I like to manoeuvre quite a lot, EM will allow your guns to be trained on target faster. Skillbuild 2: Endurance build This build is a build I'd recommend for ranked play and solo-randoms. It's a build that will greatly improve your survivability and thus also will increase your damage (in most cases) This build shows some similarities with skillbuild 1 namely Preventive Maintenance, Expert Marksman, Superintendent and Concealment Expert. These skills are in my opinion all a must have although Preventive Maintenance could be switched out for something else because it is the least important one on that list. Basics of Survivability and Fire Prevention together with Concealment Expert will work to limit damage taken by High Explosive shells and especially the fires resulting from it. While Adrenaline Rush will help you to increase your damage output even when your ship gets damaged. Ship Upgrades Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Or for AA Slot 4 Or for Manoeuvrability (Which I prefer) Slot 5 Slot 6 Or for DPS A lot of these Upgrades are up to personal preference. For example in Slot 6 I prefer Artillery Plotting Room because it makes Montana surprisingly accurate. And in my opinion the Main Battery Mod 3 slows down your turrets a bit too much. But the decision is up to you, my play style is a bit too aggressive to slow down my turrets. General Playstyle Montana is a Battleship which can be played a lot more aggressive than it's tier 9 predecessor the Iowa. It shares the same slow shell velocity but gains an extra turret. The slow shell velocity means that you will need to lead your targets more and although you would think a slow shell velocity is bad, it does have its perks. Your shells dip a lot faster making it easier to hit the citadels of some cruisers and your super heavy American Armour Piercing shells do a lot of damage even when you don't hit the citadel. An added effect of your slow shells is that hitting ships behind islands is easier since the shell arc is quite high. Your great firing angles allow you to use all your 12 406 millimeter guns without having to show a lot of your broadside, giving you an advantage when pushing in to some other Battleships. And your great accuracy (especially with Artillery Plotting Room 2) will make cruisers wish they didn't risk giving you their broadside. Montana is fairly resilient but don't get fooled! You have great armour and it is generally hard to citadel a Montana but when you give broadside it gets a lot easier to get citadelled, especially when you are in a turn. But don't get fooled! You have great armour and it is generally hard to citadel a Montana but when you give broadside it gets a lot easier to get citadelled, especially when you are in a turn. On the AA, even when you are using the Endurance built I described earlier, your AA is still very powerful and you will notice that Aircraft Carriers tend to avoid your AA. When they finally notice you are not running an AA heavy spec it might happen that they will come after you anyway, although they will still lose quite a lot of planes it will definitely make it a lot harder to survive. Again, it depends on your own preference what skill build you run, just keep in mind to stay a lot closer to your friendly neighbourhood AA cruiser when you pick the endurance build over the AA build. You have great stealth so getting close to caps and suddenly surprising enemy cruisers who flash you their belly is quite funny (well it's funny for you at least) Other than that just try to keep your destroyers safe, a living DD between you and the enemy is valuable because they are one of your only ways of knowing where the enemy DDs and/or torps are. Since you don't have hydro-acoustic search like the Großer Kurfürst that means keeping your DD safe is even more important for Montana. Don't hesitate to shoot enemy DDs either, your slow shells+ big volume of accurate shells will cause massive damage to Destroyers if they get unlucky. In short: Don't give broadside, when you are running an endurance build and there's a cv stick close to AA cruisers and whine that you are not running a AA build, use your great stealth to go closer to caps than a GK would and provide support for your Destroyers. Outro As all my other guides I will try to keep updating these, if you have any points you would like to see added, please do leave them in the comments. Have a nice day! Kathy.
