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Found 4 results

  1. Salut à tous, J'ouvre ce topic pour les premiers retours sur ce nouveau croiseur achetable en expérience libre (750.000 xp), que se soit des retours sur ces capacités pures ou simplement le ressenti que vous avez avec pour le moment. J'éditerai au fur et à mesure des informations que j'aurais et je mettrais les liens de guides,de stats ou autre si j'en trouve. Bon jeu à tous, PS: Je n'avais pas vu le sujet déjà ouvert:
  2. Marcanzi_1


    J'ai acheté le DD car il n'y avait rien d'autres qui m'intéressait en boutique. C''est un bon DD, je le trouve meilleur que l'Udaloï car plus endurant et souple d'emploi. Concernant l'utilisation, je dirais que c'est un DD US avec une artillerie russe. Vous pouvez mettre dessus vos capitaines de la ligne de DD alternative.
  3. Hallo Leute, ich wollte mal in die Runde fragen, wie so die Einschätzungen und Empfehlungen zu den T9er Schiffen für die mit Update 0.8.0 anstehende elfte Season der Ranked Battels lauten. Hier der Link zu den News für Update 0.8.0: Entwickler-Bulletin 0.8.0 Von meiner Seite stehen keine Premius zur Verfügung, aber als DD die Z-46 und die Fletcher wird bis dahin auch im Hafen stehen. Roon und Ibuki habe ich auf Weg zu T10 wieder verkauft..., leider... die andere CA und CL kenne ich nicht. Und bei den Schlachtschiffen schätze ich die Lage eher düster ein (FdG war nach meiner Erinnung kein gutes Schiff, die Izumo habe ich noch nicht - es gibt viel Kritik), von den Standardschiffen könnte wohl die Iowa die beste Wahl werden? Welche Schiffe lohnen sich noch, hochzugrinden? Frohes Neues!
  4. Jean Bart – a Tier 9 in the Premium Shop? Shop link: https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/filter/?cd=3751753552 Already ongoing Discussion thread: I have had a lot of things to take care of as of lately, so I wasn’t able to do a lot of World of Warships content. As I’m finally able to come back to writing, I feel that I cannot leave this subject unaddressed. Now, to address the actual topic at hand today: Jean Bart’s Appearance in the Premium Shop. As a long time player of the game, I’ve been thinking, for some time, about how to deal with the current situation, what to think of this move. Firstly, I have to think back to things that have been said in the past. I do believe it was mentioned by someone that World of Warships would not have tier 8+ premium ships being sold on grounds of a prior patch-note regarding USS Missouri: [Maintenance] Version Unlike other Premium ships, the Missouri cannot be purchased through the Premium Shop and may only be acquired by using Free EXP. Why you ask? USS Missouri is a Tier IX warship. Which means her owners will be facing one of the toughest battles in the game along with other battle-hardened veterans. Using this method, we can mitigate the risk of inexperienced players being easy prey for other players. [Clarification: This was entirely in regards to USS Missouri, which leads it's use to be questionable to begin with, as it is a completely different ship.] However I feel that this is more of a problem with the fact that we people have something like this statement presented to us, and now we’re being told the opposite. Suddenly it’s fine to have a Tier 9 premium in the shop, it’s okay to spend money to get into Tier 9. So really, is it the fact that we cannot take anything WG says as face value? It's important to keep in mind that we're talking isolated cases here, and we must not rush to see them as "company policy". The fact that Missouri was not released in the premium shop was a decision made for that particular ship, despite the fact that statements like "her owners will be facing one of the toughest battles in the game along with other battle-hardened veterans" and "mitigate the risk of inexperienced players being easy prey for other players" can be translated to other ships, like the Jean Bart. Leading me on to my second point. Secondly, We have the problem of player quality. Anyone can just go to the premium shop, drop 50-90 euros on a Premium ship and enter the game with not experience what-so-ever. Well, yes and no. Firstly, new player will not be able to join Random matches until he reaches at LEAST level 3. And even then, will he know how to access random battles? It’s been 3 years, but I still remember the first time I played world of warships, it took me a little time before realizing that I was playing against bots. Obviously you cannot trivialize the matter like that, not every new player is going to be as ignorant as I was, some will read the tips, some will familiarize themselves with the UI, and know exactly what to do when the time comes for them to be let loose on other players. But still. If we’re addressing player quality, we can exclude an amount of players that will not care, or not know how to enter the “real” World of Warships. As for the rest, well, you’ve seen it yourselves. This game has been out for 3 years, and while it’s nice to imagine that the T10 bracket is only comprised of high skill players, that’s both unrealistic, and probably not something most people would want. It is a fact that you don’t need to learn the basics to progress in this game. It makes grinding a whole lot easier, but there’s nothing that forces a player to learn the game unless he wants to. eventually, even the least skilled player can work his way up to tier 10, even if he is completely resistant to any attempts at teaching him how to play better. So no, the addition of a T9 premium will not be the nail in the coffin for World of Warships in that sense. Perhaps an eyesore to see on your team, not knowing whether the owner knows what he’s doing or not, but there are plentiful ships we already have that with. To summarize, the two major problems I see at the moment: The fact that WG has sent out contradictory statements. There is no defense for this, as this holds true however way you look at it (not ignoring the fact that this isn’t the only time, for better or for worse). So if it's an issue of trust - well in that case I can't do anything about that. I understand that players might be upset by the fact that WG changes their opinion on things they once seemed to feel so strongly about. And the second thing is, of course, the problematics of having a tier 9 premium ship to be let loose on the masses, to which I have hopefully given a little insight to why I don't consider it as big of a problem, realistically speaking. A lot has happened this year in my favourite boat game, many things I didn’t feel to happy about, but also a lot of welcomed changes. Jean Bart is an experiment, whether it’s a good or a bad experiment, only time will tell. I do not ask of you guys to not blow it out of proportions. That’s a silly request, because for one it demeans how strongly you feel about this subject, but also because I think all forms of feedback are important. WG will know if what they’ve put out was a mistake, or not, and what you guys will have to say has a huge impact on that, as you know. So go ahead, talk, talk, talk! Whether it’s reddit, in the comment section on YouTube videos, talking to people on streams, or here in the forums. Strefs out.