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Found 15 results

  1. Red_warning

    Sweden in World of Warships

    Greetings! With world of warships open to see for the public and steadily nearing release, there are a lot of discussions on the internet regarding what nations and ships might come next. I do naturally not expect a minor nation such as Sweden make an entry to WoWS until more prominent sea powers such as Britain, France, Italy and perhaps Spain make it into the game, but I don't think it's ever too early to speculate and talk about future ships that could be added to the game. Swedish naval doctrine and shipbuilding philosophy differentiated quite a bit from the major powers, and I shall go into more detail below. Coastal defence ships In Swedish referred to as pansarskepp, the coastal defence ships were built purely with defence in mind as a cheap counter to cruisers and battleships. With no intention of blue water supremacy, Sweden focused entirely on being able to defend its vast island-dotted coastline from potential German and/or Soviet naval invasion, which required ships specifically engineered for that need. They needed to be able to travel in shallow waters, which required a small draught. They needed to be heavily armoured and armed to be able to win over invading cruisers with decent certainty. Speed became less important as navigating through the Swedish archipelagos is nothing one should do in a hurry, lest they run high risk of running aground. Example of typical Swedish coastline geography Sweden built a total of 6 classes of pansarskepp, from 1886 to 1918, encompassing 15 ships in total. Despite their old age by the time of WWII they were upgraded and modernised thoroughly and would serve the Swedish navy until the 1950s, at which time the coastal defence ships role in modern war doctrine had become outdated due to an ever increasing emphasis on speed and firepower. In World of Warships they could fill the role as early to mid-tier cruisers, while the most modern ones of the Sverige-class probably could do well even at higher tiers. Their speed is slow but their armour is unmatched (from tier 1-3 they would have 10x - 2x the armour of contemporary cruisers) on early tiers while providing devastating firepower until mid-tire, at which point their age is being felt and they are starting to fall behind true WWII ships. Despite their armour and firepower (210 mm guns and torpedos at early tiers) they were pretty small ships, seldom reaching over 100 metres in length, providing the enemy with a quite small target. With their role in the Swedish navy in mind one can assume they should be pretty nimble machines, giving them decent turning speed which in turn gives them a chance of dodging incoming torpedoes. Balance wise they should be made into brawlers, so giving them a decent health pool is probably a must to off-set the fact that their slow speed will mean long exposure to fire, which the heavy armour also should help to mitigate. Some examples of ships and their tiers will follow below. I will refrain from posting any calibre lower than 57 mm to save space, but you can bet that the ship belonging to the native land of Bofors carries a lot AA guns. HMS Clas Fleming, Clas Fleming-class minelayer-cruiser, tier I candidate HMS Clas Fleming, mine layer, constructed in 1912 and decommissioned in 1959. Never really meant to directly engage the enemy, this ship could nonetheless serve as a decent tier I ship thanks to its acceptable armament of 4 x 120 mm guns. It had a speed of 20 knots, weighted 1575 tons and was protected by 16 - 75 mm of armour. It was the first ship in the Swedish navy to use steam turbines. ​________________________________ HMS Oden, Oden-class coastal defence ship, tier II candidate The second generation of Swedish pansarksepp, built in 1896 and decommissioned in 1937, this was basically a larger version of the first generation Svea-class. 2 x 254 mm and 6 x 120 mm guns, superior AA capabilities compared to previous tier and with 4 x 57 mm guns capable of giving some secondary fire at close quarters. 