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Found 11 results

  1. Elite Naval Forces Clan - World of Warships European Server Elite Naval Forces is an International clan having members from all over the globe - We talk English so knowing English is a requirement We don't talk much about ourselves but you can visit us at the link shown above and know by yourself We do not care about how much skill you have because skill can be given by practice We are more concerned about good manners because we cannot give you that Clan Main Rules New Members Guide Clan Event System Clan Teamspeak Server Clan Discord Server Note: Accessing our website requires registration, and the registration process is free Note: Registration takes less than 30 seconds using a valid E-mail Feel free to contact any of the members of the ENF high command team mentioned below @NightHawkish - Commander @BeardedWolf - Deputy Commander @MajorDrawback - Deputy Commander @shizume - Recruiter @49rTbirdEU - Recruiter @Matteth12 - Deputy Commander @lancsofpain - Recruiter @ScubaTyke - Recruiter @Kukosalix - Recruiter @Angers - Recruiter ENF Clan Base is 73% Established These are the bonuses earned once becoming a member of ENF clan Research Center → (+3% XP earned per battles for every ship from those specified nations) England, USSR, USA, France, Germany, Japan and Pan Asia Dockyard → (-10% to battle post services costs for those specified classes) Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships and Aircraft Carriers Shipyard → (-10% to the cost of ships purchase from those specified tiers) Tier 5, Tier 6, Tier 7 and Tier 8 Ships Coal Port → (Amazing increase to coal received per container) Steel Port → (Amazing increase to steel received per each container) Rostral Column → (This monument symbolizes the success of ENF clan) ENF HeadQuarters → (The main buildings for ENF high command & control the size of clan members - Currently 31/50) How to join the [-ENF-] Elite Naval Forces clan? Register an account on the ENF official website Click on the "Application" tab at the website top menu and post your application Applications usually processed within 24 hours maximum time. Working Microphone and the ability to use voice communication is mandatory Don't worry about your skills since we will help you maintain those skills through practice. We are not a complicated clan but we are a bunch of mature players who prefer honor, respect, and commitment. We understand that everybody has a life so we have a very interesting vacation modes You can always read more about us and check our guides for newcomers at our website Good Luck and Thank you for choosing ENF clan Best Regards,
  2. MrWastee

    teamplay is op

    .... it is! with this simple fact one already could ask the thread to get closed lol .... BUT.... .... the questions in this regard are: - what u consider good teamplay? - what u think determines a good team? this thread is meant to give teams/clans hints from others on how to improve the own play by checking others ways out. to me (in short): - what u consider good teamplay? i consider good teamplay to support each other in action, communication and situational awareness. - what u think determines a good team? imo a good team is about the "WE". a good team allows single players to fail. a good team in this sense carries each other, as next time someone else might gonna fail and ideally is relatively on the same skill level. a good team knows what to realistically expect from its single members. and last but not least: a good team not calls each other out! reliancy, trust, forgiveness.... and a laugh with a smile on the hardest edit*, next is gonna be better!..... that's a good team to me . anyone else?
  3. Bitte schließen, Clan hat sich aufgelöst An alle verlorenen Seelen da draußen. Wir sind ein Freizeitclan der reiferen Klasse. Ihr wollt einfach nur spielen, dann seid ihr bei uns richtig. Kein Druck, kein Muss!!! Werde ein Teil unserer Clangemeinde und kämpfe gemeinsam mit uns. Bei uns wird Teamwork groß geschrieben und wir suchen daher aktive Spieler mit der nötigen geistigen Reife, Teamfähigkeit, erwachsenem Verhalten und dem Willen ein Teil unserer Community zu werden. Du solltest folgende Dinge beachten ( ganze drei Regeln ): 1.) unseren Server auf Discord beitreten, damit eine lebendige Gemeinschaft entsteht 2.) mind. 25 Jahre 3.) Gute Laune Stats was sind Stats :P Kontakt: hier im Forum als PN oder ingame an Tabula_Rasa und barbarossa21 oder komm auf unseren Discord-Server: https://discord.gg/ydSR7me
  4. lovelacebeer

