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Found 1 result

  1. Semillon

    Fixed game system?

    I have 2 identical accounts, and have done this to analyse match play. I use only Umikaze - they are identical spec. I'm good with it. Does anyone find it strange, that in one account - I win games frequently and in the other - I lose frequently? This isn't supposed to be a game of 'chance' - it's supposed to reflect your personal skill. But it doesn't! I have always said that Wargaming 'fixes' individual accounts. E.g. they attach an 'handicap'. So, in effect - the game is absolutely NOTHING to do with 'skill' - you will either win or you will lose - dependent on whether it has fixed your team to win or lose AT THE START of the game! The game result is ALWAYS forecast AT THE START of the game! When you start a game - the outcome is ALWAYS KNOWN! If you're a 'good' player - you will be matched with poor players - you WILL lose regardless of how you play. E.g. I've had 7 sinkings - and lost (which isn't surprising - they put me with 90% poor players). I generally sink 3-4, sometimes 5 - sometimes more - but I ALWAYS lose - on one particular account. I do the same, frequently, on the other account - but more frequently win! We are talking a 75%-25% differential. Why is that? How can it be - if it isn't 'fixed' by Wargaming? It isn't possible - it goes against science itself! If it has been fixed for you to lose in a game, and you happen to get lucky and start winning - a little function kicks-in e.g. you miss more shots, and the enemy hits more than they normally would have. For those that defend this - you'll no-doubt have an history of clans, being in the 'top' clans that also have games fixed for them. The above is FACT - don't let the players that are 'IN' with the devs tell you otherwise. The game is fixed (and IS theft by WarGaming) - nothing to do with game skill. Why do this? This is done to narrow the gap between good and poor players, so that the poor players don't give the game up because they haven't got the basic skills to ever become good at the game (and thus stop playing and more importantly PAYING). Get this dishonesty fixed WarGaming; do not come back with propaganda defending your game; it is MUCH TOO OBVIOUS - I'd have to be an uneducated dimwit to not know what is happening. I come from the West - Commy propaganda doesn't work with us - we aren't scared for our lives. Fix it, stop lying to your customers, stop treating us like dimwits - it isn't difficult for me to be publicize this factual information across the whole Web (and there will be a following of people that KNOW already). I want a game of skill - not bang, bang, wheeeee - for kiddies. I've left other games (after being a 'payer') - I can leave this (to the 7 year olds that you positively allow to play). p.s. I'm a software engineer - don't try technical bull with me (like you have before). The variances have nothing to do with software; this is regarding proven scientific 'odds'. ATB, Sem ;-)