  7. Yamato- Legenda marynarki wojennej Japonii, okręt posiadający działa kalibru 460mm, teoretycznie największy i najbardziej zabójczy pancernik na świecie, ale... I tak właśnie zaczyna się cała historia tego okrętu w grze World of Warships. W obecnej "mecie" Yamato jest praktycznie najmniej granym pancernikiem w grze. Ma to oczywiście swoje powody, kiedy World of Warships wyszedł jako otwarta beta mieliśmy do wyboru 2 nacje: amerykańskie i japońskie okręty. Montana straszyła każdy napotkany okręt potencjałem wystrzelenia 12 pocisków o dobrej penetracji w stronę wroga ściągając mu dużą część HP bądź też likwidując go w całości jedną salwą, Yamato natomiast był okrętem któremu wszystko jedno czy okręt jest ustawiony frontem czy bokiem, bo pociski 460mm i tak przebijały się przez okręt. Po czasie panowania USA i IJN przyszedł czas na pancerniki niemieckie, brytyjskie i francuskie, całkiem możliwe że niedługo zawitają też do nas włoskie pancerniki... Jak Yamato sprawuje się obecnie? - Wypada najsłabiej porównując go z innymi pancernikami. - Conqueror może dostać znaczące obrażenia, a jego regeneracja HP i tak sprawi, że trzeba ten okręt "zabić" dwa razy - Montana może spokojnie wyjść z każdej sytuacji nie będąc za to zbyt mocno ukaraną, przy czym jest też dosyć zwrotna - Grosser Kurfuerst nie otrzymuje obrażeń w cytadelę z bliskiej odległości, przez co może zawracać nawet na otwartych wodach i ucierpi na tym ewentualnie na tyle mocno, że będzie mógł wyleczyć obrażenia od penetracji (50%) - Republique ma świetny pancerz i penetracje tego okrętu od frontu są wręcz awykonalne Yamato natomiast MUSI polegać na całym zespole, ustawić się perfekcyjnie na mapie osłaniając swoją burtę od wszystkich pancerników i niektórych krążowników (Moskva i Henri IV), które mogą przebić się w jego cytadelę. Yamato w przypadku skrętu na otwartych wodach zostaje momentalnie usunięty z bitwy przez okręty wroga. No w porządku, ale co jest tego powodem? - Powodem tego jest jego cytadela, która jest umieszczona nad linią wody (cytadela burty) oraz jego heksagonalna cytadela na dziobie okrętu, którą wyżej wymienione okręty z łatwością mogą penetrować, dodatkowo Yamato ma bardzo duży promień skrętu i jedyną opcją dla niego jest zajęcie pozycji i cofanie się bądź też przyspieszanie. Zmiana pozycji w trakcie bitwy, kiedy Yamato jest pod ostrzałem jest praktycznie niemożliwa, co powoduje, że Yamato szybko idzie na dno , więc nie dziwi tutaj spadająca aktywność tym okrętem. Wargaming dodał kapitana Yamamoto Isoroku, który świetnie się sprawuje na okręcie Yamato... okej, ale parametry okrętu pozostały te same, dalej jest najtrudniejszym pancernikiem do grania i dalej zostaje daleko w tyle za swoimi klasowymi rywalami. Skoro w nadchodzącym patchu 0.7.4 Shimakaze dostosowuje się do panującej mety i jej kamuflaż zostaje zmniejszony do minimalnie 5,59 km, to czemu Yamato dalej pozostaje swoją własną wersją sprzed 2 lat? Czyżby Wargaming zapomniał o swoim japońskim gigancie kiedyś siejącym postrach i zniszczenie, a dziś wywołującym uśmiech, bo mamy darmowy cel do palenia, torpedowania i do trafiania cytadel? Jeśli o czymś zapomniałem, podzielcie się proszę spostrzeżeniami, póki co dziękuję za uwagę i przeczytanie tego co mam do powiedzenia na temat japońskiej legendy marynarki wojennej, Yamato. Pozdrawiam i powodzenia w bitwach! [BTT-W]szatan3434
  8. Introduction Hello! It's been a while since I last wrote my general guide on how to play battleships -> Link (Other guides -> How to play Yamato and How to play Montana) So now I would like to start sharing my experiences and tips on how to play some specific battleships. Today I want to make a guide about the Großer Kurfürst which I will just name GK from now on because it's less annoying to write. I'm making this guide with some tips gathered from [OP] and other players like @Runner357. Gun Choice GK has the option to switch between 2 sets of guns. While the 406mm guns give you a faster rate of fire they do often lack the penetration to hurt enemy battleships as much as the 420mm guns do. That being said, the 420's also do more damage/shell. This however is a personal preference and I do know people who play with the 406's and like them more. Captain's Skillbuild Just like any ship the GK is just a piece of easy target practice without a good captain and with that a good captain skillbuild. While there are a few ways to build the skills GK there is one build I definitely prefer over other builds. This build focusses heavily on survivability compared to f.e. a secondary build (a build that takes Manual Secondaries, Basic Fire Training and Advanced Fire Training) While the secondary build can be usefull in some occasions it generally lacks in flexibility. I take Preventive Maintenance to decrease the possibility of my main battery guns getting knocked out in a fight. Expert Marksman gives the usefull bonus of being able to turn your guns faster + it offsets the penalty your guns get to turret rotation by taking the reload module. This is a skill I tend to take on all my BB's Adrenaline Rush is a skill that gets more usefull the more your ship gets damaged, making it so that taking a torpedo or two isn't the worst thing in the world anymore (still try to avoid it tho) Basics of Survivability and Fire Prevention serve the same goal of limiting fire damage your ship will take. GK is extremely big, even bigger than Yamato, and will be a very tasty target for cruiser HE spam. Fires do a percentage based damage on your ship every second. If my calculus is allright this should be 0.3% of your HP/fire/second. This is 317 damage every single second on the GK for only one fire. Limiting this damage is extremely important in the GK if you want to keep tanking for your team. Super Intendent fits very