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Found 12 results

  1. Taking a Bullet for Your Team

    World of warships is, at heart, a tactical game of finite resources. Those finite resources are the ships' hit points. When they run out, the game is over. The equation is more subtle than that, however. Since a ship suffers no gradual loss of fighting power from losing hit points, but retains its full capabilities up to the point where the last hit point is gone, it is preferable that the team's loss of hit points should be distributed as evenly as possible, on a relative scale, among the various ships. It is far better to have all ships afloat but with half their hit points remaining, than to have half the ships left with full hit points. The abovesaid, in conjunction with the fact that damage to a ship doesn't carry over into the real world*, illustrates why it is not a good tactic to avoid damage to one's own ship at all costs. Unnecessary damage is bad, but damage taken so that an ally might survive and fight on, is generally good. In other words, deliberately sailing in harm's way - a quotation from naval history that is often made on this forum, by the way - is very often a winning tactic. Taking a bullet for your buddy is of course the most gainful when it enables both you and your team mate to fight on. But in some cases, you have to make a choice of which ship to save. The natural instinct, namely to stay in the game yourself, is hard to find fault with - but in a purely tactical sense, it might be wrong. For example, yesterday I was in my Scharnhorst, fighting a rather even battle with one carrier on each side. Then the enemy pushed, and at least five of their ships made a rush on our carrier. I decided that our one carrier was probably more useful to the team than my battleship, and I promptly charged the oncoming line. There was no way I would get out of there, but our carrier did - and this may have helped our team secure the win. (Incidentally giving me more experience points in the end, so I guess good deeds do not always go unrewarded?) Another example is that in a battle today, the enemy Minekaze started capping the A point before we got there, and sat in his smoke, hoping for the best. I came driving up in my Duguay-Trouin, and rather than just sailing to and fro and wait for the smoke to clear, I thought, the hell with it - so I activated my sonar and rushed the smoke. With sonar pinging I easily dodged his torpedoes, found the little bugger parked with his nose up against the cliff, and sunk him forthwith. Then I went down under a massive hail of heavy ordinance from at least half a dozen cruisers and battleships that had come sailing up to support their destroyer - but we won the cap, and killed one of their destroyers to boot. We lost the battle, but I think we might have won on points if the carriers had been a little more evasive in the endgame. You might argue that I would have been of more use afloat than sunk so early on, and I like to think that you'd be right - but my point is, mine was not a useless sacrifice. It served a purpose, by enabling my allies to take that capture point early on in the game. We all play this game, I believe, in order to have fun. And getting sunk earlier than you'd need to is certainly not "fun", as such - but in the right circumstances, it might serve a purpose in the game. Yes, you guessed it already - this is a post about game tactics and team play! I invite those of you who have had similar experiences to regale us with those, and maybe open a discussion on related game tactics and such! What do you think? *This statement should by rights be a generally accepted truth. And yet sadly, my observations of the Brotherhood of Borderhuggers would suggest otherwise.
  2. How do you actually de-select a manual secondary target? If no ship outside your secondary range is visible, thus selectable, monkeys for seamen keep firing with secondaries, thus revealing position in smoke. Making escaping the sticky situation hard. Edit: Disabling AA now disables also secondaries. Monkey seamen can be controlled, if your captain actually read the ships technical manual.
  3. How to "Bama"