16,5 knots, 3720 tons, heavily protected with an for tier II impressive 200 mm of armour. Also comes with a torpedo tube because why not. It's an old ship but still heavily armoured and armed for its potential tier, 4 x the armour of the Chester and 2,5 that of Chikuma. ​________________________________ HMS Äran, Äran-class coastal defence ship, tier III candidate. The fourth generation of Swedish pansarskepp (the third being Dristigheten-class, skipped due to being only slightly different compared to the Äran-class), built in 1901 and decommissioned in 1947. Sweden's first ship that served during WWII in the cruiser line. 2 x 210 mm, 6 x 152 mm, 6 x 57 mm and 2 x torpedo tubes. Was refitted with some AA capabilities at the expense of 2 x 57 mm guns at the beginning of the war. 175 - 200 mm armour, 3735 tons and with a speed of 17 knots. Equal tier ships have caught up in terms of fire power, but still don't match the thick armour of the Swedish coastal defence ships. ​________________________________ HMS Oscar II, Oscar II-class coastal defence ship, tier IV candidate. The fifth generation coastal defence ship to be used in the Swedish navy and one of its kind, built in 1905 and decommissioned in 1950. 2 x 210 mm, 8 x 152 mm, 10 x 57 mm and 2 x torpedo tubes 18 knots speed, 4495 tons and with up to 250 mm of armour. This is where the age of the pansarskepp of the early 1900s are being felt. The armour is still superior to that of the Japanese Kuma class cruiser while carrying heavier guns and more of them, though far fewer torpedoes and travelling at a snails pace in comparison. Versus the American Phoenix it has distinctly better armour while carrying roughly the same amount of guns, though the Phoenix has better torpedo carrying capabilities, while Oscar II also carries two quite heavy 210 mm Bofors guns. As such this ship would be quite powerful at tier IV. ​________________________________ We will now leave the coastal defence ships for a while and take a look at some of Sweden's first true cruisers that might be used as the mid-tier ships for a Swedish cruiser line. Though I am concerned that they might be underpowered for their role, with the help of renhanxue, a pass-time archivist and history blogger who has helped Wargaming with insights to their planned Swedish tank tree, I am quite certain that the mid-tier can if necessary be filled with "paper ships". Though I would personally prefer to see real ships used as much as possible, the reality is that the ships presented below might simply not be competitive enough. HMS Fylgia, armoured cruiser, tier IV - V candidate. While constructed in 1905 this ship underwent heavy modernisation in 1941 where the ship was changed at its core to fit the demands of a modern navy, and was finally decommissioned in 1952. It was Sweden's only armoured cruiser and it carried 8 x 152 mm, 14 x 56 mm guns and 2 x torpedo tubes. It could go travel at 23 knots, had up to 135 mm of armour and carried a weight of 4980 tons. Could probably work at tier IV, dubiously at tier V. It really depends on what other tier V cruisers might show up throughout the years, as the USS Omaha is the only reference for now. The 14 x 57 mm guns and reality heavy armour of HMS Fylgia would make it deadly in secondary gun range, if it weren't for the slow speed of the ship. ​________________________________ Built in 1933 and decommissioned in 1960, HMS Gotland was a Swedish experiment with this usage of aircraft at sea. With no intention of competing with the major powers for blue water superiority this design was intended to be used as a scout platform for the naval battle groups. This is a rather peculiar hybrid ship with an armament of 6 x 152 mm, 4 x 75 mm guns and 6 x torpedo tubes. It could also carry 6 x Hawker Osprey. It travelled at a speed of 27,5 knots with a weight of 5550 tons. Amount of armour eludes me. To make this ship competitive at these tiers I feel like the sea planes need to carry 4x50 kg bombs each, which they historically did not use due to their role as scouts for the navy but nevertheless had the capacity of.
  2. Introverts Unite Separately! Want to get the benefits of the clan without having to interact with people? Then you've come to the right place! Just play the game, gather oil and you'll never hear from us (if you don't want to). We have three rules. 1: Be nice. 2. If you haven't played in three weeks, you're out. 3: No hidden stats. EDIT: We just did a change to the three-week-rule. You can't be kicked out if you've played in the last three weeks. If you haven't played in the last three weeks you only get kicked if we're out of "seats" and someone new wants in. Then the member with the longest inactivity (more then three weeks that is) gets kicked. Welcome! Vi talar svenska!
  3. How do you pronounce the new Swedish destroyers' names? Let an actual Swede give you some pointers and mix in some history for the ships as well, and you'll be all ready for the IKEA DDs in no time. https://youtu.be/OtBnyuaBfgI
  4. Rage_Unchained

