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Found 28 results

  1. Players who reach Rank 1 for the third or fifth time will have their coupon for the "Ships" category updated two weeks after the season's end, just in case they have already redeemed it. This is done in order to allow players to obtain Flint or Black in a comfortable manner by spending their coupon. If the coupon has not been redeemed, an additional coupon will not be added to the player's account.
  2. Ahoy dear Captains! Hereby I want to present you our small-but growing project "Help-Me". We are a small group of very experienced players from different high-competitve clans (for example: OM, OMNI, WGP2W, AONO, PARAZ) that want to share the experience we got. Everyone who asks a question shall get an answer. We use Discord as our platform to discuss. This is the invitation-link: https://discord.gg/c4vK9rM. I'd be happy to see you there! This project evolved from our quite successful German-speaking server, that was featured multiple times by Wargaming. And now we are sailing towards the english-speaking international seas! As the international part of Help-Me is still in the development phase, we are currently trying to gain new members (but also Tutors of other regions than EU)! What we offer: Competent support in any regards to WoWs Explanations for game mechanics Map tactics for competitive clans- and single-players. Advise for optimized captains-skills A collection of useful links, tools and pages Training-room practise, if wanted What comes up in the near Future: Public competitve-discussions with Fieldcommanders of very successful Hurricane-Leage clans Video guides Community events such as battle reenactments What we expect: The willingness to ask questions and to learn. Discord usage, since that is the way of our communications and coordination Please restrain from trolling! We are moderating mocking and shittalking very strinctly, since the most important part of learning - the question - has already be done and must be acknowledged. And with that: I am looking forward to seeing you there! Your Support-Me Team ( The German "Help-Me" Project, that was featured by WG: )
  3. i keep getting disconnected from the server when trying to log into my account trough the game client. they give the reason ''technical issue'' and i cant find anything on the player support. can anyone tell me what happened or what i should do? yours truly, Dodo
  4. BlackHole_Nixon


    i have twitch prime but it doesnt seem to be connecting to my account https://gyazo.com/b73f242530e1e19c290cb2eb063814d1 when ever i try to go to the prime port it says prime members only https://gyazo.com/b67231da3f859af2396c14291e6c9a78
  5. Mr_Tayto

    Ship removed from my account

    So yesterday at work, my clanmate messaged to say Abruzzi was in the shop so hurriedly, on my phone, I decided to make some purchases. I also saw a Sims bundle, and in a moment of utter stupidity, bought that too. I already owned Sims. When I got home I decided - for the first ever time - to try to refund the bundle and buy Abruzzi. The refund came through this morning, but they took my Sims, the one I already had, along with the bundle stuff. So as far as I can see I have paid for the ship twice now, have been refunded once and have no ship. I've logged a ticket but wondered if anyone else had done something like this and what the outcome was?
  6. Guten Morgen, ich habe noch ein paar offene Tickets. Davon sind mind. 2 älter als 3 Tage. WIE kann es sein, dass der deutschsprachige-Support so lange brauch um überhaut zu antworten. Normalerweise erhält man innerhalb von 24-48 Stunden eine Antwort. Und die Aussage, wir erhalten im Moment sehr viele Anfrage, glaube ich irgendwie nicht mehr. Naja, wenn dass der Definition Kundenservice, Schnelligkeit und Kundenfreundlichkeit entspricht, weiß ich nicht, was so täglich da im Büro geraucht wird.
  7. A few days ago, There was a "The Hear of the Fight" in "Challenges" with completion criteria as below (now the completion criteria is changed to collecting 150 ribbons) ; I played a scenario battle with below results; and as you guys can see above screenshot the challenge completion counter remain [0/3] So, I submitted a ticket to "SUPPORT", and I got an answer as below. This is how I feel;
  8. wilkatis_LV

    Incompetence of Support Team

    Nothing new, right? Just look at this... Like 2 or so days ago I posted about the game crashing for my whole team, meanwhile enemies had an absolute field day Obviously, posted a support ticket about this... 1st answer - we can't go through the whole game (guess they don't know how speeding up works?) 2nd answer - we'll forward it (ok, makes sense) 3rd answer - check if it crashes again, if it does check why the problem is on your end *Edited Absolute incompetence
  9. ledgeri

