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Found 12 results

  1. ASharpPencil

    0RCA >> recruiting for the pod!

    Hello, We are casual clan that looking for mature minded players who know how to manage there time between wife, children and work. What is required to become an 0RCA? Know not to sail in a straight line with BB. Don't use the air superiority setup with CV. Use DD to CAP and Hunt not to sail in circles and shoot torpedoes behind the line of your team ships. Know to use AIM of AA guns against aircraft when playing CL. Humor and English in favor of the in game chat & TS. Be active in game. Harvest oil from the sea. Help us upgrade the port. We play CW / DIV. We looking for officers and DD players. https://discord.gg/bYKsGkd Update 3.5.17 Player must have T8. Update 3.5.17 Player must have T10. Update 13.7.17 Player need to have 54% win and up. Update 23.9.17 when play DIV we will like you to join in TS3. Update 30.10.17 We looking for officers and DD players. Clan Spot from all clan with at lest 500 game per accounts. Good day, ASharpPencil - CO clan in WoWs. Hexen - CO clan in WOT.
  2. Heathen Hammers of the North is recruiting players and you may be just who we are looking for. Wants: Capable of talking English 500 battles and win rate must be over 40% (exceptions can be made) At least one T8 ship with willingness to get multiple lines to T10 Discord + MIC. Discord attendance required while playing World of Warships Mature. Not an age requirement, but being mature. Running premium account Offers: Comrades. Team. Base extension if anyone cares We might not be unicum players, but we do have fun playing. We might not be experts, but we do learn. Most of us played pilot season of Clan Battle in other clans, and now we want to do it in this clan and we keep lurking in the top end of Squall League. Might not be OMNI, WGP2W or TWA league just yet, but we'll have ton of fun working our way up. ;-) Join our Discord and have a talk. Set your nickname equal to your in-game name, and we'll know who you are.
  3. Sziasztok az [UFP] klán aktiv embereket keres klán csatára. Van discord csatornánk és facebook csoportunk. Gyakran szakaszozunk és vannak nyeremény játékok a klánon belül . Aki szeretne csatlakozni írjon itt komentbe vagy pm személyes üzenetbe nekem! Elvárás: legyél aktiv, legyen legalább 1 t10-es hajod, és napi aktivitás !
  4. Procrastes

    Taking a Bullet for Your Team

    World of warships is, at heart, a tactical game of finite resources. Those finite resources are the ships' hit points. When they run out, the game is over. The equation is more subtle than that, however. Since a ship suffers no gradual loss of fighting power from losing hit points, but retains its full capabilities up to the point where the last hit point is gone, it is preferable that the team's loss of hit points should be distributed as evenly as possible, on a relative scale, among the various ships. It is far better to have all ships afloat but with half their hit points remaining, than to have half the ships left with full hit points. The abovesaid, in conjunction with the fact that damage to a ship doesn't carry over into the real world*, illustrates why it is not a good tactic to avoid damage to one's own ship at all costs. Unnecessary damage is bad, but damage taken so that an ally might survive and fight on, is generally good. In other words, deliberately sailing in harm's way - a quotation from naval history that is often made on this forum, by the way - is very often a winning tactic. Taking a bullet for your buddy is of course the most gainful when it enables both you and your team mate to fight on. But in some cases, you have to make a choice of which ship to save. The natural instinct, namely to stay in the game yourself, is hard to find fault with - but in a purely tactical sense, it might be wrong. For example, yesterday I was in my Scharnhorst, fighting a rather even battle with one carrier on each side. Then the enemy pushed, and at least five of their ships made a rush on our carrier. I decided that our one carrier was probably more useful to the team than my battleship, and I promptly charged the oncoming line. There was no way I would get out of there, but our carrier did - and this may have helped our team secure the win. (Incidentally giving me more experience points in the end, so I guess good deeds do not always go unrewarded?) Another example is that in a battle today, the enemy Minekaze started capping the A point before we got there, and sat in his smoke, hoping for the best. I came driving up in my Duguay-Trouin, and rather than just sailing to and fro and wait for the smoke to clear, I thought, the hell with it - so I activated my sonar and rushed the smoke. With sonar pinging I easily dodged his torpedoes, found the little bugger parked with his nose up against the cliff, and sunk him forthwith. Then I went down under a massive hail of heavy ordinance from at least half a dozen cruisers and battleships that had come sailing up to support their destroyer - but we won the cap, and killed one of their destroyers to boot. We lost the battle, but I think we might have won on points if the carriers had been a little more evasive in the endgame. You might argue that I would have been of more use afloat than sunk so early on, and I like to think that you'd be right - but my point is, mine was not a useless sacrifice. It served a purpose, by enabling my allies to take that capture point early on in the game. We all play this game, I believe, in order to have fun. And getting sunk earlier than you'd need to is certainly not "fun", as such - but in the right circumstances, it might serve a purpose in the game. Yes, you guessed it already - this is a post about game tactics and team play! I invite those of you who have had similar experiences to regale us with those, and maybe open a discussion on related game tactics and such! What do you think? *This statement should by rights be a generally accepted truth. And yet sadly, my observations of the Brotherhood of Borderhuggers would suggest otherwise.
  5. HT_Horse


