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Found 6 results

  1. T-61 Wiki / Review / Geschichte Die langerwartete T-61 ist verfügbar und hier gibt es nun mit ein paar Tagen urlaubsbedingter Verzögerung die Berechnungen zu den Paketen mit den entsprechenden Dublonen/Euro Werten. Die ausführliche Auflistung wie immer jeweils zum ausklappen. Gruß Schorsch T-61 - Standard (21,29€) --> 267 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, ohne Missionen) --> 414 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, mit Missionen) --> ------------- (mit Kapitän, ohne Missionen) --> ------------- (mit Kapitän, mit Missionen) (Alternativ: Basiswert: 21,31€ / Kaufpreis: 21,29€. Die Beigabe kostet damit nichts.) T-61 - Kapitänspaket (29,01€) --> 320 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, ohne Missionen) --> 428 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, mit Missionen) --> 361 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, ohne Missionen) --> 469 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, mit Missionen) (Alternativ: Basiswert: 26,44€ / Kaufpreis: 29,01€. Die Beigaben kosten damit 2,57€.) T-61 - Admiralspaket I (38,84€) --> 345 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, ohne Missionen) --> 425 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, mit Missionen) --> 525 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, ohne Missionen) --> 606 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, mit Missionen) (Alternativ: Basiswert: 33,15€ / Kaufpreis: 38,84€. Die Beigaben kosten damit 5,69€.) T-61 - Admiralspaket II (38,84€) --> 346 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, ohne Missionen) --> 426 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, mit Missionen) --> 527 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, ohne Missionen) --> 607 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, mit Missionen) (Alternativ: Basiswert: 33,15€ / Kaufpreis: 38,84€. Die Beigaben kosten damit 5,69€.) Hinweise: Archiv:
  2. I tried for early access - and I failed. I went against my initial inclinations, and tried for the early access release of the T-61 after all. The way I reasoned was, I was eventually going to get some extra premium time anyway, and so I might just as well spend those doubloons right away and get a ship on top. What could possibly go wrong? Of course, it wasn't that easy. It turns out you can't spend more than 24 000 doubloons on premium time in one go, which will net you one year's worth. I suppose most of you already know this, but I didn't. Bummer. But hey, no problem. All I had to do was to buy at least another thousand doubloons' worth of premium time, right? Wrong. Of course it wasn't that easy. It turns out you can't purchase premium time with doubloons if you already have one year's worth or more of premium time on your account (I suppose most of you already know this, etc etc). You can buy it with real money, but that wouldn't count toward the 25 000 doubloons-goal for the early access event. So how could I rid myself of a thousand doubloons in a hurry? I didn't have enough accumulated free xp to unlock that it would cost me that amount; I only managed to spend about three or four hundred doubloons that way. So there was still about seven hundred doubloons to go; now how to spend those? The best I could think of was to purchase a premium ship from the in-game tree, but this presented me with something of a moral conundrum. I had decided to go for early access on the premise that it wouldn't cost me anything I wasn't going to spend anyway - such as doubloons for premium time or for the unlocking of free xp - but there was no hitherto un-bought premium ship available that I had any interest in. So by my own rules, I should drop out of the early access race at this point. On the other hand, I was so close to the finishing line that it would feel like I was cheating myself if I stopped spending doubloons now. (Yeah, I realize how this sounds even as I'm writing it.) In the end, I decided to buy the Aurora for 2 250 doubloons. I clicked myself through the transaction in a hurry, feeling vaguely ashamed of myself as I did it. I should have taken it slowly and deliberately. You see, I forgot to confirm the purchase with a second click. The Aurora appeared in my port only as the ghost-like, black-and-white apparition that marks a possible purchase; a ship that is not yet there. After giving her a guilty look, - you know, the kind of look you reserve for that guy who's only invited to the party because he's the designated driver - I exited the game and left for a road trip through Slovakia. I came back yesterday evening, to not find the T-61 in my port. I'd missed the mark by a few hundred doubloons. I should point out, right now, that this sorry chain of events is solely and surely down to me being a klutz. I still consider Wargaming's early access offer to be a fair one; I only wish I had known about the above-related restrictions on the spending of doubloons before going on board. And a straight-up option to complete the event simply by purchasing the required amount of doubloons might perhaps have been better for all involved, but that's neither here nor there. I am now slightly older and wiser than I was last week. I have gained useful information on the workings of the doubloon economy in World of Warships, along with some valuable insights into my own psyche. I am currently awaiting, come Friday, the standard release of the T-61. She will lie at the place in my port where the Aurora isn't.
  3. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    Price of the T-61?