    Money for Early Acess

    Hi folks. I just saw the news item in the port, talking about XP requirements for missions and giving a FAULTY link to forums to discuss the topic. What I wanted to ask however - has Wargaming had the dignity to specify how much money we need to spend to eventually reach at least tier 8 early access ship (Olland)? So far, I've completed the third directive, and I am still far off tier 7 boat, some 100+ tokens or so. I understand Wargaming likes money (cough*PR*cough*scam*cough*falseadvertising*cough), but they are now literally demanding you spend money (or doubloons which you get for money) on ships that will be regular researchable tech tree ships in couple of weeks. The missions they have given for "free" premium camos will require spenting far more doubloons than the premium camos for tier 9 and 10 ship will/would eventually cost on release of Swedes/Pan-EUs. Does anyone have accurate calculation or at least fairly accurate esti,ate/guess of how much doubloons are required to unlock tier 8 and 9 (Olland and Ostergotland) in order to get the mission chain and ships themselves unlocked? Thanks in advance!
  5. OldschoolGaming_YouTube

    T10 Swedish destroyer HMS Halland teaser

    Sorry for the crappy watermark, happen to be inbetween video editing software right now. Still wanted to do a little teaser, being a crazy Swedish Viking myself. Will do better quality soon. Cant wait to get my hands on these Swedish destroyers. Have walked around on the sistership, HMS Småland many times, since its a museumship in my hometown.
  6. Full Metal Poi! - Yuudachi kawai desu~! Discord: FMP About us: We are a casual clan that has arisen from the depths of the seas a year ago, founded by Ichikun98. It was a stick up of people met in battles as well as those who got sucked in by Ichis awesomeness on in-game chat channel "Battle results and discussion" and joined him on his adventure. Up till now it had its best and worst moments. Now we are freshly after redesigning of the clans core, so that people can integrate more and enjoy the game together to the fullest. Our clans objective is to get better at the game as well as develop new tactics that can be implemented into the randoms and clan wars. Due to the nature of our clan, that has a weeb connection due to name. We also possess quite a lot of human resources called weebs at our disposal and facilities keeping them in tip-top condition. What FMP offers: # +54% WR , 36/50 members # A friendly community consisting of members from all over the world # Clan benefits from facilities # Mates to division with. Requirements: Being casual clan means we are not going to watch over your WR that much (At least keep it above 50%). The only general number on your profile we care is if you have over 1k battles in randoms. You need to have at least 1 T10 ship with good stats respectable to the ship type. Also we need to pump out that oil from the containers to donate to our American friends so that they wont invade us (One container a day, keeps US army away). One of other requirements is using discord as voice communicator as well as text one, to keep up to date with clan matters. ( Discord ) Also due to being open to the world, being in the clan requires you to use mostly english and understand it. What to do once on discord? Hit up the Chief (Ichi) or one of the Admirals (Bonta3000, Cr4zy, Tjntin, Panzer_FTW) to evaluate your application. Spread the poi! To the non-poilievers! Heres a small treat.
  7. Aventus