    Support is not effective

    Several times when i opened a ticket the fallowing-like happened (example with the last): Ticket: I can not reach the clan tabs since 0.6.10, even in the PT version of it was unavaible. 1st answer: make a new preferences, run the game as admin, while your firawalland antivir turned off Reply of mine: I did that, not working 2nd asnwer: Looks like your firawall/antivir blocking the game's XY file, grant acces through firewall, because the reach is blocked to the clans tab and inventory. Reply: Firewall was checked previously, other clan members can't acces to the page too, inventory works fine. 3rd answer: Wait to the next micropatch, know issue. Why most of the time i need to spend time request like the 2nd answer? Mostly getting 1 or 2 like that, wich means it asks me something wich is done, and mentioned in the previous conservation.
  10. Hi Guys does anyone know if WG Support have some form of 'response' time? (Not found anything and wondered if some one knows) thanks in advance
  11. ozgur7freeman

    Turkish Premium Ship Project

    Captains As one of the larger groups in World of Warships, the Turkish community would like your support in getting a ship from the Turkish Navy added to the game. The ship chosen by the community is the destroyer TCG Gayret, formerly HMS Oribi of the Royal Navy. In her wartime career this ship had a large variety of tasks, from spy hunting in the English channel and supporting Commando raids to convoy escorts in the Mediterranean and Atlantic - where she even rammed a German submarine! Now we need your support to complete this project. With your votes we hope to launch this historic vessel into World of Warships, so spread the word to your fellow Captains. More information and support link: https://www.change.org/p/wargaming-world-of-warships-türk-gemisi-projesi
  12. Zaat_2014

    Cruiser discussion

    I'm going to hold off on my ranting and try to be calm about this. I think with the current BB meta, we are seeing one sort of ship pushed out of use except at competitive and low tier play: cruisers. My frequent thoughts are when playing them- how is this supposed to carry when it is a support ship and smoke and the prevalence of BBs make pushing impossible? How can it be expected of one cruiser (and in t8- t10 I see a lot of just BBs and DDs) to take on all the numerous battleships, which if he makes one mistake, can one shot it? How can something like the Mogami win when she has to show broadside to at least two enemy BBs, which if they are t7 or higher, can one shot her? With the rarity of CVs, being AA specced is now even more useless, thus making cruisers that bit more irrelevant. I think it might be even worse in Japanese cruisers until you get to the Zao because you are very reliant on your stealth and fire raising chances to do any good in terms of overall damage and kills. Admittedly, I do understand that a radar cruiser or something like the Minotaur is still a very powerful asset to have, but I just feel from what I have played and what I have seen, cruisers are starting to become a deadweight for the team. I'm sure if MM allowed it, we'd have 7 BBs and 5DDs facing up against one another they are that rare. So are cruisers, besides competitive and specialised ones, becoming a redundant ship?
  13. So, I have 250 matches, Win rate of just under 50% and a k/d of only 0.7 My best ships are tier 5 Bouge cv and nicholas dd. While I can do pretty well in carriers, my average survivability is only 22% in dds! My average damage is a measly 17k, and my average xp is 500! I'm not that bad a player (debatable) but how can I get more damage, better k/d and that sort of stuff. How can I improve my overall gameplan? Link to _ASW_ Warships.Today https://eu.warships.today/player/538635276/_ASW_ Link to _ASW_ World of warships player profile https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/538635276-_ASW_/!/pvp/overview/ Thanks!
  14. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    Do BB`s CL`s and DD`s need each other?