    Some advice if you please chaps Background When i finally decided to grind the US BB line long ago (and BB lines in general), I found myself stopping at the NC. This was the one BB that i wanted as lets be honest, she's lovely. At that time, i was a out and out Cruiser player and getting used to CV's and thought that this ship would be perfect for my "Support the fleet" play-style. Well, i found out that BB (at that time) arnt cruisers and just couldn't get the NC to work for me. 1) Got set on fire ALOT (invis fire and the like) 2) Long range sniping wasn't doing anything for me (this might have been my problem ) 3) Citadel at that time was high 4) long reload 5) Torp soup with the turning circle of the titanic I know some of the above have been fixed but i think the problem was just not being used to US BBs or even BBs in general at that time. I down right HATED the Colorado as it just seemed to eat every shell thrown at it and the rest was SOOOOOOOOOO SSSLLLLLOOOOOOWWW and boring. 2 years (ish) later Then I was introduced to the German BB line when it popped out of the ground. Suddenly i found my BB play style. Brawling, in your face, turtle back armour and secondary action. Ships like the Sharn is still my fav BB as lets be honest, its just a up-scaled cruiser so i immediately loved it. But when i'm in port and i see a gap that used to dock my NC, i think about what could have been. I wanted to make this lovely ship work but couldn't. I had a total of 52 Battles with a win rate of 54%. Present Too much of a good thing is bad so they say. Well, German BBs for all their easy-to-play style can get boring. I always had the NC in the back of my mind but always remembered that i didnt do well in it. Maybe i played it wrong? Maybe i didn't give it enough time? Maybe is just wasn't my play style? Like DDs for me (that line is, IMHO, is one of the hardest to play correctly) Then a stroke of luck happen 2 days ago...The Alabama The most i have ever got was something like 1 months premium, but this was the first ship i have ever won in a super container!! And i love it gents Its a bad [edited]NC that wants to brawl. What i think is different from the NC: 1) Its tanky! More than the NC was IMHO and i have had only ONE cit hit in 10 battles. 2) Its turning circle is a dream, which helps with the torps alot, much more than the NC did. 3) Its a small target and i seem to dodge alot more fire than i did in the NC I currently have a win rate of 60% in this thing after 10 battles and a Avg Damage of 80.0000. I want to to get better in this thing so i thought you chaps might have some tips for me? I love to brawl in this and i think it should be played in this way. Why else would you make it more tanky, thick torp belt and turn on a penn? Its guns are....Well, ok. The first 2-3 games i was getting used to the shell arch which wasn't too bad as ive had about 800+ game in the Cleveland. When they hit they HIT and cause a good amount of damage to anything. Cit a Yam yesterday no problem. The accuracy is hit and miss. I remember the NC being better accuracy wise but that was ages ago. Sometimes you land all your shells on a Neptune at 14.km and sometimes you miss a full broadside Hipper at 6.km (like yesterday!). Its aright and compared to the Bis and the like, its alot better. Captain skills (running Seven Segul) 1) Prevent maintenance (like to have aa and secondary working) 2) AR (always had it on the German ones and i think its an auto include) 3) BFT (More seconday range and more aa damage, yes please) 4) AFT (As above but with more range) I plan to have the remaining points on Man AA and Man Secondary. Well that's what i plan to do but there are so many others to choose from (Fire prevention, thanks RN BBs and CE) I love using secondary fire and they have always served me well in German Ships. I know people's opinions are split regarding them but with the extra penetration skill (will not be using this skill on the Alabama), they murdered cruisers and DDs and got me out of so much trouble. Plus the new RN BBs have 25 mm deck armour. What can pen that? Hell yeah, 150 mm secondary fire every what, 4 secs with perks!!! This i cant do with the Alamaba, but hey ho. Are the further 8 captain skill points worth putting it on Man AA and Man secondary? Be honest with me lads. I want to brawl with this ship and i think its how it should be played. A least closer than i was in the NC. Has anyone ran 7.4 km secondary with this? Even if its used to warn off or even kill, which it can (19 mm armour with the secondary 127 mm which can pen 22mm?), DDs that slip the net and cant wait for your 30 secs main gun reload? What's you experience with the fire chance? 5% isn't too bad when your spitting them out? As i'm currently missing the man aim skill, i dont know just how good/bad they can be. So, any tips and play styles that you have? Thanks
  4. The Amagi Wiggle