    Picking caps in Domination battles

    I have often found in high tier domination matches that when the team suggest going to caps A and B, or B and C for some reason the team never follow through on what is said in chat, I understand that should your team find the opposition are all lemming training towards 1 cap then its better not to just go right at them but why do people agree to go to the cap near them only to from the moment the battle starts go in the opposite direction, and more importantly other than suggesting "A and B?" how do other people here encourage their team to follow through on a plan without having to resort to extreme levels of salt in chat? I provide an example below where the team was still discussing where caps to go too but in both the flanks the battleships are heading towards the middle, in fact in this battle all 4 crossed over and stayed at the back of the map the whole battle but this problem isn't exclusive to battleship players, I'm just using this as an example So how do other people encourage their team to pick a strategy or is this just the way some people are and have to accept it?
  5. Just chucking this out here - Would anyone be interested in unoffiocial, World of Warships EU Discord? Just a place to hang out, post memes, music videos, division up with others etc? If there is I'll put one together for everyone
  6. 1. Wstęp Witajcie, zacznijmy w ogóle od tego co to jest teamwork? - Teamwork to współpraca graczy z różnych klanów w obrębie jednego zespołu Ten poradnik jest bazowany na moim długoletnim doświadczeniu w grach online, gdzie gramy w zespołach (czy to 5 vs 5, czy 7 vs 7 czy 12 vs 12) 2. Jak bardzo jest mi potrzebne zgranie z moją drużyną w "World of Warships"? Otóż ten istotny faktor jest wręcz niezbędny do tego, aby odnosić więcej sukcesów i zwycięstw, niż frustracji i porażek. Bardzo duże grono osób narzeka na: "Straszny matchmaking", "Nieuczciwe dobieranie w przeciwnej drużynie kilku fioletów", "Bo ja byłem niesamowity, a mój team dał się zabić" Takie komentarze w "World of Warships" to codzienność, jest ich więcej lub mniej... wszystko jedno, każda jedna taka skarga niesie ze sobą 1 wniosek: Wroga drużyna współpracowała ze sobą lepiej, dlatego wygrali. Szatan, ale co Ty mówisz? Ja miałem przewagę 500 expa nad drugim! - W porządku, zrobiłeś kawał dobrej roboty, nie twierdzę, że nie. Czy to, że gracz drugi w tabeli był o tyle niżej jest TYLKO I WYŁĄCZNIE jego winą? Nie! Bo zespół składa się z minimum 7 a maksimum 12 graczy i owszem mogą być dywizjony, które zwiększą potencjalną szansę wygranej, pytanie tylko dlaczego dywizjony zwiększają szansę wygranej? Nie dlatego, że mam ze sobą 2 zaufanych ludzi a reszta to pomidory albo ziemniaki, nic z tych rzeczy. Zespół, w którym 3 osoby współpracują ZAWSZE będzie lepszy, niż zespół w którym nikt ze sobą nie współpracuje i każdy gra "pod siebie" A teraz, kiedy to czytasz, zastanów się... w ilu grach ktokolwiek na chacie poprosił Cię o pomoc? W ilu grach sam z siebie dałeś wsparcie zespołowi celem wygranej? Odpowiem Ci na te pytania: Jest ich niewiele i stanowią mały procent Twoich wygranych/ przegranych meczów. Owszem zdarzy się sytuacja, że mimo współpracy ze sobą przegraliście, ta metoda nie jest idealna i nie da Ci 100% Win ratio. A teraz zastanów się nad samym początkiem meczu: Mamy 2 zespoły po 12 osób: 1 zespół jest zrelaksowany, piszą ze sobą na chacie, ludzie z RPF pingują lokalizację najbliższego okrętu, na samym początku zespół ma plan na to jak rozegrać bitwę i się tego planu trzymają wspierając się nawzajem. Drugi zespół to ludzie, którzy nic nie pingują, płyną sami dla siebie, ich niszczyciel ginie w pierwszych momentach bitwy, wszyscy są zestresowani, a chat służy jako narzędzie wyładowania własnej frustracji. Jak myślisz? Który zespół wygra? Oczywiste, że zespół numer 1 Ludzie współpracujący ze sobą w grach zespołowych osiągają znacznie więcej sukcesów i są mniej zestresowani, a koniec końców gra jest dla nich tym, czym właśnie ta gra powinna być: Przyjemnością. 