    hallo, ich habe mal vor einer ganzen weile mal ein team erstellt und nun wollte ich fragen wenn die endlich mal wieder zur verfügung stehen da wir nun mittlerweile 7 leute sind und wir können immer nur zu 3 spielen und das ist nervig es kommen jedes mal neue updats raus aber das mit dem teamgefechten wird nie behoben die nun mitlerweile schon seit 1 jahr deaktivert sind und das ist echt nervig gibs mal ein datum wann sie endlich wieder Aktiv werden (die teamgefechte)
  6. Hi Guys Reaching out here for a bit of advise, last week i unlocked the Minotaur and i was so pleased as i loved my time in the Neptune, i had a 60% win rating in her (and the really enjoyed her) Average damage for the server (53k) Edinburgh was similar with a 57% win rating (although not as much damage) and Fiji was the same when i unlocked the Edinburgh (although when i decided to keep her and train a new captain my win rating went down as i was not able to use her as efficiently due to lower skill captain) However my experience in the Minotaur has not been good, 25 games played in her so far and i have a win rate of just 28% and below average damage (although still higher than my Neptune) Yes there has been some great games and and generally i am in the top 4 in my team in terms of scores (other than the 2 of the 3 detonations i have had) I have been playing her pretty much the same as my Neptune due to the similar speed and Armour layout. Basically get close to an island angle and position towards the enemy, pop smoke if required and open fire, hold fire and re-position rinse and repeat as standard. Am i doing anything wrong or have i just had the fastest reversal in fortune in terms of luck team wise in a good long while because although i am having fun in majority of games and scoring 60k-70k damage quite often it just gets depressing with the losses piling up. Am i doing it wrong or am i just incredibly unlucky at the moment? Cheers JaiFoh
  7. gobolino

    Les petites choses...

    Je poste ça ici car je sais que la chose aura plus d'écoute que si je le fais dans la section approprié... Je suis CC "Forum" et pas du tout youtube ou ce genre de chose. ce que je souhaiterais mettre en route c'est à la fois sur le forum et en vidéo (pas moi mais s'il y a un you2beur qui veux bien le prendre à son compte) c'est de reprendre les actions de vos équipiers (hors division c'est trop simple sinon) qui vous sauvé, aidé .... fait sourire dans une partie (gagnée ou perdue peu importe) mais des action positive qui aide les autres.... fait par les autres. Je souhaite pas un sujet ou nous pouvons montrer ce que NOUS faisons pour l'équipe mais ce que les autres font pour nous (volontairement ou parfois pas) ... Bref créer un guide circonstanciel qui "pourrait" donner des idées aux lecteurs... ou aux spectateurs.
  8. PrimePenetrator