nicely in this image as it will give you an extra charge for your repair party (and Hydroacoustic search!) which will greatly help your survivability. Concealment Expert is a bit of a controversial pick because the GK's detection will remain quite big, however I've found it usefull because it allows you to get a little bit closer before opening up, and it does open up some ways to dissengage if things go south. Ship Upgrades Stearing Gears Mod 2 could be switched out for Damage Control System 2 which grants an even bigger reduction on fire and flooding duration, however, personally I like to keep my ships somewhat manoeuvrable so I tend to stick to the decrease in rudder shift. This makes turning to avoid torpedoes a lot less painfull. Some could argue that taking the Gun Fire Control System Modification 2 would be better than the Main Battery Modification 3 because the range on the GK is indeed quite lacking. However I end up engaging targets at a shorter range so having that extra reload suits the GK better. You do not want to be sniping in this ship. General Playstyle GK is a ship that benefits from a slightly more agressive playstyle than f.e. its tier X counterparts Yamato and Montana. The biggest difference is that GK has acces to the German Hydroacoustic Search consumable which has a range of 5.88 km for ships and 4.02 km for torpedoes. This allows you to be more agressive in pushes because your hydro provides you with a lot of warning for incoming enemy torpedoes. While your size will hinder you in avoiding all, it will severely limit the total amount of torpedoes you might take. This is even more important when fighting against Destroyers equipped with deepwater torpedoes, torpedoes that are extremely stealthy. The bow on the GK encourages an agressive playstyle even more since it's the only tier X BB that has 60mm of bow plating (marked in red by amazing paint skills) keep in mind that the parts marked in blue are still only 32 mm of armour tho. Your 60mm makes you relatively resilient when bow on to enemy battleships and cruiser AP, however the superstructure of GK is one of your weak points. A good player will shoot for your superstructure and do lots of damage by penetrating that instead. Furthermore your good citadel armour and turtleback shape* of your main armourbelt allow you to get away with some manoeuvres other battleships could only dream off. This however doesn't mean you can't be punished. GK gets citadelled very rarely but it definitely does happen in certain occasions. And even if you don't get citadelled when giving your side to the enemy, your ship will take massive penetrating damage, 30K damage salvoes on a GK are not unheard off. Your bad turret angles will lure you into temptation to show a lot of your side and that's why, when you are being focussed, it is better to keep your bow turned to the enemy and resist the temptation to kill yourself by showing broadside. The GK isn't renowned for its accuracy but that doesn't mean it's super bad, when you are not being focussed and you can use all your guns they might suprise you with their accuracy. GK has a lot of HP for a tier X ship and when used correctly you can make that 105 800 hitpoint pool last a lot longer too. Don't forget to angle, use your heals, limit fires by pressing the damage control consumable at the right time (never press it for 1 fire) and, to add to that point, make sure you pick the premium consumables (22 500 credits), not taking these, especially damage control party 2 and repair party 2, will give you a very big disadvantage on the battlefield. Try to focus the enemy Battleships at the start of the game, your lack of stealth makes it hard to ambush cruisers. When the moment in the battle is there to be aggressive don't be afraid to push. A pushing GK with hydro running is a big pain to deal with for the enemy team. Just try to not overextend that much. *turtleback armour is a shape of armour that will have the effect of giving you less citadels when you give broadside. Outro That's basically it for this guide, if you have any other points I could add please do mention them in the comments, I will try to implement them if possible :) Have a nice day! Kathy.
  9. Gude, wir sind deutsch und Englischsprachig ! Wir suchen noch aktive Wows abhängige Kapitäne. Spass steht im Vordergrund. Aktives Spiel und Teilnahme am CW sind erwünscht ! Grüße aus FFM !
  10. Does anybody else think that the Hakuryu is outclassed by the Midway? Even the hanger on the Midway is bigger. Midway - 136 units. 2 fighter squads, x7 aircraft with skill. Hakuryu – 100 units. Either: 2x fighter squads, x5 with skill. 4x fighter squads, x5 with skill. Either way, the fighters on the US side do more damage and by far have alot more ammo. I’ve got to admit. I’m finding playing Tier X Carriers annoying, because you know that the Midway is almost certainly a win card in the right hands with maximised skills. And since the introduction of the fighter sweep? It's made things even worse, because the US fighters are more suited for it. Well that's what I think.
  11. Yueyang