    When the game first came out, there was a premise that each ship class was to an extent reliant on the other class`s to perform well. For example...a BB alone will be vulnerable to a DD`s torps or a CV attack, so it is better to have a BB supported by a cruiser...the cruiser can provide AA cover and can aid in spotting torps and if a sneaky DD strays too close has the rapid and more accurate guns to better deal with a DD. Your friendly DD`s are great at forging ahead to spot enemies or capping, and launching surprise torp attacks, but they are vulnerable if attacked because of low HP and no armour....but here comes the cruiser to offer close fire support and the DD is not so vulnerable. And the eye in the sky CV, he can support everyone.....fighters to spot pesky DD`s sneaking up on a BB...torp drops not only to damage ships but to turn them into an even more vulnerable position of showing broadsides to your BB and cruiser team mates. It is both more complex and more simple than I could ever explain it, but each class of ship had a niche, had role to fill, had a job. Now, after a year those roles or jobs has blurred or even become surplus to requirements...how you ask. Well lets look at the toys and consumables that BB`s get now....Hydro...Radar....at higher tiers better AA than most cruisers can offer. So where does that leave the cruiser in this? out of a job is where it is, what can a cruiser offer that BB`s cannot? defensive fire? wont be too long until they give that toy to BB`s. Why is it that a top CV player avoids BB`s in favour of DD`s? even if that BB is isolated? because BB attacks have a cost in planes lost, and a DD attack generally doesn't. What I`m trying to get across is that each class of ship had its own identity, a clearly defined job within its fleet...and now that identity is being lost. Do I have the answer to this, one that everyone would look at and say "hell, that would work" probably not. Giving any ship class more and more toys/consumables will only make the problem worse, the classes are out of sync with each other...just look at the MM in a random match and you may see 6-7 BB`s 2 cruisers and 3-4 DD`s...that is out of balance...of course you`ll have a new line of ship come in and throw those numbers out of line again...but BB`s are so much less reliant on help or support from other classes that more people sail them. I`m not suggesting WG bring out the nerf bat and start swinging it wildly at the BB`s, but that they should look at why there are BB`s/cruisers/DD`s and CV`s in the game...diversity, choice, roles....reign back on the toys/consumables, bring back the synergy between the classes...the need for supporting each other...the team play. If WG continue to give more and more toys to any one class of ship, not just BB`s(sorry BB drivers, easiest ships to make my point) then it may come to pass that they may as well drop all ship classes and just have one that can do everything, and welcome in a time of tediousness. Having the choice of what class of ship you sail, what role you want to fill is a fundamental part of the fun in this game...and its slipping away. Lets hope WG actually do take a long hard look at the direction they are taking, the cynic in me doubts it...but still...you never know
  15. Gunass

    TrackIR support

    Will the game support TrackIR controller?
  16. Hey guys, so the clan system BETA is here and looks, so far, very pretty and fairly user friendly.... with a few 'exceptions'.... Now several issues have come up which I hope that WG staff may be able to help with and I have listed tham as follows:- 1) Having to switch out to WoWs Web Portal to do invites where a simple right click on player in game would seem to suffice. 2) Players with 'hidden' stats are searchable, but you are unable to invite them unless they send you the link to their stats. 3) The pop up in game seems to hang for ages, having to be closed manually. 4) I personally have sent out invites to current members of our clan inviting them to join the 30.... they have clicked yes but they have not updated, pop up has gone but they show up on invite list as invite pending, when you attempt to resend the invite system states that this player does not meet criteria. (bug?) Hope that as this is BETA then there may be a workaround for some of these issues and I would be happy to discuss it further.
  17. Schorch62

