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Found 44 results

  1. Salut Kapitän! Die [71st] German Marine Division ist ein lebendiger und sehr aktiver Teil des Multigaming-Clans [71st] Gaming mit dem Schwerpunkt World of Warships. Der Großteil unserer Gefechte wird auf den Stufen T7 bis T10 ausgetragen. Der Clan besteht im Bereich World of Warships derzeit aus 20+ aktiven Mitgliedern verschiedener Altersklassen. Wir existieren bereits seit dem Jahre 2013 und bauen auf langjährige, erfahrene Mitglieder. Wir sind auf der Suche nach aktiven Kapitänen um unsere starke Flotte weiter auszubauen. Was bietet die [71st] German Marine Division? Nahezu vollständig ausgebauter Clanhafen mit verfügbaren Boni für zusätzliche XP, Kohle, Credits etc. Umfassende Kompetenzen bzw. Erfahrungen in diversen Schiffsklassen Gut besuchter Teamspeak³-Server mit ausreichender Anzahl an Slots Moderne Homepage mit umfangreichem Forum und weiteren Features Freundliche, erfahrene sowie humorvolle Mitglieder verschiedenster Altersklassen Familiäre Atmosphäre in einer stressfreien Umgebung Teamplay steht bei uns an erster Stelle Gut organisierte Clanstruktur mit flachen Hierarchien Kostenfreie Mitgliedschaft ohne Verpflichtungen (RL geht immer vor) Was erwartet die [71st] German Marine Division? Mindestalter von 18 Jahren, sowie geistige Reife TS³-Client, sowie ein einwandfrei funktionierendes Headset Mindestens ein Schiff der Stufe T10 bzw. 1.000 Gefechte Interesse an Clangefechten mitzuspielen (nicht verpflichtend) Regelmäßige Aktivität (ca. 2-3 mal in der Woche wünschenswert) Teamorientiertes Spielverhalten Freundliches, angenehmes Wesen mit Anstand und Humor Kontakt: Teamspeak: Homepage: 71st-gaming.de Im Spiel: Cpt_Luki | Cpt_BlackJack | Atze519 Haben wir dein Interesse geweckt? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig! Wir würden uns freuen, wenn du dich via TS³ oder direkt im Spiel mit uns in Verbindung setzt. Im Rahmen einer Probemitgliedschaft (Trial) können wir zusammen herausfinden, ob du in unser Team passt bzw. ob dir ein gemeinsames Miteinander in dieser Form gefällt. Wichtig: Wir bitten von anonymen Bewerbungen "ingame" abzusehen und wünschen uns den persönlichen Kontakt via TS³ oder privater Nachricht (im Spiel oder Forum). Vielen Dank für euer Verständnis! Wir freuen uns auf deine Bewerbung!
  2. jerkchicken

    (DUTCH) Discord Community [div/chat/hulp]

    (dutch-nederlands) Welkom! In de Nederlandse community op World of Warships. wij zijn een gezellige maar ook ervaren gemeenschap van Nederlanders die World of Warships spelen. Aangezien er nog geen Nederlandse topic op het World of Warships Forum is, heb ik dat hier gedaan. Hier kan je alles vragen. Doormiddel van Discord is het veel fijner en handiger om te communiceren, op te divisionen en vragen te stellen. We hebben veel Nederlandse spelers van top clans uit de regio EU. Nieuws over de Supertest (nieuwe schepen etc.) Er is veel vraag om in division met elkaar te spelen zodat je het spel veel leuker ervaart! En bovendien ook heel erg welkom voor Vlamingen! Ik zie je vanzelf op onze Discord verschijnen! ~Jerk aka Quincy, Community contributor of https://discord.gg/QpGNNge
  3. Click the banner to get redirected to our website What is Odem Mortis International? Founded in 2015 with the sole intent of dominating competitive gameplay in WoWS, the clan and its members have proven time and time again that we have achieved what we set out to do; be the #1 clan on the EU server. Going into 2018 we look forward to what Wargaming will bring in terms of clan content this year. We aim to continue performing up to the “OMNI standard” in tournaments and competitive play. What do we look for in a Player? We are looking for people who are willing to put time and effort into becoming part of a competitively driven community. Members are expected to: Be able to communicate effectively in English Have TeamSpeak3 installed 60%+ Winrate (Tiers and ships played will be taken into consideration) 1500+ Battles played Be competent with multiple classes of ship Have multiple Tier 8 competitive ships Have multiple Tier 10 competitive ships Have the ability to read the flow of battle and play smart Have a sense of humour but also the ability to be focused during competitive play Every member is expected to continue improving *Meeting the above requirements does not guarantee a place in [OMNI] What do we offer as a Clan? A well-established and stable community. 