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Found 10 results

  1. Hallo liebe Forengemeinde, Nachdem die aktuelle Mechanik zum Thema "Teamkilling" und pinker Status für die meisten Spieler relativ undurchsichtig ist, haben wir mal ein paar Infos für euch zum besseren Verständnis zusammengetragen: ein Spieler bekommt den disziplinarischen Teamkillerstatus unter den folgenden Bedingungen: 10,000 oder mehr Schaden an Alliierten in den letzten 1,000,000 Schadenspunkten der Hauptbatterie (1% des Schadens an Alliierten) 10,000 oder mehr Schaden an Alliierten in den letzten 1,000,000 Schadenspunkten durch Flugzeugbomben (1% des Schadens an Alliierten) 10,000 oder mehr Schaden an Alliierten in den letzten 1,000,000 Schadenspunkten durch Torpedos, die von Flugzeugen abgeworfen wurden (1% des Schadens an Alliierten) 40,000 oder mehr Schaden an Alliierten in den letzten 1,000,000 Schadenspunkten durch Torpedos, die von Schiffen abgefeuert wurden (4% des Schadens an Alliierten) Das Zerstören eines Verbündeten durch die Hauptbatterie, Torpedos jeglicher Art oder Bomben (es zählt das Versenken, nicht die Menge an angerichteten Schaden) Der Abschuss mindestens 30 verbündeter Flugzeuge in den letzten 100 Luftgefechten (Flak gilt nicht, nur Luftkampf zwischen Flugzeugen) Der Nickname des Spieler wird pink sobald er den disziplinarischen Teamkillerstatus erhält Nachdem ein Spieler den Teamkillerstatus erhalten hat, wird der von ihm angerichtete Schaden an verbündeten Schiffen auf ihn selbst prozentual zurück reflektiert. Wenn z.B. ein pinker Spieler 10.000 Schaden an einem alliierten Schiff anrichtet und dies 50% seiner Strukturpunkte waren, verliert der Verursacher nicht 10.000 Strukturpunkte sondern auch 50% seiner SP. Der Leidtragende des Teamkillers erhält nur 10% des eigentlichen Schadens, der verursacht werden würde (5% bei Torpedos). Der Leidtragende erhält allerdings den vollen Feuer- & Flutungsschaden, wir planen allerdings dies in der Zukunft zu verringern. Der reflektierte Schaden erhöht sich für den Teamkiller falls er weiterhin versucht verbündete Schiffe zu beschädigen - 150%, 200% etc.. bis hin zum sofortigen Versenken seines Schiffes Um den disziplinarischen Status loszuwerden muss der Betroffene 6 Gefechte ohne Schaden an Verbündeten absolvieren. Innerhalb dieses Zeitraums führt jeder weitere Schaden an Verbündeten (proportional zu dem angerichteten Schaden) zu einer Erhöhung der Anzahl der benötigten Gefechte. Ein kleiner Zusatz - auch das Rammen & Berühren freundlicher Schiffe zählt dazu. Im Normalfall ist das kein Problem, aber besonders wenn ihr versucht den pinken Status loszuwerden kann dies problematisch sein. Vermeidet also Kollisionen - ihr werdet zwar nicht "extra" Spiele dafür absolvieren müssen, aber das Gefecht zählt nicht als "sauberes Gefecht" wenn ihr einen Verbündeten berührt habt, trotz des minimalen Schadens. Dies ist auch so gewollt, daher achtet bitte auf eure Umgebung. Es ist euch nicht erlaubt einen pinken Teamkollegen zu beschiessen, es gelten was das angeht genau die gleichen Regeln wie oben beschrieben! Viel Erfolg weiterhin auf offener See
  2. It's official, Wargaming doesn't mind you torping your allies as long as you don't do it at the point-blank range Frankly, I'm at a loss of words. I'm mainly playing DDs and I'm aware that mistakes happen. Sometimes it's hard to predict your allies' behavior AND nobody is perfect - I have my share of allies who died (or were hurt badly) by my own blood soaked hands (or, well, pink-tipped torps?). But it's not like we're banning people for planting one torpedo spread into an ally! You just get pink and if you behave yourself, you stop being pink pretty much right away! This just shouldn't be the case. The way you can clear your name by not doing this again is enough to cover honest mistakes already! Not to mention that there are actually ways to damage your allies that are much more excusable than a 6km torp (talking about, say, starting a fire that you have literally no control over once you nick that ally with a HE shell). And yet the thing we're going to treat as special is a damned 6km torp!? If someone is forced into treating allies behind his back as a threat, IT'S THESE ALLIES' FAULT, NOT HIS. Even if they are further than 5km away. Not to mention that there are plenty situation when an ally (hidden behind an island, temporarily AFK, sitting dead in the water with enginge broken) can now be purposefully and "legally" torped. Especially if your torps are fast and there's a lot of them. Imagine an F3 Shima that decides to go griefing. What are the chances of bow-tanking Yamato to avoid a salvo of 15 F3 torps nicely spread from her broadside at distance of 5,5km? Especially if she'd rather not expose broadside to all of the enemy team instead? @Tuccy, @MrConway, @Sub_Octavian, can we get some explanation for this insanity? What's the reasoning behind this, especially since randomly started fires are still treated with full severity, to the point where you can become pink and then proceed to take reflected damage while the same fire that made you pink is still burning?
  3. SE clan, IDIOT 1 and IDIOT 2, shot at me for no reason in a game and wiped me out whilst on their team, I went and petitioned it and checked twitch and true enough these idiots are on there and past videos show them pink and shooting team mates, why are they not banned from the game??? Sick of this rubbish, fix the mechanics of the game so idiots like these do not ruin it for others. *I removed names in case some fool on forum management has go at me, the innocent always suffer in this world whilst the scum gets away with it.
  4. SkybuckFlying

