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Found 19 results

  1. Flavio1997

    Wg, isn't cossack a bit too much?

    So, yesterday i reached my 50 guineas and bought/unlocked the cossack, put on my jutland captain (pt,ar,ls,bft,se,ce) and did 4 matches. 3 were against tier 10 and 1 top tier In the last, i got spotted by an asasiho and a zao detonated me (fun and engaging) in the first 3 mins BUT, in the other 3 matches i ended up always 1st, and in the other 2 matches against tier 10 i did more than 2.4k base exp. So that got me thinking :Isn't cossack a bit too much wg? Let's compare it to the lightning, a ship that i consider already a very strong dd at tier 8, and probably the one i had the most fun with: -idiotic 5.5kms concealment, this allows you to always have the 1st salvo off ( but on kagero andds, but good luck kagero in winning a fight against lightning/cossack), to pick a fight or disengage and to get very close to torp your enemy. In the lighning, this was balanced by the fact that you are slow (35 knots with speed flag), and you don't have the "spood beast" (cit). But in the cossack you are already faster ( 38 knots with flag), then you add your boost on top of it and you are doing 41 knots, so you can disengage and you have always your smoke ready to help you out. -firepower: coupled with concealment, this gives already a good edge to the lightning in a gunfight against dds, coupled with a very good firechance and great alpha strike. This get turned up to 11 with the cossack that has even a 4th turret, it's not rare to score a 4k hit on your first salvo with cossack on other dds, and at least pre-buff it had slow traverse ( a bit mitigated by the fact that the b and x turret are 360° ones), but now that it has the "lightning fast" 9 secs turret traverse? you have always you guns on targhet and you can wiggle like mad and you don't get caught with your pants down cause your turret are on the other side. This ship is a monster and in the right condition can challenge even the akizuki, and you can always disengage with your smoke "on demand". Is also a great firestarter agains ships that have flooded. -agility: you have the acceleration mod baked in (and coupled with the speed boost you can do some really amazing stuff), this allows you to use the steering gear mod, this gives you an upper edge i a gunfight, allows you to do spectacular torpbeats and more importantly: dodging incoming salvoes ( thanks also to the tight turning circles). Is insane how an English/American light cruiser can't hit you at 8 kms if you are running away and wiggling ( tried both as the one with the dd and the one with the cl ). Is the only dd ( with lighting) who doesn't follow the "6 secs rule" ( if a dd is within 6 secs of shell flying distance from you, and your aim is right, you are going to hit him, even if he maneuvers). And then we add even the hidro, that allows you to push enemy dds in smoke and virtually never get hit by a torp. This ships handles like a glove -torps: this should be the weakness of this ship, but after the buff, it really isn't. You have tier 10 torps with 10 kms of range, they are somewhat slowish , even though they are blazing fast compared to benson's( and friends/copypaste), but they strike quite hard, are quite invisible and you can single launch them, AND they have an insane reload, that if specced and with AR kicking in can be around 55-50 secs. This allows you to torp an enemy, reload and torp again and flood him ( and if he hasn't got premium dcp he is dead), and especially the range allows you to do stuff really powerfull and scary. For example in one of my matches i spotted a bow in seattle, kept him between 9.4 and 9 kms so he couldn't radar me( thanks to my agility, deceleration capabilityes) and nuked him with all 4 torps hit (2 on the bow and 2 on the belt as he was at 10° angle from me). And even if you don't hit an enemy, in 60 secs your torps are ready to go again. So after all this i ask you again: isn't that ship a bit too much? it has too much going for it. Give it his old torp reload time, now is too good of a spotter, cap contester, torp AND gunboat. What do you think?
  2. Tier 8 seem to be the absolute worst tier for matchmaking at the moment, most of the time you are getting trown into games together with 90% tier 10s, having to survive against ships you really can not fight on a fair level. I think it's time to fix the matchmaking for tier 8, making tier 8 face same tier most of the time, and higher tiers drastically less.
  3. Bonjour, Il y a déjà deux sujets consacrés aux deux croiseurs du projet C5 Aucun des deux n'est spécifique au Charles Martel. Je vais essayer ici de faire ici la synthèse des deux sujets concernant les informations spécifiques au Charles Martel. N'ayant pas de droit d'administrateur et nos modérateurs ayant d'autres tâches bien plus importante (dresser les trolls) je vais essayer de le faire via des copier/coller et des citations. Pour le moment ce sujet va être un vaste chantier, mais le navire vaut réellement l'effort.
  4. Battleschelm