2018 marks our 3rd year in World of Warships and the 6th year as a competitive online gaming community Plenty of skilled members to play in a division with Weekly practice in the form of trainings, skirmishes with other clans and internal battles Continuous participation in tournaments and other competitive modes What does the Testing Procedure look like? In order to maintain a high standard of player performance, new members will undergo a trial phase. This phase is an evaluation where Officers and other Senior members will keep track of division, training and official match performances. It is expected that every trial member does his/her utmost with regards to teamplay. While random game stats do give an indication of knowing basic game mechanics, they do not however shed light on the teamplay aspect of the individual. Statistics will never tell us the whole story, so if you still think you have what it takes to join [OMNI], join our Discord and use the @recruiter tag OR contact ALL of the recruiters below; Zgicc Elegant1337_dEdK Achievements During the peak of the first Season of Team Battles we got 3 teams in the top 5 (Rank 1 , 2 and 4) of the leaderboard. In 2016 we were invited to a cross-server event; the EU vs NA Showmatch where we performed flawlessly, winning all matches against our American counterparts. 1st place in the Winter King 2016 tournament. 1st and 2nd place in the January 2017 King of the Sea tournament after fielding two teams. 1st place in the March 2017 King of the Sea tournament. 1st place in the First Season of Clan Wars 2nd place in King of the Sea V 2nd place in the Third Season of Clan Wars 1st place in King of the Sea VII 1st place in the Fourth Season of Clan Wars We now have a Discord Server! Click here to join
  4. ABOUT US: Waste no time, I'll simply go straight for the introduction. Created during the 1st Season of Team Battles by a group of mercenaries, who wanted to have a quality game experience and didn't have the nerve to deal with extensive clan rules or the patience to undergo a lengthy recruitment process. At first, we didn't take the gameplay too seriously and played or grinded mostly tier 7 ships in tier 8 MM (1st Season of Team Battles), but when WG introduced the demo version of Clan Portal, we suddenly realized, we did quite all right and gotten ourselves in the Alpha League with minimal efforts. Then we decided, we'll give this a try and lo and behold, our gloriously hilarious clan was born. For more info, read down below and check some of our tournament highlights feat. on prominent YouTube channels. W We had or were associated with many teams on the official Clan Portal, I'll try to name a few of them here, so you can look them up and research the stats, if you're into numbers and results, but due to the nature of the ELO MM system being heavily broken, we rather focused at actually playing the game, than grinding (with 30 mins queue times) 1 single team into top 3 or top 5, so take that into consideration. W Our YouTube Presentation. Viewer Discretion Advised. Main YouTube Account and our Stream Account. Twitch channel currently under construction. WGP2W: Pay 2 Win team was established way too late into the 1st season of Team Battles, it'll be our main team for the 2nd season (currently shaped into Clan Battles, e.g. [WGP2W] tag and Clan Group) The Ministry of Silly Shots: we teamed up and helped to push the rankings up, ended 5th best EU team in the 1st Season of Team Battles, 276 battles, WR: 81,5% Scared Cit less: team, we grinded a little bit, but due to non-existent MM, we gave up after reaching Alpha League, number 22 in the ranking, 79 battles, WR: 75,9% Hunt For Flamu Is Here: our troll / 4lulz team, tier 7 ships only (keep in mind, that Team Battles were for tiers 7 to 8), number 34 in the ranking, 73 battles, WR: 71,2% REQUIREMENTS: be interested in competitive gaming / have a competitive attitude, because we're mostly Team Battles / Clan Wars / Tournaments focused clan (although, we do casual divisions in Random Battles as well) needless to say to have a working headset with a mic and the ability to communicate in English over comms (which means, you must be able to both understand and be able to answer back) be an active Discord user (Discord platform is our main communication hub), in case you don't have Discord, you