3. Wszystko to fajnie, ładnie pięknie Szatan, niestety to tylko sucha teoria i nijak ma się do praktyki... :( Ile razy ktoś odmówił Ci pomocy, jeśli o nią poprosiłeś? Ile razy napisałeś cokolwiek na chacie w normalnym języku a nie języku nienawiści? Ile razy dałeś wskazówki zespołowi gdzie powinniście się udać, aby osiągnąć sukces w przejęciu capa minimalizując straty? Odpowiedź jest taka sama... niewiele. A co by się stało jakby liczba tych gier drastycznie wzrosła? Miałbys o wiele lepszy humor i o wiele lepsze statystyki Ale co jest tego przyczyną? To, że przeciwnik ma fiolety w teamie, a Ty nie? Gracz z fioletowymi statystykami różni się od pomidorka z czerwonymi statami tylko 2 cechami: - Fiolet współpracuje z zespołem, brąz nie i gra dla siebie - Fiolet wie gdzie się ustawić na mapie, aby wykorzystać potencjał okrętu, brąz leci na YOLO lub też ucieka na rogi mapy/ wystawia pełną burtę do przeciwnika 4. RAGE, TILT, FURIA, WYZWISKA Wszystkie wymienione wyżej opisy zachowań graczy prowadzą tylko i wyłącznie do jednego: PORAŻKI Dlaczego? Jeżeli Twój team przegrywa nawet nieznacznie, a Ty zginąłeś i musisz jakoś odreagować to, że wróg Cię zatopił (Tak, okręty w World of Warships można zatopić i się je zatapia) zaczynasz pisać, że znowu masz taki a taki team. Pamiętaj, że nie jesteś w tym zespole sam! Jak zaczniesz ludzi wyzywać zmniejszysz morale zespołu, który już jest w ciężkiej sytuacji, a Ty dolewasz jeszcze oliwy do ognia. Twój team zacznie Ci odpisywać i całe ich skupienie na grze przeniesie się na skupienie na chacie i odpowiadaniu Ci jaki to Ty słaby byłeś i żebyś się zamknął i tym podobne zwroty. Zespół traci koncentrację, a w efekcie przegrywa bitwę, dlaczego? Bo uległ Twojej prowokacji i nie skupił się na tym, co wygrywa zdecydowaną większość gier, czyli na współpracy. Weźmy sobie teraz tą samą sytuację, giniesz i przeciwny team ma przewagę. Piszesz do nich: Sorry Panowie, poległem, ale możemy to jeszcze wygrać! Jeśli Ty i Ty popłyniecie tu i zajmiecie dobre pozycje obronne, a Ty i Ty wypchniecie wroga z capa, jeden niech idzie na flankę... itp, itd. Z pozytywnym i kreatywnym podejściem do sprawy Twój zespół w dużej mierze Cie posłucha i uzna to za świetny pomysł, a każdą, nawet najgorszą bitwę da się odwrócić na własną korzyść, trzeba tylko wymyśleć jak, a kluczem do sukcesu jest pozytywne nastawienie i współpraca, o której tak wiele dzisiaj piszę. 5. Ale ja tylko grinduję linię i nie potrzeba mi wygranych, aby zrobić ten czy ten okręt Kolejne mylne pojęcie. Jak opisał to @lobuzjeden w swoim poradniku Unicum, tracisz tylko czas, bo wygrywając bitwę nie dostaniesz doświadczenia pomniejszonego o 50%. 6. Teamwork OP Przyszedł moment na podsumowanie mojej dzisiejszej wypowiedzi :) Grając w zespole nastawionym pozytywnie i używającym komunikatora w grze do komunikacji w pozytywnych i taktycznych aspektach gry, pochwały dla graczy przez zaznaczenie go i wciśnięcie F11 "Dobra robota dowódco!", osłanianie mniejszych jednostek przez większe, tworzenie przyjaznej atmosfery między sobą prowadzi, wierzcie lub nie.... do wygranej i satysfakcji ze stoczonej bitwy. Grając nastawionym negatywnie i grając tylko pod siebie nie zważając na swój zespół i krytykując go za każdy nawet najmniejszy błąd, a po zatopieniu naszego okrętu wyzywanie i skupianie się na tym żeby wyładować frustrację, możemy liczyć tylko na jedno: Stopniowo powiększającą się frustrację i przegrane bitwy w coraz to większej ilości. Dziękuję za uwagę [A_P]szatan3434
  7. 2fast4every1

