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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys In this topic i would like to talk about secondaries survivability overall and especially about these on the massechusetts. Those of you who has massa know about she's gimming - She has worse accuracy of main guns that hers competition but instead has improved accuracy on secondary guns and faster reloading health - all intended to made her a good brawler. Ofcouse to made it happen you have to have at least captain with 18 skill points and invest them in advanced firing training, manual fire control and inertia fuse for HE. Ofcourse take into consideration that experienced captain on this ship is.. quite not enough to be successful in average game. You also need to get close enough to the enemy to use them and it is not as easy as it may seems because of tier VIII matchmaking which in ~68% samples is put up to games with tier IX and X - where games are played on larger maps with streched ranges.. So to the point -> Recently in my games i have a large numbers od destroyed secondaries even - when like in this case - i am almost out of battle My secondaries are dying no matter what i will do and this is not a big amount of damage and not done by a large caliber HE As you see those are baltimore HE shells - not high caliber from battleships ofcourse i have whatever i can to increase survivability -> Still that is not even close to the survivability of secondaries on the Bismarck/Fredrich der Grosser. So i have a question mainly focused to the wargaming staff - How can i be successful brawler if after a brawl i lose half of my secondaries armament? or sometimes 2 or 3 turrets even before brawl starts. How can i be successful brawler if my secondaries are not suited for taking any damage? Why these secondaries are so fragile if that is the only gimmick this ship has? Best regards Fodder
  2. TomBombardil

    AA mount surviveability

    With the introduction of RN BBs you hear more and more that the AA mounts die to fast to HE spam. Also from non RN HE spam. But if that is a problem! USE THE (freaking) 100% AA mount surviveability UPGRADE!! Yes you heard it here first. THERE IS A UPGRADE!! Not even a skill. Not in the later slots. No in the 1st one. So, ANYONE can have it! No need to train comander or anything. A 100%, yes that's correct 100% survivability boost! My mounts stronger than your puny little he shells! You find the other upgrade more important? Than what are you whining for, If you don't equip it. You obviously don't need it that much. Dual purpose AA mounts are magical anyway. Can shoot secondaries and AA at the SAME Time!
  3. Kazomir

    Fire Mechanic Change.

    Hello, I wish to propose a change in the Fire mechanics that will, in my opinion, improve gameplay. First change to fires should come in a 50% damage nerf. Second change, to offset this, each stack of fires increaces your main and secondary armament's dispersion by 10%. Effect on this is twofold but serves one purpose. To reduce the BB ''KEMP BUSH'' meta that makes for current boring gameplay. The first change encourages them to push more as they wont be afraid of fire damage that much. The second change FORCES them to close the distance. Carrot AND Stick approach so to say. This is historically accurate as well, since smoke on your ship shrouds your FCS' optics arrays and such. Cruisers will lose some of their damage but will gain survivability. Further to this, cruisers reliant on fire damage would get further buffs in form of more health to compensate and let them stay longer in battle to let them earn more damage. All in all I think in the high tiers mistakes are punished too much as the lethality of weapons increases. This change should do something about that. Let me know if you like it!
  4. Hi, I just got the Akizuki and I was equipping her with ship upgrades etc. and I started to wonder something about the first slot ship upgrade and guns' survivability. As the Akizuki's 100mm main guns are DP guns, they are shown in the statistics as both "Main Battery" and "AA Guns". In the first slot of the ship upgrades, among others, you have the Main Armaments Mod 1 and Auxiliary Armaments Mod 1. Main Armaments Mod 1 gives, among others, +50% to main battery survivability. Auxiliary Armamants Mod 1 gives, among others, +100% to AA guns survivability. There's no doubt that the first one affects the Akizuki's 100mm guns - as they are her main battery. But does the second one also affect the Akizuki's 100mm guns - as they are also AA guns?
  5. I'm curious how slow does your rudder time has to be for rudder module to be better than the the module that reduces the time of your burning / leaking . You get set on fire every game but you don't always see cv to have to turn into torps so i was wondering how slow does your rudder has to be for the module for ruder shift time to be optimal since they are so expensive to buy.
  6. Having tried German, US, USSR and IJN cruiser lines I have come to a conclusion that IJN is the most enjoyable line to play, mostly because of the armored decks the t5-t7 have. On the other cruisers a BB shell will autopenetrate you anywhere apart from belt armor. USSR cruisers have soft decks but at least they have 50mm of citadel deck armor which helps to prevent citadels when angled but you still eat full penetrations. On german t5-6 CLs the citadel deck is 20mm meaning every BB shell that touches the citadel, autopenetrates. My proposal: Give all cruisers same tier BB-class armor amidships on the sides and deck (or at least deck only), t4-5 19mm, t6-7 25mm, t8+ 32mm while retaining weak (overmatchable) bow/stern. This way you will still get deleted if you derp broadside but become a much harder target when angled. Maybe it will turn cruisers into unstoppable flamethrowers of doom, maybe not but I think it's at least an idea worth some testing seeing the sorry state the low tier cruiser gameplay is in?