can still be our member, but Discord users will always receive information first age?, winrate?, number of battles? (we find those kinda inferior, we judge applications solely on individual basis, mostly based on how people perform during our trainings) WHAT DO WE OFFER? be part of stable mature group of experienced players focused on having quality games: 5th best EU team according to WG's ELO rating (1st Season of Team Battles) winner of the 2016 French Community Contributor Tournament among others, participation in the top tier EU tournaments: here's a game against ASEET (top 10 EU ELO rating) in the OMC we managed to win within top 8 EU clans during The Winter King Tournament within top 8 EU clans during King of the Seas Tournament within top 8 EU clans during King of the Seas 2 Tournament winner of the 7v7 T6 MDIV League Season 3 in 2017 within top 4 EU clans during 9v9 T8 MDIV League Season 3 in 2017 within top 8 EU clan during King of the Seas 3 Tournament within top 4 EU clans during League of the Sea Tournament join The (in)famous Hunt For Flamu, during which we're trying to add Flamu to our OMNI Rare Collection™ within top 4 EU clans during King of the Seas 4 Tournament (link: https://kots-wows.challonge.com/kots4) winner of the King of the Seas 5 Tournament (link: https://kots-wows.challonge.com/KotS5) winner of the King of the Seas 5 NA vs. EU server clash 8th EU clan during the Season 1 Clan Battles (link: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clans/gateway/wows/clans-rating) 5th EU clan during the Season 2 Clan Battles (link: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clans/gateway/wows/clans-rating) 5th EU clan during the Season 3 Clan Battles (link: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clans/gateway/wows/clans-rating) TBD while being competitive, we're still having fun (laughing hysterically) on TS, if someone f*cks up, instead of raging / crying (which is common for hard-trying pro-clans) we run our own tournaments with very decent prize-pool, e.g. 150€ 3v3 WGP2W CUP (where top 4 teams win Doubloons or Premium Time) be part of large international multi-gaming community, which means 2 things: A/ our team won't randomly die over night (there's plenty of people) and B/ you can find new friends to play other games with weekly events in Training Room (be that skirmishes vs. other clans, tournaments or just other kind of derpy things) during Team Battles season, we do at least 3x events per week, usually lasting 3 hours (so you can look forward an epic dosage of some 7v7 action) during Ranked Battles we help each other over comms as well if you just want to derp around in a division and go clubbing, you can division up with some of the best EU players HOW TO JOIN (via Discord)? USING DISCORD: 100% supported - all you need to do is to click on this link @ https://discord.gg/38JcBPW USING STEAM: full Steam support have been terminated (use Steam, only in case you want to get in touch with me, but response times might vary, usually it's several weeks, anyhow, you can reach me @ MY PROFILE) USING TS: TeamSpeak support have been terminated for time being (apologies for the inconvenience) if I'm unresponsive via PM (I could have died, got kidnapped or got hit by a car), please, contact one of these guys: Idlaaja | Send me a PM! (English) SimplyKarl | Send me a PM! (English, Deutch) dark6799 | Send me a PM! (English, Français) t3h3th32 | Send me a PM! (English) And that's pretty much it guys and gals. I think, we covered everything important and of course, if you have questions, feel free to ask them down below or simply PM me, as I stated above. We're a friendly bunch and we'll look forward hearing from y'all. Cheers, ~t3h'Pâr4d0x


    We are looking for members with the following requirements You are over the age of 18. You have at least 1 Tier 10 (non CV). You have more than 1000 Random Battles (or close to) You are active and interested in playing clan battles. You have a proper mic, are able to speak English and willing to join our Teamspeak server. You have a good sense of humor and able to take constructive criticism. We are currently running two teams. Our clan battle days are Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. We play from 18:00-22:00 UK time or 19:00-23:00 EU time. If you are interested look us up under clan tag [RYLNV] in game or sent one of the recruiters a message.