    radar and hidro change

    hi, I have an idea that might make the game a bit more interesting for DD's. What id suggest is that u change radar detection based on the ammount of reflective surface on a ship. so big ships = further detection ship moving bow in = more stealthy. it might make for some interesting gameplay and teamplay (using radar together to sniff out a DD). also new skills "radar and or sonar detection" that show u where the sonar or radar is coming from (same way as with radio location) so for example: A DD is saling broadside to a cruiser outside of detection range. 7.2 km The cruiser pops radar and the DD gets detected from 11km by the radar when at a 90% angle (broadside) The DD gets a warning the radar is coming from the cruiser and he nouw has to make a choise. Turn towards the cruser or turn away from the cruser. Both will reduce the effective range of the radar but one is alot more dangerous than the other. also if the DD is saling straigt to the cruiser he might not get detected at all and get the drop on whatever he is escorting. also on hydro. maybe variate the range by the speed the enemy/torpedo is going? hirdo ususally works on listening to the cavitation of the propeller or the sound of the engine noise.
  8. JeTBarionIV

    The Admiral

    This is an idea that has been cruising around my brain for a while. By reading in the news the excellent “Play like a Pro” with insights from Clans’ Commanders, I thought it was time to put it on written. The Extra Player: basically there should be one extra player that assumes the role of leader of the fleet. He doesn’t play a ship, but rather gives directions to his team. I guess he should spend most of the time by watching the battle in bird view, pretty much like we do with carriers. He should also have a special set of quick messages like those invoked by pressing “B”, but more suited for his role; stuff like: «Push in» or «Pull out», «Focus Fire» (on a specific target), etc. In the same way as we play planes squadrons, he could select one ship and command it in one specific direction; of course this translates only in a suggestion for the real Captain of that ship, who may or may not, given the circumstances, go in the indicated location. The Catch: this player, as a matter of fact, is too in the battle. Like in real life, where the Admiral’s Flag ship still does have its own Captain who handles it, the same happens in the game. Before or at beginning of the battle, the Admiral choose his flag ship. Usually it would be a BB or CV (but it could get more wicked) and if that ship is sunk, he’s gone too: no more quick commands; maybe even banned from chatting until the end of the battle. Since very often one can survive a lost battle, we could also say that by killing him the other team get extra points; in some circumstances it could overturn the verdict of a battle. I guess this would take WOWS more into the ground of Strategic Games, something that is already a bit true for anyone who is not a an occasional player. I don't know. Maybe it's a terrible idea or maybe it could be interesting. Any idea or comment is welcome
  9. So I just can't get a win in this event. It just seems like ppl don't understand it. So I'm lising some basics here: 1) Catapults damage the Silvania a lot - so focus them. Use AP and they die in no time. 2) The Sylvanias speed is manipulated by the number of ships inside her circle. Faster is not always better - see my last point. 3) Stay together don't wander off to other areas in the map 4) Cruisers DO NOT USE AP (except on the catapults) - you have 30% firechance so burn those BBS. 5) When you reach the end area you will be swarmed by enemies - so don't rush the Sylvania. AKA don't all sail in the circle - there is an end-boss named Rasputin he has 200 000 health and he fires AP that will END all our ships if left to his devices. DDS smoke Sylvania towards the end, and allow her to slow down. Focus-fire Rasputin EVERYONE - DDS torp, cruisers burn, BBS do your best - he is tough. It's really just a numbers game with the only strategical element being manipulating Sylvanias speed and smoking her when needed. I don't understand why it's so hard to grasp. I've played this mode prolly 20 times now with TWO wins. And for the record - I do deal a LOT of damage in this mode: EDIT: BTW Even though I am getting a little frustrated now by never winning I really like this event. The artwork on the ships is great, Harbour and atmosphere is really nice, and the rewards is really good, even when losing you can still earn 200k silver and three camos. Thats pretty good.
  10. Charger76

    Biggest tip for sucess in Ranked!