    Has anyone heard WG mention anything about the pricepoint of the T-61? Im talking just the ship, no bundles? When i look at all the other T6 DDs in the premium shop they priced around 18-19 Euros, so should I expect T-61 to be the same? And if not, why?! At the same time I also gotten the feeling that ships that stirres up the most and get hyped a lot get a bigger pricepoint. Im thinking of Asashio, Belfast and such. Anyone have an idea?
  4. The complicated Relationship of a Destroyer and her Captain Bad AA, okayish concealment, heavy focus on torps. The smoke is sub-par, like all the Germans. It doesn’t get 150mm like the Gaede. Hit points aren’t something to write home about. But heck, I love this thing. And I’ll tell you why. Let’s first of all give this ship a run down. She’s got a solid amount of hitpoints. 14700, which is a lot worse than the 16500 you find on the Gaede. She shares the same type of guns you can find on the Maass, 4 of them. These are outright better than the ones on the Gaede. They reload faster, and the penetration feels a lot more consistent. In addition to these good guns, she has 2x4 torpedo launchers, which mop the floor with the Gaede’s. The reload is 22 seconds faster, clocking in at 68 seconds base. That’s better than Shinonome. And Shinonome has triples. T-61’s tubes are quads. While we’re at the Shinonome, did I mention that the torpedo concealment is 1.3km, which is 300m better than the Japanese ship? Then again that’s just Gaede torps. Her AA is basically Gaede, with nothing particularly great going on in that department. The Manoeuvrability is again, better than the Gaede. Shorter rudder shift and better turn circle by 90 metres. Lastly, concealment is again, a lot better. She’s got 400m over the Gaede, just like the Shinonome. Not the best in her tier but very workable. So In short, Maass guns, good concealment and torpedoes, bad AA and low hit points. Take away the guns and you’ve got a Japanese destroyer. Except these torps actually work, because they’re fast and stealthy. It’s no secret that torpedo heavy gameplay has had it’s peak and has since then declined rapidly. Ships that only focus on torpedoes tend to be very on-off performers. It requires your enemies to make mistakes, or you to be very risky. In addition to that, it seems that with every new update, this gameplay becomes and less supported. We’ve got spotter/fighter planes that spot torpedoes once, which makes them visible eternally. Now we even have deep water torpedoes that can’t even hit destroyers any more (more on that in my Pan Asia analysis). And everyone and their mother are running hydro (hello you German buggers). I mean even this ship runs hydro! It doesn’t matter what concealment your torpedo has if it gets spotted for 4km away due to perma-hydro ships. When an entire ship line goes from destroying multiple battleships per game to barely scraping by within a couple of patches, you know it’s time to change tactics. So why on earth would they bring out a ship like this? And why does it work so well? I am guessing you can find an answer to the first question yourself, as for the second: The bracket this ship moves in sees a lot less consumable madness than let’s say a tier 7 or 8 premium. The amount of carrier players has been dwindling for quite some time now, so your bad AA is not such a game breaker. The tier position is still very mid tier. This means you’ll be running into a lot of newbies, which makes hitting torpedoes easier. So at this tier, the prospect of a torpedo boat is not that bad, it’s part of the reason why the Shinonome works, she’s got good HE alpha too, though. The guns, like I said, are good, but you’ll be relying on your torpedoes for bulk damage still. As for the gameplay, and why I love this ship. It just performs. That’s all there is to it. It’s not a HuangHe without smoke, that really tries to kill you at every corner you take. It’s not an Ashitaka, which is basically an A-hull Amagi (I apologize if I trivialize things but it kind of is). It’s not a fragile Abruzzi. It genuinely feels fun to play. Your guns aren’t trash, your torps have a noticable “oompf” to them, and by the time you hit something with them, you’ll have a new batch reloaded to fire again. You can simply get stuck in, not worry too much about weaknesses, because this ship barely has any. Time and time again she does consistent damage, rewards players for good play, and doesn’t punish too much when a player makes a mistake (unless it’s a big one, as it should be). But I kind of feel like that’s exactly what’s wrong with her, and new destroyers in general. She doesn’t really have any weaknesses. What the T-61 is, is a Gaede but better. The only downside you have here is no 150mm guns. Big whoop. You get gun range, awesome torpedoes, and concealment. Who wouldn’t want those things? It’s a shame really, because I do like the Gaede, but I cannot go back to her after playing the T-61. A ship I feel like I have a very complicated relationship with.
  5. It is ready. It is perfect. It should be the first german premium dd. My wallet is ready for that ship. RELEASE IT !!! NOW !!!
  6. Hey guys, Zoup from the NA CCs. Posting this here because I've got a giveaway that I want to give a chance to EU followers to win as well. Pretty cool swag pack that includes a T-Shirt, Pins and a Challenge Coin. While the NA will get tanks and planes in addition to the USS Texas, the EU will still get the USS Texas (just not the tanks and planes). Best of luck!