    MM und VIII

    Moin Kommt mir das nur so vor oder hat man als Tier VIII von 6 Matches 5 gegen Tier IX und Tier X Ships?? Ich höre dann immer spiel doch Tier X, ABER ich habe noch keine TIER X Ships. Ich habe manchmal Matche in den ich der einzige bin der ein Tier VIII fährt, während der Rest mindest 10 Tier X sind und 1 Tier IX sind. Mir vergeht die Lust dabei. Gruß Battleschelm
  5. Sauron1978


    Hier alles rein für den neuen T8 DD. Wiki-Stats: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Hsienyang
  6. Bonjour, En test en ce moment le Gascogne, Cuirassé Premium de Rang 8 Je développerais plus dès que possible. http://naviredeguerreww2.skyrock.com/2640979760-CUIRASSE-GASCOGNE.html Attention ceci est une UCHRONIE https://www.secondeguerre.net/articles/navires/fr/na_projetsfr.html
  7. Cpt_Puma

    HSF Harekaze

    Un nouveau destroyer est disponible en boutique Premium : HSF Harekaze. Inspiré par l'Anime Home School Fleet, ce navire est basé sur le Kagero (coque A pour les PS et les torpilles) mais propose 3 options de coque qui changent son artillerie principale : Coque A : 6x127mm/50 comme sur le Kagero Coque B : 6x100mm/65, même canons que sur l'Akizuki mais en plus petit nombre (6 au lieu de 8) Coque C : 3x127mm/54 Go Wiki pour plus de détails... Le camouflage Anime apporte des bonus particuliers : +100% XP libre et réduction de 5% des coûts de réparation et sur certains bundles, il y a des bonus temporaires +200% XP. Contrairement aux ARP, on peut utiliser ce destroyer avec des commandants Japonais et même un camouflage plus traditionnel. Je l'ai testé avec les canons de l'Akizuki et pour le moment, ça surprend bien les autres DD :
  8. Bonjour tout le monde, Je suis recruteur dans le clan francophone Cthulhu, qui est aussi présent sur wot sous le nom BC507. Je recherche tout types de joueurs de wows, car nous souhaiterions faire des batailles de clans. Nous sommes un petit groupe de 5 personnes qui jouons presque tous les jours. Nous disposons de notre espace dans un serveur TeamSpeak 3. Toutes les candidatures sont bien venues, mais quelques détails faciliteront votre recrutement : -avoir au min un tier 6 (tier 8 recommandé pour débloquer les t10 pour les batailles de clans) -être présent de temps en temps -avoir les stats correctes (pas besoins d'être unicum ^^ ) Si nous sommes intéressé par votre candidature on prendra contact avec vous. Bonne chance et bons vents !
  9. operationalpha

    Ranked Season T8 Ships

    What ships will people use? CV: Shokaku , Enterprise BB: NC, Alabama, Kii, Amagi, Tirpitz/Bismarck (?) CA/CL: Kutuzov, Edinburgh, Charles Martel, Chapayev, Atago DD: Loyang, Kidd, Benson, Ognevoi I see those are among the favourite, share your ideas!
  10. HMCite