    Danke, Wargaming-Support

    Nachdem die Version 0.5.13 auf meinem Rechner nicht stabil laufen wollte und sogar viele Bluescreens verursachte, habe ich mich mit dem Problem an den Support gewandt. Man hat auch wirklich versucht, den Fehler zu finden, mir Testprogramme verlinkt und gesagt, was ich da anklicken soll, um den von WG gewünschten Report zu bekommen. Mir gingen ungefähr 10 Tage Premium-Spielzeit verloren, erst durch eine leichte Überhöhung der CPU-Spannung konnte ich 2 Tage spielen. Aber es lief "wie ein Bund Wurzeln", mit immer wiederkehrenden Rucklern und Soundhängern. Der Fehler war aber nicht zu finden, trotz rauchender Köpfe des Support-Teams. Dann kam die aktuelle Version 0.5.14, die habe ich einfach als Update drüber gezogen - und auf einmal lief WoWS wieder wie von 0.5.12 gewohnt, absolut stabil und ohne große Macken. Die bei mir auftretenden Probleme wurden wahrscheinlich von einem anderen Fehler verursacht, der jetzt entfernt wurde. Super. Aber noch schöner finde ich, daß der Support mir als "Trostpflaster" für die Probleme und entgangene Spielzeit satte 14 Tage Premium-Spielzeit gutgeschrieben hat. Ich fühle mich als Spieler und regelmäßig für Premium-Spielzeit zahlender Kunde ernst genommen und gut behandelt. Dankeschön, Wargaming-Team!
  18. Hello, i already opened a ticket with the support, but i would like to understand and share with you your direct experience about the referral system that we can find here ----> http://playtogether.worldofwarships.eu/ well... scrolling the page you read that you and your friend can have advantages from that.. I have tried to give the invitation to my friend, but he didn't receive nothing. Or the invitation link doesn't work correctly, or something else didn't work well. any ideas?
  19. UnBrokenK

    WOWs support center

    Hello, I have recently joined WOWs and i posted a ticket at the support center.. 2 days counting and still no reply! I mean if u wanna have a great game you start from the basics, which in that case is the support team.. still waiting for a reply........ Thanks
  20. RapujaceFistaszki

    Better Call WG Support

    Moi mili. W związku z tym, że na forum pada spora liczba pytań o sprawy różne, a, jak wszyscy wiemy, jedyną sensowną odpowiedź jest w stanie udzielić oficjalny support WG, proponuję w tym wątku umieszczać Wasze pytania oraz otrzymane na nie odpowiedzi. Dzięki temu, mam nadzieję, odciążymy przepracowanych pracowników WG, ponieważ gracz, przed zbędnym zawróceniem głowy ww. supportowi, być może tu właśnie znajdzie odpowiedź na nurtujące go pytanie/pytania. Pytania do WG supportu kierujemy tutaj: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/tickets/create Mam nadzieję, że ta inicjatywa przysłuży się zarówno nam, starym wyjadaczom (pytania, które nurtują nas od miesięcy), nowym graczom (najprecyzyjniejsza i najdoskonalsza odpowiedź, jaką tylko są w stanie otrzymać) oraz pracownikom WG support (brak konieczności wykonywania tej samej roboty po kilka razy).
  21. JustinCaseDK

    Amazing customer support!

    Hello Captains and Ensigns! Just wanted to talk about a positive story with customer support. (and not that there have been any negative ones for me prior to this) I wanted to change my name since I created the account back when I was still using my old nick name (Baggex). I then went to the website and tried changing it, but doing so with doubloons was unsuccesful. I then went on to write support a ticket stating my problem changing names and this message was responded to within 12 hours, explaining that the price of a name change had been deducted in doubloons and a "free" name change had been provided to me. I was amazed, it all went so fast and already 2 minutes after changing, I saw my name changed on all websites regarding wargaming. Just amazing. Can't wait for the next server restart, so I can get my namechange to take effect in game. See you out there fellow shipmates! Ensign JustinCaseDK Edit: I was helped by Tomasz from customer support.
  22. Hi, i did not find a place where to put this. The question is if the captains skills are cumulative with the ship modules?!! For example, the captain vigilance gives u +25% at torpedo acquisition range. But at T9, the ships have a module: target acquisition system supposed to add an extra 20% to torpedo acquisition range. If u choose both will that means that u have extended your torpedo acquisition range to 45% (= 20+25%)
  23. Right I've been playing it for a couple of weeks now on my home computer where its worked faithfully. However, now I'm back at Uni with my laptop which I just downloaded it on everytime I try and login it says 'Error connecting server failed to connect to the server please try again later'. Any help would be great, Cheers
  24. greensleves

    Support Offline

    Hey, does anyone know when the wargaming.net support will be online again? Regards