  6. suchen Schweizer | Deutsche | Österreicher | Liechtensteiner | Tiroler Winrate > 50% | fleissige Ölsammler | Clangefechte | Gewertete Gefechte | Divisionen | PVE | Szenarios willst Du mehr erfahren? Komm auf unseren Discord, schreib hier im Forum, ingame oder komm auf unseren Teamspeak-Server: dwm.game-host.org | pass: letsbattle #kipkewl
  7. Hello Commanders, We are currently looking to expand our clan and would like to hear from you if the following terms apply: - You are over the age of 18+ - Have at least 1 Tier 10 - Have more than 1000 Random Battles (or close to) - You are active on World of Warships - Have TeamSpeak - Are looking to take part in Clan Battles - Have a good sense of Humour - English Speaking Only We currently have a small clan base size where most of our members are from within the UK but we do also have members within the EU from various countries. If you love to play World of Warships and want to have a good bit of fun and up for a laugh then please get in touch, We would love to hear from you!
  8. Die German Ghost Division sucht in WoWS Aktive Kameraden um gemeinsam die Ozeane unsicher zu machen! Uns liegt viel daran zusammen zu fahren und den Gegner in Angst und Schrecken zu versetzen !!WIR suchen Kameraden für Spaß am Spiel!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WIR Rekrutieren wieder! = Was Wir Euch bieten = - Eigener Discord Server - Kameradschaft - Tipps & Tricks = Was Wir verlangen = - Ein T-8er Schiff (nur für Die Leute Pflicht, die bei CW mit fahren möchten) - Aktivität, auch auf Discord (Pflicht) - Du bist 16 Jahre + - Du Besitzt ein Funktionstüchtiges Headset - Vernünftiger und respektvoller Umgang mit den Kameraden - Teamplay & Kommunikation Bei Interesse melde Dich noch heute bei der German Ghost Division per InGame Nachricht bei folgende Ansprechpartnern... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Führungsebene GER_GrimReaper Lord_von_Hafen pepe2005 PrivatPaula ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WIR suchen Dich!
  9. [TAW] World of Warships EU Fleet are recruiting Revision date: 2016-10-16 by ZeBoss We: The Art of Warfare [TAW] - World of Warships EU Fleet are recruiting What is TAW The Art of Warfare is an international gaming community supports over 40 games and has over 2500+ members. And have been on the Internet since 2001. TAW is not like other gaming clans. In fact, we consider ourselves a gaming community. The difference is the commitment our members and leaders make to TAW as a whole. Many of our members join TAW and stay for years when they realize they can’t find consistently competitive and fun games every week in another group. In many cases, as support for games dwindles, TAW continues to be strong month after month, year after year. World of Warships Division within TAW There are 2-two Battalion in our division: NA Fleet and EU Fleet, dedicated to play on the NA server and the EU server. We are currently recruiting for Mature, Fun like-minded individuals for World of Warships, WWS as our internal code. What we looking after TAW ENLISTMENT REQUIREMENTS Enlisted captains are the most important part of the TAW fleet structure. They carry out orders and complete missions together with other dedicated TAW captains As a TAW captain, you will be challenged to accomplish tasks that will put your abilities to the test, and you will discover talents that you never dreamed you had. Enlisted TAW captains are Active players and you will always find someone online at out home port that will Division up. GENERAL ENLISTMENT QUALIFICATIONS Respect towards all our members Three and a half hours of gaming a week at our scheduled events, divided on two evenings. Be 16-years1 or older. Be 15-yrs or older Working microphone and TeamSpeak installed Follow our Code of Ethics (CoE) Have a positive attitude WHAT DOES ENLISTMENT MEAN? Enlistment is the process of taking you into TAW and make you familiar with us and our Code of Ethics (CoE) and policies we follow. What we offer - what you get BOOT CAMP During this process, you will talk to your dedicated Drill Instructor (DI) who will take you through our Boot Camp, basic training. Through the boot camp, you will be set up correctly and introduced to TAW and the EU fleet. Your DI will give you the rank as Recruit ® at our home port (TeamSpeak) and at our Website. The DI’s main task is to train you as a Recruit ® and get you to Private First Class (PFC) GAMING & ENGAGEMENT Your responsibilities as an enlisted member will depend on your choices of engagement in TAW. Mature gamers that want a laid back environment away from foul language and offensive topics. Structured gaming environment for all of our members. All of our game divisions hold regular practices or events twice a week. Our field leaders work hard to prepare exciting tournaments, competitions and events, so you can rest assured that your fellow division members will show up! Many of our divisions also compete in external competitions/ladders. In addition, the training staff of your division constantly work on new ways to help you improve your game! OUR OWN Forums Blogs Wikis Streaming channel on Twitch YouTube channel TeamSpeak server EDU - TAW University Online TAW's shop Social media channels: Facebook TAW Gaming, Facebook TAW World of Warships, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Steam, Anook etc. Check out Check us out on our website and look over our Code of Ethics (CoE) and see if we are for you: Website TAW.net Read our Code of Ethics (CoE) TAW Welcomes page TeamSpeak server ts.taw.net Enlist Join TAW Navy Questions If there are question of any kind, please don’t hesitate to take contact. Talk to the Staff Feel free to connect to our TeamSpeak and ask for a staff member of the WWS - EU Fleet - Battalion Download TeamSpeak for free J Note 1 - 2017-08-07 edited by Jarl_ZeBoss accordance to this note here, «Due to the new upcoming Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule ("COPPA") from the European Union where it stat that it's requires parental consent before information society service providers can process the personal data of children under 16 years of age. TAW is then rising the minimum age requirement from 15 to 16-years to apply to this rules in EU.»
  10. Royal Danish Battle Fleet is looking for new players Are you from Denmark then you are welcome to apply Do you like to play and have some fun on Teamspeak, We dont care about your rating but are you willing to learn ? Then we can offer you a place in The Royal Danish Battle Fleet. Join the Teamspeak and lets have a chat and see if we can do some great things together Teamspeak : ts02.swifthosting.dk:11016 No passwords Facebook: Royal Danish Battle Fleet For more info contact: TheRagingPandaBear crack2
  11. Sinoya

    -DOG recruiting

    Ahoy there sailors, Were a dutch fun clan with a lot of English speaking people. Were trying to recruit some sailors but sometimes its harder then someone thinks, so if in game doesn't works were gonna try it here. The clan is rather an old clan but we didn't do much for it so its time for the next step. What are we looking for: You need to have fun in the game that's for sure, so i guess recruiting here is a good idea ;-) Yeah im starting about stats sorry were looking for an win rate above 49% because i really think that's average. You need at least one or 2 tier 10 ships who can actually use in clan battle, mostly you all have i think.. Were playing all types of battles, i don't think we play co-op that much tho For clan battles were also looking for people who can lead a team, or has the insight to lead.. and above all that who enjoys leading a team. Really don't know what to tell now but if this is something you're looking for then give me a message or apply to the clan -DOG Well hope to speak to you and that you will join us ! Happy gaming!
  12. PhillerTheKillBiller

    FILO is looking for YOU!

