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Found 2 results

  1. Hi ich haben seit einer weile zwei t10 module frei gespielt das für die Yamato und das für den Großen Kurfürst Man bekommt ja bei den meisten t10 nicht premium Schiffen die Aufgabe, besondere Module frei zuschalten die man nur auf diesem Schiff verwenden darf. Ich würde aber am liebsten das Modul statt auf dem Großen Kurfürst lieber auf meinen Friedrich den Großen einbauen da ich ihn mehr fahre. Das würde jetzt den FdG auch nicht zum OP Schiff machen. Die Izumo mit dem Modul der Yamato ebenfalls nicht da wäre sogar die idee es für die Musashi verwenden zu dürfen weil es ja das Schwesterschiff der Yamato ist. Ich will mal meinungen hören ob das gut oder schlecht wäre die t10 module auf den t9 Vorgänger Schiff verwenden zu dürfen?
  2. Kro1777

    USS Somers Needs a Soft Buff

    The USS Somers has recently been added to the game, so as a DD main I decided to check it out. I still can't figure out what makes it a "fun and unique" ship to play because of the following: -It is a torpedo boat with horrible gun DPM, but torpedoes don't do much damage -It has 12 torps, which is 2 more than the gearing has in game, with almost identical torpedo reload -It has horrible DPM, even with a gun-focused build you can only get the reload down to 4.8s before AR hits in (about 60k HE dpm) -Its concealment is nothing impressive at 5.8 it's around the average mark, getting outspotted by shimakaze and legendary module gearing -It has a small HP pool so getting close with that concealment is risky if you want to invest commander points in something other than survivability expert, but then you risk losing out on damage potential by missing out on things like torpedo armament expertise or BFT Don't get me wrong, it's not a terrible ship, but I believe it deserves a soft buff. Closest ship to compare it to is the shimakaze, which has the option to slot 1 of 3 types of torpedo and they all do damage that exceed 20k per hit. I think Somers could benefit from a soft buff, maybe take the concelament down to 5.7 or buff the hp pool or torpedo reload slightly. In its current state, I don't think it's worth its steel.