    Here is an AMAZING IDEA for sucess in ranked battles: SHOOT RADAR SHIPS FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, FORTH, FIFTH, SIXTH. In fact, shoot them even if your wife is driving in one and you fear being consigned to the couch for the night. If you have any doubt about what to shoot, shoot the radar ships. I dont care if there is an Amagi side on begging for a slap, shoot the radar ship. If there is a Chapyev with a ridiculous 12Km radar then shoot him like he just molested your mother with a very large cucumber doused in Deep Heat. Thats it folks. Shoot the radar ships then your DD's can cap, they can lay smoke for you that is worth something and on top of all this, there will be one less ship setting you on fire all game. If a very mediocre player like me can work that out, why the hell is everyone struggling with it? If you are in a Battleship you have 30 seconds to reload. Look up from your guns, take in the sights and if you have even a remote chance of hitting a radar ship, do it!
  11. Chaps I wanted to take this opportunity to say that helping your fellow CV Captain win games on behalf of your team (so that means you too) is becoming harder and harder. I want this to change. A lot of this is down to lack of knowledge, or lack of CV knowledge to be precise. Those that simply don't play CV's don't understand the micromanagement involved, the number of tasking they have and expectations (some unreasonable) some people might have. The last 2 nights I have witnessed some appalling teamwork, i mean really bad. Now I know this isnt new but IMHO it's getting worse. So i wanted to give people that don't understand CV's a bit of advise in order to make the CV Captains life easier. In doing so, It will massively increase the likelihood for you to win the battle. Average players thoughts I am a German tier 9 Tank spec Freddy. I am strong and will smash my way through anything. The CV player will surely provide me with a fighter as i am not AA spec and have a torp belt of cardboard. Resulting salt "No support CV, your S***". CV Players thoughts I have 1/2 sets of fighters and 3 ships going solo. I have to spot 3 different caps and attempt to knock out the first DD in time. I need to support that DD going into the cap and stop him form being spotted. I need to position my fighters in order to support the fleet as a whole in case of a strike. I need to recce the enemy team enough for the team to see what they are doing. I need to spot the torps coming towards the BB from smoke. I need to engage the enemy fighters going for my own strike. I need to shot down and strafe the enemy fighters to keep the DD safe. A CV player (good ones) will always try and support you the best they can. But you have to understand that there is a pecking order and you might not even be in the top 10. Here are a few things you can do to help matters. 1) Pair up. If you believe that you have poor AA or not enough to stop at least half the enemy planes then find a AA buddy. That doesn't mean following him around the whole game, but always look for locations that have a friendly AA ship in the general area. Enough to think if that guy pops his defensive AA, the CV player is gonna have a hard time trying to hit you. 2) Enemy AA ships. Take a look (or use the mini map) to see what AA ships the enemy has in on front of you. If you are a DD player and are screaming for friendly fighter to help cap but on the other side of the HIll is a Mino and Des, then the likelihood of the CV player sending fighters are SLIM TO NONE. Don't throw salt at him just because he doesn't have invulnerable planes. Planes last for a matter of seconds in heavy AA if your lucky. Would you push into a Moskva and Des with radar? Then don't expect the CV player to send planes in. 3) Positioning. You are a sneaky DD and are behind enemy lines. You are doing well and then suddenly you get spotted by the CV player .You scream for friendly fighters as your a Shimmy with a rifle on board. Guess what? A CV captain will not send his fighters though enemy ships (most of which have good AA) in order to support your death wish. Factoring the time to takes to get there, the likelihood that when they do they will make a difference (those that are left) and knowing the enemy will now be all over you, isnt going to go in your favour regarding support. Look at the ships the CV player has to get though first and the time it will take. 3/4 times sending plane behind enemy line results in a very few or none returning. Unless you are a AA spec Fletcher, KIDD or DD with good AA (defensive) then come to peace with the nightmare you might now face. If your on the flank and not surrounded