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Found 1 result

  1. El2aZeR

    Some more CV stuff

    Note that I'm unsure if these are actually exploits or working as intended. I'll leave that for you to decide. The first one is very simple. It is the so called "DB exploit" that allows much better accuracy by waiting on your drop as long as possible while boosting. I'm very certain that this isn't a bug but has to do with how DBs are designed. For those that do not know, the DB reticle does not represent the actual dispersion of your bombs. The actual dispersion of bombs is a cone projected from the aircraft itself independent of your reticle. While at the end stages of a boosted dive the bomber starts to pull up, meaning that your bombs will only be able to hit in roughly the forward half of your reticle. In addition to that because bombers approach at an angle you'll get a very high potential target area if you approach from the side. To illustrate this, glorious paint skills: This is useful for AP bombs as well as it allows you to attack the belt armor of cruisers. IJN AP DBs are nowhere near as reliable though, but it can help in a pinch. Also keep in mind that aircraft speed affects penetration power of AP bombs. Against thinner targets it may be preferable to slow down instead. Quick demonstration: Next in line, lets talk about our favorite plane type (), rockets! Anyone remember when I said Enterprise has the best RFs in the game? Well... Simply put, Enterprise doesn't suffer any penalty to maneuverability and her reticle will still narrow down (albeit slowly) when maneuvering while preparing an attack. So unless you miscalculate your attack run completely the enemy DD has no chance to escape damage barring some serious divine intervention making gaps appear in E's exceptional rocket dispersion. Wanna know what else doesn't give a about maneuvering tho? Her DBs. Next up, I'm not sure how many people realize this but all ships actually have a zone right above them where AA won't fire. This is shown in the AA range where the minimum range is 0.1km, aka within that you won't take damage. Lone cruisers actually become highly desirable targets for DBs if you can get close. On some ships this is way larger than others. Republique has an entire 1km around it where AA simply stops firing. Naturally this means you can bail inside that zone as well without taking any casualties. And finally, remember that your planes are completely immune to damage shortly after both initiating and finishing an attack? Turns out this immunity time extends to bailing out. Doesn't stop there though, planes are artificially accelerated away from their target when finishing up an attack. This is because during testing aircraft could almost immediately turn around and reengage which made DBs especially powerful. But by bailing immediately you can use that speed to make planes reach their immunity altitude faster especially if you use boost, basically replicating the F spam exploit (although it isn't nearly as effective since AA power has dramatically increased since then). Note that the immunity altitude is an altitude, not time. You can also use higher islands to reach it pretty much instantly. The middle islands on two brothers would be an extreme example of this, but pretty much all but the lowest islands will at least help you reach immunity altitude faster. Alright, that's it for now. Praised be the CV rework.