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o torpédoborci Yueyang (Pan-Asia, tier X). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  12. As the topic says. I choose 5 arguably most popular names proposed by community and put them in the pool. You can also choose other. Please write them in the comments.
  13. MM changed?

    It seems to me that for a few weeks / months now, I can't play anymore a tier VIII battles with my tier VIII ships like Atago or Edinburgh. All I get in the evening is a 80% Tier X or - at best - IX / 20% Tier VIII. I love these ships but their win rate keep dropping and I have absolutely no more fun playing them. I can be OS by one of those great German or British BBs even though I do not angle and I have decent HP left. Today I lost 2 times in a row in these kind of battles and am so disgusted that I stopped playing. Is it my perception? Has there been a change in the MM or whatever other change? Is it just that so many players now have at least 1 or 2 tier X that there is simply not enough players at lower tiers for MM to arrange battles at those levels?
  14. So what good is Montana now?

    Sure they got buffed at their citadel to make them less like pinatas and less paranoid, but now that Conqueror is coming with good or better AA, fire chance accuracy and concealment, is there any point to playing with Montana anymore? Sure you can still perform well on Montana as a good player, but aren't you just essentially handicapping yourself when you could pick the other superior Tier X BBs instead? When I try to make good points why picking Montana would be preferable, I feel like I am only grasping at straws. Can someone convince me otherwise, or is Montana ...dare I say it... simply and objectively inferior?
  15. Conqueror

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o bitevní lodi Conqueror (Velká Británie, tier X). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině) Upozornění: Parametry jsou jen předběžné a můžou se změnit.
  16. Tier 10 research modules

    Whilst research modules make sense on most tiered ships as it does squeeze a lot of free XP expenditure, most tier X ships are given their modules fully researched. Those ships are the accumulation of the player's effort and time and therefore come fully researched, usually at least. There are some ships that upgradable modules makes sense. The Kurfurst player might favor smaller and faster firing guns, a Khabarovsk player might prefer the higher alpha damage on the torpedoes, and the Shimakaze's F3s and Type 93s are both viable options for different play styles. For those ships, having upgradable modules makes sense to an extent. What doesn't make sense however is the tier X ships with the upgradable modules that are clearly superior without question to the unupgraded counterparts. The Midway and the Hakuryuu are the obvious example who both need to expend 126k free XP to get those tier X ships to their fully upgraded forms. A less obvious but no less irritating example is the Z-52 which needs to spend free XP or grind for a torpedo set that is superior to the first set in every way that matters. Tier X ships should come fully upgraded in my opinion, players should not have to grind a tier X ship in order to get their ship fully upgraded. The current system, especially as it pertains to carriers, is something that can't help but seem like an egregious cash grab and should be removed immediately.
  17. Henri IV

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o těžkém křižníku Henri IV (Francie, tier X). WG Wiki
  18. Grozovoi

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o torpédoborci Grozovoi (Sovětský svaz, tier X). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  19. Tier X Soviet Destroyer Grozovoi

