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Found 3 results

  1. Nachdem es im GF-Tread zum Ende mehr um die deutschen Zerstörer ging, mache ich jetzt ganz frech einfach hier die Baustelle auf. ich finde, das sind mit die besten Allrounder im Spiel. Klar, nirgends top - aber immer gut genug um mitmischen zu können. Gute Tarnwerte mit denen man arbeiten kann, schneller Torpedoreload, mit entsprechender Skillung unter 90 Sekunden, bissige AP die auf kurze Entfernung auch mal einem Kreuzer eine Zitadelle drückt und das mit guter Reichweite. Das beste Sonar im Spiel, ab der T-61 und eine Flugabwehr die, wenn es drauf ankommt, den Namen auch verdient.
  2. T0byJug

    How To Balance the T61

    Like many DD Players I'm waiting for the T61'. Why.. Well despite what people say she is a real ship that was built and Lunched in Holland during the war.. Even saw action.. Well Kind of.. She was Sunk in the Waddenzee (of coasts of Holland) by the RAF while on the way to Poland for Fitting out. Not sure if she was under her own power or was being Towed. She is a Sudo Dutch ship..... So Keeps those Lowlanders happy. She is a German Prem DD. DD players want that IS she OP as she stands.... MMM hell yes Simple fix she has the same torps as the Gaede so make the reload the same. not over 20 Seconds faster like she is at the moment So i here you say if do! that and whats the point of her, Just use the Guede as the Guede has 1800 extra HP. Well T61 has faster loading and longer range guns and she is smaller (hence less HP) so is a better CAP contester as her Detection is only 7.02 (so 0.5KM less). She is a German Prem DD something we do not have. Thats my View. What do you think??.... Be Sensible Boys and Girls.. Lets See if we cant give WarGaming some ideas and thus enable us to get this DD released Something First promised in December last year
  3. I, like so many other people, really fancied the free rewards for spending 25000 doubloons on stuff I wanted anyway. Problem: I'm traveling with my family and will not be home to spend the doubloons. Fortunately I was only an hour away from a clan mate, so I drove over. We got behind his laptop and spent our hard earned money. He got a year of premium time and converted some XP. I got perma camo's for 5 T10's. Problem solved. Back to the family as it was already past 23:00. Turns out the event didn't start until 02:00 the next morning, we were just under 3 hours too early. Tickets were created and here it gets weird. My mate had his premium time taken away and got his doubloons refunded. The representative could not reset the XP, but as that was only a small amount it didn't matter much. I got a reply that many players made the same mistake and that WG was looking at ways to remedy the situation. Then it got really quiet. After a few more pokes the tone changed and I was basically told that I messed up and had to live with the consequences. I do not agree... It is my opinion that if one player gets help, players with the same problem should also be helped. Also, if an expensive event like this is launched, do not post an activation button before the event goes live, especially if it only runs for a few days. (If I was the only one to fall for this, but a costumer support representative wrote me that 'a lot of players' made the same mistake) When I objected to refusal I was told to post my comments on this forum so the developers can read my concerns and react to them... I'm just dying with suspense, what will come next..?