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Found 8 results

  1. OphiaZ

    (TMLC) The Molten Claw

    Do you love playing World of Warships? Are you a casual player? Do you need a clan to improve in before you go to the more serious clans? Look no further TMLC The Molten Claw is recruiting casual players or players that may want a clan to improve in before you go the more pro clans. I am not the best player...some might say im bad..but it doesnt matter i play the game cuz i find it fun. We doesnt care if you are good or bad..and i think we would be a good clan to improve in without any pressure. You are welcome..doesnt care what stats you have or ur avg Dmg or ur win%...as long you are a cool nice player :) So send a request if you lime to join us..we are atm 2 ppl in the clan and still doesnt have all buildings..:)
  2. gekkehenkie50

    What to do in this situation

    I have a question: When you are in any ship, be that a DD, BB or CA (CVs excluded in this case), what do you do when you meet the entire enemy fleet? This seems to happen to me alot; In Iowa, I often suddenly get spotted, and then the shells just start pouring in, my team wisely decides to turn around and run, but because I am being focused, and it is tier IX, I have no chance of retreat, except perhaps backing up... I have already made a post about the Iowa and how bad I am in her, but I noticed that this problem is not specific to her... Come to think of it, it can happen to any ship. I just played a game in Akizuki, and together with a fletcher we just cleared a headland, and bam, 1 ship... 2...3...5...7...9 it was at that point that I got the picture and steamed in the other direction, however; the enemy fleet deployed radar... I think it was the chapayev... so what do you do in a DD when radar is on and you still need to run 3km to get out of its AOE? I just did a wiggle wiggle shake and prayed :S. I survived with 2K hp left, the fletcher didnt get away... so, now crippled I tried to flank around the enemy and let them pass me by... they just turned on radar again and surrounded me. My questions are: What can you do if you find yourself spotted, out in the open, in front of the entire enemy fleet? Is there any counter against radar for a DD?
  3. Hello everyone. Now the bulk of King of the Sea V is done, it is time to start gathering feedback. We have this questionnaire for you to fill out (if you want) we are trying to get both the viewer and player opinions, so we can optimize in the future. So if you tuned in to a few matches, please do leave your opinion! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1SBAAL7icjI6zoZUCmtLvQemVy-OQpFpLgZdUCUFw1b4/edit?usp=drive_web Just take 5 minutes to fill it out, it helps a great deal. Thanks in advance The KotS Admin Team
  4. MasterGamer333

    [MOD] Flags Of The World

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FRANCE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GERMANY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UNITEDKINDOMG ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SWEDEN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scottish -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. andrija_kaser_1

    Hits under the magazine

    Alright so yesterday i decided to do experiments with several warships in training area. I choose a battleship for testing and several bots that were bbs,dds,ac, etc. I wanted to check if there is any chance of causing 'quick detonation' under their turret. I was actually surprised that magazine hits did not result in detonation, but rather darker hull color and heavy damage. I never got a citadel or caused a detonation. So why does that happen very rarely? Shouldnt it be 0 hp and destruction of the entire vessel?
  6. Seriously every time i see that ship he ends up with at least 3 kills no matter what kind of player uses it. It is an abomination! It has great guns, insane armor, secondary's that are matched only by the Yamato, great speed and manouverability. It is just stupid, i saw one of those abominations just yolo rush a point at the start of the match and kill 2 DDs (myself included) and a CA before he finally went down to the concentrated fire of literally half of our team! The fact that a Bismarck can literally brainlessly yolo rush at the start of the match, get 3 kills and practically win the match for his team is retarded. And the damn thing is literally unkillable to DDs in even remotely capable hands. Thanks to the Cruiser level speed and manouverability, he can easily dodge any ammound of torpedoes launched at him and then you have to either run and hope he is not to close or you will be spotted by his Hydrophones and murdered by his 10km range secondary's, he doesn't even need to use his main guns! Nerf this abomination or get rid of it entirely.
  7. Requirements Ideally you have: - A sense of humour - Decent stats - A desire to play well but in a relaxed atmosphere - Speak/understand English - Discord (obviously) - Tier 8 sheep (Tier X+ is better) Requirements Ideally you have: - A sense of humour - Okish Stats I guess... - A desire to play well but in a relaxed atmosphere - Speak/understand English - Discord (obviously) How to contact us Easy peasy that one. - Reply to this thread (and bump it up for free!). - Send a PM to me or No1KamiKaZe (our leader) here on the forums. You can also try our Recruiter: KristijanTrampus - you can also send me a message in game IGN: No1KamiKaZe