    The New Anti-Team Damage System

    This is kind of a big topic with many points of view and oppinions possibly, and thus it's worth discussing in it's own thread since it might get rather large/big so it doesn't belong in the feedback thread. I would also like to add some poll to get more info/feedback from the player base. Since or so a new Anti-Team Damage system has been implemented. First my personal oppinion about team damage in general: 1. In this game (as well as other games) I never experienced it as a problem. Teamkillers can be teamkilled. So I don't see why the game system itself has to take care of that ?! ^ I think I raise a very good point here. 2. Teaching people a lesson by teamkilling can sometimes be funny/educational though I can see why that might not be desired behaviour, though incidental, why make a big deal/fuss about it ?! It does give some might to Battleships/Destroyers even Carriers and sometimes cruisers too. The risk by avoiding team damage is that players will find other ways to aggreviate players and then you can't teamkill them to get rid of it... so in that sense it's dangerous to disallow it. 3. Friendly Fire Off reminds me of Call of Duty. Which can be considred somewhat of a "noob mode". Players running around like chickens without a head, throwing nades everywhere... shooting everywhere.. and so forth... if they hit their teammates... no problem: "friendly fire is off"... unrealistic. 4. So personally I would rather not see this game turn into a "noob game"... where people can shoot, and launch torpedoes everywhere... navigate everywhere... and not worry to much about what the hell they are doing. 5. Which leads me to my MAIN OBJECTION to the current Anti-Team-Damage system: I have noticed players caring less about torpdoes coming from their sides/behinds... launched be me... possibly others... they also don't mind driving right in front of me... the behaviour is subtile... but it's definetly noticeable. This is caused by the new system... they know... they won't die... and I will get more damage then them... and they will get a nice big fat reward to make up for the damage. Now both ships get damaged, which I must admit is a nice compromise... but it's unrealistic and is a game degrading mechanic. Other players say: "Launching torpdoes from the back is aggrevating". For new players, yes somewhat... for more experienced players, there is "Free Look"... or even better: Bind artillery mode to right mouse button ! (Which has added benefit of rotating cannons/guns/torpedoes for more consistent behaviour) (I consider free look to be generally a bad mechanic, I already wrote about that on another feedback thread) (The slight turning of the cannons/torpedoes won't hurt that much in case you need to turn back, so I cannot imagine anybody disagreeing that artillery mode is better than free look mode ;) though this is a topic by itself but ok). So this aggevation was present in the old system. Now with the new system it has swapped places: Now the new aggrevation is players simply driving into torps and simply driving right in front of destroyers so they can't launch ! How is this an improvement ?! IT'S NOT. NOT FOR DESTROYERS ANYWAY. Since I play loads of destroyers I might be noticing this sooner/quicker than other players ! For that reason I might leave out a poll... because perhaps it's too soon (And I have to go eat ! ;)) Perhaps later I might add a poll... just to ask about how players perceived the previous system. If such a poll already existed please provide a link to it... it would be interesting to see. Or you could start your own thread... and have a poll.. Anyway I already wrote lots of text... so it's time to cut this short... euhm... I am not pretending that I have a better solution... I do like to point out... I think current system is making the game a bit more unrealistic... so it's degration/degrading. I want to put a stop to that ! ;) Before ya know it... it's a noob game ! LOL. I hope you feel my drift... For now, economical penalties seem best. However there is one more thing I would like to discuss: The increased "you are a teamkiller" status ! I also think this is bad ! This status should be limited to 24 hours MAXIMUM. This is to avoid the behaviour the next day. By reminding the player of his "team killing" behaviour he/she may actually start repeating it ! Which could then lead to even more time for this status to occur... and then this player might start thinking... "well... what the hell... I'll just continue team killing cause it will be gone in 100 days"... might as well continue it... slight exagaration... but I hope you get/see my drift... It's slightly demotivating if this status remains too long !
  5. Is it working? is anything different needed to get rid of these kind of players? isolated cases so it doesnt matter? What do you think? Edit: how about a harder system where short term offenders would get punished too but the victim has got the choice to forgive or to retaliate?
  6. scoper5k