    Disscusion thread about the new tier X Soviet destroyer Grozovoi that is the part of the second Soviet DD branch. Stats: Ship HP: 20900 Armour: 16-25 mm Max Speed: 39.5 knots Rudder Shift Time: 4.5 seconds Turning Circle Radius: 720 m Surface Detectability: 8.8 km Air Detectability: 4.8 km Main Battery 130mm/58 SM-2-1(3 x 2) Range: 10.3 km Reload Time: 5 seconds Turret Rotation Speed: 10 sec/180° Sigma: 2.0 HE Ammo: 130mm HE-42 Damage: 1800 Initial velocity: 950m/s Chance of fire: 8% AP Ammo: 130mm AP-42 Damage: 2600 Initial velocity: 950m/s Penetration(5km/10km):150mm/91mm Torpedoes 533mm 53-49M(2 x 5) Damage: 14600 Speed: 66 knots Range: 8 km Reload: 129 seconds Detectability: 1.4 km 533mm 53-49MI (2 x 5) Damage: 14600 Speed: 65 knots Range: 10 km Reload: 129 seconds Detectability: 1.3km AA 130mm/58 SM-2-1(3 x 2) 5.2km range, 84 damage 45mm SM-20 ZIF (4 x 4) 3.5km range, 82 damage 25mm 4M-120 (2 x 4) 3.1km range, 17 damage Consumables Damage Control Party on first slot, Smoke Screen on second slot, Engine Boost/Defensive AA Fire on third slot Preview stats based on The Border Patrol Site and info from tests.
  20. 1. I don't play bastion, because I don't play tier X. 2. I read a lot of complaints about it. So I have some toughts about it. Most people complain about the campfest that bastion is forcing onto the players. There are 2 simple reasons for that: - their sphere of influence is restricted to beeing close to them, not beeing close means not getting into their sphere, staying close to your own means enemy needs to enter yours - it's not an attack and defend mode where one team is forced to attack Both together lead to campfests, because you lose your advantages if you attack and noone is forced to attack. So at least one of that has to change. Sphere of influence Instead of having a restricted sphere of influence with strong force, have a non restriced (e.g. whole map cover) with light force. Instead of forts with cannons, how about a small airfield who launches a squad of planes randomly attacking an enemy ship? They can get shot down and don't do that much damage, but they can reach every part of the map. Reason for staying away from the airfield? None other than the enemy team trying not to lose that point. The same goes for the owner of the point. No reason to camp it since you don't have more protection there than anywhere other on the map. Maybe some launch fighters who counter enemy bombers? Taking such a point would be a very strategic option. (But again, they don't do circles arround their airfield, but go fly to a random enemy squad as to not creat another restricted sphere of influence.) You don't have to do it with only planes. How about a submarine bunker? It launches a submarine, that travels the map and spots enemies close by. It can't get spotted by the enemy and will not attack. Now you have an unrestricted lookout option. No reason to stay away from that point anymore, since the actual u-boot could be anywhere on the map. Maybe just some passive buffs for the whole team, like less chance to get fires started. You get the point. If effects are effecting the whole map the reason to camp at your own points is destroyed. Attacking and defending is now equally effective and therefore viable. Attack and defend The easier solution would be to just declare one team attacker which automatically losses if it just camps. For example forts start out capped by the defender and after the enemy conquers or destroy them they don't work anymore for the rest of the game. This would create the opportunity to destroy them from afar and force the defender to go out defending them leading to a range play. But offcourse that needs carefull balance as to not give one team too much of an advantage.
  21. Z-52

    Hier bitte alles zur Z-52 rein
  22. Z-52

    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o torpédoborci Z-52 (Německo, tier X). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  23. Tier X elimination thread: Warships Edition