    Tre Kronor

    My question is for the devs will we see Swedish ships in the game personal i would love at least Tre kronor as a premium ship https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tre_Kronor-class_cruiser
  8. I have recently started to be more active in game and would like to be part of a clan that's casual mostly. Is 44 years old and is a daily player and is looking for a clan for divisions and maybe clan battles. Using Discord or TS. My highest tier is 7 and only plays Battleships, Cruisers and destoyers. But starting to trying CV out in Co-op.
  9. Casual older swedish player looking for active preferably swedish clan. Like to play battleship, cruisers, and destroyers. Mostly playing Randoms and Co-op. Casual äldre spelar som söker svensk klan, spelar mest random battles! Hoppas det finns någon svensk klan som har plats för en äldre herre som tycker om att spela World of Warships. Har ni frågor så skicka dom ingame eller skriv dom här. Verkar finns många svenska klaner, men många verkar inte vilja ha mera medlemmar.
  10. Yea, the title is quite self-explanatory for my peculiar introduction. I just started playing this game again after recently being vowed by the micro-intensive role of the current figuration of CVs in this game, I have weird -soft spot for overwhelming possibilities and strategies and the general mind-game between friends & foes. After two all-nighters to prepare myself for the midterm exams and playing World of Warships I've grown quite bored to have only myself, some weird bloke on the thing called internet, and the occasional stampeding herbivore creature I call roommate to play with. About me: A 21 year old East-Gothland farmer that suddenly found himself 1100 km straight North from home with no money and in a class for space engineering. Other things: Netflix & chill with the regular heat of the moment and playing Il2 Sturmovik Wings of liberty. Prefer using discord and won't say no for some competitive gameplay in all kinds of Blizzard titles, DS titels and that game kids call League of focking legends. Hobbies?? I somehow found myself on a plane to Tokyo [This was under the Wows CBT] with my weeb friends and got all kinds of ship models 1:700 but never bothered to finish 'em. Now that was possible the longest post I've ever done on this forum, on any for that matter as well. So to round up this extremely private and weird biography I'm just looking for some group that plays at least a couple division battles. Links to crapif you don't think I qualify for some absurd standards or something, I don't really care or I don't really know, who knows:
  11. Aimed at Swedish player in the first place but also Scandinavian or Swedish-speaking players. SAF Swedish Armed Forces Gaming Community. Vi är ett glatt gäng som kör halv seriöst och seriöst men även bara på skoj ibland! Vi spelar flera olika spel, War Thunder, CS, Heroes And Generals,The Hunter, World Of Warships, Arma 3,Armored Warfare. Våra krav är simpla :Att du använder dig av TeamSpeak, är social och en teamplayer.Teamspeak hittar du här http://www.teamspeak.com/ Vill du gå med oss, så kom in på vår TeamSpeak server, SAF teamspeak Direkt link till vår TS Server klicka HÄR Password: SAF alternativ ts server om den andra inte funkar http://www.teamspeak.com/invite/ och kör några några gånger med oss, så du får känna av oss och vi får känna av dig, (ej under 15 år) Vi ser mer på personlig mognad. när du kommer in till oss, på ts eller du skriver till någon av oss, så ger vi dig mer info om oss. För att inte av skrämma alla, nej vi är inte en elit Allians/skvadron, men vi vill spela matcher, men det är inget vi kräver att du måste göra(alltid;), det vi kräverär att du är social på teamspeak minst en gång i veckan i alla fall, och spela med oss och visar att du är intresserad av spelet. Vi vill ha roligt.Vi vill ha teamplay.helt änkelt vi vill ha ett sjuhelsikes partj =) Forum: http://svenskffygflottilj.freeforums.org/ där kan du också söka till oss på forumet. SAF officerare (Stab) EQT - Överbefälhavare_ÖBKen: General : Teamspeak Ansvarig, Forum Ansvarig, Rekryteringsansvarig. de_chef_swe: Kapten Nova_Risby: Fänrik Tankurass2day: Överste Löjtnant The_Reaper: Kapten /Välkommen
  12. Do you look a clan to play with and is speaking swedish? Do you plan for fun when you have time for it either in divsion or by your self? Do you have skype? Do you behave like an adult(20+)? Can accept that members has a life beside gaming? If the answer is yes to all above questions then you maybe welcome to join me and my friends in "Swedish captains" We can not guarantee you will welcome for life but come around and try out.
  13. Well that's basically it. Lookin for a swedish or english speaking clan on EU server. One thing: can't talk on teamspeak, when I play it's often late in the evening when my daughter sleeps in the next room. I can type really fast in chat tho. Really, really fast. So fast you won't believe your eyes! Don't believe me? Well I didn't think you would. Guess I'm a lousy liar. That's something at least. PEACE OUT! Errr no I mean WAR IN! Yes that sounds about right...
  14. Swedish Navy ship. HMS Gotland (1933) was a werey speciall light crusier. HSwMS Gotland was a seaplane cruiser of the Swedish Navy built by Götaverken. The design of the ship started out in December 1926 as a seaplane carrier with room for twelve aircraft.[1] When presented with the design Sweden's Naval Construction Board decided that it wanted the ship to have cruiser and minelaying functions as well as operating as a seaplane carrier.[1] The resulting 5,000-ton design presented in January 1927 proved impossible to build within the available budget of Sk16.5 million.[1] The design was then reduced in size requiring one of the forward turrets be removed.[1] Its guns were then placed in casements either side of the superstructure.[1] The construction contract for the ship was issued on 7 June 1930. Hear is a link if you want to read more about it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HSwMS_Gotland_(1933) //Pontus

    HMS Carlskrona

    HMS Carlskrona. Now lets get into business. You may or may not have heard of this ship. If you are from Sweden or Scandinavia you probably have heard of it. The ship was built in 1980 as a minelayer but was modified by the year of 2010 to become a patroll vessel. The ship is known as P04. HMS Carlskrona is Swedens longest ship by far and is currently serving down in Somalia guarding the shipping lines. The ship is armed with 1x Bofors 57mm cannon and 2x Bofors 47mm cannons. The captain of the ship is currently Mathias Jansson. The ship has had royal visits. The ship has even got an lawyer on it to ensure that no international rights are being broken. Videos of the ship The Kings visit. (In Swedish but still a powerfull video) HMS Carlskrona passing the Suez Canal