    Team Killing Rant

    Now, i for one am not a big ranter. I have dealt with [edited] throughout the full closed beta, and now in open beta, but today i ran into someone who really really made me angry. I have been having some problems with my laptop so in my american cruisers i have been mainly trying to just provide AA cover for carriers, the basic job of an american cruiser. Well, i was sat near our carrier (outnumbered by enemies 2 carriers of course) and just watching the skys. suddenly, BOOM our Aoba drives right next to me and unloads his entire torp storage into me sinking me instantly calling me a camper and telling the team to report me, certainly this is a bit hypocritical. I cant attach the replay, but this kind of stuff has to stop. If you want the replay, just reply.
  7. Wingus

    Why me?

    Got into a battle, well duhh..lol It was going ok, untill someone said in chat to do something, i was in the process of changing course and he or she said "do it or i'll open fire at you"...i said you'll do nothing of the sort"..and lo and behold, they opened fire on me. Not one to be outsmarted, i opened back, and so it turned into a dog fight with a team mate. Of course i expected that both me and the other guy to have teamkill status, it was after all, a team fight. But no, i got the teamkill, even though i didn't actually kill him. I do understand it's based on damage, but why just me, why not him as well...that's a bit unfair since he started on me first, so he should get the TK status first. Oh, and one more question...how do i get rid of this status....what have i got to do?
  8. Loran_Battle

    Allied torpedoes

    I'm starting to get really fed up with people firing torpedoes from 10km away and in the 2nd or 3rd line. I die by friendly torpedoes more than enemy ones. Or I have to evade my teams torps as well as the enemy teams torps + fire from enemy ships. Apparently the penalty for teamdamage is not high enough or it doesn't work with torpedoes. A few of these were intentional teamkills as well I think. At least: no enemy in sight and I often just killed some target. Maybe because I was "killstealing", or so they think. Ugh. This is the thing that gets me mad the most in this game. I have to watch out for the enemy team as well as my own team apparently. I don't trust anybody anymore and am getting more paranoid every day when some allied DD or CA with torps is within 3km of me. It's just not fun playing this way [/rant] Seriously. Something needs to be done about this.
  9. Heretik76

    Torpedo Ignorance - Tutorial нет?

    It is becoming a common theme in WOWS for people to not know how to use the torpedoes. Usually, what happens in a game with new mechanics is having tutorials (duh!, you would think). I am really baffled as to why these Devs do not find it necessary at all. People are releasing torpedoes in low tiers (meaning torpedoes with ranges no more than 6 to 7 kilometres) almost from the base, when the enemy is out of sight even! And the most common mistake is when they release torps while not seeing in front of them, their teammate that will cross with their line of fire. ☼I suggest a Torpedo Tutorial. A course which will be completed in 3 stages. ►First one will teach them to check the torpedo range of their current ship, before they even start a match. Also, you may want to implement a mechanic, where everyone should check/click a little box in the ships description, under the torpedo info. Kind of like we do for EULA, you know? I have knowledge even if i don't know crap and even if i just don't care. There, i ticked it. Then the option for "Battle" is turned on. Anyway, first course, read ships description/characteristics, torpedo range etc. ►Second course. Release your torpedos only after you are certain they won't cross with any of your teammates. Try, really try and be aware of your surroundings, especially for teammates. ►Third course. "Report" option is available. Teach people how to report and have penalty that mean and teach something to mindless gamers. You, the Developers create the quality of community you want for your game. In the end, the ones that stay are the one, or the other kind. "Goodnight and goodluck"