    Hello everyone! I've seen elimination threads like these on WOTLabs, and thought: "Hey, these could work for WOWS too!", but I've never gotten round to making one. Until today. For those unfamiliar with how these threads work, I'll explain it. All the tanks (in this case ships) in a particular tier are listed in the OP, and each starts with a score of 20. The next post copies the list and removes 3 points from the ship that they think is worst and adds 1 point to the ship they think is best, explaining why in each case, like so: Ship A: 20-3=17 (Doesn't have the firepower to make up for the lack of armour and agility) Ship B: 20 Ship C: 20+1=21 (The torpedoes are great, the ship is fast and stealthy and the guns are good) Every following post copies the most up to date list and does likewise. When a ship reaches 0 points it is eliminated, hence the name, and is removed from the list. The last ship left wins the thread. Rules: 1: No fiddling with the point totals 2: No resurrecting eliminated ships 3: You must have played tier 10 in the current patch. No exceptions. 4: One vote per person per day. Multiple votes will be ignored. Starting list: Midway (2/1/2): 20 Midway (3/0/2): 20 Midway (1/1/3): 20 Montana: 20 Des Moines: 20 Gearing: 20 Hakuryu (2/3/2): 20 Hakuryu (2/3/3): 20 Hakuryu (4/2/2): 20 Yamato: 20 Zao: 20 Shimakaze (Long lances): 20 Shimakaze (type 93 mod. 2): 20 Shimakaze (type F3): 20 Hindenburg: 20 G. Kurfurst (406mm): 20 G. Kurfurst (420mm): 20 Moskva: 20 Khabarovsk: 20 Khabarovsk (ET-46): 20 Minotaur: 20 Latest list: Midway (2/1/2): 18 Midway (3/0/2): Eliminated Midway (1/1/3): 16 Montana: Eliminated Des Moines: 22 Gearing: 23 Hakuryu (4/2/2): 20 Hakuryu (2/3/3): 23 Hakuryu (2/3/2): 21 Yamato: 23 Zao: 27 Shimakaze (Long lances): Eliminated Shimakaze (type 93 mod. 2): 20 Shimakaze (type F3): 11 Hindenburg: 23 G. Kurfürst (406mm): 21 G. Kurfürst (420mm): 20 Moskva: 22 Khabarovsk: 22 Khabarovsk (ET-46): Eliminated Minotaur: 15 Final list: *Winner*: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: 5th: 6th: 7th: 8th: 9th: 10th: 11th: 12th: 13th: 14th: 15th: 16th: 17th: 18th: Khabarovsk (ET-46) 19th: Montana 20th: Shimakaze (Long Lances) 21st and last: Midway (3/0/2) Let it begin!
  24. Shatter broken on high tier PvE

    Just experienced the same thing 3 times in a row: Tier X PvE/Co-Op game. Map shatter. All bots move forward until they run themselves aground on the nearest island (this happens all the time in PvE but wait for it) Normally they can -more or less- get free and it certainly doesn't happen with ALL bots from bots sides. Now it does. This effectively makes the mode unplayable cause you'll be expected to kill the entire red team since there's nothing else capable of assisting. These 3 incidents were all with a bot Minotaur involved in the battleline. Not sure if that's related. I have yet to play a game on the same map without one.
  25. 0.5.12 The Grand PVE high tier Shaft

    Latest patch has introduced massive credit loss for high tier (IX/X) PVE matches. Even with -20% repair (flag+camo) and free consumables you're looking at -40K/-80K at the very least and that's if you had a good game. If you fancy a premium repair or heal or smoke (not all, just pick one) and play without credit gain, repair reduction flags...ow boy. Doesn't seem to matter much what ship class you play because of the smaller team (less HP available) and shorter matches. I have no issue with PVE having reduced credit income. It's always been like that and for good reasons. I have no issue with the philosophy behind the last patch reworked economy. From what I read it works (more or less) fine in Randoms. However, before the patch a good game in high tier PVE was at least 'rewarded'. You had to pull your weight but providing you did, you could at least manage to break even. (Couple kills, around 100-140K damage, capped or reset capped some, spotting when in DD, tanking along the way when in BB etc.) Oversight? (PVE up to Tier VIII seems to work OK.) Just not that important I guess? Bit too harsh imo. No credits for a good Tier IX/X match? Ok, fine by me. Just getting axed for maximum efforts takes the fun away though. Preemptive info for the smartass division: -Yes I'm aware PVE is for noobs, muppets, players who are scared of real fights and all that. -Yes you are not supposed to play PVE beyond the first training missions -Yes to any negative knee jerks on playing PVE. You are all absolutely right. The above said, a lot of us play PVE on high tiers anyways. If we're supposed to just shaft our high tier ships to the mothball fleet because of WG official policy, I'd even accept that. Given the fact WG (even recently) has stated they are aware of PVE popularity and take development of new PVE content seriously though, I can't help but feel a bit weird about this?