    FILO needs YOU! It's time for us to expand once more, and that means it is time for you to join us. We are looking to expand our competitive and Clan Battle Teams, but we are also accepting super early beginners this time around. FILO is a gaming community stretching over all Wargaming Titles. We are open to any people wanting to join. What we are looking for: Players with the intent to play team based. Be that Operations or Clan Battle Games or just divisioning up for Randoms. We enjoy a good round of messing around in the Training Room. Doing our own scenarios or just inventing funny new game-modes. We want you to be on Teamspeak and thus you need to speak english. Activity-wise you don't have to be online every day of the week. But we are looking for people who are around more than not to take part in Clan Events and Division up. What we offer you in return: We are a big community stretching over all Wargaming Titles. We have alot of Streamers in our Community, and some experienced Players to learn from. We consist of people from all around the globe and are a welcoming bunch. If you are interested in joining, feel free to contact us in-game. Our Recruiters are always happy to answer your questions and will be by your side for the recruitment process. Our Website: https://www.firstinlastout.eu/ SyntaxError Achatius PhillerTheBiller Sjjoosten Sincerely yours, Phil
  13. Recruitment is currently OPEN Your personality and maturity are more important to me than your ratings. We do NOT recruit based on WTR We do NOT recruit based on number of battles played We do NOT recruit based on certain ships or tiers We DO recruit based on age We DO recruit based on personality We DO recruit based on becoming part of a social clan *edited* TeamSpeak server set up (awg.teamspeak3.com). If you have no desire or interest in using TeamSpeak - please don't bother applying TeamSpeak is essential for communication during battles, both for division play and especially for Clan Wars. If you are too shy to communicate via TeamSpeak then we are definitely NOT the clan for you. Discord channel: https://discord.gg/jt9qD2S Seeking mature members who are semi-serious while playing in Divisions or Clan Wars, enjoy a good joke and laugh, but above all, enjoy playing the game. Ideally, I'm seeking players aged 25 or older; players under 25 will be considered by exception, but absolutely NO players under age 21 will be allowed to join the clan I understand work and family commitments, so I'm looking for players who also understand we are playing a game, and the goal is to have fun. The clan is primarily for World of Warships, (a few members dabble in World of Tanks and Armored Warfare.) I am seeking players age 25 and older. Please apply via the clan Discord channel: https://discord.gg/jt9qD2S A short discussion on TeamSpeak is required - we want to ensure you have the right personality for our clan
  14. .....Herzlich Willkommen bei den [TGERS]..... Wir suchen noch Ehrgeizige und aktive Kameraden mit Tier 6, Deutschsprachig, M/W ab 18 Jahren. Zu uns, wir sind ein verrückter Haufen, der aus verschiedenen Schichten und Altersklassen zusammen kommt, es ist egal ob du Anfänger bist, oder ein Profi, jeder ist Herzlich Willkommen. TGERS Suchen dich! Komm mit uns auf Hohe See!
  15. Ahoiiii - ihr Landratten, die scharfen [GIRL]´s sind wieder auf Mitgliedersuche! Wir verstehen unseren Clan, der vorwiegend aus männlichen Mitgliedern besteht, als Hobby, als Freizeit oder mehr noch: Als einen Ort an dem man gerne seine Zeit verbringt.Gegründet wurde der Clan 2013 als reiner Battlefield Clan und fusionierte 2014 mit dem [OMFG] Clan, den Old Men For Germany. Seit 2017 machen wir nun auch die Seewege unsicher. Wir sind ein zwangloser und teamplayorientierter Clan mit einem festen Kern an Spielern, der stetig wächst. In der letzten Clangefechtskampagne konnten wir bis in die ORKAN-Liga (2.Liga) aufsteigen und das mit relativ wenig Gefechten (60-70). Doch in der nächsten Kampagne möchten wir die Messlatte noch höher legen - deshalb suchen wir nun erneut nach Kapitänen die mit uns zusammen Erfolge und Niederlagen erleben möchten. Unser großes Hauptziel ist es nicht der größte Clan ohne eigenes Profil zu werden sondern:Wir wollen einfach viel Spaß haben getreu nach dem Motto:„GIRLs just wanna have fun. “ - und das mit Teamplay! Voraussetzungen: - Mindestalter: 21+ (Durchschnittsalter: ca. 30 Jahre)- TS³ und ein funktionierendes Headset (laura.ts3index.com:2067)- Gemeinschaftssinn, Kritikfähigkeit und Teamfähigkeit- Geistige Reife- Teamplayorientierten Spielstil- Idealerweiße BF1 Premium oder eines der unten stehenden Spiele- Bestehen einer Trial-Zeit von 2 - 4 Wochen (je nach Aktivität / Aussagefähigkeit) Wir bieten dir: - einen ausgebauten Hafen - Mitfahrer in allen Tierstufen - Einen geordneten Teamspeak 3 Server (laura.ts3index.com:2067)- Eine eigene Website (www.girl-clan.com) ohne Forum (das gehört ins letzte Jahrtausend ;-))- Ein erfahrenes und gutes Führungsteam- Eine flache Hierarchie- Mitspracherecht bei aktiver Beteiligung- familiäre Atmosphäre (wir sind kein Massenclan! Derzeit ca. 100 Member in 4 Spielen (Stand: 21.01.2018))- auch einen angenehmen Platz für Leute Ü30! (Durschnittsalter ca. 30!)- Entspannte als auch taktisch-orientierte Runden- Kein Online-Zwang (Aktivität ist jedoch sehr gewünscht – und auch vorhanden), da wir auch aktiv an Clangefechten teilnehmen.- Keinen Regel-Katalog (Jeder Member sollte wissen, wie man sich als Erwachsener zu verhalten hat)- viele nette Abende! Wir spielen derzeit außerdem aktiv: - Battlefield 1 - PlayerUnknown´s Battleground- Rainbow Six Siege-und noch ein paar andere Spiele zwischendurch Wie kannst du dich bewerben? Ausschließlich auf unserem Teamspeak im BEWERBEN & Support Channel :laura.ts3index.com:2067 Oder ingame bei: Hamuk27 Haggie ImWestenNixNeuesWir freuen uns auf dich!
  16. AminDIOS


    B00TCAMP opens port After long waiting for being a clan as promised We finally gave in and used our last dubloons. For those who know us NCP teamspeak Samen Sterker door Strijd Te Land, ter Zee en in de Lucht
  17. I-TS3.PL Zaprasza !! Oferujemy miłą atmosferę i spokojne miejsce do rozmów, dodatkowo : § Stabline Łącze dostępne 24/7 § Fachową Pomoc § Kanały Prywatne i PREMIUM § Niskie PING-I § Własne BOT-y Muzyczne Dodatkowo posiadamy możliwość WYNAJMU BOT-ów MUZYCZNYCH !! Dołącz do nas już DZIŚ, czekamy na CIEBIE !!
  18. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Here at The Royal Navy Elite Fleet we are currently looking for more players to extend our current clan, the rules for applying are very simple: You have to be 18+ Have a vgood sense of humor (this is a must) Be of good English speaking We use a private rented TeamSpeak server (not only for Clan Battles etc.) where most of our members hang out to play Warships together again, a sense of humour is a must !!!! Lol Be prepared to undertake Clan Battles Be part of the clan, We dont just want you sitting there doing nothing on your own We are a multi range clan from all walks of life and ages (most of our members are mid age), we all play Warships but also play a range of many other game titles. Either reply to our thread for more info or apply through the Clan Search function in-game. We hope to see you in TeamSpeak / Game soon Captains !!
  19. Welcome to the 5D (Fifth Dimension) recruitment page. 5D is an active clan with and 50 active players. It consists of three principle fleets (sub clans): 5D : This is the competitive fleet, and have achieved typhoon 1 in both both seasons of clan wars to date, and strives to be a Hurricance team going forward. (Min criteria: > 2500 battles, > 57% win rate, at least 2 clan wars viable ships (Des Moines, Gearing, Z-52, Yueyang, Hindenburg) 5D2: Is also competitive, but plays at a slightly lower level and has reached Typhoon / Storm in previous seasons. We are looking to increase the strength in depth in 5D2 and see it as base for good players learning their way or those that don't aspire to full on competitive (Min criteria: 52% win rate) 5D4: The entry level fleet, for players still learning but who want to be part of a clan to help them develop, playing clan wars at a lower level, allowing them to experience competitive play. We are an English speaking clan and you must use Teamspeak, though we do use Discord for messaging. We regularly have 20+ people online and encourage you to division with other members of the clan to develop your play style, asking each other for help and tips. If you have any questions about our clan please send an in game or forum message to Mr_Snoww, or Killerbin34. We will have a chat, understand where you might fit and get you set up on teamspeak. We hope this is the clan for you and look forward to playing with you.