    I have finally learned the art of how to get the best out of the Amagi. It is fast, slim and has a lot of firepower facing aft. You get close-ish to the enemy, fire a couple of full broadsides then turn away and run. As you run, zig zag to evade enemy fire and the angle should allow you to use all 6 rear facing guns to keep scoring hits. Your speed, slender profile and aspect changes make you very hard to hit. Anyone else out there using the Amagi Wiggle?
  5. Ahoi - es ist soweit! Mein Grind der japanischen Zerstörerlinie ist mit der Shimakaze, dem TX - Zerstörer, beendet. Ich habe dazu unwesentlich mehr als 1000 Gefechte benötigt. Und bedenkt man, dass in diesen Gefechten auch der BB-Grind bis zur Gneisenau und der anfängliche Grind der amerikanischen Zerstörer bis zur T22 steckt, darf ich mir schon mal auf die Schulter klopfen. ^^ Zukünftig möchte ich bezüglich WoWs meine bisherigen Erfahrungen an dieser Stelle mit euch teilen. Meine Tipps und Hinweise zum Umgang und zur Handhabung mit Zerstörern für ein erfolgreiches Teamplay ebenso, wie das autonome Agieren - wenn das eigene Team keine Lust auf ein Zusammenspiel im Gefecht zeigt, was gar nicht mal so selten vorkommt. Auf meinem Kanal gibt es bereits unzählige Videos zur Reihe Destroyer Tactics, allerdings bestehend aus immer einem gesamten Gefechtsverlauf, was für einzelne Tipps zu langatmig ist. Deshalb wird es neben vollständigen Gefechten nun auch Kurzvideos geben, die jeweils nur ein Thema mit mehreren Beispielen beinhalten, und die ich dann in diesem Thread poste. (Wer ganze Gefechtsverläufe oder LiveStreams sehen möchte, ist herzlich auf meinem Kanal willkommen) Für all das gilt natürlich: Es sind meine Sichtweisen, keine Weisheiten. Jeder soll seine Zerstörer so spielen, wie er es möchte und für richtig hält. Da ich die japanischen Zerstörer aber mit einer sehr erfolgreichen Winrate spiele, hat der Eine oder Andere vielleicht ein Interesse daran. Bis die Tage :)
  6. Lemming trains are now a viable tatic?

    Hey guys, since the past few weeks (2-3 i think) I have had a significant increase of matches where either my team or the enemy went full on "lemming train mode". The outcome was at least most questionable, but most of the time the team which went lemming train mode lost the match. In the past the teams at least would try to go for 2 caps, but now it seems they all just follow one ship and yolo into the battle? Have you guys similar experiences? How do you cope with your team going "lemming train mode"?
  7. Introduction Carriers (CV) play an invaluable support and strike role to the main fleet. Carriers well protected by their task force can provide crucial reconnaissance, anti-strike defense, high damage output, and general direction sufficient to turn the tide of an engagement. Carrier aviation is essential to accomplishing these goals and as such flight groups must be deployed deliberately and cautiously. Most guides I have encountered are either short on content or did not adequately explain the details of carrier warfare to my satisfaction. Carrier combat is complex. It demands a high degree of attention to detail, micro-management, and real-time strategy skills. This guide seeks to shed light on these topics. The guide assumes a basic fundamental understanding of carrier controls and is focused on maximizing performance in combat to make carrier play more accessible and enjoyable for newer players struggling with the challenges and learning curve of carrier action.
  8. What to do in this situation