by AA ships then completely fine and we/I will always bat enemy planes off you. But make the decision easy for us by not putting yourself in crap positions we cant help you with. 4) Torp dodge. Don't make the enemy CV captains life easy. The amount of people i see sailing in a straight line and getting whacked by torps in simply astounding. Break this down: DD/CA captain both the hardest and easiest to hit. One of the best times to sink a DD is when he starts slowing down in order to smoke. DONT. A good CV player can judge the time it takes for you to stop and when you do will receive a wall of torps. Keep moving, even when in smoke. Create a smoke circle but whatever you do don't just slow down and stop. BB Captains Always turn into the torps and not away from them. I'm sure i don't need to tell you why but in case it's about torp arming and surface area 5) Manuel AA knowledge. You receive a AA buff when you select a certain group of planes right? So knowledge of section is paramount. If you are in a Bismarck and you have a set of Enterprise torp planes and a set of AP bombers coming your way then concentrating on the Bombers will SAVE YOUR LIFE. I know that a AA spec Bis can destroy both but if your anrt then know/learn what planes are going to do the most damage to you. Just one 1 set of AP bombs can blow up a Bis just like that or strip 1/2 of your health, but the spread on the Enterprise torps can only hit so many (if you adopt point 4, 2 if hes lucky) A Fletcher is the opposite and should target the Torps as AP bombs do squat. So know what planes to target first. 6) Helping win fighter engagements. Fighters cant hurt BB's right? So why would you care about the dog fight that is going on near/above your head? Well simply selecting the enemy fighters will apply the Buff and help your friendly CV win what could be a close air battle. Those remaining planes could then be used to at least mess up the drop that will be heading for your team, or spot a incoming DD. Help as much as you can lads. Even sail into AA range to help those fighters out if it doesn't put you in a bad position. A good CV play will always try to use your AA anyway and wont get caught in a fighter battle they cant win, but some people are still learning or have no choice, so give them a helping hand. 7) Concentrate fire. One of the many jobs of a CV captain is spot and hopefully kill the enemy DD's. DD's are IMHO the most important ship in the game so we/you need them dead, pronto. If a CV player is spotting a DD or low concealment ship and has announced it on the F5 then focus fire. It's the best example of the selfish comment a CV captain can make as he knows that those planes will start to fall out of the sky. But he does it for the good of the team. If you don't use that opportunity then the CV captain might not bother the remainder of the game. He's not gonna lose planes for nothing. Chaps, you really don't want to make a selfish CV captain. 8) Priority targets. An action has a reaction right? I have a Zao and a mino in front of me and one is going to die . Now the Mino is just bouncing shells off my bow deck but the zao is burning me alive. Your instinct is to kill the Zao but think about it. That 8.4 km AA mino of death might be a means to an end. If i wipe him from the face of the earth the CV player has a single lovely Zao to drop on. A target not even factored as it was surrounded by the Mino/Des AA. You will also keep DD players happy as another Radar ship as met it's end. If you kill a AA heavy Ship you will increase the likelihood for the CV player to help the team and in turn you. This sounds so simple right but the amount of people i see just tunnel vision on a certain ship and not seeing the bigger picture is shocking. Having a half decent CV captain on your team against no AA heavy ships on the enemy team will 3/4 win you the game. Other 1/4 is the enemy CV captains but he has heavy AA still to deal with. Summary Nothing is more frustrating (in a good way) that seeing the enemy fleet support eachother, play as a team and doing all the right anti CV things. Whilst on your team they are moving around like depressed lemmings, getting killed one by one, and throwing buckets of salt at the CV player for no good reason. I want both teams to be equally as good as it makes the game more interesting and less one sided. I don't care if it makes the enemy CV captains life a misery, but it will make 2 of them, not 1 . Playing your heart out in a CV whilst watching your own team throw it away is tiring and saps the CV life out of you. I hope this helps. P.S You can probably forget all of this when the CV re-work comes, but lets go out with a bang ay.