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Found 6 results

  1. Been wanting to post this for a while. Whatever happened to getting 10,000,000 or 20,000,000 credits in containers? This definitely used to be a thing. Does anybody else get these anymore? When was the last time you received one? It think it may have changed when they made a few amendments to super containers a while back, changing 5 reward signals to 4 for example.
  2. Azakeit

    Disable Supercontainer chance

    Hello, Could you implement a way to disable the chance of 'winning" a Supercontainers from regular containers ? (Consumables/signals, Money and camos ones) But not from the Try your luck. I found myself actually pretty annoyed when I get a SC, only to get useless upgrades (got 12 of them) or halloween camos or bundle of 25 flags...
  3. BlueManCa

    Impossible to win Supercontainers !

    Hi Developpers ! I play a lot WOWS. Since, this is impossible to win Supercontainers ! Check my account : i choose always as reward the random container, and however i cannot win a Supercontainer... : i loose every time now. Please restore the initial probability to win Supercontainers ! Thanks !
  4. Well, I have been playing this since Beta days (as well has hammering World of Tanks), and I rarely get Super Containers, when I do get them, I have gotten 50k free XP or 5k doubloons or 20m credits or like last nights 25 special flags.. I have had just 2 super containers through out 2017. I open at least 2 containers a day every single day from 1st January up to 20th July (weekends and public holidays I get all 3 containers or during all of May when I was off work sick after surgery I was getting all 3 containers within 4 hours of playing). What are the odds of getting a super container please?? as it seems RNG HATES me (even my tier 7 & 8 ships are RARELY a tier 5-7 or 6-8 battle but almost always in tier 10 battles)!!
  5. aleksandrov2


    So I am really mad right now. I got a supercontainer and my heart was filled with joy, but when I opened it I got a stupid Defensive fire mod. 1 which increases the duration of AA consumable for 30 %. WHAT THE HELL???? Everything else would be better, even 250 flags or credits or free xp etc. It doen't need to be premium ship, but to absolutely troll me by giving those useless new consumables in the supercontainers is just a low blow to us dedicated players. Wasn't enough to add those useless new consumables as a reward for ranked. The only one which is usefull is Engine boost, others are so bad that you must be crazy to install them. Please everybody who agree with me comment bellow. At least don't give those useless consumables in supercontainers WG.
  6. Jibumba

    Karma #2

    Well just like the topic says it regards to karma points. I had the feel that, just getting a positive score in Karma, doesnt mean a damn thing.. Doesn´t really matter for the playerbase to have a positive or a negative.. But in return , why couldnt it be used to increase the chance of getting a supercontainer? Even if its just for a smaller percentage.. I mean, it will reward better prizes for good players, or even poor players with a good game result , will eventually get compliments and get their chances increased too .. And in the other hand, it can "punish" all those people who couldnt care any less for teamplay , those who like to camp at the border of the map , those who do teamkill or even insults in the chat .. Don´t know its just a thought that i decided to share with you and i would like to hear what you guys have to say about it ... Of course that all of those parameters can be modified according to the rate of complains / compliments.. Feel free to drop your comments..