  20. Ahoy there! Welcome to the Salty Old Sea Dogs clan, we are now currently recruiting new members. We are a clan set up for the more mature player, who want to play divisions, team battles and just generally socialising, make new friends and have plain old fun. We are a multinational English speaking clan, we have our own Teamspeak server, so you will need to download Teamspeak 3 which all players will have to be connected to when in-game, this is our number 1 clan rule, communication = team play. We also have other rooms for other games. Come give us ago, if it's not for you, the leave button is one click away. We also have our own website set up, which we would like clan members to register to keep up with the latest news http://sos-uk.enjin.com If you want to join us, please use the in-game clan search and search for " SOS " or alternatively message the following players in-game if you have any questions Mayhem_Monster Yankmyplank X1_maverick Davedigger2 nightraven_LF
  21. [-WoS-] World of Steel Hallo, Wir, 2 Typen aus Berlin haben den Clan neu gegründet und suchen nun eure (Hoch)Seemännische Unterstützung ;) In erster Linie geht es uns um Spass am Spiel und nicht rein um irgendwelche Statistiken. Gemeinsam in Divisionen unterwegs zu sein, zu 7. PVE Missionen fahren (aber bitte keine reinen PVE-Leute). Wenn bald Clanwars kommen und wir genug Leute haben, ist aber auch durchaus das ein Ziel! (nur eben nicht unbedingt Hardcore mäßig mit zu vielen Verpflichtungen was Onlinezeiten angeht). Also Leute die nur 1, oder 2x pro Woche 1 Stunde ein paar Runden zocken und nur Clanvorteile abgreifen wollen können woanders suchen :) Wenn ihr nicht nur WoWs zockt, sondern auch gerne mal Diablo 3 / Hearts of Iron oder anderes; auch gerne gesehen :) - Eigener TS3 Server ist vorhanden; den Client solltet ihr haben und auch nutzen wollen, (so ganz ohne Kommunikation ist langweilig) ;) - Mindestens 18 Jahre alt bitte.... - 500 Gefechte oder ein eigen erspieltes... - T8 Schiff, sollte schon drinn sein - Killrates/Mindest EXP usw sind erst einmal egal Meldet euch bei Interesse einfach hier, oder im Spiel bei mir: General_Londo
  22. Edit: Sehe hier: Projekt "HELP ME" - Spieler helfen Spielern stellt sich vor
  23. WolffeMeister

    I-M3 Community looking for members

    I-M3 is a small and relatively new community that formed September last year after breaking away from a larger group, with our the emphasis being on having fun with friends rather than on community politics. So why not take a look at joining? Why Should I Join? Emphasis on fun, not politics, we wanted to get away from that. No joining procedure, just jump onto our teamspeak and feel free to come and go Friendly English-speaking but international community with members across Europe (mainly UK and SWE) and even one in the US Large amount of games, we don't just play a single game, many of us also play games such as War thunder, Arma, Battlefield, CSGO, contagion and really to many to write down. Server Information TS3: ts.i-m3.info Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/i-m3 Feel free to jump on, at the moment the main player for WoWS is myself 'WolffeMeister' in-game and 'Wolffe' on the teamspeak. I'm normally around mid-afternoon to mid-evening on weekdays and most of the day (afternoon onwards) on weekends. Feel free to message me if you do jump on. But feel free to play games with other people. Things to note We would ask that you be 18+ Please speak English as that is the one language we can all speak, we don't want to exclude people. Yes there are alot of server admins, that's just something that we started with to prevent 1 person taking over, we aren't giving them out at the moment so please don't ask for to be made one. ^^ Please don't annoy server admins, if you have a problem contact Wolffe, if someone treats you badly or bans you please contact me so I can sort it out. If Wolffe is unavailable Granis, Pricey or Beardus, will be able to help. We are looking for fun, not grief, if you cause problems on the server then you will be removed. You might not get on with everyone, but please try to act reasonably. Many of us are playing games to unwind and relax, we don't want more problems to deal with. We all enjoy a tasteless joke from time to time, but please consider who you are talking to and if it will offend them. We don't want people who spread racist (or other) ideology. Have a sense of humour, we all like to make jokes and have a bit of banter. We don't have time to babysit people who can't take a joke.