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Found 1 result

  1. The WoWs game design and balancing department are introducing submarines as a fifth ship class. This opens the possibility to design, at least in theory, a perfectly balanced game which was not possible with just four classes because an odd number of elements is required for that. Since the new carriers and subs are still in the design phase a well-reasoned discussion might bring up some ideas that could help the game designers. The general rule for perfect balance is: Each ship class counters two of the other four ship classes, while being countered by the remaining two ship classes. No ship class is "better" than the other. This design also self-balances, i.e. should one ship class become to dominant, the two classes which counter it become more effective. Thus, no artificial limitations (like for CVs at the present) are needed anymore. However, this requires adaptations to already existing class interactions and also requires some non-historical balancing. Some of these adaptations will make sense, but others are debatable. The following picture shows the current balancing. Each arrow indicates how one ship class can counter another ship class, the arrow texts describe the most important defensive and offensive counter methods. A lot of problems with the current game balancing arise from the non-symmetrical design with just four ship classes. But what could be possible soon? The following picture shows one possible solution with the new fifth ship class, but it may not be the optimal solution. The main differences and additions to the old interactions are (clockwise, starting with subs): Subs counter BBs and cruisers with stealthy torpedo attacks. Reasoning: Subs have to counter cruisers instead of carriers because slow subs countering/hunting CVs would result in bad gameplay (e.g., subs slowly creeping along the map edge to hunt CVs). Cruisers lose ship spotting hydro but get spotting planes to enable long-range shots on carriers (more explanation below). DDs counter subs by spotting them (proximity and sub spotting hydro) and dropping depth charges. BBs now counter CVs because of their strong AA and can shoot at carriers that are far away. Reasoning: Since AA power declines with battle duration (destroyed AA mounts and AA ships) and since carriers will have unlimited planes, the carrier itself must become susceptible to damage. This probably requires that all islands outside of the center of the map to become low. There should probably also be some new game mechanic that spots carriers that are far away, e.g., periodic AI scouting planes flying along map edges near the spawning points. Carrier squadrons counter DDs and subs by spotting and bombing them. Other required changes: High caliber AP can only deal overpenetration damage to DDs and surfaced subs. Cruisers get spotting planes in a separate consumable spot. Hydro consumable is split into torpedo/ship spotting hydro and submerged sub spotting hydro. Only DDs get submerged sub spotting hydro in a separate consumable spot. Carrier squad composition can be chosen before each launch to have different plane types (e.g., a squad of 12 planes can consists of 6 HE bombers, 3 depth charge bombers, and 3 torpedo bombers). Carriers get a "Sonobuoy" consumable that can be dropped from the squadron to spot submerged subs (but not DDs in smoke!). Carriers also need to be able to quickly switch from squad-view to ship-view. No ship class should be invincible to any ship class. This mostly means that diving subs should have an oxygen timer (already confirmed in Dev Blog) and carriers should not be hidden until the endgame. This will probably be a highly controversial topic, so please stay calm and use arguments instead of name-calling and please understand that this kind of balancing is quite complicated. The above solution is by no means perfect (e.g., cruisers not countering subs is hard to defend) and other solutions may be better. In case you want to show your own solution, the Libreoffice Draw file for the balance diagram can be downloaded here. However, in my humble opinion and from a game design perspective the basic principle "counter two classes, get countered by the remaining two classes" should always prevail.