    I have a question: When you are in any ship, be that a DD, BB or CA (CVs excluded in this case), what do you do when you meet the entire enemy fleet? This seems to happen to me alot; In Iowa, I often suddenly get spotted, and then the shells just start pouring in, my team wisely decides to turn around and run, but because I am being focused, and it is tier IX, I have no chance of retreat, except perhaps backing up... I have already made a post about the Iowa and how bad I am in her, but I noticed that this problem is not specific to her... Come to think of it, it can happen to any ship. I just played a game in Akizuki, and together with a fletcher we just cleared a headland, and bam, 1 ship... 2...3...5...7...9 it was at that point that I got the picture and steamed in the other direction, however; the enemy fleet deployed radar... I think it was the chapayev... so what do you do in a DD when radar is on and you still need to run 3km to get out of its AOE? I just did a wiggle wiggle shake and prayed :S. I survived with 2K hp left, the fletcher didnt get away... so, now crippled I tried to flank around the enemy and let them pass me by... they just turned on radar again and surrounded me. My questions are: What can you do if you find yourself spotted, out in the open, in front of the entire enemy fleet? Is there any counter against radar for a DD?
  9. Hello, After countless times when this happened yesterday I almost snap. I know that you all have this type of games and will probably say that I whine ... but I would really like to change something ... teach people or anything. I am not the best player around (by far), but I always try to do my best for the team. I listen, I use chat, I talk and usually I dont [edited]or whine. So this was a game with Ysterpyp yesterday and right from the start I said to my team "PLEASE NOT TO GO AROUND WESTERN ISLANDS" because its waste of time and a recipe for defeat". So when I tried to persuade half of our team NOT to do it I got a reply from one of them saying: "PLEASE PLAY YOUR OWN GAME". Ok ... so ... I am not playing my OWN game? Seriously?!? Of course this happened: Now, what I would like to ask is ... How can we prevent this from happening almost every game? Should we [edited]in the chat? Whine on the forum? Or should WG do something to tell the players that this is just wrong. Not only does it leave to defeat, It also destroys all the fun in the game, not to mention that It wastes my time. Should this people be penalized somehow?
  10. German Destroyers - tactics! Hello fellow Players! German DDs are here. And I wanna start discussion about gameplay tactic and experience on them. Have Fun playng! So some first questions to put in : Play aggressive, or carefully? What is more important or succesfull for you torps or guns? Do you prefer close or medium distance to fight? What will be better on VI and VIII tier, 128mm "antidestroyer" guns or 150mm "anticruiser" guns ??? and i dont have U.S. destroyers, how is gameplay on them different or similar to german ones? . . . feel free to add questions, and of course answers ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have now T-22, i prefer agressive fight (but I always read situation, dont all time go suicide to close "zerg rush" fight) more close than medium. Torp attacks prove for me to be more succesfull than gunfire, against enemy DDs too!
  11. Inquiries on the Zao

    I am currently in the middle of my painful grind on my Ibuki up to the Zao, and I'll probably get to her by the time hell freezes over and WG EU stops shafting its customers. When I get there however, I have reservations regarding what upgrades I should take. Now it is conventional wisdom that the Zao should run the range extender in order to stealth fire and burn her enemies to death, but recently I have began wondering if that is the best tactic especially with the difficulty I've been having hitting anything at over 15 km with the Ibuki. I understand that her gun arcs are far better, but with new mechanics like cyclones it might not benefit my team if I just hang back at the end of the map and spam HE from invisibility. I personally have had far greater luck with the Ibuki by just sitting bow on and doing my best Yamato impression. The Zao's reload isn't great. A shot every 15 seconds isn't anything to write home about, it's equal to the ROF of the Moskva IIRC. So my proposal is that I take the reload upgrade instead of the range upgrade and I then can just mount the premium spotter plane to extend the range when I need to. That way, I'll be much more effective at focusing things down and keeping them down whilst still maintaining my ability to stealth fire, albeit in shorter bursts. Could I ask the opinion of some better players on this matter?
  12. Is it worth spotting as a DD?

    As a DD is it worth spotting enemy ships, and keeping them spotted? It could mean not firing torpedoes or guns in order to stay undetected which would end up in zero xp. Would it not make sense to introduce a similar spotting mechanic as used in World of Tanks?? It means a tactical choice needs to be made, fire guns/torps and have the enemy aware of you being nearby thus reducing your effectiveness at spotting...or keeping your itchy finger off the left mouse button and stay hidden, keep the enemy guessing as to how and where they are being spotted allowing your team to "rain the pain" more effectively ?? As it is now, only one choice will result in xp, however the other may well give your team a tactical advantage and increase the likelihood of a victory. Surely it makes sense to use DD`s in a scouting role as well as a damage role, and reward them for either choice. And here`s a novel thought...maybe, just maybe a little bit more teamwork may stealthily creep into the gameplay. I have tried both in my own DD games and have found both to be rewarding, just a shame that firing torps/guns is the only way to gain xp.