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Found 5 results

  1. Remove the report and karma system. Its broken (and useless) what you can do with it: • report other players for anything you want and lower their karma • report other players for anything you want and cause an automated chat ban for 3 days • make yourself feel better 7x a day by using your "power" to "influence" the game what you can not do with it: • enhance player's game experience • prevent people from being better/worse players than you • prevent people from being rude or stupid Remove this system of opression and stupidity and your karma shall rise.
  2. arquata2019

    FPS and Graphics balanced

    Hi guys! i already know this is the wrong topic (if i writed it correctly) because i won't do anything correct in my life. i'm playing with: Ati Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3ghz 4gb ram ddr2 Windows 10 64bit ================= What are the best in-game settings for playing at 1680x1050 or 1600x1200 resolution? (at least 30fps)
  3. My Question is, does anybody know where the Issue comes from (and ofc how to fix it) if the Process or Client.exe (worldofwarships.exe) reaches 2 Gigabytes of Ram Usage. The Game starts lagging and my FPS drops to the Floor, if i restart the Game (because a Client usually needs about 1,5 GB) all runs fine, its just if i breach the Barrier of 2 Gigabytes. Before you ask me now, my CPU,GPU or RAM on my System shouldnt be no Issue. Its just horrible, because sometimes it causes a Stopping of the Game / Client itself or the Game Freezes, kicks me to the Login Screen or even Desktop... but how i can solve it or fix this?
  4. While I work on improving the algorithm. Here are the Clan Battles winrate. Have not included teams in lower leagues.
  5. HattaTittla

    Hello guys, I just noticed a bug in reporting system. After battle with „toxic“ player, which was especially annoying and „noob“ as well (not like its important, just my complaining) I wanted to report him for being a bad player. In after-battle screen was not report-countdown. People can report everyone who They want as much as They like. I hope You would fix it ASAP, because with so much ,„special“ players, which can abuse this bug, will become reporting system in this game irrelevant. ( I am really sorry that i dont have any material to support my meaning.) I hope You will solve this soon . Good luck and fair Seas, fellow Captains . btw. sorry for posting it again, now in right thread i hope