    Air Craft Carriers

    Air Craft Carriers are the seriously ignored class of Ships in the game. These are the reasons Why 1- In lower tiers its playable, but as one advances , the insane AA makes it impossible for CV players to maintain interest in the game. 2- Every now and then Buffs are coming for different ships except for CVs 3- New ships/lines being introduced are having such insane AA. Others have Defensive AA. 4- Every Player has the ability to increase his captain skills to Be able to increase his AA DPM by basic , advance and Manual skills, yet CV doesnt get any Captain skills for improvement of Squaderent health and endurance. 5- BBs and cruisers who are AA specked are already untouchable, add to that new DDs like KIDD and Grozovoi and US DDs Defensive AA, so CV can actually have no impact in the start of the game. 6- CV does spotting, Defends allies and also at times harldy manages to strike on enemy despite all defensive AA and enemy CV AA planes and at the end the Reward for CV is the worst in all the ship types. 7- New changes to DDs AA is further Humiliation to CVs. Either CVs need to be buffed or AA needs to be nerfed with good rewards at the end If wargaming keeps the same trend , one day people will say, remember when there used to be CVs in the game??
  11. http://www.dragonkings.eu A very warm welcome to our recruitment thread.Here you will find details about our World of Warships recruitment drives and various bits of information about our clan.We are seeking players to join our fold as we expand and increase our presence in World of Warships. We want people who want more than to be in just another community for just another game.Our clan is largely British, yet we have a great community from all around Europe. Everyone is welcome to join our clan.We offer a friendly atmosphere with room for both having a laugh in small divisions and serious large-scale warfare. We have friendly members willing to train you to become better in your endeavors.We aim to have fun and build a clan which all members enjoy being a part of.We provide training sessions where members can improve their gameplayAbove all we encourage the building of friendships.We have a monthly raffle for members and have regular competitions with prizes for the winners, our own dedicated TeamSpeak Server and a YouTube channel.All we ask is when you apply to join us is. You can speak and understand fluent English Have TeamSpeak installed and a working mic. Over 18 years of age. Have at least reached tier 8. Meet our minimum stats. Have Training Room installed. Are active and willing to participate in clan activities And lastly play on the EU server.And above all, have fun blowing up ships. Who doesn't. We look forward to hearing from you. CaptinBirdseye
  12. PLAGUE is a medium sized clan that is looking to have training battles with other small to medium sized clans. We can field a team sized 7 to 9 and play tiers 6 and 8. If interested, please message me in game: PLAGUE_Irishwarrior or come onto our TeamSpeak:
  13. _Gripen_

    Sentence to death by spawn

    I just "played" a domination game in the map "Land of Fire"; it was a tier VIII match and i was sailing my tier VII Colorado. What happened: i spawned alone in the bottom left corner of the map. As the Colorado has a top speed of 20 knots i immediatly realized i was doomed. Directly in front of me spawned 3 tier VIII premium ships: a Kutuzov, an Atago and a Tirpitz. I tried anyway to reach my other teammates, which of course focused on the flags on the other side of the map as my side was very weak and doomed to be rekt by the very beginning; after a minute or so a 2nd enemy Tirpitz showed up and spotted me.... in less than a minute the Kutuzov and the Tirpitz reduced my health by 1/3; i was forced to hide behind an island, waiting to be slaughtered by them. My personal game ended in about 3 minutes and it wasn't fun at all. The spawn postion of my team wasn't good either as they were spread through the map in a very unbalanced way (of course it ended in a defeat). I have to say it's not the first time i've noticed issues with spawn positions on this particular map: spawning with american BBs like Colorado or New Mexico in such positions is completely unfair as they have a top speed of 20 knots and they can't in any way team up with allied ships. Also, the ships are spread very far away from each other and (as in the game i've played) all top tier ships are often on the same side. How is this possible? Have you ever seen similar situations? Is it possible to do anything to solve these issues?? I'm so sorry that my first post on the forum (after a year i've been playing this game) is a rant, but i was very pissed off by the fact that i was sentenced to death in the exact moment the match started. (apologize for the bad english)
  14. As a person who bought perma camo for T8 Fubuki, as of today I will be given new T8 Kagero and T6 Fubuki. Both of which with permanent camos as a compensation. Problem is, I am not even slightly interested in them. Wasn't into Kagero before when it was T9, and not into the gutted T6 Fubuki. Even less now with the introduction of new ships on the same (old) and added (new) line. Therefore I have basically wasted 3000 dublons as if I have been buying consumables. Yesteday I sent a support ticket asking for a refund, saying that I shouldn't be given the new replacement camos. They refused. Hence my interest on public opinion here. Am I the only one who feels cheated?
  15. Just did my version on "how to" Mikhail Kutuzov tier 8 premium cruiser Did´nt get the best score, but i took 0 damage and got kraken, and 1st blood Turn up the volume and watch it in 1080HD fullscreen
  16. SeaweedMonster

    North carolina or Amagi

    Sup admirals, I have a bit of a dilemma. I have acquired enough coins and exp on my Nagato class and Colorado class battleship to proceed to the next tier (Tier 8). However, I cannot choose between the North Carolina or the Amagi (Only have enough coins to choose one). It would be much appreciated if anyone with past experience playing these ships could inform me with how both ships play in general as well as if you have noticed any differences in the 0.5.5 update. Cheers !
  17. PPKinguin

    Mogami Radar?