    Ideas to motivate team play

    Hi, I was watching iEarlGrey's and one of his viewers pitched the idea to chose a leader before a match to better concentrate the efforts of the team to a common goal. That would be hard to apply, because all of us think they have the better strategy, but it did spark for me an idea that could potentially motivate teams to work better for the common goal. In loading match screen, where you can see team line-ups or the map, WG could input a quick poll, about where to cap, or which sector (East, West, North, South) to attack (or even defend), and the highest option chosen by the majority of team mates will double the XP of the ships that go on that sector and cap, spot, do dmg, assist, defend, kill. That would be a good option to motivate the team to work together on the sector previously chosen before the match starts. As a Ui aspect, the pre chosen sector could be highlighted on the minimap as a green sector, as a double xp zone. That wouldn't mean that other zones are less rewarding or no one will go there and we'll have lemming-only teams. The good players will always do what is best for a win, in whatever sector they're needed, but it would motivate the less experienced players to stay with the majority of the team and concentrate efforts in one specific area, instead of going on suiciding runs or camp at the back. What say you? What other ideas could you pitch for a better WOWs experience in random matches? Later edit 1: I don't think it would lead to a lemming kind o strategy/gameplay, because the good players will always go where is necessary in order to help the team to catch a win, even if it's potentially less rewarding in xp/credits (smoke curtains, AA cover proximity, till recently even spotting was not rewarded). So, if the team goes East, a good player might go in the center of the map to spot and cap, or a division could defend a flank, while the rest of the team goes for a previously chosen sector. And the double xp sector/ green zone would not discourage players to go in other areas, because where there is a large concentration of ships it is harder to do dmg or get kills when everyone is shooting at the same enemy ship, but when a division goes for a non-green sector it could possibly encounter more ships, do more dmg, cap or decap more and the xp amount rewarded could be bigger than in green zones. While the benefits of concentrating more team mates in one area are obvious: more detection, more firepower, more AA, more defense and so on. So i don't think this option would enforce more mindless lemming plays, we have enough of those anyway, but it would suggest to some players to camp less at the back. They can/will camp anyways, but at least they'll see camping more rewarding in the green zone, and their camp will help their team mates. Later edit 2: The green zone could be active only for the first 5 minutes for example, to unify the team in the first minutes, but if the enemy goes the other way, you will not just stay there and be inactive waiting for a fight the entire match. Later edit 3: I'm suggesting an idea to deter camping, especially done by BBs, by making it more rewarding to noobs or campers to stay with the common goal of the team. I'm not suggesting the best strategy to win every match. No amount of modifications will guarantee the perfect play or decision making.
  9. shr84

    Formationen fördern

    ich fände es cool wenn mann schlachtformationen irgendwie belohnen würde.Z.b. das einer eine schlachtformation via formations-wheel auswählt (4 zur auswahl zb. Line, reihe,....) und dann die geisterhaften umrisse von schiffen anzeigen wo die teammitglieder sich befinden müssen das der belohnungszähler anfängt zu zählen.könnte capitains EP oder so geben, liegt ja nahe.
  10. OutcastSpartan7

    Matching ally's speed.

    This is a team game after all, and if Wargaming want to try and help the community develop that way, maybe they should give us better throttle controls, or a Ctrl+click ally or Z+Click Ally which will bring up an option to match an ally's speed so you can stay with them in convoy, every time I try and stay with an ally battleship in my Cleveland/Atlanta, I am either too slow or too fast (I have to keep alternating around 3/4 power), and when the battle starts it becomes too difficult to speed up and slow down all the time to keep a decent distance to provide AA coverage, it could work like the autopilot, except just for matching speed, and will disengage the moment you touch the W or S keys, also like the rudder control disengages. Any thoughts?
  11. No teamplay, Battleships that snipe from the edge of the map or run back to mummy after taking 2 hits, cruisers yoloing ahead leaving their battleships behind while they run into the enemy battleships and pointlessly die, carriers never moving the whole game until they get killed by a single enemy destroyer - if you're lucky your team can form a lemming train that just steamrolls down the scattered enemy fleet but most random teams aren't even competent enough for that. -> This game needs a friend list and a proper team-building options so you can play with people that have at least a slight clue of what they are doing.