    Why can I not get Radar in my Mogami? Did I miss anything? Can only chose between hydro, plane or defensive AA fire. Why is that?
  18. RIPMaxiB

    Economy ab Tier 8

    Guten Abend werte Community. Bevor ich loslege muss ich gestehen, dass ich über die Foren Sufu nichts gefunden habe und daher einfach mal in die Runde frage. (Sollte dennoch ein Thread hierzu irgendwo vergraben sein bitte ich vielmals um Verzeihung) Vorwort: Warum ich mich erst jetzt hier im Forum danach erkundige? Nunja ich dachte mir ich warte generell damit bis es ausreichend Tier 8 Spieler auf dem WoWs EU Server gibt. Warum ich mich danach erkundige? Diese Frage beantwortet sich bestimmt relativ leicht für jeden der auf ein Tier 9 grinded und sich fragt: "wie leiste ich mir dieses Schiff?" Das Problem: Nach nun gut 700 Gefechten darf ich mich endlich meines ersten Tier 9 Schiffes rühmen (einer Izumo), jedoch schleicht sich das Problem hier direkt ein. Trotz ausreichend guter Leistung kann ich mir die Izumo leider nicht leisten, da ich nur 8mio erwirtschaften konnte (u.a. durch den verkauf der Amagi) Warum so wenig? Naja die Izumo ist eines von vielen Schiffen und neben ihr trollen sich noch eine Mogami, eine North Carolina und eine New Orleans in meinem Techtree. allerdings stehen nur die NC und die Mogami im Hafen. Mein Eigentliches Problem befindet sich in der Economy. Da auch meine Euronen begrenzt sind möchte ich nur ungern ein 100€ Credit Paket erwerben, doch wie komme ich nun an meine Credits ? Ich könnte natürlich mit der Tirpitz, der Atago, der Murmansk oder der Warsprite grinden bis ich umfalle, aber gibt es da nicht einen einfacheren weg ? Die Lösung? : Hier kommt die Community ins spiel, und zwar würde ich gerne wissen wie Ihr eure Credits farmt. Nach Möglichkeit bitte mit Tier, Klasse und den Stats. (damit keine Verwirrung aufkommt durch Ausnahmegefechte usw.) Ich bedanke mich im voraus für eure Antworten Grüße RIP
  19. SebBrady6602

    The tirpitz

    Hello this is my first post in the forum i usually steer clear of these things, but i am a massive fan of US Battleships its a hobby of mine, so naturally i have be smashing away at the game trying to get to one of my favourite classes, the North Carolina. Finally got there (Wippie) However the same day i got this the Tirpitz landed in the shop and now its bloody everywhere. Can someone please give me their opinion because its brilliantly fun dodging and weaving cruisers and trying to smash their hulls open and fair enough sometimes it fails, and the good old "dinosaur slog fest" with other battleships. The along comes the Tirpitz. Well thats a lie. Along come three. Im tier 8, they are tier 8 which should mean this is an equal fight right? Wrong. How come, and theres nothing in any forum posts about patching or nerfing this ship but how come is it so powerful, ive turned to writing this after literally just finishing a game where i was at full health 66K and verses a tirpitz at about half health on fire. Now then, the range is about 6km and im firing from head on, meaning citadel isnt exposed. im blasting and blasting away, 5 even 6 hit salvos at this guy with the secondary armament blazing. Im Doing nothing to him! im lucky to do more that 6K, im aiming at the magazines at waterline with AP, and HE is just useless against it anyway, and then he turns around blats me with a broadside -30K immediately some bounce thank heavens. Oh look torpedos. weave a few smash smash now im flooding. repair module. He turns second broadside and im dead. I had 47 hits in that engagement with my main armament. FORTY SEVEN. And inflicted no more than NINE-THOUSAND hit points of damage. This is seriously beginning to grind my gears because this happens almost every game so much so that i never even bother shooting them anymore because im only going to lose against one. Whats going on?! Anyone else have this problem... ++Rant over++